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Previous Issue of Eternities:


Now to Luke's battle with Nex...

Nex: Forms the scythe Alright King Luke. Your reign is over.

Luke: *For some reason, his powers counter mine. I need help. *

Luke contacts Preston telepathically

Luke: Preston? I need backup in Ignus Terra!

Preston: Agh!!! You're interrupting too?! I'm quiet busy myself!!! In the wake of a black hole- Preston gets blasted with a beam but absorbs some and shoots it back destroying 4 more ships. Dude what's going on with you??

Luke: This kid, Grim's son, he's trying to revive EVERY villain and kill EVERY hero!! He's to powerful for me! He destroyed Ignus Terra and killed everyone. Even his own father. I need serious help here!

Preston: Yea I probably need more help over here!! There's aliens trying to DRAG A GALAXY to OUR GALAXY and make the two black holes collide bruh!!! That would end us all!! Just go in your demon form and kill him already!! RRAAAAAHHHH!! He jumps on a ship and runs on it. He makes a sword that cuts the whole top of the ship open and then it explodes.

Luke: Woah, you need way more help than me. Gotta go!!! Nex kicks Luke in the stomach so hard it cracks his armor and blasts Luke back into his broken throne

Nex: Who were you talking to?

Luke: A man with the Phoenix Force.

Nex: Heh. Weak.

Luke: Dumbass. You're just a child.

Nex: Hey! I'm only 70 years younger than you! I'm in my early two hundreds!

Luke: Gets up and brushes off the rubble Yeah well let me tell you something. Listen up, this'll be good; you know, I really hate when- Luke interrupts himself by shooting hell lightning at Nex. Nex does nothing and takes it straight in the chest as it charges around him. He stands unaffected and looks bored

Nex: What was that? Ha.

Luke: *WHAT THE F*CK?!?* That was my weakest attack.

Nex: Attacking me mid conversation? I expected better from you. His anger rises and he sets himself on fire, turning into a huge living flame like an Ifrit then causes a huge Hell Fire explosion the size of a Nuke. Luke opens his eyes and he's back on Earth. Nex is standing there with smoke coming from him

Luke: Wh-what happened?

Nex: I completely destroyed Ignus Terra.

Luke: You...

Nex: Yup. It's gone. Amazing how you survived the explosion though.

Luke: Why are you doing this?!?

Nex: It's fun.

Luke: Ever heard of video games? Pretty fun too. Super hero movies, comic books, role playing, all fun things! Not f*cking killing!!!!

Nex: Calm down.

Luke: CALM DOWN?!? Luke flies at Nex and grabs him by the throat while flying. He flies through the church still holding him and flies through multiple buildings smashing him through them then crushes his throat and throws him out to sea. In half a second, Nex jumps back at half the speed of light and punches Luke so hard, it breaks his armor apart and rips Luke apart. Almost instantly, Luke regenerates mid air and grabs Nex's leg and throws him to the ground then stomps down so hard, it causes an earthquake. Nex turns to darkness and attaches to a civilian who then runs to Luke and bear hugs him then explodes like a human bomb of Hell Fire and darkness which rips half of Luke's face off. Luke regenerates then explodes into darkness, grabs Nex as a shadow and re-materializes with Nex and then proceeds to fist fight him with each hit causes ripples in the air

Preston is heading over to the other galaxy when...

Preston is dodging beams and then gets hit with other and flies back. He then flies light-speed at a ship's rear the grabs it by something, and swings it around 360 and then throws at the other ship about to fire its beam and a large explosion occurs. Preston flies into it, absorbing all the fire and his eyes start to glow. He shoots 100 fireballs from his mouth in super speed which distract the enemies and he continues his onward attack to the galaxy.

Hope: Hey. Bastard.

Preston: HOPE! My GOD! You are very persistent...


Preston: OKAY SHUT UP!! I'M ACTUALLY STOPPING THIS THING, I THINK. JUST LET ME FIGHT!! Preston flies to 3 ships lined up and does a 900 spin waving his right arm at the ships as they launch heavy cannons. He releases disintegration waves at the ships and then the beams disintegrate into little energy molecules as do the ships leaving nothingness there.

Hope: What are you doing?! Are you still trying to-

Preston: Hope, please. Let me do this. I've taken out a lot of ships already, I got this. It's just that, for some reason they're all in a line... I don't know why.

Hope: ...Well... It beats me too... Look Preston you need help.

Preston: Maybe I do... He flies into a ship's energy storage and flies out the other end blowing it up. Look you don't need to look after me. I can do things by myself. I've used a team to do the craziest sh*t now I'm trying to do things by myself. I miss this feeling. I've changed my mind in needing help. I just asked Luke for help and now- He forms the raptor that towers over multiple ships and releases feathers that go straight clean through the ships. He keeps talking. -now, I just feel like I need some time alone. When I feel like I need help, I'll contact you okay?

Hope: Alright Preston... Good luck... She leaves

Preston: *Whew... Let's do this..* He stops the onslaught of his Phoenix attack and flies down to the level of the ships and goes to the most recent one that's not destroyed. He sees a small that seems like an electric thing and he goes into it but suddenly Preston feels a huge pressure on his chest and looks around. *The hell is this feeling?!* He looks around and feels a high gravitational energy passing through his body and then he contacts Hope.

Hope: Hey.

Preston: Uh Hope, I need help... I feel this gravitational energy passing through me. I don't know-

Hope: Just pass through the ships where you feel that from and see if you keep feeling it.

Preston: Got cha... He heads out burning the ship and goes through another and feels the same sensation. Yep, I feel it.

Hope: Alright... I have a theory. If it's strong gravitational energy, maybe the ships are conjuring the energy through their beams or something. That COULD be dragging the energy of the black hole in the other galaxy but I could be wrong.

Preston: It's alright. If we go with that, then all I gotta do is destroy all the ships right? I can do that... He slams his fists together.

Hope: Alright, go get em'.

Preston: Gotcha... Preston's eyes glows as he starts to slash at the ships light speed destroying them one by one.

