Eternities is a Fanon Roleplay which follows the creation and story of a Fanon team named "The Eternal Heroes". The RP has finished with 10 issues. This is the official page for the team. The team is made up of several Original Characters created by the RPers.

Absconders is a Fanon Roleplay which follows the story of a few teens who group together into a team named "The Absconders". The RP is currently ongoing.The team is made up of several Original Characters, created by the RPers.

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Throughout the Roleplay the characters have changed for a number of reasons. Here is every original character that has ever officially joined the team (creator, character, universe):

[Note: Preston Creel, Luke Darwin and Hunter Kasai are the three main members]

The Absconders

A softcore reboot to the series, entitled The Absconders, has its own team with its own members. Here is the list of the members that have officially joined the team.



  • Main Base: The Eternal Arc/Chapel
  • Other Bases: Ignus Terra, Heaven, Sage's Apartment
  • Equipment: Death's Scythe, Alien Scythe, Hunter's swords, Ignus Terra Armor, Titus' Suit, Adamant Symbiote, Mjolnir
  • Transportation: Demonic Wings, Phoenix Flight, Nephalem Wings, Web Shooters, Thrusters
  • Affiliations: Demons of Ignus Terra, Ignus Terra, Stark Industries, Cormack Industries, Heaven, God, Death, Hope Summers, Ruby Sakura, Freya, Sage Zeller
  • Leader: Jennifer Hathaway (Formerly), Preston Creel (Currently)
  • Alignment: Good
  • Enemies: Unnamed Alien Race, Power Stealers, Lucifer, Kuroi, Nathan and Tokko, King Terrus, Nex, Valqueh


  • Main Base: The Vanishing Point (Tunnel Base)
  • Former Base: The Endo-Corp Superhuman Centre AKA "The Centre" (Destroyed)
  • Equipment:
    • Eliana/Thaddeus: Clio's Broach, Thad's pistol
    • Dominic: Nanites (Dominic)
    • Haruto/Giorno: Tarot Buckles, Binary Driver (Haruto for now), Mifune's Sword
    • Trey/Micah: Micah's Armour (Micah)
    • Alex: Alien Artifacts (Alex)
    • More TBA
  • Transportation: Haruto's Motorcycles, super-speed, Energy constructs, Magic teleportation, flight, matter-surfing, super jumping, intangibility, time stops, jetpacks, shadow teleportation
  • Affiliations: Themselves for now, Micah, Thaddeus, Myron's Monastery
  • Leader: Not applicable. They operate whenever and however they want, temporarily Eliana (Issues 12-14)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Enemies:
    • Absconders Assemble Arc: Micah (formerly), Micah's troops, enemy Tarot buckle users, Thaddeus Tanner (temporarily)
    • Hivemind Arc: Chernabog, Ruinator, Swift Dagger, Dead Eye, Hivemind troops
    • Virtues Arc: The Seven Virtues, Arnault
    • Agency Arc: The Exiled Arcana, The Agency
    • Miscellaneous: Mutagen, The Erratics (Limit, Vice, Joker, Virus), Spoil, Warp, Richard Gardener, the Gardener Corporation, more TBA


For those who don't have the time to fully read the Absconders Issues, here is a condensed summary.

This Arc is contained within The Absconders: Issues 1 and 2.

At first, the Absconders were simple teenagers with superpowers in a world where powers are widely known. Some of them were casual super heroes, using their powers for good. Others hid their powers since they were teenagers, after all; they might be judged for having powers. Life was relatively good, balancing casual vigilantism with school work and academics. One day, a field trip went awry, and brought our heroes together to defeat the masked robbers! In the chaos, Haruto Higashikata snuck away from his group in order to transform into the masked warrior Anomaly! He was the first to intercept the robbers before Dominic Bernedicci equipped his armor and arrived as the armored vigilante Vanquish! Seeing his dear friend fighting, Trey Soniak jumped into the fray and helped the two with the fight against the robbers despite having no superhero identity. Not long after, the super-heroine Gemstone, AKA Eliana Rosenheim, arrived on the scene! Just as she arrived, the robbers began to make their get away, leading Trey to pursue them with his super speed! Immediately, he called for Haruto's help, seeing that the escaping fiends would be too much for him. Returning to school to retrieve his bike, Haruto rode off in search of his friend, joining the pursuit of the villains as Eliana and Dominic jumped in soon after. Before long, the chase ended with the villains incapacitated, and our four protagonists victorious. After revealing their identities to each other, the quartet headed to the Endo Corp Superhuman Centre, which would soon become their eventual base of operations. In the span of a week, the four of them had become friends and were hanging out at the Centre, even helping Trey develop his superhero persona as Trauma and naming themselves the Absconders.

It wouldn't be long before the next threat came. A man in a high-tech suit would appear, with his own magic-infused army. In this fight, Haruto encountered someone who bore the same belt he used to transform, but with different powers! He struggled in their fight, but emerged victorious and took his enemy's belt to empower himself! However, the Absconders lost to this mysterious man in the end, being casual heroes with little experience against such a dangerous threat... The Absconders would spend just over a week recuperating before this man and his army returned. This time... they were prepared. A full-on assault, almost war-like in damage. Haruto nearly died in the fight, but gained more power after defeating another person with a similar belt to his. Trey and the man, revealed to be named Micah, fought in a battle of magic and cosmic energy. Dominic and Eliana held off Micah's forces in the mean time... only for Doctor Doom to appear?! Micah was revealed to be Doctor Doom's son! What would become of our heroes with this revelation?!

This part of the Arc encompasses Issues 3 and 4.

It's been just under two months since the Absconders had defeated Micah... Gemstone has seemingly retired as a hero since the incident with Micah, feeling the guilt of thousands of injured and dead civilians weighing on her... Trey, Haruto, and Dominic have been chilling out and laying low with their hero identities, it seems. However, a fight outside his classroom causes Haruto to defuse the situation before walking off to be alone for a moment, having an existential crisis that leads into a vision of the origin of his belt... 7 humanoid entities had visited Earth to create the belt Haruto held in his possession, and presumably helped the Earth grow and prosper while they left more belts around the world. The vision ends with the entities traveling to a distant, barren planet and inhabiting it, leaving Haruto with the words: "Obtain The World to meet us."

After this vision, the three boys reconvene in the school cafeteria to discuss a party Dominic is holding at his place. As they discuss, Katie Ranghieri, a childhood friend of Haruto's, approaches them about some minor stuff before they all decide to head to the party and hang out like normal kids. After school, Dominic decides to visit Eliana and console her about the Micah incident, encouraging her to take up her Gemstone identity once more and return to the Absconders. The next day, Katie is invited to the Centre with the Absconders and explains Haruto's past to Dominic as he plans the part. She talks about how Haruto was depressed to the point of suicide, but she helped him through it. Thus is the reason Haruto is so close off and selective about friends.

Later that night, Dominic's party was held. Friends, food, and fun abound. Unfortunately, the party was ruined by... an alien invasion?! The aliens have come to abduct Dominic! Left with no other choice, Haruto transforms into Anomaly right in front of Katie before attempting to attack. His attacks are no good, but all of a sudden, his deck glows! He opens it and proceeds to use the next card in his deck... the Star! Boosting his already-formidable power to even greater heights and giving him a new weapon, the Star combined with a hint of the World's power utterly destroys one of these alien ships! However, Haruto is left unconscious due to the strain... With that, the three remaining Absconders regroup at the Centre before the first wave of alien invasions came. They managed to fend them off, but it seemed more like the aliens knew how weak the Absconders were and purposefully retreated as if to taunt them. Dominic realizes the aliens are after him because... his nanites are linked them!? A voice echoes in Dominic's head as he struggles to retain his sanity.

After this initial invasion, the aliens held back, allowing our Absconders to continue with their daily high school lives. New Year's Eve arrives and our protagonists are host a party at the Centre after getting the proper permissions. What Eliana didn't expect... was a man named Thaddeus Tanner to be here. After a sentence or two, they part and Eliana and Dominic have a dance before sneaking away from the party to... have fun on their own. Trey helps out two girls who seem to have gotten lost at the party, meeting Melinda and Alyna as a result. As everyone attending the party gathers to count down the time remaining of 2025, an idea made its way into Haruto's mind. With 5 seconds remaining of 2025, Haruto used the World card in his belt to... stop time itself?! Everyone had frozen, but Haruto was still able to move... so he figured he'd play some pranks for the hell of it. Once the time distortion disappeared and time resumed its flow, Haruto couldn't help but chuckle as the clock immediately changed to the first seconds of 2026! The victims of his pranks reacted accordingly, and Haruto was amused. Katie teased him a bit before they welcomed the new year with a simple hug. Trey welcomed the new year in with a kiss and a confession of mutual love with Natalie. Thaddeus swaps clothes with someone after having his outfit ruined by Haruto's prank, somehow easily convincing the person with a single command... He then proceeds to talk with Eliana, revealing that the two of them knew each other in the past but fell out of contact. The party comes to a close, and our protagonists are now cleaning up the room like courteous young adults. Melinda and Alyna return to the room to reclaim their lost phones as Dominic hesitates to tell the team something very important...

