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10 Years Later

A 29 year old Preston Creel is walking down the street of New York City with his son Trey Creel to his local kindergarten. He crosses the street and finally gets over to the school. He rubs his chest a bit as he feels a bit of pain but pushes the pain aside as he puts his knees to the ground to get on Trey's height.

Preston: Hey kid, you gonna be alright? Are you gonna ignore the bully's from now on?

Trey: Yea dad! I'll be good too!

Preston: Haha, good dude. And remember, no powers for ANYTHING. Call daddy through ya head alright?

Trey: Haha, kay dad! I have to go! Love you! He kisses Preston on the cheek and hugs him as he runs with his bookbag away into the school.

Preston: Heh, what a kid. He rubs his chest again as the pain comes back stronger. He begins to falter but concentrates a bit more and starts to head home. He walks down the road and goes into an alleyway. He then looks around then teleports home. But during his teleport, he gets thrown out of his transportation into a building. He shakes his head and looks.

Man: Hey, you're the one. You're the Black Phoenix.

Preston: Interesting power... He smirks devilish at the man

Man: Time-Space. As you were traveling, I just yanked you out of your Time-Space transportation. So, I have a friend you've killed. Bu- Preston appears in front of the man flying. He pokes him in three of his pressure points and the guy falls out of the sky into the ground.

Preston: Idiot. He floats to the guy and when he's going for him, people starting teleporting out of nowhere at Preston and he stops flying. He then starts to use his legs to kick them and knock them out in quick speeds that they can't comprehend, even when teleporting around him. He dodges a couple of strikes by a spear with his legs then shatters the spear easily. He then tornado kicks the person at the building, killing them.

Man on ground: P-Please.. Spare me... He reaches up but Preston places his hand on his face and absorbs life force energy in his body. He then does the same with all the other people that attacked him, killing them. After that Preston feels his chest heavy and teleports home

Preston: I'm home!

Sage: Welcome home babe! Sage walks in the living room where Preston just arrived. She has long violet hair that goes to her back and looks young still, as she's 30. She's thick in all the right places ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), and she's wearing pajamas. She goes up to Preston and they kiss for a bit.

Preston: Ahh, feels good to be home! He smacks her butt as they both head to the couch. He sits on the couch and Sage sits with him, resting her head on his shoulder while smiling.

Sage: So, how was it?

Preston: He seems zoned out as he's thinking about the fight today. O-Oh huh? It was fine.

Sage: You sure? You seem like you're shaken up by something. She looks at him with a serious look. She stares at him a bit and he finally cracks.

Preston: O-Okay! I get it... Look, after I dropped Trey, my pains have been getting worse. Now for some more bad luck, I got attacked...

Sage: You got attacked?! She gets surprised and looks completely at Preston. Did you absorb them?

Preston: I-I had to...

Sage: Preston! You know what happens when you absorb! The pains get worse! Eventually th-

Preston: N-No! Don't say it babe... I already know what'll happen. M-My... Subconscious. I didn't want to, but something made me do it.

Sage: ...Honey, it's already happening. She holds onto his cheek as he tries to look away

Preston: I have to leave then... Sage...

Sage: No... Please don't. You can't leave Preston!

Preston: Babe... He says his in a low voice as he's sad. He hugs her tightly. I've already planned this. I-I just didn't want to tell you... I'm sorry. It's for the best. I don't want to hurt you, Trey, or Scarlet.

Sage: While crying No!!! Don't!! I need you here! You're the only one... She holds onto him.

Preston: It's okay... I always be here with you... I'm leaving tonight so I'll have time to say bye to the kids as well. He wipes her tears and looks her dead in the eyes. I love you Sage. I promise I'll still protect you guys somehow. Just... Have them come stop me, if anything terrible happens.

Sage: She is still crying but less and she kisses Preston I hope you'll change your mind...

She gets up and leaves to the bedroom. Preston is left there sitting there sad and so he then falls asleep on the couch. Later Preston wakes up to find himself still on the couch and it's afternoon. He gets up to look around the house and Sage isn't there, but went to pick up Trey from school. He walks around getting something to eat and when he gets to the kitchen he collapses in complete pain. His whole body now is aching and is falling under the control of the Dark Phoenix...

Preston: AARRRGGHHHH!!! NOOOOO!!!!!! His body and consciousness starts to get taken as he tries to keep his sanity up. He then passes out.