Back to Luke fighting Nex

Luke and Nex are still throwing shockwave creating punches but then Nex turns bioluminescent and shines heavenly light at Luke, burning his skin off. Luke tries to power through it and is struggling a lot but he manages to cover it with darkness then punch Nex so hard, his neck breaks along with Luke's hand. Luke's hand regenerates then Nex turns his head 180° back to normal then grows really sharp teeth and bites Luke's neck off

Luke: AHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUU!!!!! Luke kicks Nex away then holds his neck as it heals B*tch!!

Nex: Retard!!

Luke flies at Nex at near light speed then flies while punching him around the world then they land underwater. They are still fighting which makes huge waves. A shark swims towards them but Nex just kicks it making it explode into blood

Luke: BASTARD!!!

Nex: PISS OFF! Nex grabs Luke's throat and then throws him out of the water and then flies up after him then dashes into him at light speeds around the world again. They slow down as Luke resists and they land on the Eiffel Tower and still punch each other.

Luke: While dodging punches Hey random citizens! Nothing to see here!

Nex: There won't be anything left to see!! Nex breathes fire at Luke but Luke absorbs it through his mouth then breathes darkness back out at Nex, damaging him

Nex then flies at Luke and grabs him then flies off. They struggle while fighting in the air


Nex: PRICK!! Breathes fire on Luke which burns his face off. Luke then rips Nex's head off and tosses his body away

Luke: WOAH!! Few...Suddenly, Nex teleports in front of Luke and punches through his stomach. Luke kicks him away the blasts a lightning bolt at him stunning him. Luke the dashes at him and flies at Light speed while choking Nex around the world and then they land into the ground. They keep wrestling while they blast through the Earth's crust until they last in an open laboratory with scientists and the HYDRA sign on the wall. They stop fighting while the scientists watch them in shock

Luke: Uhhhh...hi?

Nex: Well done idiot. You got us in a secret base!

Luke: Shut up. Luke pushes Nex off him then stands up Well. Luke causes fire to instantly come up and burn each scientist and desintergrate them They were evil anyway. Nex punches Luke on his neck which sends him flying upwards out the base and back on the surface of the Earth

Luke stays flying in the air as Nex flies out the ground hovering in front of Luke

Luke: You won't win this.

Nex: Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Luke: You can't beat me. You can't beat any of us.

Nex: He facepalms Don't you understand I'm a thousand times better than you?

Luke: Really? Luke kicks Nex so far that he flies across the world until finally stopping after landing near the Leaning Tower of Pisa and landing on the ground. Luke flies there almost instantly watching Nex healing on the ground from above

Nex: D*ck!

Luke: A**hole. Nex flies at Luke but Luke kicks him back to the ground. He then picks up the Leaning Tower of Pisa and slams it on Nex leaving a big hole in the side of it. He then places it back down but instead leaning the wrong way

Luke: That's how it's meant to be right? Whatever.

Nearby the Eternal Arch

Hunter is walking around near the Eternal Arch in his civilian clothing, bored, when suddenly, a person that looks exactly like Hunter, but with swept-back hair, a sheathed katana in his hand, and Hunter's clothes, but the colors are inverted, with a blue jacket, light grey t-shirt, and white skinny jeans the aura of an Angel and Demon walks up to him.

Hunter: Who the hell are you?

Hunter's twin: Look at me. Who do you see?

Hunter: Me. Who are you and what do you want?

Hunter's twin: You don't remember, do you? About me? Or our parents?

Hunter: What do you mean our parents? I don't remember a brother, or sister. I'm the only person left in my family.

Hunter's twin: Our family. He points his sheathed katana at Hunter You really don't remember at all.

Hunter: Why do you keep talking like you know me? I obviously don't know you, so leave me alone. He forms Justice in his hand, holding it up as the blade catches fire with White Fire F*ck off.

Hunter's twin: I guess I'll have to tell you the truth. Your Nephalem? The one bonded to your soul? He has a twin. And so do you. We... He holds his arms out as a blue aura flows out form his katana and takes the form of a half-Angel, half-Demon entity Are your twins, Hunter Kasai.

Hunter: Sh*t. Ryoshi? Wanna help? Ryoshi appears as a red version of the Nephalem aura entity

Ryoshi: No. It can't be.

Hunter: What's wrong Ryoshi?

Ryoshi: He's right. About everything. The human there is your twin brother. He isn't lying. As for you... Points to the Blue Nephalem entity You really are my twin brother.

Hunter's twin: I suppose you want to know the name of your long-forgotten twin brother. The twin brother who will defeat you.

Hunter: I guess. And your Nephalem's name too.

Nathan: My name is Nathan. My Nephalem's name. Ryoshi? Would you like to tell your partner?

Ryoshi: My long-last twin, Tokko.

Tokko: That's right, brother. It's been a long while.

Hunter: Question: why do you want to defeat me, much less kill me? And another question: Why did God keep your existence a secret?

Nathan: Answer: neither God nor Luke Darwin's father never knew about me or Tokko. We both had been able to hide ourselves from those deities. They were too busy with other more pressing concerns. They assumed that only one Nephalem existed, and that you were the only real human worth giving the power of a Nephalem.

Hunter: I asked two questions. You answered the second one. What about the first one? Why do you hate me?

Nathan: When we were born, our parents didn't expect twins. They had the stuff to raise only one child, not two. So when our parents returned from the hospital, they summoned Ikari from us and had him wipe our memories of each other. After that, Ikari was split between us once again. Which is the explanation for our Demonic powers. You got five elemental Archangels later in life, according to Tokko, who has a psychic link with your Ryoshi. Even though Ryoshi was divided up so much, your Archangels still had a subconscious link to Tokko, who I managed to reunite with my half of Ikari. Long story, involved capturing and absorbing an Angel my half of Ikari knew.

Hunter: Right, so we grew up not knowing about each other.

Nathan: Well, my half of Ikari undid the memory wipe. So when I learned of your existence, I went on the Angel-hunting quest, and those two fused into Tokko. Right?

Tokko: Correct. Now, brother. It's time to fight for which one of us will survive. There can be only one of us Nephalem.