As the night goes on, Melinda reveals she has the power to compress objects into a small sphere before Alyna reveals her full name to be... Alyna Victoria Louise, a princess from the Middle Ages! Trey can't believe it at first, but Alyna uses her Oceanus magic to manipulate the water in the room and prove she truly is the princess of yore. After returning the water to its sources, Alyna explains that she was sent to this time by an unknown magic wielder after said wizard overpowered her. Micah, the son of Doctor Doom and the Absconders' first villain, arrives out of curiosity. The Absconders don't seem to regard him as an enemy anymore, accepting his presence as Alyna complains about how retarded (slow) the modern-day educational system is. Then, the Absconders give a quick summary of their powers before Thaddeus returns and convinces everyone to let him stay despite his presence creeping everyone out. Dominic brings out some wine for the Absconders as they toast to the new year. While everyone's sleeping... Dominic records a video message and... absconds the Absconders...

From here, The Absconders: Dark Days: Issue 1 begins.

The next morning, Eliana is understandably angry and confused. Trey wakes up first and comforts her as best as he can before she discusses last night's events with Thaddeus, who threatens to kill Dominic when he finds him. Eliana calls him down, but Thaddeus has made some valid points... While the two of them talk, Haruto and Trey are chilling out at Star Hut before casually deciding to stop some drug lords. Eliana and Thaddeus stop an alleyway mugging, Eliana dealing with the thug boss and leaving the actual thugs to Thaddeus. Thaddeus manipulates one mugger into killing himself before interrogating the other, then executes the remaining thug. The victims thank him, but one of them condemns Thaddeus for being a Mutant, resulting in Thaddeus shooting the condemner in the leg and blaming it on the thugs when Eliana arrives. Before the other victim can testify that it wasn't the thugs, Thaddeus manipulates him into saying the thugs truly did attack the victims. Eliana shrugs it off and the two of them call the police to clean up before heading back to the Centre. Trey and Haruto manage to stop a drug shipment just in time, due to Haruto stopping time to stop the train the drugs were carried on. At the Centre, Eliana watches Dom's fare-well video one more time before Thaddeus has her fall asleep and convinces her that she's invincible with him around. Once Eliana had settled down and taken a nap, Thaddeus destroyed the video and took a nap himself...

The next day, Trey is living his life at school, falling asleep in class after a night of binge-watching his favorite shows after hanging out with his girlfriend Natalie. The teacher calls him out for his drowsiness, but a jolt of cosmic energy refreshes him. Later at lunch, Trey and Natalie do traditional couple things before some Student Council business concerning Natalie interrupts them. Coincidentally, Antonia Masters rejects some jerk hitting on her, which leads to her exerting a hint of superpowers trying to escape the jerks. After school, Trey tries to convince Princess Alyna to join the Absconders just for kicks. She hesitates, but accepts. To test her abilities, Trey has a sparring match with her, and they both take some time to relax and enjoy nature.

Meanwhile, Haruto encounters an enemy Tarot Buckle user!!! The two duel on the outskirts of the city, clashing with the strength of Haruto's Star card and this enemy's... Strength card?! This Strength user is crazy, healing damage quickly and somehow reflecting Haruto's attacks back at him. After an intense barrage of attacks, Haruto emerges... defeated?! This enemy Tarot user reveals the secret to his abilities... it's Restoration! He can restore things to previous states, thus reversing attacks and healing quickly. As he's about to finish Haruto, he's suddenly sent flying! Haruto had used his own trump card... the power of the World's time stop! Before either of them die, they reveal their names to themselves. This other Tarot wielder is Giorno Giacchino, and the two of them vow to reach the full potential of the Tarot Buckles together!

Back to the Centre, Thaddeus finds out Eliana is being kidnapped! These super-powered kidnappers try to take her away, but Thaddeus tails them and frees Eliana. They fight off the kidnappers before they say something about Eliana being Clio's kin... They then remember that their room in the Centre is on fire after a brief scuffle, so they rush to put out the flames. Trey and Alyna arrive, Eliana fills them in on what happened, and Haruto arrives just in time to demonstrate the power of the Strength card he received thanks to Giorno's cooperation! Oddly enough, Haruto uses Strength's powers without his armor on...

This Arc is featured in Issues 5 and 6

Some time after, Antonia talks to her father... The Taskmaster?! She tells him she's going to keep on being a vigilante despite her father wanting her to stop, but Antonia is adamant about being a hero. Trey tries to sympathize with Alyna, but she pushes him away. Antonia and Alyna meet and hang out, leaving the Star Hut they were at only to be ambushed by ninjas. The ninjas failed, and Alyna led Antonia to the Centre and introduced her to the Absconders, who accept her into their ranks. Shortly after, Micah appears to alert the Absconders to a series of synchronized robberies occurring all over California, where the Absconders reside. With no other choice, the team splits up to stop these robberies, and Micah teleports them to the locations of each robbery. In San Francisco, Eliana encounters a woman calling herself "Vice," absorbing energy from civilians and police officers to fuel her own powers. Down in San Diego, Haruto comes across a bola-wielding robber labeling himself as "Joker," and the two engage in a fight with intense fourth-wall breaking. Antonia deploys to Sacramento to deal with her robbery, only to face off against a female AI who believes Antonia to be a threat! Alyna arrives at Venice Beach a masked figure who identifies himself as Limit before approaching her! The Absconders duel with the robbers they've met, engaging in intense combat before the criminals make their escape! Much later... Vice and Joker regroup at the Centre?! They're then shortly joined by Limit and the AI! It seems these four may be working together...

The next day, Giorno and Haruto are at a motorcycle dealership to buy a bike for the former. Haruto decides to pick up another bike for himself as they both settle on cruisers, purchasing the bikes and heading home. As they're riding home, an enemy Tarot user appears on her own bike! The three of them proceed to duel on the highway, with the enemy throwing a rock at Giorno that exploded... like a tiny nuclear explosion?! They survive unscathed, and disable her bike, taking the fight to their own two feet. This Tarot user identifiers herself as the "Nuclear Queen," but the two quickly figure out her abilities and incapacitate her with an ice-based Card in their deck, disarming her nuclear pebbles with the ice and leaving her at the police station before claiming her Tarot Buckle and filling up their decks.

At the same time, Trey encounters a flaming humanoid which appears to be a Klyntar symbiote!! This Symbiote's host seems to be looking for a specific agency producing artificial Klyntar, despite his Klyntar being completely natural even though it's on fire... To find this agency, the symbiote, calling itself Spoil, chases a person believed to be affiliated with this agency. Trey thinks Spoil is harming an innocent, so the two fight each other! Spoil proves to be a formidable opponent, even surpassing Trey's illusions! Eliana and Thaddeus happen to pick up on Trey's telepathic SOS, and head to help him out. Even Micah arrives to assist! Eliana can't use her powers to convert the symbiote into energy for herself, so she has to rely on her surroundings for energy. The four of them engage Spoil, who remains a mighty adversary despite the Absconders having more people. In the end, a combined telekinetic blast from the Absconders and some of Micah's magic sends Spoil into space.

A week later, Eliana and Haruto run into Vice and Joker! The four of them engage in a brief skirmish before the latter two escape, forcing Haruto and Eliana to chase them down. Their chase ends at the Centre, shocking our heroine and hero! And yet, hours later, an evacuation is called in the Centre?! Someone seems to be shouting for the people in the Centre to leave, as there's a bomb somewhere in the building! The Absconders start convincing people to evacuate the building in case the threat is true, causing the entire building to proceed with an emergency evacuation for safety purposes. Just as they think the threat is false, the building actually explodes!! As the team grieves over their hangout and base of operations... a group of cloaked assassins dash away from the scene! The team barely manages to catch a glimpse of them, so they can't do anything about it. For now...

Later that night, the Absconders get a call from the person who warned them about the bomb in the Centre. He reveals that a company of assassins known as the Seven Virtues are now targeting superpowered people!! This person defected from the company, but is under mind control and can't reveal any information outside of this, cutting his own tongue off! Before anything else can happen, another assassin with a silver badge appears and slits the defector's throat before engaging the Absconders! More assassins appear and ambush them, but they hold off the assassins and make an escape! Their escape leads them to an abandoned tunnel, where Haruto gets the idea to use the abandoned tunnels as their new base! One week after that, the Absconders assemble at the tunnels and begin making their new base. Micah arrives to help set up the entrance, while the rest of the team enters the tunnels and begins excavating it to build up their base. Eliana helps materialize her teammates' dream rooms before taking a nap from exhausting her energies.

