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Fantastic Five

Official Name
Fantastic Five

Team Identity

Base Of Operations
Baxter Building

Team Leader(s)

Current Members

Veronica Von Doom, Galactus, Hammer

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When the Fantastic Four go on a year long mission to the Skrull planet they leave Franklin in charge. Veronica finds this as a chance to bring chaos over New York City and sends her Doombots out. As Psi-Lord watches the Doombots take themselves toward the Baxter Building he is visited by Gold Guardian. He tells him that New York needs the Fantastic Four, and that leader needs to be him. Psi-Lord tells him that he will agree if he finds the following people, Mary Grimm, David Grimm, and Jason Storm. After bringing them together Valeria heard everything and wanted to join. Psi-Lord at first wouldn't let her but then thought that they would need all the help they could get and named themselves the Fantastic Five. They soon went all out and fought off the Doombots, and found out that this is going to last until the Fantastic Four returns. Psi-Lord contacted Mr. Fantastic and told him what's going on. They also said that to keep in contact for any further information, and keep the city safe as the Fantastic Five.


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