Ryoshi: If we must fight, then we shall fight.

Hunter: Agreed. If we have to, then let's go. Spins Justice around as Ryoshi disappears into a red aura form which then forms into two pairs of wings behind Hunter. Both wings are made of the aura, being energy wings. The top pair are Angel wings, and the bottom pair are Demon Wings

Nathan: Excellent. Tokko? Tokko does the same thing as Ryoshi, but with a blue aura instead as Nathan draws his katana, blue energy covering his blade as the sheathe appears on his back, held by blue straps of energy Get ready to fight.

Hunter: Fine. Vengeance appears in his other hand in claymore form

Nathan: Dual wielding? I guess I should match. He holds out his left hand as another katana appears in his left hand, the blade of this one being coated in red energy Ah, good old Integrity and Penalty. Wouldn't it be easier for you to have one sword instead of two?

Hunter: Nope, I prefer dual-wielding.

Nathan: Fine, have it your way. A single blade is enough to make the greatest of combatants fall.

The reunion of the long-lost Nephalem twins takes a dark turn as memories of an unknown past forces these long-lost brothers to fight each other. As such, they take up battle-ready stances, preparing for a showdown between two opposing forces of the same powers.

Back to Preston (finally)

Preston is flying at a couple ships as he feels the strong gravitational pull from somewhere. He decides to try to investigate the ships to see what's going on. He is flying dodging a couple blasts and punches a hole in a ship and enters. He flies casually through the ship to find the main room and a bunch of guards look back at him. As the alarm is going off Preston just flies past them but when they try to attack him, he flies casually around them dodging their attacks. He stabs his hand through the alien operating the giant computer and throws him back.

Preston: Okay... Now what do I have to find in this shit.

He starts to search through the computer blindly since he doesn't understand the alien language. Fucking Phoenix Force! Translate!! His eyes start to glow bright white and he begins to see some information in English. Suddenly behind him a spear is thrown at him and before it reaches him it extends into some weird trident that has a weird gas coming out. Preston without turning around, forms the scythe that can cut literally anything (remember he used this against DelfeStrax?) and strikes the trident weapon in perfect half and then spins it around to deflect other attacks coming at him. He is still searching the computer but then smashes the keyboard and shoots the monitor.

Preston: SHIT! I can't find anything on this operation. He then commands the scythe to cut an X through the monitor and suddenly the ship slices open and Preston flies out. The rest of the ship starts to explode and he flies away.

Preston: Okay... This gravitational is pulling me there. Maybe I should just take the trip and pass all the ships. But I guess that can't happen.

He flies behind a ship and uses his strength to push it, blocking all beams and attacks from other ships and actually using the ship to hit the other ships making huge explosions. He then flies above everything and forms a giant Phoenix Raptor to fly above everything and flap its wings to disintegrate everything to nothingness with ease.

Preston: *Whoa... Hope was right... They're trying to make the galaxies collide... And that one is HUGE.* What he sees is the Milky Way's edge being absorbed by a GIGANTIC f*cking galaxy 5x bigger than the Milky Way Galaxy. He has a super shocked look on his face, but it quickly switches to determination as he grits his teeth and flies faster destroying more ships.

He then flies down after using a bit of energy to destroy more ships and absorb their explosion force and energy to use for later. Preston then spots a big ship, way bigger than all the others he's encountered and decides to fly straight there.

Preston: *So that's where the tether is coming from...*

He flies at it, but when gets to a certain point, the scenery changes around him as stars from the Milky Way are literally moving at super fast speeds towards the other galaxy's black hole. He then reaches a point after that to where he sees the Milky Way's edge and the other galaxy's edge are colliding, with huge star explosions everywhere. He looks around at the beautiful spectacle but remembers he's on a certain duty. He flies past the destruction and sees the bigger ship sitting there with a very visible force field. As Preston gets closer to it, the gravitational tether pulls him more and nearly makes him collide with the force field.

Preston: Sh*t that was super f*cking close. I almost alerted those dudes. I need to watch it. Maybe I can do something with the force field to force it open.

He goes to another part of the ship and floats right next to the force field. He holds out his hand and uses his matter transmutation to force open the force field and suddenly part of it starts to open and when it gets big enough for him to go through he flies through near instantly and the force field closes.

Preston: Another win for Preston baby!

He flies around and enters the ship through using the same trick and ends up in a dark room. He sneaks around whilst lighting a little fireball in his palm to see where he's going. He finally sees a door and slightly opens it. He sees aliens marching around and looks outside to see if anymore come. He doesn't see anything and moves so fast, no alien could see into another room. He repeatedly does this until he's in the main room which is giant and has countless aliens working in there. He is at the ceiling where he's watching all of this happen and he contacts Hope.

Preston: Okay, so I'm in this giant room where this is all happening. It seems like the leader of this is here since he's sitting in a big ass chair watching all of his men do the work for this. Should I just destroy the ship?

Unknown: Maybe not, you're most likely going to make the process continue if you do and do you want to risk that?

Preston: The fuck? Who is this?! Where's Hope?!

Unknown: Maybe you should look at the chair.

Preston: Wait... He looks at the chair where the leader seems to be sitting and sees the leader looking straight at Preston. Suddenly Preston gets pulled to the ground by an unknown force and hits the ground creating a dent in the flooring. What the hell?!

Unknown: I'm Valqueh. (hehe) And you must be the one that's destroying all my ships. I gotta say, you're pretty strong. And the fact that you could probably understand me is with that Entity inside of you.

Preston: The fuck!? Are you the leader?! *And he's right, the Phoenix has finally mastered the alien language.*

Valqueh: Yes I am. I'm the leader of this wonderful operation. And I guess you've figured out that my ship has a gravitational tether, pulling these two galaxies together. It would be a real shame if you managed to destroy this ship right?

Preston: Tch... I'm gonna to kill you AND destroy this ship you lunatic.

Valqueh: Not like you could kill me. Plus if you did destroy this ship, it would only speed up the process. The ship acts like another black hole itself that can pull both center's to each other, completely destroying both galaxies. Cool right?