Meanwhile, a man on the outskirts of California is listening to some dank music while hunting demons, using demonic powers against the demons. That man is Jason Roy, a man possessed by a demon and really into meta humor. A while after that, Trey brings Alyna and Antonia over to the new tunnel base to give them access and rooms, as well as check out the new computer room Micah set up. The next day, Haruto and Giorno head out to town to deal with some rogue Tarot users, only to encounter someone claiming to have power "beyond the world." Haruto stops time to hopefully get an advantage, but the man is able to move within the time stop freely, even exceeding Haruto's 5-second time limit! When Haruto runs out of time within stopped time, he loses the ability to move, but can still perceive what happens within the time stop. The man reveals that he lives within a distorted time, on a lone planet far, far away. And, he had surpassed the world with the very belt wrapped around Haruto's waist! As time resumes its flow, the man disappears and Haruto is left with a grim warning of what awaits him when he completes his collection... As Antonia's out and about, some ninjas attempt to ambush her, only for her to... explode in a burst of elemental chi?!

This part of the Arc is shared with the True Introduction to the Virtues arc and encompasses Issues 7 and 8.

Back at the Sanctum, the Absconders proceed to interrogate the alien grunts that Antonia and Alyna captured. The grunt speaks of their history on Earth. In BCE, Hivemind Head Lord Dread visited the planet, only to be defeated by past Vanquish warrior Brotok. He lay dormant in a volcano until recently, when he realized that Vanquish was an identity passed down from person to person via the Hivemind Nanites. Because of this realization, he took on the name Chernabog and manipulated another Hivemind Head Lord to break Dominic's spirit by activating what they called "Wicked," which was fully awakened by Thaddeus' powers. Eliana is enraged by this, and executes this grunt out of frustration before having the other prisoners taken away before her emotions over took her. Jason reminds everyone of his presence, and they welcome him into the ranks. Myron reappears to comment on Eliana's lessons, then disappears to wait for tomorrow's lesson. Later that night, Chloe, AKA Vice, was out partying at a night club when a gold Seven Virtues assassin appears and attacks her. She tries to fend off the assassin with an explosion of power, but the assassin escapes and Chloe's fate is unknown. By the end of the month, Chernabog makes his debut to the public. And how does he pull it off? By taunting Dominic into a fight to show off his superior strength, speed, and skills. He feigns his own death, only to surprise Dominic by impaling him and absorbing him into his own body before taunting the rest of the Absconders to a fight...

Having seen this declaration of war, the Absconders try to steel their nerves to fight this monster and avenge their friend's death. However, a space shuttle that crashed near Dominic's house catches their attention instead. They investigate, and discover that Ripper, a Hivemind agent that they had previously encountered, was inside the shuttle. In addition, phantoms of various figures walked out as well, which Thaddeus recognizes as past hosts of the Vanquish Nanites and title. One of the past hosts reveals Ripper had defected from the Hivemind, and Ripper himself reveals that Chernabog is making his way to Los Angeles to test his new powers. Eliana resolves to get Dominic back, and the Absconders escort their new allies to their base to begin discussing battle plans...

As the other Absconders discuss the plan, Haruto asks for a training session with two past Vanquish hosts: Mifune and Hayabusa. Their training session leads Haruto to ask about Mifune's Blade, forged from Uru and imbued with Hivemind Nanites to give it many astounding properties; one of these properties being the ability to channel the wielder's resolve and sharpen its blade accordingly. Haruto suggests that the entire team use this property to cut Chernabog apart and finish him off. The next day, the Absconders and their allies prepare to face Chernabog, running over the plan one more time before gathering in the streets and charging head on at their enemy! Eliana, Thaddeus, and some past Vanquish Hosts distract Chernabog with head-on attacks before Haruto uses the powers of his Tarot Buckle to split into two bodies! One body helps Mifune and Hayabusa damage Chernabog as the other body prepares to extract an adamantium armor from him. They manage to stun him long enough for Eliana to prolong the stuns and allow Trey a window to enter Chernabog's mind and rescue Dominic!

As Trey wanders Chernabog's mindscape, he encounters a psychologically-damaged Dominic, who thinks Trey is either a memory or an enemy construct created by Chernabog. Trey reasons with him, showing him the outside events and the Absconders' expanded roster. Seeing the new members in action, Dominic steels himself and readies to be freed from Chernabog, which Trey gladly does. However... it seems Trey's actions didn't work!? The team panics briefly, only for Trey to grab a solidifying arm and retrieve Trey from the Astral plane!! Seeing this, Haruto proceeds to extract the Adamantium from Chernabog's weakened state, shaping it into a greatsword as Dominic equips a brand-new suit and prepares to beat the living tar out of him! Revitalized by Dominic, the Absconders kick into high gear against Chernabog's forces, utterly annihilating them in a flurry of punches, kicks, slashes, and blasts of energy!! Myron appears briefly to encourage Eliana to manipulate her emotions to her benefit, unleashing a powerful energy beam on the invading Hivemind forces! Haruto splits into two bodies again for super co-op butt-kicking with the new adamantium sword he created! As Jason wards off the troops by possessing a grunt and infiltrating their ranks, Dominic begins channeling his rage into his armor as Haruto returns to one body, holding Mifune's sword in one hand and the adamantium sword in the other...

Trey jumps in and distracts Chernabog, but he's pummeled into the ground! Haruto tries his hand, only to be thrown into the sky!! Before he can leave the atmosphere, Haruto stops time and rockets towards Chernabog, impaling him with the swords before time restarts and Haruto is thrown aside! However, this is but a distraction! Dominic arrives in one of his heavier-duty forms, only for Chernabog to blast him away! Within a moment's notice, Dominic shifts to his flight mode and unleashes an aerial assault before taking it back to the ground and speed-blitzing him with his fastest form! It seems that this wasn't good enough, as Chernabog simply smacks Dominic into the ground and knocks Trey away. But! Haruto jumps in with Mifune's Blade, getting in a couple of slashes before tossing the sword to Trey! Trey uses the sword in a telekinetic slashing maneuver, manipulating the blade independent of himself to trick Chernabog! As Chernabog smacks him and the sword away, Eliana takes the blade and proceeds to pour her Amethyst energy into the sword before unleashing her own string of slashes on him before he knocks her away! Thaddeus catches both her and the sword, using his telekinesis to get her to safety and to deal the most damage so far on Chernabog! In the end, even Thaddeus is knocked away, but the sword has yet to make it to the one Absconder who started this mess... Dominic.

Dominic reclaims the blade, charging forward and doing as much damage as he could to Chernabog despite the taunting. It seems that Dominic's attacks are ineffective, as his armor sustains heavy damage and he's battered and beaten. Yet... he stands tall with a smirk, throwing Mifune's sword into the air as a distortion stops time... Haruto grabs the blade, landing in between Dominic and Chernabog. All this time, the sword had been gathering the team's energies... their powers and resolve infused into this mighty blade... Haruto takes up a stance... and dashes forward! He slashes at Chernabog with unbelievably high speeds, slashes too fast for any being to process! His time stop extends past 5 seconds... reaching up to 10 seconds of frozen time as Haruto turns Chernabog into mince meat! As Haruto reaches the 9th second of stopped time, he proceeds to sheathe the blade slowly, clicking it into its sheathe just as time resumes its flow... As the distortion disappeared, Chernabog exploded into a rain of blood and pieces of flesh so finely chopped, it would take an impossibly-powerful microscope to see them... Seeing their Head Lord defeated, the Hivemind heed Dominic's words and leave Earth. Following the alien invasion, the first thing that happens is Eliana and Dominic debating over his reasons for leaving like a couple... And after that, the team needs to get Dominic caught up on recent events. For example, the destruction of the Centre...

This part of the Arc is shared with the Hivemind Arc Finale and encompasses Issues 7 and 8.

The next day, Antonia wakes up completely naked?! Micah encounters her as she heads into the new Absconders base, telling her to get dressed before explaining the ninja ambush. Meanwhile, Limit encounters more of the assassins who destroyed the Centre, fighting them off surprisingly well by himself. That is... until the assassins call upon Limit's ally Warp to execute a hidden plan, teleporting Limit to a barren wasteland with a nuclear bomb set to explode in 48 seconds and no escape. Back in the Tunnel Base, Eliana tours the entirety of the base before entering the main room and encountering a cloaked figure! This figure identifies himself as Myron, a time-traveling Mutant who wishes to train Eliana. He reveals that Eliana is a descendant of Clio, a mutant sorceress with similar powers to Eliana. While Clio and Myron were once lovers, Eliana is not descended from Myron as Clio walked a different path than Myron. Myron also reveals that Clio was once Sorceress Supreme, and that he helped her attain the title. Now, he wishes to continue Clio's legacy and raise Eliana as the next Sorceress Supreme. Eliana questions his appearance and how he was able to get into the base, to which he replies that his current appearance hides the scars of battles and that he had manipulated time to enter. They set up a training schedule, and Myron disappears. Limit has a quick flashback as to how he escaped and survived the nuke as he's hitch-hiking his way back to California...