When Sage comes later, she has Trey with her and she walks into the house. She needs everything on the floor.

Sage: Babe!?! When she runs to the kitchen she finds Preston on the ground unconscious. No!!! Preston!!! Wake up!! Trey then runs in and sees his father on the ground with mom trying to wake him up.

Trey: M-Mommy whats happening with daddy?

Sage: T-Trey, baby, go watch your sister... Everything is fine. She pokes Preston in the pressure point as Trey runs to Scarlet.

Preston: H-Honey... He wakes up slightly and looks at Sage.

Sage: Preston, I can help! T-Trust m-me! She gets up but he grabs her arm and pulls her back down at him.

Preston: I gotta go. Okay? He breaths hard TREY, COME HERE WITH YOUR SISTER! Trey comes rushing and sees his father.

Trey: D-Dad? He is carrying his sister. Sage holds Scarlet as Preston gets up

Preston: Look, everyone... I've... I've gotta go... Now this isn't because I don't love you, understand? I love you guys EXTREMELY MUCH. I've never loved anyone this much besides my mother. But... Just know that okay? I love you guys. He kisses Sage on the lips for a long time as they start crying. They break the kiss and Preston goes to Scarlet. I love you baby girl... I wish I could've been more involved in your life... I'm a terrible father... He kisses her and holds her in his arms. He is crying a lot on top of her but he doesn't care at this point. He then goes to Trey's height. Trey. You'll grow up to be a fine young man. I hope to see you in the future and if I don't, well I just want you to know I'll always be with you. No matter what. I love you man. He hugs Trey tightly and looks into his eyes as he's crying a lot.

Trey: I-I love you too dad!! He's crying heavily now and Preston kisses Scarlet one last time as he hands her back to Sage. He then kisses Sage again for a long time.

Sage: Baby... I'll miss you... I love you... I enjoy the 10 years we spent together. Those were the most amazing years I've ever had. She lets the tears run down her face as Preston smiles at her. He then groups hugs then as they're all crying.

Preston: G-Goodbye. I love you...

He leaves out of the house and a few minutes later, screaming is heard and huge energy is felt from outside. Trey and Sage are crying more heavily now as the energy fades away slowly and are hugging each other.

Sage: She sniffs then goes to the phone to dial 2 numbers...

Meanwhile, In California after Sage Makes the Calls

An secretary at Cormack Industries answers Sage's call.

Cormack Secretary: Cormack Industries, this is Annabelle, how may I help you?

Sage: Hi, could you please direct me to a Hunter Kasai?

Annabelle: Certainly. May I ask, why are you calling Mr. Kasai?

Sage: It's an emergency only he knows about.

Annabelle: Very well, I will redirect you shortly. Please wait. She redirects the call to Hunter's office, who picks up using his Bluetooth headphones

Hunter: Hey Sage, what's up? He finishes the building process of a mechanical armor inspired by his former Angelic armor

Sage: Hey Hunter, I'm calling about Preston.

Hunter: Oh.. okay. What's happened to him?

Sage: For the past 10 years, he's continued fighting crime, but he's begun to crave power, draining the life out of his enemies to add to his own.

Hunter: What?! Doesn't he know how dangerous that is?!

Sage: I'm not sure, but that's why I called you. Preston just relapsed. He's given in to his Dark Phoenix.

Hunter: Great. So I assume that you'll need me to stop him?

Sage: Yes. But not now. After this, I need to make another call. Preston said to call you and him in case anything bad happens. I'm calling you now just to tell you, but expect another call from me.

Hunter: It only gets worse from there, huh?

Sage: Mhm.

Hunter: Fantastic. How are the kids handling this?

Sage: Trey and I are crying so much right now, and baby Scarlet is still too young to understand.

Hunter: Alright then. Oh, I wanted to say, Aaron and Azura wanted to say hi. They never met you or Preston, but i've told them about you. They really look up to you, you're a good family.

Aaron: his voice is partially heard from Hunter's headphones Dad, Azura's touched one of your suits!

Hunter: It's okay Aaron, I'll talk with her in a moment. I'm on the phone right now.

Aaron: Oh, sorry Dad. I'll go back to Mommy's room.

Hunter: It's all right A, just wait with your mom.

Sage: Is that Aaron?

Hunter Yeah. He's growing up to be just like me, but he's a bit of a rebel himself. Good kid though, I know he doesn't mean it.