Preston: What's the point of this? Arg.. He flies at Valqueh, but Valqueh swipes his arm at him, releasing a super telekinetic blast to the other side of the room.

Valqueh: As I said. Good luck defeating me...

Back to Luke

Luke lands at Nex's feet as he struggles.

Luke: You little bastard. Had enough?

Nex: Never. Nex jumps up on his feet then throws a punch at Luke but Luke grabs his fist and crushes it slowly

Nex: Argh f*ck. Let go.

Luke: What do you really want?

Nex: Pulls his hand out To destroy every hero. But obviously doing that alone would be impossible, because, you know, ain't nobody got time for that. So I'm gonna get every villain to help me. Once we succeed, I'll kill them all. Then I will be the one to rise from the shadows and be a God amongst ants. It will be so cool.

Luke: Yeah except one flaw in your plan.

Nex: What?

Luke: It won't happen. Luke lunges at Nex's waist and flies off at lightning speed before Nex can react. He coats his fist in Hell lightning and lets go of Nex still in the air. He punches Nex creating a small explosion on him. The force pushes him miles back and Luke repeats this as they're still in the air. After 30 punches, Nex grows wings and kicks Luke up into space. He flies out Earth's atmosphere to Luke as they fight at the edge of the ozone layer. Luke turns to his demon form and scratches Nex a lot. Nex heals and rips Luke's arms off. He kicks Luke down to Earth as he plummets in Africa. Luke heals as he slowly recovers into human form. Nex lands softly near Luke

Nex: Give up Luke. This won't work. Let me do my job. Maybe I'll let you live. Be my pet.

Luke: How exactly would you make this work?

Nex: I drain energy directly from the universe. It's pretty easy. Like a drug; I use it to control every living villain, it'll be pretty easy since I'm evil too, better chance they'll respond nicely. And also revive the dead ones.

Luke: You're mad.

Nex: I know. But before I get started, I'll kill you first.

Luke: Go ahead. They both start fighting again throwing city sized blasts at each other for a hour until the area they were in is a crater. They both tire out and drop to the ground.

Nex: I had enough! Forget you! I'll just start it! You can't stop it anyway! Nex begins to fly up and sprouts his wings. He begins coating himself with darkness as a strange mist starts forming in the air and absorbing into Nex. His aura grows larger and denser. Random bits of the air around him crackle and pop. His eyes glow red and his skin turns grey-ish. He says in two voices: THIS IS IT! ALL THE ENERGY! I CAN FEEL IT EVERYWHERE!!! NOTHING CAN STOP THE PROCESS!!

Luke: *Holy sh-t he's doing it* NEX! STOP THIS MADNESS!


Luke: *I have to stop him myself!* He flies at Nex but the energy knocks him back. He tries again as he is engulfed in Hell fire but he is still pushed back.

Luke: *Nothing's working!!*


Luke: Heh...I know how to stop this.


Luke: Oh yeah? I'll show you a quick history lesson. I'll show you how my father single handedly restored balance between over a billion souls in Ignus Terra. Luke transforms into his demon form then coats himself in darkness and turns into his titanic full demon form. Nex gets shocked and flies up to his face as he's still hooked up to the energy transferal

Nex: So this is the climax of your power huh?

Luke: Hell-F*cking-Yes boy. Now, let's see how powerful your shields are now. Luke focuses all his power into one point and punches Nex. Time freezes as a huge white energy explosion occurs. The aftermath is Luke in his demon form on the ground and Nex opposite him lying on the ground as the connection is cut off as Nex has SOME white energy around him.

Luke: *Holy sh-t it worked!* It actually worked!

Nex: no no no!! YOU IDIOT!! What have you done?!? You interfered with the energy transfer!! I'm locked out!! BASTARD!!

Luke: Serves you right asswipe.

Nex: I still have some left. Not much...enough to bring back a god and make him under my control! Hahaha!!

Luke: *Crap...this should be easy...hehe...oh no...*

Nex: Oh! How about you say hello to a past enemy? One that seems really pissed you killed him with your little team! Just recently too! Nex starts glowing with white aura and hovers in the air. He causes a light explosion and lightning surrounds a huge area. Gold particles form as they come together as one. As it stands, King Terrus returns alive and pissed


Luke: Fffffffffffuuuuu...NO!! NOT YOU!! *How will I take him down alone?!?*

Nex: Hahahaha! Terrus! I am your new master! I revived you so you can help me destroy!! But first you will get your revenge by killing that pest over there!

Terrus: Gladly...I shall inflict the wrath of a trillion titans on your soul!! You will kneel before your very life is ripped out your measly bo-

Luke: Oh shut the f*ck up!! Luke flies at Terrus' chest and blasts right through landing behind him leaving a huge hole in his chest and heart. Terrus gasps for breath

Terrus: But-but- it's impossible! You can't-can't...defea-...Terrus drops to his knees as he disintegrates. Luke turns around as the dust flies off into the sky and stares at Nex while covered in Terrus' blood


Luke: Bring it asshole. Luke prepares a stance

Back to Hunter's problems

Hunter and Nathan have been fighting with each other, Hunter with his Long swords and Nathan with his Katana. Right now, they're standing apart, facing each other.

Hunter: You fight well. Not bad for a person I never knew most of my life. Pants

Nathan: You're not so bad yourself, brother. Pants as well, but his swords suddenly merge back into one katana as Hunter's swords also merge into one katana Oh? This is odd. A duel of Katanas it is. Sheathes his Katana as his energy wings suddenly expand, then retract in place

Hunter: I guess. Well, I'd prefer a longsword, but okay. His katana becomes a longsword Oh, okay. He puts the sword on his back as his Nephalem energy holds it in place due to there being no sheathe for him

Nathan: Please, why do you resort to a weapon such as that? Katana are much better.

Hunter: Well, I haven't had time for training with a Katana, so that's something. Though, I have fought with them before.

Nathan: I see, but you must've wielded the blade with some unorthodox fighting style, not one of a true warrior.