As Haruto returns to the place where he first met Giorno, the man who attacked him in stopped time reappears and decides to give Haruto "a sneak peak of [his] future." The man uses a sin-based attack to rip open a wormhole that sucked them both to a barren planet hidden somewhere in the universe. On this planet, seven titans lay dormant around a circular table. The man, later revealed to be codenamed "Origin," explains that these titans are the Arcana, god-like beings who created the Tarot Buckles. Their dormancy is because Haruto hasn't completed collecting all the Tarot cards needed to fill the deck. Origin returns Haruto to Earth before the Arcana awaken and discuss Haruto. The next day, Haruto drives to their base, named the Sanctum for the time being, on his bike. He stops as he notices a horribly-mutilated body hanging from a lamp post. This body seems to be... a superpowered person in a homemade hero outfit?! Haruto decides to take pictures before heading to the Sanctum to show the rest of the team. They begin to think about who may have done this when Antonia arrives saying that assassins ambushed her, leading Eliana to think that this was the work of the Seven Virtues... They begin to think of a course of action, debating on if they should draw the attention of the assassin company and estimating their ranking system. They settle on the following:

  • Gold are the highest ranking and deadliest (so far)
  • Silver are lower ranked, but still dangerous
  • Bronze are lower and weaker, but treacherous nonetheless
  • And basic foot soldiers at the bottom of the hierarchy

After this, they decide to start investigating the company. Eliana and Thaddeus ask around some crime lords and business men, reporting their findings. Their estimated ranking turns out to be correct, but the regular and Bronze assassins are supposedly very expensive as is. The Silver and Gold assassins seem to be off-limits to most customers, and require serious connections to have any access to the higher-tier assassins. Later in the day, Antonia and Alyna sit around in the computer room, noticing some aliens similar to the ones that attacked one month prior. They proceed to investigate as Eliana trains with Myron. He gifts her Clio's Brooch, an artifact that helps streamline Eliana's powers to avoid negative side effects. However, Myron's training lesson involves unleashing a monster on the city, forcing Eliana and Thaddeus to stop its rampage before bad things happen. While they deal with Myron's monster terrorizing the city, Antonia and Alyna arrive at the remnants of the Centre and engage the aliens. Jason attempts to commit suicide, but his demon forces him to come back to life. The monster that Myron unleashed catches Jason's attention, causing him to work with Eliana and Thaddeus to defeat the monster. After defeating said monster, Eliana invites Jason to join the Absconders, and he accepts. Alyna and Antonia finish their fight with the aliens, with the generals of the scouting troop escaping and some grunts left behind. Haruto and Giorno encounter Origin once more, but they encounter someone else who had surpassed the World. This person, codenamed Cronus, manages to pause time within a time stop, though Origin manages to defeat Cronus and resume time completely...

This Arc is shared with "Wicked Takes the Stage" and encompasses Issues: 9 through 12.

It has been 5 months since the Absconders last convened. Dominic had been brought up to speed in that time span, they had renamed their tunnel base to the Vanishing Point, and they were back to being regular high schoolers. At this time of the school year, Prom was coming up and Trey's girlfriend Natalie was planning it with the rest of the student council. Haruto, Trey, and Dominic engage in some small talk before heading back to the Vanishing Point. They arrive and begin searching for crime to stop, finding a mob boss that happened to be connected to the drug shipment Trey and Haruto had stopped in the past. As they suggest bringing Eliana to the base for the mission, Dominic suddenly tenses up as Haruto texts her about the mission. She arrives, and they settle on taking down the mob boss. Before the team sortie for the mission, Haruto warns the team that he is close to completing his Tarot deck. Completing it would whisk Haruto away from the team to another world, leaving them without Haruto for who knows how long. With that said, the Absconders finally deploy after 5 months of inactivity!

As the Absconders close in on their target, they make quick work of the mob boss's goons, promptly making their way to the boss and interrogating him for information. Turns out this mobster was working for someone higher on the food chain, someone who had befriended a Congressman. This higher mobster was using the Congressman's yachts for sex trafficking. They obtain the specific yacht being used that data and split into pairs: Dominic and Trey work to save the hostages while Haruto and Eliana clear out the mobsters working on the boat.

The Absconders infiltrate the boat fairly easy, Trey disguising himself as one of the guards while the other three used stealth-based abilities to keep them from being spotted. As Eliana and Haruto clear out the guards, Dominic heads further into the yacht to find the sex slaves being trafficked, alerting the team to their location. Trey finds more prisoners, though the guards catch onto his ruse, forcing him to knock them out before he can proceed any further. As Trey comforts the prisoners, two Virtue Assassin attacks him! A lightning bolt and shards of rock begin flying at Trey as the Assassins attack! The two of them manage to hold off Trey, one Assassin creating clones to help subdue him. Before they can finish him off, Trey unleashes his telekinetic powers and sends the two flying all throughout the room! Out of the shadows, four more Assassins leap out and join the fray! Eliana manages to intercept them and helps Trey before Dominic enters the room for further assistance. Haruto sneaks in and stops time to his advantage, taking out the silver-level Assassin before helping the others. Just as two more Assassins go down, 22 more leap from the shadows and ambush the Absconders! While they fight, the mob boss running this operation makes his escape. Just as he leaves, the Absconders manage to fend off the Assassins, leaving them severely weakened... But Haruto's time stop is recharged! He pauses everything and leaps to the escaping boat, using the immobility of time to incapacitate the guards and the boss before steering the boat back to his allies! They interrogate him for information on the Virtues, discovering they were organized by a man named Zacharia Martell to kill superpowered individuals?! What could this mean for the Absconders and other superpowered people...?

Several days later, Haruto and Giorno are hanging out, discussing potential powers they could receive once they completed their Tarot decks, before Trey calls Haruto to hang out. The two part ways for now, and Haruto meets up with Trey at the Vanishing Point. After a superpowered chugging contest, they head out into the city before someone approaches them out of nowhere! At the same time, a man in a Red Mask is robbing a bank in southern L.A! It turns out that the someone approaching Haruto was a collector of Tarot Buckles as well, and was just giving his collection to Haruto. Seems this collector was a friend of Giorno's, and this collector's friend was handing Giorno a similar collection. Trey's phone gets an alert about the bank robbery, and they head to the scene of the crime to stop it. As Haruto stops time to stop the Red Mask's explosives, Origin appears to let Haruto know his Time Stop is unlimited now. Haruto rounds up the bombs and hands them off to Origin to deal with before he resumes time. Obviously confused and angered, the Red Mask demands to know what just happened, to which Haruto responds cryptically as he grabs the masked man. Red Mask causes another explosion and escapes in a van, leaving Trey and Haruto to clean up the mess. Once they've helped the police quell the chaos, Haruto turns around to see Origin once more. Origin reveals his name to Haruto. He is Caesar Novak, and Haruto's new codename is to be Override. It seems Haruto's joking around with Giorno came true in the end... While all this was happening, Dominic was over at Eliana's house, patching up their messy relationship before asking her to Prom!

Later that night, the Red Mask sits in an abandoned apartment complex surrounded by all sorts of unsavory people. Two enemy gang members approach Alex, the Red Mask, and attempt to kill him. They're swiftly dealt with in an explosion that causes the people in the complex to dance harder. Three days later, Eliana and Thaddeus dig up some interesting leads on the 7 Virtues. Zacharia has enlisted supposedly 4 protégés in helping him manage the Seven Virtues, two of which Thaddeus has identified. A member of LAPD, Ulfric, is one of these protégés. The other identified protégé is nightclub owner Jerome. Both of them are supposedly gold-ranked Assassins, a rank that no Absconder has faced before. Before they can continue their investigation, Myron appears for Eliana's training session. Myron sees a picture of Eliana's little sister Cornelia, and remarks how similar Corrie (Cornelia) looks to Clio before having a slight existential crisis. After Myron steels himself, they proceed with the lesson on Magic while Thaddeus leaves the VP for some fresh air. As he walked around the city, two Assassins tackled him to the ground... both of them featured a golden eagle emblem on their backs! As it turns out, it's Ulfric and Jerome in the flesh! They possess "The Virtue," rendering Thaddeus' telepathic powers useless against them. As they prepare to beat up Thaddeus, Micah arrives in his magic armor to help him! A camera connected to the VP's monitoring room had captured the attack, alerting Micah to Thaddeus. The two of them proceed to fight off the Assassins, with the Assassins overpowering the two quite easily. Micah's magic spells seem to have a weakened effect against Jerome as Ulfric uses his gravitational powers to send several bullets at Thaddeus. Before the bullets can hit, Thaddeus unleashes a telekinetic blast to send them away, reflecting some bullets back at Ulfric as they engage in hand-to-hand combat! Things are looking up for the two as they trap and seemingly defeat Jerome! Before they can celebrate, a giant golem rises from the ground and knocks Micah aside before abducting Thaddeus and taking him away!