Sage: Oh, that's good to hear. How's Ruby?

Hunter: She's doing well, and she loves her life even more with the kids around. I do too. The kids make us feel... complete I guess.

Sage: Right. So, get ready for Preston. The Dark Phoenix is rising, Hunter. And I don't know if the two of you can stop him, much less stand a chance.

Hunter: We'll get him Sage. I swear on the honor of Ryoshi, I will bring back Preston from this Dark Phoenix.

Sage: It won't be easy.

Hunter: Of course it won't be. But I've been looking for a challenge all this time. Ryoshi's been dormant all this time, and he's itching to stretch his wings again.

Sage: Well alright. Take care.

Hunter: You too. They hang up

Ruby walks in with their 6-year-old kids, Aaron and Azura.

Ruby: Hunter, Azura's been touching all of your suits. Even that prototype Version 42 armor.

Azura: But they look really nice and cool!

Hunter: Azura, honey. I told you not to touch my stuff. It's all very important technology. I can't be sure that you didn't mess with the mechanics, so please baby. Try not to touch it, huh? Rubs Azura's hair a little bit

Azura: Okay. Sorry Daddy.

Hunter: It's alright kiddo. Hey, how about this: I'll get you some ice cream when I get off work. Hm? How's that sound?

Aaron: Ice cream, yay!!

Hunter: Aaron's on board, how about it Azura?

Azura: Yeah, okay.

Ruby: You're so shy, even to us. C'mon now kiddo... Lifts up Azura and puts her on Ruby's shoulders It's okay. We're your family. You can be open to us about anything.

Azura: O-okay...

Aaron: Hey Dad, are you done yet?

Hunter: Yeah, just about. Lemme put this suit in the storage unit for some other time. *If I can get back to it after all this. Dark Phoenix? Near impossible, especially since this is Preston here.* Ruby, take the kids down to the car and wait for me. I'll be there in a moment

Ruby: Mkay honey. Kids, you heard Daddy. Stay close to me, and don't wander off.

The kids: Okay: See ya in a bit Daddy!

Ruby and the kids leave his office and go to their car, waiting for Hunter.

Hunter: Alright. Puts his newly-built suit in containment. *If she called me to take on Dark Preston. Then I can't do it alone. She's gonna have to call him in if I want to stand a chance against Preston. Wherever you are, guys, let's meet up one more time. Not in the ways we expect though... Not even by a long shot.* Closes his Office down as everyone else is leaving, heading down to his family to take the kids for ice cream. Mmm, ice cream

In Ignus Terra minutes before Sage begins to call for help

Luke and his wife Freya, along with their three kids, Kane, aged 6, Lillith, aged 4 and Sethos, aged 2, are inside the newly constructed infinite-space Ignus Terra made by Luke to raise his family in. Luke is currently in a mansion with Freya

Luke: How are the kids doing?

Freya: Not good. They want to spend more time with you.

Luke: I know, I will. Where are they now?

Freya: Outside in the playground. Seth is in the crib over there.

Luke: Are they alone?

Freya: No, I got the same demons to babysit them.

Luke: I wish I could see their faces more.

Freya: You can.

Luke: No I got a Kingdom to run. I barely see them.

Freya: You need to hire people to help you so you could spend more time with us.

Luke: I wish but the last time that happened secrets were kept, dangerous ones. But I'll think of something.

Freya: Great honey They kiss then they walk outside to see their kids, Freya is takes Seth and holds him with one arm

Kane and Lilly: Daddy! Both run to Luke and he kneels over and hugs them both

Luke: Hey there. What did you do today?

Kane: I nearly flew!

Luke: Really?! Wow!

Kane: I only glided but I grew my wings!

Luke: Well one day I'll teach you how to fly as fast as lightning!

Kane: Woah! Luke messes up his hair then looks at Lilly

Luke: What did you do today?

Lilly: I created a fire ball!

Luke: That's great! You're already so powerful! He goes to Freya and takes Seth Hey! How's my little monster? Seth starts laughing before Luke hugs him I promise I'll spend more time with you four.

Freya: They really miss you, we love you, all of us.

Luke: I love you all too. I'll make up for the time I wasn't there. I will. He hears his phone ring. He checks it with his free hand as it reads "Sage" I gotta take this. Gives Seth to Freya as he walks a few meters away and answers the call Hello?