Hunter: Pretty much.

Nathan: How barbaric. I truly hope I kill you. I want your Nephalem for his power.

Hunter: Not happening! Takes out his sword, and lunges at Nathan, letting the momentum of his sword draw and his powers to move him forward and stab Nathan, then performs a Trillion Stabs on him

(Devil May Cry reference!^)

Nathan: Pretty good. Blocks the stabs with his energy wings, then draws his sword and lets out a barrage of powerful slashes But not good enough!

Hunter: *Damn! He's just as good as me, maybe better with that discipline he has.* Struggles to keep up with Nathan as they are slashing and blocking each others' attacks *I need to keep up, this sword's becoming too slow.*

Nathan: *His attacks are balanced in damage and speed, but he can't keep up at this rate.* His sword and sheathe glow red as his attacks begin to start dealing more damage, but become slower *Demon mode, Divorce blade.*

Hunter: *Shit, his moves are hitting harder! They're slowing down though. Maybe... I should try hitting faster than him, but it would weaken my hits. Totally worth it. C'mon, give me some speed!* His sword blade glows with a blue aura as his attacks become quicker and more aerial-based, but become weaker in the process *Yes! Angel mode, Prop Shredder!* Hunter begins to use more aerial-based combos, hitting Nathan into the air to do so

Nathan: *So you want to fight in the air? Okay then. Angel mode, Orbit blade.* Nathan's sword blade and sheathe change to a blue glow while his sword moves become quicker and allow for aerial combos as well We're evenly matched brother! But you don't seem to have a demon form for your sword yet!

Hunter: Well. Hits Nathan as Nathan hits him, knocking each other into the ground I probably do have a demon form. Just haven't figured it out yet.

Nathan: Gets up and coughs from the dust in the air I've gotten my forms already, thanks to Tokko training me. Sheathes his blade as his wings extend and collapse back, stretching them out for a bit

Hunter: Right. *Demon Form, demon form. How can I match that right now? Focus...* His sword gains a red aura in place of the blue one *Perfect, Demon mode, Trinity Smasher. I guess that's what I should name it.* Gets up and stretches his wings as well, then uses them to propel himself at Nathan, sword in hand and ready to stab Nathan

Nathan: Hm. *Sad how barbaric my brother turned out to be.* His sword's aura changes to red as well, then uses his wings to propel himself at Hunter, ready to stab

It seems that the brothers are going to propel themselves and impale each other if they can, but who will be impaled?

And Back to Preston Once Again

Preston dodges an attack of dark matter that disintegrates anything in its path. By landing onto the floor, then he shoots out at Valqueh and turns upside down to ignite his left leg. He flies over to Valqueh while upside down and his leg lit ablaze, he stretches his leg out at Valqueh when he reaches him shooting a huge fiery explosion at him. He flies back but recovers as a force field pushes the fire off of him as it starts to burn him.

Valqueh: Phoenix Fire... Interesting... Burns whatever it can.. He looks at the continuing burning fire on the ground, as Preston subconsciously sets it out.

Preston: I'll find another way to stop this... I hope.. He claps his hands making a heat wave go throughout the air that melts part of the room and Valqueh starts to fly up in the air, seemingly unaffected.

Valqueh: Don't bother. He flies at Preston with a glowing fist and punches at him but Preston dodges it and Valqueh keeps trying to strike him and eventually when he taps Preston, part of his body starts being infected with dark matter.

Preston: Sh*t! What is this!!!! Suddenly the infected part starts growing into a giant cancerous tumor on his body that makes Preston fall to his knees and the tumor on his body grows to an enormous size, overtaking him and completely swallowing him up.

Valqueh: Weak Force Manipulation... To his surprise, the cancer starts shrinking as the entire thing glows red and it shrinks back on Preston's body slowly. Preston is seen smirking with a little bit of a tired look on his face. Wait... The Phoenix is healing your uncontrolled cell division! Tch. He snaps his fingers at Preston again to make it grow but it has no effect and the tumor completely dies down.

Preston: Are you really underestimating me?

He flies at Valqueh and right before he reaches him, he flies away at a speed so fast it looks like he teleported. He keeps "teleporting" around Valqueh trying to confuse him and eventually gets above him and slams his body into the floor. Valqueh throws Preston off and he flips into the air.

Valqueh: You will NOT COMPLETE THIS!!!!!!

Preston's combined power blast

He then sends out an electromagnetic force with extreme amounts of electricity running through the room and compressing to hit Preston in an explosion. But as this happens Preston flies out with the electricity explosion, with the electricity following his body like it's combined with him and he charges an energy, fire and electricity blast above his head and then fires the beam at Valqueh.

Preston: GAHHH!!!

Valqueh: THIS IS NO- The beam hits him and as he tries to counter it, his body starts ripping apart and then the beam makes a huge explosion throughout the ship as he goes through the floor and into space, completely disintegrated by the blast.

Preston: That was so pointless. He slowly ascends to the ground as he looks around at the complete chaos going on in the room. Well I fucked up. He then looks around in a panic and tries to do something with the computer but its too late. He then flies out of the ship and looks at the millions of stars colliding. T-This is amazing... ARGH! I gotta save this place somehow!!!


Preston: Hope!!!! Finally!!!

Hope: Yes! Look, Preston, we don't have much time. The process seems to still be going on. I don't know what you could do...

Preston: There has to be SOMETHING. Wait... Hope, I think I can maybe try to absorb the black hole... I mean... The Force CAN absorb any type of energy.

Hope: Preston. No. You can't even do that. Remember that you're sealed up. There's NO way for you to be able to absorb the black hole!

Preston: Hope... I know you can unlock the seal.

Hope: No... You're talking nonsense Preston. You can't handle that type of power. Please stop talking like that. There's another w-

Preston: HOPE. NO THERE ISN'T. YOU'VE GOTTA HELP ME. PLEASE. You can unlock the seal from over there. You're capable since you sealed it with part of my mom's spells. Please Hope, I have no time to argue, you've gotta do it. Please. I can do this I swear.


