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Fantastic Four: The All-New Animated Series is an American television show based off of the Marvel superhero team the Fantastic Four. The show is rated TV-PG for language, violence, and suggestive dialogue as it follows Reed Richards, Sue and Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm and their adventures. Much of FF's history is in the show. The show, Spider-man: The Brand New Animated Series, Avengers: The Animated Series, and X-Men: The All-New Animated Series are all set in the fictional universe Earth-251920.


Each season contains a list of 20 episodes.

Season One

  1. The Fantastic, Part 1: Four adults are given superpowers after an accident occurs while traveling to the Negative Zone.
  2. The Fantastic, Part 2: Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny decide to use their powers to help people as their first test is to stop the interdimensional monster known as Annihilus.
  3. Think Tank:
  4. Divide...We Fall:
  5. The Heart of Darkness:
  6. Powerless:
  7. Repercussions:
  8. Renaissance:
  9. Into the Negative Zone:
  10. Legacy:
  11. Sound Waves:
  12. Revelations:
  13. Molemen & Prophets:
  14. Hidden Hearts:
  15. Being Ever So Humble...:
  16. Storm Warnings:
  17. A Day in the Life:
  18. Unnatural Selection:
  19. Doomed, Part 1:
  20. Doomed, Part 2:

Season Two

  1. Mission: Impossible:
  2. The Coming of Namor:
  3. The Hulk vs Thing:
  4. The Frightful Four!:
  5. Dragon Man!:
  6. The Magician:
  7. The Silver Surfer:
  8. Doomsday:
  9. Drift Away:
  10. Inhumane:
  11. A Blind Man Shall Lead Them:
  12. Framed!:
  13. Fantastic Four Assemble!:
  14. Magnetized!:
  15. The Battle for the Baxter Building:
  16. Battle Royal:
  17. The Wedding:
  18. Four Against Ego!:
  19. Along Came A Spider!:
  20. Spiderhunt!:

Season Three

  1. Choices:
  2. Trapped!:
  3. I'm having a Nightmare:
  4. The Trail of Reed Richards!:
  5. Skyfall:
  6. The Best Man:
  7. Heroes Reborn:
  8. Flame Off!:
  9. Of Mole and Men:
  10. Leggo my Ego!:
  11. Wrecked:
  12. Arms of the Octopus:
  13. Mutants, Mutants!:
  14. Savage!:
  15. Payback!:
  16. Doomquest:
  17. Secret Defenders:
  18. Return of the FF!:
  19. Ghosts, Part 1:
  20. Ghosts, Part 2:

Season Four

  1. God War, Part 1:
  2. God War, Part 2:
  3. God War, Part 3:
  4. Crossover:
  5. The Mad Thinker:
  6. Salem's Seven:
  7. Days of Future Present:
  8. Craked your Skrulls:
  9. The Puppeteer:


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