Sage: Luke, it's happening.

Freya: From afar Who is it honey?

Luke: Just an old friend! Walks away to a more secluded area You serious?

Sage: Yes. I've already called him now I'm calling you.

Luke: You sure it's happening? You sure it ain't regular pain?

Sage: Certain. I'm really worried. It got progressively worse over the past few months, he seemed fine but it's taken over now.

Luke: But...I have a family now, I can't leave them like this.

Sage: What do you mean "leave them"?

Luke: Nothing, how are the kids dealing with this?

Sage: They're devastated. Well Trey is, Scarlet doesn't understand, she might not remember him.

Luke: How are you doing?

Sage: Not good, I'm scared, scared I'll lose him. I don't know how I'll cope, how they'll cope.

Luke: Don't worry Sage, I'll bring Preston back. Whatever it takes.

Sage: Thank you Luke.

Luke: Bye Sage.

Sage: Goodbye Luke... She hangs up. Luke closes he eyes as he leans against the wall looking up

Luke: *Oh Preston...did it have to come to this? Preston is very powerful, too stop him we'll have to...* He walks back to Freya as he hugs her tight.

Freya: What happened?

Luke: I love you so much.

Freya: I love you too but, what was that about?

Luke: Preston. It's happened. She lets go with her arms still around him and looks at his face shocked

Freya: What?!

Luke: I'm sorry. I have to go.

Freya: How long? What will you do?

Luke: Whatever it takes.

Freya: Will you come back?

Luke: I don't know. But if something bad does happen, don't tell the kids about it, please.

Freya: I can't just lie!

Luke: Please, for their sake.

She starts crying and hugs him tightly

Freya: Please don't! I need you! We need you!

Luke: I'm sorry, I have to do this. I have to stop him. They kiss then Luke goes to hold Seth. He picks him up Hey Seth! Daddy has to go somewhere now, you won't see me for a bit, but I'll always be here! Right here...

Lilly: Daddy? Are you leaving?!

Luke: Gives Seth to Freya then kneels to Lilly's height Only for a little while, but stay strong, you won't see me but I'll always be right here.

Kane: Daddy! Hugs him Why are you going?!? Where are you going?!

Luke: To see an old friend. Don't worry. Daddy's gonna be okay. But soon you'll grow up and be a king, you need to look after your siblings and your mother, can you do that for me?

Kane: Yes dad. I promise! They hug

Luke: There's a good boy.

Kane: When you come back, can you take us to Earth? And see your friends?

Luke: Yeah, I'll take you all there, and we'll have the time of our lives, hey me and you can soar through the skies together! Together as a family.

Kane: Yeah!

Luke: Voice breaks as he's really sad I'll miss you guys so much while I'm gone.

Kane and Lilly: We'll miss you daddy!

Luke kisses all three on the forehead then kisses Freya one last time before leaving. He teleports in a flash of darkness away

On Earth outside the chapel

Luke appears there as Hunter is already there. They agreed to meet here in this situation. Luke walks up to Hunter and bro hugs him

Luke: Wassup Hunter, long time no see.

Hunter: Yeah. I'm doing good, taking care of my twin kids. Aaron's the boy and Azura's the girl. Both six. How are your kids?

Luke: Oh they're perfect. I got the bravest one, 6 year old Kane, the middle child who's four is Lillith, and the youngest is 2, Sethos. But that's not the focus now. I can't believe this is how Preston would've turned out. Felt like just yesterday we were bros fighting side by side. Now it's all gone to shit.

Hunter: Yeah... Can't believe that we have to stop our best friend from dooming us all, instead of living the peaceful life. But, I guess we have no choice.

Luke: The result of this fight, it terrifies me to think. However this'll go down, it won't be pretty. You know where he is?

Hunter: Yeah. He's not in this universe though. He's gone beyond the universe, hell, even the multiverse. He's in the Omniverse, and it's gonna be a hell of a time getting there. Our powers can protect us, but it's still gonna be a rough trip.

Luke: We'll teleport together. Either it'll take us there in one piece or rip us apart and splatter us through several universes. We'll hope for the best! He grabs Hunter's arm Ready?

Hunter: Let's do this! They both begin the teleportation sequence, which makes them disappear in a flash, teleporting them outside the multiverse to the Omniverse, where they see Preston, absorbing energy.