Preston: Calm down. Hope, I rather die to save the whole galaxy. You're too far to help. This has gotta be done now. Just... please, I swear that I'll come back. You'll see me right after this is over. I promise on everything I'll absorb this sh*t and come back to you. So just unlock the seal. I can handle it now, I've been through so much.

Hand signs that they do

Hope: She stays quiet for a bit and finally answers F-Fine. I swear. You BETTER come see me right after this is done.

Preston: Understood... Thanks for this Hope. He puts his hands together. My mom already told me the process in case.

Hope: Wow... Fine. Let's do it. Ready? Go. They start to do a sequence of signs with their hands in unison and when they finish they both clap their hands at the same time. Cya later Preston...

As she says this, her voice fades away and fire starts to burst out of Preston's stomach and he starts screaming. A huge flame devours the destroyed ship and expands to great lengths. The Phoenix Raptor takes shape around his body a becomes big as it starts flapping its wings.

Preston: *Okay,,, This energy... To absorb that whole galaxy I gotta...*

Preston points out his arms and begins to release all the energy stored within him.


The energy explodes out of him and shoots out until he's completely empty. You could see him release all that energy from Earth since he looks kinda like a star when doing that. He burns all the other stars in his vicinity as he does this and now his powers is completely empty. The Phoenix Raptor is behind him as a little piece of his energy and he then flies at above light speeds due to his new, unsealed power to the galaxy's black hole. Before he reaches he stops and sees the gigantic black mass just sucking things in.

Preston: This better work...

He pauses for a brief second to close his eyes and say a quick prayer and opens them with the look of determination. He stretches then flies into the black hole and it seems he's killed. Nothing happens at first, but then a pulse comes out, increasing the size of the black hole, but then it starts being sucked into itself somehow. A red spot is then showing absorbing it. Preston is screaming as somehow, the energy of the black hole is getting sucked in to him.


The galaxy in its final moments of getting absorbed into Preston.

As the black hole is pulling is body across multiple dimensions, he uses the energy he's absorbing to keep himself in his dimension and from getting pulled from the others. He feels a bit unstable then concentrates on the Phoenix, then he keeps steady at absorbing. He then feels some energy from the other dimensions entering his body due to the high caliber absorption of this galaxy. The galaxy starts swirling back into him while still absorbing everything. Preston's veins start coming out of his skin because of how hard he's trying to absorb everything and he starts to scream as more of the galaxy is entering his body. His body starts to get a universal pattern across it as his Phoenix Costume literally rips off of him into nothingness. The galaxy then pulses outwards then the rests starts going into Preston as he's absorbing every bit of it. His whole body starts to glow completely white as the rest of the galaxy gets absorbed into him and when that does happen everything is all black. Then Preston opens his eyes and they're all white. He looks around as he see light years away in space now.

Preston: W-What happened. Don't tell me I actually- He looks at his hand and forms a mini galaxy in his hand that's living and swirling. He then sees all the little planets in the universe he made. D-Dude... He makes a wing of fire and swings it. He then sees far out that he's destroyed a planet. H-Hope... Hope!! He concentrates a bit as regular clothes form on him and teleports to Earth.

He lands in the middle of the city and looks around. His vision allows him to see anything. He flies to an ambulance and while he's flying above it, he points his hand at it and heals the person in there. He continues flying around the city and eventually gets to a hospital and enters, he starts to walk into random rooms healing all the patients and eventually finishes and comes out, having healed everyone, no matter how severe the injury or disease.

Preston: M-My healing is so much better. I couldn't do this before at all. Having the full Phoenix.. Pretty awesome... He then teleports in front of Hope's house.

At Hope Summer's house

Preston teleports in front of her house/mansion and rubs his hands together. He uses his vision to see inside of her house and sees her laying down on her bed, seeming to be asleep. As he goes to knock, Hope then wakes up in alarm and looks towards the door.

Hope: WHO'S THERE!! She senses a great presence that feels like the Phoenix. Wait... is that- She flies to the door and opens it to see Preston about to knock on the door. He then smiles awkwardly.

Preston: Yo!

Hope: P-Preston!!!!! She tackles him and hugs him super tight, not knowing her own strength but this doesn't hurt him

Preston: Hey Hope!! He hugs her back tightly and they're in the air hugging for a bit, He lets go and looks at her. Didn't I tell you I was coming back? He then smirks as the Phoenix's head forms from fire above him.

Hope: You're- You're so much powerful... I'm so glad it worked... She punches at him but Preston holds her fist. Preston usually couldn't have seen that punch coming, so Hope looks at him in shock. Wow. She pulls her fist away.

Preston: It feels so good. Like, I just saved the galaxy and now, all this power. It's so awesome.

Hope: Welcome to the club kid, you're a full Phoenix controller now. Well partly... You have 50% of the full actual Phoenix in you. You had 10% before. Proves how strong you are right now. So what are you gonna do?

Preston: Well... Ever since I absorbed that black hole, I could feel the energy of other dimensions tethered onto me. I think I could teleport there. I'm just gonna explore space for a bit. Oh sh*t, I gotta see Sage. She's gonna be soon excited!

Hope: Haha, yea, you really should go. She smiles and they hug. So, see you whenever Preston.

Preston: Yea, and thanks Hope. For everything.

Hope: Ugh shut up, don't get all sentimental. Cya! She walks back in her house as she's waving.

Preston: He waves and starts to fly away. As he's flying away he smirks and both of his eyes glow white as his body flickers and disappears.

At Hunter's Stabbing

Looks like the twins impaled each other at the same time!! Who will live?!

Hunter: Damn. You got me.

Nathan: You as well.

Both are currently struggling to breathe as of the moment. They then with draw their swords and prepare for another intense fight. Hunter activates his Angel Mode: Prop Shredder as Nathan prepares his Demon Mode: Divorce blade.