Meanwhile, Alex visits a new fast food place that just opened, only to encounter Dominic at the same place! Alex tries pretending to be Dominic's friend to get free food, only for Dominic to catch onto his ruse and play along. They both mess up each other's names, Dominic even calling Alex a "Royal Butt," but they get their food and chat outside the line. Alex reveals his whole name to Dominic: Alexandre Demasque. A phone call from Lilly, an acquaintance of Alex's, interrupts their meal as she screams about the Snake Gang invading Alex's turf. Enraged, Alex teleports to the apartment complex where she is and slaughters the invaders without remorse. Lilly hugs him tight and cries her eyes out as Alex offers her the burger she wanted...

May 22nd. Prom is the next day. It's raining today... Trey and Haruto are at a tailor shop getting their suits for Prom. Trey is going with his girlfriend Natalie. Dominic and Eliana are going together. Katie is going with someone else. So who is Haruto going with? No one. Even Haruto's own thoughts betray him, pointing out his loneliness. He just shrugs it off as bad luck as a text from Katie comes in. The suit was going to take a while, so he decided to check the text. It was just an invitation to come over and hang out. After arranging stuff with Trey, Haruto heads over to Katie's house, only to meet her roommate Clarabelle Rydell. She introduces herself under her nickname Belle, and Haruto introduces himself to her with his nickname Hunter. Even Katie and Belle take notice of Haruto's loneliness... Seeing no better opportunity, Haruto grabs Katie and pulls her into her bedroom before telling her all about the World and his feelings for her. They share their first kiss with each other before Belle enters the room. Katie leaves with a blush before Belle "interrogates" Haruto. He caves and reveals his identity as Anomaly to her before heading out to help Katie with cooking. They have dinner and Belle flirts with Haruto a bit just to tease him.

May 23rd. Today is Prom night. Eliana is the first of the team to arrive, as Thaddeus had arranged a limousine for her. Haruto arrives next on his cruiser bike, taking out a pocket watch and checking the time before meeting up with Eliana in line for the dance. Not long after, Dominic arrives on the scene in his Nanite armor, which faded away to reveal his fancy suit and green tie underneath. Last but not least, Trey pulls up in his matte navy blue Audi R8 with his girlfriend and date Natalie; they're even wearing matching outfits, how cute~ Now that the Absconders have assembled for Prom... it's showtime. They enter the building, where Natalie and Trey immediately head to get drinks while Haruto sulks in the corner like the lonely boy he is. Bored out of his mind, he stops time outside of his armor, meeting Caesar the Origin who warns him that he'll be disappearing soon. They then converse about Haruto's loneliness, pointing out Katie in the crowd of frozen people, and discuss Haruto's imminent fate. Two months will pass on Earth as Haruto trains with the Arcana for two weeks on their world... Caesar then wishes Haruto a fun time in his last moments on Earth before training before cancelling the time stop and disappearing as everyone unfroze. Eliana and Dominic discuss the latter's training with Myron. Natalie decides to hang out with some other friends, so Trey meets up with Haruto to talk about Prom, then their work as the Absconders before Dominic joins in. They chat a bit before dispersing, Trey to find Natalie and Haruto to Katie. The latter pair just so happen to run into each other at the beverages table, where Katie's date Ty proceeds to introduce himself. Katie leaves the two alone to get acquainted, but Ty reveals his jealousy towards Haruto concerning how close the latter is to her. Ty's pettiness angers Haruto to the point where he reprimands him for being such a jealous brat before walking off to another corner to sulk in...

Dominic meets back up with Haruto and they chat about what just happened before quickly switching subjects to Dominic's relationship with Eliana. Haruto gives Dominic another warning about his impending disappearance, to which Dominic has Haruto promise that he'll go out with a bang. Trey's search for Natalie leads him to a nearby hotel, where he discovers she's been cheating on him; for quite some time and with multiple guys... Natalie reinforces how alien Trey is, so he erases their memories of this encounter and storms off with tears in his eyes... Eliana and Dominic leave Prom for a little bit of... extra fun. After Prom ends, the Absconders walk home together, with half the team enjoying the night and the other half left heartbroken and depressed. As they walk, the head of the Seven Virtues himself, Zacharia Martell, arrives to personally end the Absconders, leading into an intense showdown between the two factions! Despite Haruto keeping quiet about his time stop, Zacharia proves to be more than a match for the Absconders as a whole, even besting Dominic's multiple armors and choking Eliana into unconsciousness! While Dominic fought Zacharia, the damage he sustained caused some of his own nanites to break off and go rogue. The being that haunted Dominic's nightmares, Wicked, was born and fled the scene.

Then... Haruto and Trey step onto the field. The two unleash a cosmic high-five before rushing into battle with super cooperation! Their attacks land, but Zacharia simply shrugs it off as dumb luck. No matter what Zacharia says, these cosmic-powered brothers from different mothers form an amazing tag-team pair as they strike with incredibly synergy, reading each other's motions and attacking one right after the other! They even combine their most explosive powers to knock Zacharia through a multitude of buildings!!! Even though Zacharia quickly recovers, he only finds copies of the duo as they reveal themselves and unleash another simultaneous attack on Zacharia! Sending him flying once more, Trey and Haruto proceed to find and help the rest of their team before a giant concrete monster rises from their damaged surroundings, a product of Zacharia's power! No matter how they tackle this beast, Zacharia's powers are too much for the team, leaving them weary and tired... With the Absconders weakened and at his mercy, Zacharia approaches the defenseless teenagers and throws a black hole at them! In a last-ditch effort to save his friends, Haruto gets up and pauses time once more! As the distortion takes effect and Haruto remains the only one able to move, Caesar appears from the black hole Zacharia generated... It's time for Haruto to depart... Caesar's already called in one of the Arcana to deal with the black hole. Stepping up to the portal that Caesar used to arrives, Haruto turns to face the Absconders one last time... before falling back-first through the portal with Caesar following shortly. An Arcana's hand appears to close the portal and the black hole, resuming the flow of time in an explosion that seemed to have disintegrated Haruto. While he may have teleported to another world, all the Absconders saw their best friend and founding member sacrifice himself to save them...

From here, Haruto's two months of training begins in The Absconders: Seven Shinka: Issue 1.

This Arc encompasses Issues 12 through 14. A week has passed since Haruto's "death." Crime has escalated due to the Seven Virtues scaring all superheroes into hiding, even the Absconders themselves. As Eliana keeps track of all the crimes occurring in the Vanishing Point's computer room, she notes how pointless it would be. She tries to call the other team members, but none of them respond... As she scrolls through the roster, she sees Haruto's name and begins to weep as she remembers his disappearance yet again... A few days beforehand, Dominic had finally settled into the Vanishing Point, setting up a shrine to remember Haruto by. That wasn't the worst part. His father had unfortunately lost his life to a stroke, leaving Dominic as the CEO and heir to Dinomo Industries. There was a funeral held for Dino Bernedicci. As Dominic's mother Francesca gave her eulogy, Wicked appears in the distance with a smile on his face. Eliana reassures Dominic before Dominic's mother finishes. Stepping up to the podium, Dominic delivers his eulogy with despair and a broken spirit. Everyone places down a white rose on Dino's coffin, with Dominic and Eliana being the last two to place their roses. Before they can, Wicked interrupts and taunts Dominic, causing a brief scuffle that ends with Dominic being forced out of his suit by a single punch from Wicked and Eliana beaten down. A glitch stops Wicked from proceeding any further. After the incident, Dominic has been focused on running Dinomo Industries, with little to no activity as Vanquish...

At the same time as the funeral, Alex and Lilly discuss their gang war and how Alex is now taking a more defensive role. Alex spits out the cynical reality of his gang before a telepathic message from someone he once knew invades his thoughts...

In the present, Dominic holds a board meeting. The suggestions presented by the current board members disappoint him greatly, but a newly appointed member named Vivian Free suggests rebuilding the Endo-Corp Superhuman Centre with enhanced defenses based on Dominic's nanite tech. Praising this suggestion, Dominic grants Vivian the authorization needed to fill in when Dominic is unable to run the company, effectively making her co-CEO of Dinomo Industries, before heading out to deal with public relations. Meanwhile, Eliana and Myron's magic training session ends and Myron asks which type of magic she wishes to specialize in. Eliana's choice is bone-chilling to Myron... as she chose Eldritch magic. The same magic that Clio used to become the Sorceress Supreme of her time. Clio had become so adept at the magic, that she herself became an Eldritch Deity. Excited at the prospect, Eliana questions if she could choose her ancestor as her Eldritch master. Myron tells it would be redundant, as Eliana has already inherited many of Clio's powers already. In asking for advice on who to choose as one of her three possible masters, Eliana is told that she must seek her master out herself. With that, the session is over, and Myron's fears of another Clio take hold once more... Dominic bumps into Eliana and suggests they round up the remaining Absconders...