Cosmic entity

The center of the Omniverse where Preston is starting to absorb all of the energy. Also their battlefield. All the planets are Earth's from different dimensions. Hence the center of the Omniverse.

Hunter: Preston!!! What the hell are you doing?!?!

Preston is holding out his arm and he turns around facing Hunter and Luke. His appearance his different as he has the same Phoenix Costume from the beginning of Eternities, BUT his eyes are white and his pupils are black and vertically slit like a cat. He's glaring at they but has a super long evil grin on his face.

Preston: You guys came huh? I wonder who told you... Maybe that snitch, Sage... Heh, I never would gotten along with her anyway. Stupid b*tch.. Don't even know why my original host married that girl. No matter. I'll just kill you guys right here. He chuckles to himself as he grins evilly at them.

Luke: Preston this isn't you. You're not the same guy we fought side by side with. He would never do something like this. Please stop this. 

Preston: Hehe, no duh this isn't me!! This fool was afraid of me. This is why. He needs this energy, with it, who's knows WHAT he could do. I'm just doing what he's afraid to do. He keeps chuckling with an evil tone to it.  

Luke: Sorry but we can't allow that to happen. Hunter? Let's kick this fool's ass.

Hunter: Damn right. Hey! Summons his sword into his hand and lunges at Preston, stabbing him when in range, then stabbing him a trillion more times, each stab infused with Nephalem energy

Luke flies forward and kicks off Hunter's shoulder, now above Preston, and frontflip kicks Preston's head down launching him down

Preston is heard chuckling under his breath and then from the stabs, his chest opens completely with another Preston coming out and punching Hunter in the stomach then twisting his fist, to increase the damage. The old Preston's chest closes and flies up at Luke, uppercutting him then swirling cosmic fire in his fist to completely surround their bodies and punch Luke up high out of the fire.

Preston: Hehehehe... The old Preston flies next to the other Preston and they are levitating next to each other. Isn't playing with brains fun? Luke you know how THAT is, right? The new Preston gets absorbed back into his body as Preston cracks his neck.

Luke backflips to recovers then flies down at Preston and grabs him body, slamming it on his knee, then forms Death's Scythe and slashes it at Preston multiple times, all scratching inwards at his stomach

Luke: Preston you can't beat us both!

Prestons coughs out lots of blood which instantly freezes since they're in space. He recovers as the injuries slowly heal.

Preston: Interesting... I've always been interested in that scythe. Next thing Luke sees is Preston right in front of him holding onto scythe as well. He then seems to be far away again trying to form something. Tch. This is gonna take a bit. *Stopping time takes a lot of energy... Can't keep using it. I gotta distract them this time* Preston then summons a giant galaxy that's in the shape of a cube and it starts shooting universal energy blasts in the shapes of spears at them. Preston then continues to form the object.

Hunter: I can't let you do whatever it is you're doing! Holds his sword upside down as he charges it with LOTS of Nephalem energy. Once he's finished charging, Hunter swings the blade twice, launching two slashes of energy at Preston. One destroys the blasts of energy and absorbs them into Hunter's energy reserves while the other hits Preston dead on and interrupts his process of creating something. That's not all! Everything suddenly turns white with black details as the colors of everything inverse around them as Hunter's hair suddenly turns white and his eyes change to red with white sclera while Preston is restrained to where he is now. *Quicksilver Trigger.* Hunter then rushes at Preston with several sword attacks, lunges, stabs, slashes, everything How's that? Everything goes back to the way it was after Hunter's last strike, a patch of his hair turning white on the back of his head *Damn, took that universal energy I absorbed to keep it from destroying me. It's been a while, huh Ryoshi?*

Ryoshi: *Yes indeed Hunter. However, I have foreseen your fate. This battle will end, but I will need to find a new host to live in soon. Your child Aaron will suffice.*

Hunter: *Okay.*

Tokko: *And don't forget me. I will need a new host as well. Since brother claimed your male child, I will use your daughter, Azura as my new host.*

Hunter: *Alright, I get it. You'll need a new host after this. I really don't like how you're talking about this.*

Ryoshi: *Agreed. But focus on the task at hand Hunter! You must get through this fight. For your children! For Ruby! For many generations to come!*

Hunter: *Right.*

Preston is floating in space seeming unresponsive but as they think this, Preston's head snaps back up looking at them frowning. His whole body heals constantly after that attack and Preston looks at himself.