Hunter: I always preferred my Angelic side. Spins his sword around and catches it in his hand, ready to fight

Nathan: Well, you must not want more power then. My Demonic side will grant me the means of achieving this dream. Flicks his blade at the ground with enough force to make Hunter's blood fly off of it, then prepares to fight

Hunter: Hmph. Let's see who lives, and who dies! Seraph mode! His Angel wings grow bigger as his Demon wings shrink, transferring power to his Angelic side as his sword glows a brighter blue and his eyes turn blue with dark red sclera

Nathan: Arch-demon Mode! His Demon wings swap places with his Angel wings, appearing on top as his Angel wings transfer their power to the demon wings

Both then charge at each other in another stabbing contest, impaling each other again and causing more damage than usual due to their current conflicting powers.

Hunter: I. Won't die. TODAY!! Pours more of his energy into his Prop Shredder, making Nathan groan in pain

Nathan: I need. MORE POWER!!! Does the same as Hunter to his Divorce blade, making Hunter wince in pain, but both are mentally screaming in pain

Hunter: Today.

Nathan: You.

Both twins: DIE!!!!!!! They pour as much of their power as they possibly can into their blades, teleporting them into another dimension lost in time and space and causing a giant explosion that then teleports both back to Earth-616.

Hunter: Your sword and soul... are mine. He takes Nathan's sword and in turn takes Tokko, merging Tokko and Ryoshi into one Nephalem, increasing his power

Nathan: Good bye... Brother. Collapses on the ground, dying from his wounds and of exhaustion

Hunter: One last thing.

Nathan: W-What?

Hunter: Takes out his guns and charges them up with lots of energy I remember one thing from our childhood.

Nathan: A-and what's t-that?

Hunter: Our little catchphrase.

Nathan: One last... time?

Hunter: Mhm. Aims his guns at Nathan Rest in peace.

Both twins: Bull's-eye. Hunter fires his guns at Nathan, causing them to shatter as he overloaded them with his energy and also causing Nathan to explode into pieces, also disappearing soon after and becoming leaves in the wind

Hunter: *He's gone. My only brother.* Looks at Nathan's sword, which has "Endurance" inscribed on it in gold, cursive letters *And this is all that's left of him. His sword, his soul.* Tears trickle down his face, then he drops to his knees, weeping at the loss of his brother *I can't believe I never knew him. All this time, all these years...* He gets back up and walks back into the Eternal Arch and to his room, putting Endurance on a display stand in his room, creating a golden plaque with red and blue details, as well as Angelic and Demonic wings carved into it, stating "Endurance, the blade of my only brother. In loving memory of Nathan Kasai"

Ryoshi appears next to Hunter as a red aura in the shape of Hunter.

Ryoshi: I'm terribly sorry about this. I myself had forgotten my own twin brother, and in turn, yours.

Hunter: It's okay.

Ryoshi: Will you be able to move and protect this world once more?

Hunter: I have to, don't I? I'm a Nephalem in the service of God after all.

Ryoshi: It's okay. Please, take your time. You must need rest after all that has transpired.

Hunter: Yeah. Puts the plaque on the display case I don't know if you care about this, but. Sighs I love you brother. And I'm sure gonna miss you... Sits down on his bed, sighs, then goes to sleep as Ryoshi fades back into Hunter's soul, his long sword disappearing with Ryoshi

(A somber reference is hidden here.^)

In Luke's Chaos

Now to a more sensical situation, Nex dashes at Luke with sharp claws but Luke counters simply by kicking his chin. Nex flies back to the sky the regains control as he flies. He dives down as Luke dives up. They collide, Luke with red fire and Nex with blue. Fire engulfs the whole area. Nex blows out the fire and sees Luke in front of him as he rapidly punches Nex, each hit creating a white shockwave, a thousand times. Nex screeches at Luke sending a high frequency blast which slowly pushes Luke back to the ground as he tries to fight it. Nex teleports at Luke and throws a punch, Luke takes it to the chest then throws a flame punch. Nex grabs it so Luke tries the same with his free hand. Nex grabs that too locking them in place as Luke struggles

Luke: ARGH!! NO!! You can't do this! You've taken everything from me!

A woman's voice is heard, they both look to the left and see Freya

Nex: Not everything. He throws Luke to the right in the air then teleports to Freya. He chokes her then sends a huge charge of Hell Lightning through her then lets go as she falls on the ground. She stops moving. Luke lands on the ground

Luke: NOO!! FREYA!!! He dashes at light speed at Nex with a punch, breaking his jaw and sending him flying miles away Freya, no....

Nex: So sad. Luke turns around in fear as Nex is there. He suddenly gets extremely pissed and looks back at Freya. He looks at Mjolnir and grabs it. He lifts it up with one hand and swings it at Nex. It hits the side of his face and pushes him back ARGH!! WHAT?!?

Luke: *Woah...* As he walks slowly to a shocked Nex's time to put a stop to your rampage for good...

Nex: That's impossible! You're not worthy!

Luke: Maybe I am maybe I'm not. But that doesn't change what I'm about to do to you. Nex flies off. Luke spins the hammer and flies after him. He reaches him and slams him down with the hammer. He hits Nex several times with strong force backing him away. He hits Nex's stomach with it knocking the wind out of him. He then slams his face pushes him over. They look dead in each other's eyes

Nex: No! You won't stop me! You can't! I cannot die! I'm immortal!!

Luke: Really? If you think that then you heavily underestimate yourself. And if you think I can't kill you then you heavily underestimate me. He raises the hammer ready to slam it on him

Nex: NO!!

Luke: Goodbye Nex. Hell Lightning strikes down into the hammer charging it and Luke. He slams it down at Nex which makes a huge explosion completely disintegrating Nex leaving Luke standing there tired with the hammer in hand. He breathes out in relief as the hammer suddenly falls out his hand. He tries to pick it up again but he can't

Luke: What? Guess I wasn't worthy then... He walks over to Freya as she wakes up. He picks her up and leaves to the Eternal Arc where he rests her down on his bed then walks into the main room. He sits down and rests his head back. A few minutes later, Hunter and Preston walk into the room

Luke: Hey was your day?