Elsewhere in L.A., a meeting of the biggest gangs in the city is taking place, called by "the Smiling Man." One of the mobsters shoots the Smiling Man, revealing Wicked possessing an unknown human body. Wicked called this meeting to deal with Alexandre "The Red Mask" Demasque, offering to kill Demasque himself or empower the gangsters with technology akin to Dominic's nanites to do it themselves under the condition that all the gangs work under Wicked's orders. Though paranoid, the gangs accept, and Wicked proclaims that the "kings" of the gang world will become emperors, the freaks will be the monsters of the night, the vagabonds will be the drifters of fate, and the snakes will rise up to destroy the world. Wicked himself... he's the devil, and he's here to stay...

Next up on Wicked's to-do list is the symbiote that was taken from Chernabog. Jason's been holding onto it ever since Chernabog's defeat, so Wicked bursts through his door asking for it and some of Jason's demonic magic. He relents... over his undead body. The two engage in an intense duel, before realizing they're both immortal. As they fight, the symbiote peeks out of the closet, only for Jason to scold it back into hiding. As Jason is knocked out of the apartment, Dominic arrives to replace him, only for Wicked to catch onto Jason's illusion. One of Jason's attacks scares the symbiote off and into Wicked's arms, allowing Wicked to forcefully copy Jason's magic due to the latter's reluctance to let the demon fully possess him.

Later that night, Alex's territory is attacked by the armored-up leader of the Uptown Vagabonds: Abo Takeshi. He rushes to grab his artifacts to defend against them, but the nanite armor proves to surpass Alex's magic artifacts. Badly damaged, Alex retreats to the roof to heal up before realizing Lilly is in danger. Using Lilly as a human shield, Takeshi threatens Alex to surrender, but Alex's lack of empathy causes Takeshi to question his humanity. Throwing Lilly in an attempt to distract Alex, Takeshi realizes he's thrown away his only leverage as Alex phases through her and blasts a giant hole in Takeshi's torso. In his dying moments, Wicked's "Smiling Man" persona briefly flashes in front of Takeshi's eyes. With the threat dealt with, Alex orders the junkies to bury the bodies. Dominic is in the area after seeing the attack on the news, looking specifically for Alex to recruit him into the Absconders. Vivian's already sent the relief foundation to deal with the attack as Dominic finds Alex and they investigate how Takeshi got his hands on the nanite armor. Alex invites Dominic into the former's... "office" to discuss the nanite armor. Hearing about the Smiling Man from Takeshi's dying breath allows Dominic to link Wicked to the gangsters, but the motive for Wicked empowering them remains a mystery...

Wicked, however, was watching the incident unfold from his base of operations, along with the other gang leaders he empowered. K' Jimmy, leader of the Eastside Kings, volunteers to attack Alex next, rejecting help from Underground Freaks leader Manuel "Cholos" Hernandez; Cholos goes by "X" after the nanite boost. As K' Jimmy approaches Alex's squat, Dominic guns down the gangster henchmen with his nanite weapons before Alex and Dominic hijack the nearest car and proceed to chase K' Jimmy all the way to the highway. The fight on the highway results in a near loss for Alex, but he manages to hijack K' Jimmy's vehicle without his knowledge, taking him to the scrapyard to dismantle and destroy K' Jimmy after figuring out that the nanites gave him metallic properties. The crusher and magnet in the scrapyard ultimately kills K' Jimmy, and Alex takes his defeated enemy's truck as a trophy.

The next day, Eliana calls Alyna, hoping to get her and Trey to return to active duty as an Absconder. Ever since Haruto's "death," Trey has been depressed. Haruto was Trey's first true friend. Of course his death would have a massive impact on Trey. After a little pep talk, Trey and Alyna head to the Vanishing Point to talk with Eliana, but a badly-beaten Micah and Thaddeus appear from a magic portal. Thaddeus reveals that the Seven Virtues have technology from Mutagen, a company that he and Eliana had experiences with in the past. This technology was used to torture Thaddeus, chipping away at him until he caved in and revealed the Absconders' location. This knowledge was used for Zacharia's attack on them after Prom ended... Hearing this, Trey's ensuing outburst of anger is directed at Thaddeus, but Alyna holds him back. Eliana decides to put Thaddeus on the sidelines, deeming him too weak to engage the Seven Virtues. As Alyna heals Micah, Trey attempts to assist. But none of his cosmic energy responds. He explains that Haruto's death had drained away his powers, leaving him weakened...

As Alyna and Eliana are out trying to lower the crime rate, they run into Spoil's host, Kenneth, who still has traces of his symbiote. He reveals that the Seven Virtues are planning to take their superhuman slaughtering to a country-wide level. The three of them agree to discuss the matter later, and part ways for now... Meanwhile, Alex muses over joining the Absconders, to which Lilly replies that he isn't cut out for the role in the slightest. Alex is an immoral, disgusting, psychopathic murderer, as Lilly would put it. A person like him in a team of superheroes... it doesn't make any sense. In spite of this, Alex is set on joining the team, for fame and power, and to secure Lilly's safety. Meeting up with Dominic, Alex accepts his invitation into the team, but they're interrupted by an attack on the town center. The person, er... monster attacking is Manuel "X" Hernandez, who is making way too many X puns as he rampages throughout the town. The pair have a difficult time taking out X, but Alex realizes that X is still a person... and a person can still be manipulated. He taunts X, and Dominic soon joins in on the taunting, calling Micah to help out in the situation. Micah, using his suit in a form copying Dominic's Speed Demon Protocol, speeds around X and creates a vortex that will help minimize the collateral damage caused by Alex's explosives, which prove to be highly effective and taking X out of commission. They then head back to the Vanishing Point to properly "welcome" Alex into the Absconders. An off-hand comment about Haruto causes Dominic to punch Alex to the ground, but Eliana comes in to discuss the current issue: the number of people currently on their team. There were only 7 Absconders, and the Seven Virtues have a massive army backing them. Desperate for any assistance, the team considers the Erratics, but they've supposedly moved out of town. They then remember Giorno, Haruto's Tarot Buckle ally, and consider inviting him to help them out. The odds are not looking good...

In the middle of the night, Eliana heads out to the Angeles National Forest to perform a summoning ritual for Sethryo, an Eldritch Deity of Vengeance who was once known as King Artair in a past life. As Eliana tries to reason with the Eldritch Deity, she gets no response as to whether or not she's successfully made a pact with him. Their meeting ends in uncertainty, as Artair simply bleeds into the ground around them and the night proceeds normally... The next morning, Eliana reports to Myron that she summoned Sethryo/Artair, much to Myron's shock. The mere fact that Eliana remains alive is proof enough that she had succeeded in at least getting her Eldritch Deity to consider their pact. Immediately after, Dominic and Eliana discuss the Eldritch Magic business briefly before Jason arrives, concerned about Wicked stealing the Chernabog-remnant Symbiote and some of his magic. Wicked then proceeds to prank call Dominic, leaving behind a coded message. Eliana moves on to interview Alex while Dominic decodes the message. At the end, Eliana and Alex head out to "The Domain," an area chock-full of illegal and illicit activities visited only by the worst of people. As Dominic searches for Wicked, Eliana tries to educate Alex on their form of heroism, but they argue about the philosophies of this line of work. Human nature is very difficult to change... To change the ideals of the world, you have to have the power to back it up...

Meanwhile, Dominic and Jason discuss the demonic magic that Wicked stole, and how to counter it. Alex heads to his squat, but finds nothing there at all. Something is very clearly wrong, since the squat is supposed to be full of junkies and people. When he finds Lilly in the squat, he punches her and reveals Cash Johnny, the Snake Gang's leader, in disguise. The two get in a brief scuffle as Alex tries to interrogate Cash Johnny about where Lilly is, but Cash proves himself to be the toughest of the enhanced gang leaders he's confronted. True to his gang name, Cash Johnny can molt out of his current body as an escape/defense method, forcing Alex to return to the Vanishing Point. Dominic is there to greet him, and the two agree to head out to the Domain together to take care of their enemies. They reach the night club that acts as the Domain's cover, where Wicked has set up two rooms specifically for the two. In Alex's room, he faces illusions of his past... His mother, his unborn brother, and his nephew. The illusions prove ineffective against Alex as he kills the projections without a second thought before proceeding to the next part of the room where Cash Johnny is holding Lilly hostage. Cash Johnny kills her, and Alex unleashes his rage on him, beating him down to a bloody pulp before taking Lilly's corpse and teleporting away...

In Dominic's room, Wicked taunts Dominic with a "movie" of his life events up until a certain point, at which this movie ends and Wicked takes over. He reads off all of Dominic's fears, his insecurities, and taunts him with the various doubts he had of Eliana while he was gone. A projection of Eliana appears, created by Wicked to taunt Dominic once more. When Dominic asks whose face Wicked wore under his own, Wicked peels back his own face to reveal... Dino Bernedicci, Dominic's own father. This action would prove to be his downfall, as Dino takes back control of his contorted body and encourages Dominic to bury his demons and defeat Wicked! In a battle of great physical prowess, Dominic beats Wicked to near death and returns to the Vanishing Point. As Wicked recovers from his beating, Dino's consciousness kept alive because of Wicked notices this is the site of Chernabog's defeat... Wicked had been aiming to revive and work with Chernabog in his mind...

