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Aaron D'sa, also known as Expel was born and raised in Arizona. He was 16 when he was expelled from school. Instead of going home he simply left Arizona and traveled around the USA and Canada. He is now 17 and an associate/good friend of Luke Charme.


Aaron D'sa was your typical troublemaker at school. This changed on his 16th birthday when a group of heroes and villains fought in his town. Aaron was caught in the blast of a stray grenade, but instead of being injured, was totally unharmed. This is because he developed powers and absorbed the kinetic energy from the explosion. He was expelled from school the next day and instead of going home to tell his dad, he simply left Arizona and went traveling. After wandering around several states and some parts of Canada he met Luke Charme during a barfight. He Quickly became one of Luke's best friends and agreed to join Blackpine International when he turned 18. He now goes by the codename; Expel.


Aaron's ability is Energy Absorption. He is able to absorb any and all energies, including water and air molecules, and expel them in explosive blasts. His ability is considered highly destructive, and potentially lethal when uncontrolled, perfectly able to topple buildings. However, When he absorbs energy, he can use it in many ways, such as flight, converting it into vast superhuman strength, durability, speed and reflexes, using it to power energy blasts or discharge as waves or orbs of energy. Thanks to Luke, he is also skilled in hand to hand and Aerial combat.

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