Hunter: Decent. Found out I had a twin brother. Killed him because he was evil. Now I'm sad. I had a brother all this time, and he died because of his craving for power. Had to take his Nephalem and sword so no random idiot could abuse its power. Sits down on a couch, materializing a soda in his hand and opening it Damn. This sucks so much. Drinks the soda What happened with you guys?

Luke: I found out Death had a son he kept secret. He killed everyone I knew and destroyed Ignus Terra. Then he attacked Freya and so I wielded Mjolnir and killed him. And took Africa with him...well a part of it. I think no-one died...I think. The guy was a Nephalem like you. He was so freaking powerful.

Preston: Saved the galaxy. He floats above the couch in a comfortable position and forms a miniature galaxy, as big as the table in front of the T.V. They stare at it and Preston makes it disappear. Such powerrrr.

Luke: Well, I'll be right back. He goes to his room where Freya is resting. He kneels near the bed Hey, how you feeling?

Freya: Better. Who was that guy?

Luke: Just some parasite that I rid the world of. I'll tell you about it later.

Freya: Okay, where's Mjolnir?

Luke: Africa.

Freya: What? You left it there?

Luke: How was I supposed to carry it?

Freya: Urgh I'll call it later.

7 months later

After several months of crime fighting and "relationship stuff" Luke decides something big. He enters the main room to tell the others

Luke: Guys, I need to tell you something, it's important.

Preston: Shoot. He is examining a galaxy he made

Luke: I'm leaving the team.

Hunter: What? Stands up to Luke What for?

Preston looks at Luke with a confused and angry face

Preston: Are you kidding me?

Luke: No guys, I'm sorry. Freya and I have decided to move in together, and live normal humane lives. Without violence. And for that to happen I must leave. I can't protect the world AND have a normal live at the same time.

Hunter: Wow. I can't believe it. Luke, the almighty King of Ignus Terra, has decided to settle down with a Norse Entity of Love and have a normal life. Well, as normal as a Devil King and Love Goddess's life together can get. But now that I think about it... I'm getting tired of fighting crime. I've been planning to get married to Ruby and settle down too. I imagined that with crimefighting too, but these villains are too boring. I can see your reason for leaving the Eternal Heroes. Besides, Ryoshi might want to take a long-deserved break from fighting the sinners. My man, er... Devil King, Luke. High fives Luke

Preston: Argh. You're all a bunch of pu**ies.

Luke: Doesn't high five Well sorry Preston, there's a little more important things in life than power or crime fighting. I wouldn't expect you to understand.

Preston: Like what? Starting a family? That's sooooooo lame!!! Anyway. You're like f*cking 300. I'm 19 now. Sage still wants to have some fun so I'm going to as well. I mean, look at all the power I have now! I can't let it go to waste! As he puts his hands in his pockets, Luke and Hunter's face get knocked back by a high speed punch, so fast, they couldn't see it coming. See? What is there to do?

Luke: All that power, your punches still don't hurt haha. But yeah kid, you go live your life with fun. I'm gonna settle down.

Hunter: Didn't feel shit from that. Neither did Ryoshi, and he was dormant. But yeah, you live fast and die young, huh Preston? But I'm with you Luke, I'm gonna settle down too.

Preston: I could blow you guys through dimensions if I wanted. But aaaaggghhhh, I knew you dudes would bail out on me someday. Come on, we should have some kind of like, farewell speech. Your go Hunter. He looks at Hunter

Hunter: Well, I've never liked speeches, but you guys are great friends. After all this time fighting together, we've made strong, deep bonds. We started out as a bunch of weak bitches, but we grew up into powerful, badass guys. Met several other people along the way. And we had fun throughout this whole journey. I'm really glad we all met. I hope we can meet again in the future. Luke?

Luke: Well, when I first met you both I wanted to snap you both in half. I hated you all. But we were still a team. We worked together and helped each other. I was a villain at first, but being here molded me into something more, a hero. As time passed we developed a bond, we were more than just a team, we were a family. And being here right now to say I'm leaving is enough to make me want to stay. I love you guys, and I'm sure gonna miss ya.

When Luke finishes his speech they look at Preston to see him crying but he quickly wipes away the tears

Preston: Sniff Y-You guys were like big brothers to me... Thanks for being the brothers I never had. I felt like when we were fighting, we were the strongest ever. Like no one could beat us. Guess it really came true... He hugs them both at the same time I hope you see you guys later sometime down the road... When you guys could finally pass me! He chuckles a bit Kidding, kidding... But seriously guys. It's been one helluva ride. He holds out his fist

Luke: Fist bumps them both You know demons can't physically cry, but...crap Holds his eyes like he's crying Screw you guys Bro hugs them both again

Hunter: Devils never cry, huh? Seems legit. Fist bumps everyone before the bro hug You guys were like my brothers. The brother I never knew, but always had this whole time. I'm gonna miss you.

Preston: True that... After he hugs he goes to his room and sets up some stuff there Alright, I'm ready...

Luke: Goes to check some stuff I'm set.

Hunter sets up some equipment in his room, checking that everything is to his liking and setting up some more stuff, including the plaque made for Endurance.

Hunter: Alright, that should be it. Let's do this.

Hunter walks through the gate, looks back at it one more time, then walks out of the chapel.

Hunter: *Good Bye, Eternal Arch. Good times were had here, and I'll miss them.*

Luke: Last time I'm seeing this place. Goodbye Eternal Arc. Walks through the teleporter and out the doors and stares at the chapel

Preston is about to leave as well when he sees the switch

Preston: *Cya Eternal Arc. Thanks for housing us.* He flips the switch and everything starts to shut down all the way to the entrance. He exits the base to see Luke and Hunter. He nods at them.

Luke: Well guys. This is where we part ways.

Hunter: I guess so. I'm sure gonna miss you guys. See ya around.

Luke: We'll keep in touch, goodbye Brothers.

Preston: Bye guys. I'll visit you guys sometime maybe. He begins to walk away and looks back at them. He then teleports away in a flash

Luke places his hand on Hunter's shoulder as he teleports away

Hunter: Damn guys. Teleports away to his house *Good bye, Eternal Heroes. We had a good run.*

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