Later on, Wicked launches an attack on Dinomo Industries, knocking Dominic away so hard, he passes out and ends up in the Vanishing Point. He has a "dream" where he sees the Vanquish nanites personified, talking about how Dominic and Vanquish have merged together as one being. When he wakes up, Alex warns Dominic that Alex's brother will be coming to Earth for Alex, hesitating to ask the Absconders for help. At the same time, Eliana discusses her mission with Myron and Thaddeus, before receiving Dominic's call for help. Alex, Dominic, Eliana, and Thaddeus proceed to Dinomo Tower once more to stop Wicked's rampage. Despite their best attempts, Dominic is beaten to near death. However... the Vanquish persona reappears to spur Dominic on, to defy death and finally conquer Wicked! Enraged and filled with power, Dominic beats Wicked to a pulp, flying high into orbit and crashing back down into the ground. As Wicked begs for his life, he reveals that his fear of death twisted his programming, making him want to kill Dominic due to self-preservation. In the end, Dominic prevails, seemingly absorbing Wicked and all that was merged with him into an amalgamation of power... with Dominic at the head.

This Arc encompasses Issues 13 through 16.

Back at the Vanishing Point, Eliana waits in her room and talks to Thaddeus about her choice of Eldritch Magic. She then tells him to leave, as King Artair might be visiting soon. Sure enough, the wall to one of her rooms is broken down as King Artair himself visits, dressed in blood-stained, rusted armor and his wolf head limp as a dead limb. This time, he speaks to Eliana, though not physically. As a test of Eliana's commitment to justice, King Artair demands that Eliana bring billionaire Thomas Gardner to justice, as the man hides a dark soul behind curtains of riches. Failure would leave Eliana in the realm of forgotten. Success means life. With that, King Artair disappears just as Dominic returns in his armor. Eliana greets Dominic, who reports that Alex will be temporarily out of commission due to the loss of Lilly. She excuses Alex for the time being to let him grieve before telling Dominic that she'll be hunting down Thomas Gardner for her Eldritch training.

A couple of days later, Eliana looks through some files Micah left for her, uncovering Giorno's number and calling him to recruit him to the team. He accepts, and Eliana texts Alyna to let Giorno in. Trey and Alyna open the Vanishing Point and enter with Giorno before Giorno gives Trey a little pep talk, motivating Trey to start training so he can regain his powers. Some hours later, Giorno and Alyna have deployed to San Francisco to stop some superpowered individuals from destroying the famous Golden Gate Bridge, and were currently bringing the culprits to the local police station to turn them in. After handing over the culprits, the two take the trains back to L.A., where Alyna feels a nagging suspicion concerning Giorno's powers, as they're the exact same as Haruto's. While the train is in transit, it slows down and rattles due to a large explosion. The pair work on calming civilians down and helping them evacuate before heading out to confront the source of the explosion... A giant cybernetic dragon. The dragon confronts Alyna and Giorno before bowing its head and transforming its face into... steps?! A figure walks down these steps... a woman cloaked in royal purple with a hood. This woman proclaims herself to be Victoire Fournier, a member of the Seven Virtues... As the dragon rears its head up and allows its master to mount it, Victoire commands her dragon to breathe fire on the two Absconders right in front of her...

Giorno makes a break for it, carrying Alyna in his arms as the fire breath slows to a stop, along with everyone else... He has stopped time to escape the dragon, throwing out shards of ice in the frozen time and carrying Alyna to safety in his arms before cancelling his time stop. Realizing that she was in Giorno's arms, Alyna jumps out and performs a spell, creating a drill out of nearby water to impale the dragon. Victoire isn't a Virtue for nothing... she commands her dragon to dodge all of their attacks and repair the damage taken. Seeing that their weapons and attacks aren't affecting the dragon much, Giorno stops time and retreats with Alyna, returning to the Vanishing Point before resuming the flow of time. The night after, as the city is relaxing, a strange, light-blue shooting star flies by. Trey notices the star, but due to his lack of powers at the moment, is unable to hear that a certain voice... a voice calling out the name of a powerful attack... a voice any of the Absconders would recognize... And yet, without hearing these words, this voice, Trey feels comfort and assurance before dozing off. Dominic opens up to Viviane about his duties as an Absconder and Hivemind nanites, so she takes him to a club to relax and get his mind off of things. At the club, a news report about a mysterious figure at the Centre's remains causes Dominic to head to the scene, calling Giorno to meet him there. Their investigation leads them to encounter Wicked once more! This time... he's fused with Chernabog! The two engage in a brief scuffle with Chern-Wicked before he disappears. They head back to the VP and find Alex waiting there. On a distant planet, far far away, a man in armor touches down and begins asking around for Kzrei, but the intelligent life there don't know who this person is. Enraged, the armored man slaughters them all and swears to bring Kzrei to true justice...

Back on Earth, Trey's mother Teresa bakes a cheesecake with strawberries before calling Alyna, asking about their training. Alyna replies that Trey is having a difficult time focusing his powers into something basic. Teresa sighs, but has them come back to the Soniak household, having baked the cheesecake in an attempt to cheer up Trey. When the pair get home, they discuss his lack of powers with Teresa, and Teresa gives Trey a pep talk. With this, Trey feels a bit better and leaves to take a nap. A few days later, Eliana has been sailing off the coast of California for days, trying to find Thomas Gardner's private island. All of a sudden, a missile strikes her boat and throws her into the water! Grabbing onto a piece of her wrecked ship, she notices the island she was looking for appear like a holographic projection. While avoiding the island's defense systems, Eliana makes her way through the water to shore, nearly drowning from avoiding a missile. Fighting through her exhaustion, Eliana follows a trail into the forests to a hard-light wall. Her explosive attempts at bypassing the wall attract nearby security guards, forcing Eliana to use Clio's Broach to knock out the guards and recharge her power. As she makes her way through the island, she notices that some guards are shooting innocent civilians, jumping in and intervening. Unfortunately, all the civilians are slaughter, so Eliana interrogates the guards as to Thomas's whereabouts before knocking him out. Sure enough, he's in the giant mansion in the center of the island. Before she can investigate the mansion, a gunshot catches her attention. Turning her head, she sees... Thomas Gardener himself, holding a revolver and telling a group of people that they'll live if they can reach the forest. Except... he's intent on killing them all. Eliana is there to bare witness to the entire, god-awful game. Tanks and Jeeps patrol the island, ensuring that any survivors died anyway. Filled with absolute disgust, Eliana sneaks into the mansion's prisons. There, she finds a human-sized blender, getting into a brief scuffle with a guard that causes an innocent child to be thrown into the blender. Horrified, she subdues the guard and frees the prisoners, telling them to stay put while she deals with the other guards. It seems her actions have garnered Gardener's guards' attention, as they've finally noticed her and plan to evacuate the boss. Her attempt of a stealth attack fails since a guard notices her snooping around in the vents. Even though the guards try to stop her, Eliana tears her way to Thomas, finally reaching him and telling him that she's here to grant penance for his sins. Thomas tries to buy of Eliana, but she follows through with her justice. In an ironic callback to what Thomas did earlier, Eliana taunts him by giving him the opportunity to run for his life, shooting him with a revolver and spouting the same lines he did when he was addressing the civilians. Her last bullet ends up in Thomas's skull, and she leaves the island after transmogrifying the mansion and technology on the island into energy before using the energy to create a boat to carry her and the prisoners back to the shores of L.A.

Several days later, Alyna and Trey are sparring yet again. This time, it seems Trey's getting a hold of his powers once more. As Alyna pressures Trey with her attacks, Trey reawakens to his powers!! At long last, Trey's finally obtained the motivation to empower himself once more and focus on the fight! As they discuss how powerful the Virtues are, Alyna remembers her sister Evelyn, and how Evelyn's power was much greater than the Virtues. Alyna then proceeds to train Trey even more to get him used to his powers again. After a hard day of superhero work, Dominic drops Eliana off at home, where her parents confront her about her lack of family time. She shrugs it off as part-time work, and heads upstairs. Turns out, Eliana's little sister Cornelia, also known as Corrie, knows about the Absconders and her role on the team. She tries to bribe Eliana into telling her more, but Eliana sends her off. Another nightmare occurs for Eliana, where King Artair congratulates her work with Gardener and grants her the power of Psycho Warping so she can carry out her justice without having to kill. She wakes up from her nightmare with a scream, attracting Corrie's attention. Eliana tells her off, smiling as she feels new power coursing throughout her...