Preston: This is pissing me off.. It's time to end this. He forms two alien scythes by his sides. He then puts his arms behind him and looks at Luke and Hunter. Luke and Hunter then fly at Preston in light speed as Preston collides with them in light speed as well, creating a huge explosion.

At Sage's house

Sage is sitting down crying quietly in her bedroom as she's comforting the kids crying loudly. She is singing for the kids to stop crying and cuddling with them. She then suddenly hears a knock at her door. She gets up off the bed while carrying the kids and wipes her tears on her way to the door. She opens the door with a free hand and sees Freya and Ruby there, with their kids.

Sage: Ruby... Freya... You came...

Freya: Places hand on Sage's shoulder, looking sad Are you okay?

Sage: I-I don't even know right now.. I-It just hurts. She looks down and walks over to the couch to sit.

Ruby: Well I'm sorry to hear that.....

Aaron: Mommy, where's Daddy?

Ruby: Daddy's on a trip, sweetheart. He'll be back soon.

Azura: You're Auntie Sage? U-uh... nice to m-meet you, I-I'm Azura....

Ruby: Aw, you're such a shy kid. Pats Azura on the head

Aaron: Oh, right. I'm Aaron, nice to meet you.

Sage: She is holding Scarlet and goes to Azura and Aaron smiling lightly. She hugs them both with one arm. Nice to meet you kids... She laughs a little You guys are so grown up now. I remember you from when you were still babies.

Trey: He stays quiet looking down

Freya: Holding Seth Hey Kane, why don't you and Trey go and play?

Kane: When's dad coming back?

Freya: Uh pretty soon. Don't worry about it.

Kane: Is it just work again?

Freya: Yes honey.

Lilly goes up to Azura in a different room.

Lilly: Hi, what's your name?

Azura: I-I'm Azura. What's yours?

Lilly: I'm Lilith. But I liked to be called Lilly. Azura's a cool name, you wanna play hide and seek?

Azura: Sure... I'll hide first.

Lilly: Okay! She faces the wall, closes her eyes and counts to 20, they continue playing

Freya: Hey Kane, you remember Trey? You should go say hi to him.

Kane: Okay... Goes up to Trey Hello. Uh Trey...

Trey: He looks up a bit and sees Kane standing in front of him with a frown on his face. Trey mutters under his voice H-Hi...

Kane: Well nice to meet you I guess. Walks to the kitchen and leans on a counter sad about his father

Freya: I'm worried for Luke. He told me he knew this fight would come, he knew what he was gonna do early on. I hope he doesn't do anything stupid...

Sage: Yea... I hope him and Hunter bring Preston back as well... My heart can't handle this anymore. And look at Trey. He's completely devastated that he saw this happen to his father and just...left. She begins to cry again as she wipes some tears.

Freya: They'll bring him back. Luke really wants to spend more time with the kids, vice versa with them. He just doesn't get to. When he comes back we'll turn a new leaf, become a proper family.

Ruby: I understand, Freya. Honestly, those guys are a wild bunch. I pray that they return to us safely... really. *Please, bring them back safely.*

Sage: She frowns I want to see how this will go down though... Maybe guide them through their heads' or something...

Ruby: If only we could watch the fight through their heads. Wait... I think I can make that happen. Yeah, Ryoshi and Tokko have some sort of band to my Angel Aijo. Maybe I can get her to let us view the fight through Ryoshi or Tokko. *Aijo, can you do it?*

Aijo: *It's a possibility, but I may be able to do it.*

Ruby: *Good.* I just asked her, and she said she could try, but it might not work. Well, let's help it works. Aijo?

Aijo appears as a White Water clone of Ruby.

Aijo: I will try my best, madams. Bows in front of Freya Lady Freya, I am honored to be in your presence.

Freya: I've never met an angel before. Please, can you help us make sure they're safe?

Aijo: Yes, Lady Freya. Though I cannot guarantee anything, I will try my best to display the fight so you may monitor their conditions. Might I suggest distracting the children so they will not need to know the events that are currently unfolding. Please, have them play in another room or something of the sort, we wouldn't want for them to be traumatized at such an early age. Now, i will begin the projection. Aijo turns into an energy screen big enough to view the fight, which at first is static, then changes to a clear view of the fight. What has happened while we looked at the perspectives of the dear children and their lovely mothers?

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