A few days later, Alex asks someone named Gideon to burn the squat down, finding no more value in its existence after Lilly's death. Following that, Dominic proceeds to enter the VP, though it seems he's possessed by someone or something familiar. They chat briefly as Gideon enters the squat and burns it down in the name of his god... Red Mask. Two days later, Richard Gardener holds a press conference, revealing that Eliana's actions on the island and framing her as a murderer. While this is happening, Alex watches the squat burn and notices a kid who tells him about how Lilly thought Alex had a good side and only stuck around in this dump because of him. This was the same kid who had entered the squat some time ago, but Lilly had told him to stop coming so the kid wouldn't end up hating himself down the line. Hearing this, Alex calls Gideon and asks him where he is, with Gideon responding that he was about to eliminate the Absconders in the name of the Red Mask... At the same time, Eliana discusses the conference with Micah, Dominic, and Jason at the VP. Dominic arrived riddled with bullets and announcing that Richard Gardener has declared war on the Absconders. He makes a quick call to Antonia and hires her as head of security at Dinomo Industries. Eliana heads home to ensure her parents didn't see the news, since they hate vigilantism and would be absolutely terrified if their daughter was engaging in such activities. On her way home, a group of armed Gardener forces ambush Eliana, giving her the opportunity to test her new power: Psycho Warping! Demented nightmares become reality as the men are swiftly dealt with and Eliana heads home to see... Thaddeus leaving?! It seems he was visiting so he could use his powers to keep Eliana's parents from linking the news footage of Gemstone to her. As this occurs, Dominic is attacked by hired forces sent by Gardener, leading him to begin a press conference of his own to deny the Absconders' involvement in the Gardener assassination. Richard's assistant, John Rivers, is here to criticize Dominic's actions as a vigilante, as well as the Absconders as a whole. On that note, Dominic leaves the conference with an important question... If the Absconders are apprehended for their actions, and a new threat stemming from this incident appears... who would be there to stop it?

Some time later, a Virtue ambushes the surviving Erratics. The Erratics barely survive the encounter, but start wondering if they should work with the Absconders to defeat them... A few days later, Alex asks Jason and Micah to help him deal with Gideon. They head out of the VP and encounter Gideon, who claims to have inherited the Red Mask title from Alex. After a brief scuffle, Alex tells the other two to evacuate as he triggers Gideon's body, causing it to boil from the inside out and violently explode! The trio proceed to clean up the mess. Days later, Richard Gardener meets with his adviser John, and they plan out how to get revenge on the Absconders. Richard already has anti-superhuman weapons in development, as well as a private military under his control and a mysterious business partner planning to kill Gemstone as well. At the same time, Eliana and Thaddeus are interrogating Gardener's forces about their boss's location. After suitably punishing the troops, Eliana and Thaddeus decide that she needs a new identity and suit to hide her identity better. They head towards Gardener Tower, only to be ambushed by a Virtue and his assassins. Eliana manages to leave the Virtue in a state of fear, allowing her and Thaddeus to escape. When they reach the VP, she decides that Thaddeus isn't useful to the current situation, and tells him to leave until he can get strong enough to help against the Virtues outside of his mind control. Since Myron was in the base checking out how serious Eliana's Eldritch research is, Thaddeus confronts and asks him if he can train Thaddeus. Myron accepts, and Thaddeus asks when the training will begin...

A week later, as Alyna is leaving the gym, she feels a strange presence following her. She confronts the presence, who reveals himself to be Limit of the Erratics. Limit bargains with Alyna, asking if he and the Erratics could work together. Alyna calls Trey to help decide, and they reluctantly agree to the deal. At Dinomo Industries, Antonia has returned to the city to help train Dominic's security team. She tells them to arrive early in the morning tomorrow before leaving. It seems the ninja chasing Antonia haven't gone away, so she's forced to defeat them. After a brief skirmish, Antonia returns to the Vanishing Point where she encounters Alex. They bond a little over their differing moralities compared to the rest of the team. Alex shrugs it off and leaves to get something to eat. Two days later, Micah receives a message from the Vanishing Point. An entry code that hadn't been used in months had just been used, but the energy signature accompanying it didn't match up with any known energy signatures at all. After notifying the rest of the team about this, Micah arrived at the VP to find... Haruto?!

The Absconders' reaction to Haruto's lack of death is, unsurprisingly, shock. Trey cannot believe his eyes, but is relieved to have his best friend back. Dominic is trying to find a logical explanation as to how he survived. Eliana wonders where Haruto has been all this time. Haruto replies that he was training with the Arcana, the multi-dimensional elemental deities that crafted the Tarot Buckles long, long ago. The beings provided Haruto with new powers and new equipment from the training, which was where Haruto had gone for the past 2 months. As he reacquaints himself with the world, Haruto learns that the Virtues have been preparing for war, and that Eliana had killed Thomas Gardener to prove herself to her Eldritch master. Haruto then redirects the conversation back to the Virtues, and begins planning with the team to take down the Virtues once and for all. Their strategy meeting is then interrupted by one of the Virtues declaring war on them... Meanwhile, Alex learns of a human trafficking business and informs Dominic in an attempt to be helpful. When they investigate, they end up in a sticky situation: the trafficking leader has incriminating photos of Dominic, Antonia, and Alex and his trafficking circle, as if the three of them are the ones running the business instead of him. With the Absconders already seen as terrorists, something like this could truly turn LA, and every government-sanctioned organization, against them...

The next day, a preliminary confrontation takes place between the Virtues and Absconders. As the color-coded cloaks of the Virtues taunt the Absconders, Haruto's appearance taunts the very Virtue that "destroyed" him. The confrontation consists of back-and-forth taunting... until the leader of the 7 Virtues himself steps onto the scene. Arnault, founder and leader of the 7 Virtues, presents his battle terms: Defeat all 7 Virtues, one by one, and they will surrender. Fail, and the Virtues will begin to purge the superhuman population off the face of the Earth as part of Arnault's plan to create the perfect world. He then leaves the Absconders with one date: July 18th. The day their battle begins...

After this meeting, the Absconders proceed to hold another strategy meeting to determine how they want to win this. The meeting quickly devolves into a conflict of morality, so the team decides to do some individual preparation. Eliana goes off to train. Dominic is in his room developing new Suit Protocols for the war. Haruto and Trey proceed to spar in the "backyard," an open field with plenty of space for them to duel in. This field is where Haruto will make his debut as Override on Earth. Instead of the Tarot Buckle, Haruto now wields the Binary Driver! A belt designed to use Dual Bottles; these were later renamed Arcana Batteries by Haruto himself. By channeling the essence of the Shin Arcana and a well-rounded infantryman, Haruto transforms into Override: Shin Assault! The transformation is gaudy and strange, which leaves Trey utterly confused, but intrigued by Haruto's new power. With cosmic energy returning to his body, Trey dashes forward and clashes with his old friend! The two exchanges punches at blinding speeds, unleashing a flurry of fists upon each other before Trey unleashes a cosmic eye laser on Haruto. Despite his headache, Trey soldiers on and continues his assault on Haruto! When Haruto shifts into his Pyro Swordsman armor, based on the Arcana Fiamma and a swordsman, Trey counters and launches him into the air! The amount of powers Haruto now holds is seemingly able to cover any situation, as he switches into his Aero Reaper armor to unleash an aerial retaliation! Trey grounds Haruto and prepares one more attack, only for Haruto to reveal his Terra Artillery armor and blast him away! And that is the decisive strike, concluding the battle as a victory for Haruto. He heals up Trey's wounds before the two decide to call it a day...

July 12th, six days before the war. Today is Eliana's birthday. The team celebrated at the Vanishing Point, Dominic giving her a unique necklace while Thaddeus had a custom armored suit made for her. After partying with her friends, she heads home to celebrate with her family, before meeting up with Dominic to end her special day. Three days later, Trey helps out Micah with a spell in preparation for the war, before hanging out with Alyna at his place. The two watch some TV together as Alyna encourages Trey, telling him he won't hold the team back in the war. They needed all the firepower they could possibly get... The encouragement then blossomed into something more... romantic and sensual, as the two spent the evening together in happiness.

July 16th. Two days until the war. Giorno and Haruto are riding out to an isolated area for the latter to demonstrate his new power to the former. They transform, and duel each other in stopped time! Haruto shows off his Pyro Swordsman, Aero Reaper, and Cryo Sniper armors to Giorno before the two decide to call it a match and return to the VP. Meanwhile, Alex and Eliana are sparring in preparation for the war. The two have a brief sparring session before heading their separate ways. Eliana tries to convince Myron to bolster the Absconders' forces with some of his affiliated monks, but she can only gain a small fraction of their support. Thaddeus suggests she go out on a walk to clear her mind, encountering a talk show where people are calling in and showing their support for Gemstone in spite of the recent controversy surrounding the Gardener Assassination. One caller makes a bold claim that seems to be the truth behind the action, only to be interrupted and supposedly killed. Deciding this was the last straw, Eliana suits up in her new suit, now named Volatile, and charges into Gardener Tower all the way in San Francisco. When she arrives, she is greeted by an individual known as Imperious, who apparently cleared the tower out before she arrived. With the war on her mind, Eliana invites Imperious to fight with the Absconders, to which he accepts before disappearing.

July 17th. The eve of the war. The Absconders hold one last strategy meeting and plan out which tactics they plan to use in the fight, how to structure their troops, and how to defeat the Virtues. And now... July 18th. War Time!

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