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In the Throne Room of Ignus Terra

Hunter: Well then. Let's get started Ruby.

Ruby: Mm-hmm. Forms a scythe made of Dark Water Let's go find this son of a b**ch.

Luke: There... Luke points in a random direction with walls in the way while his eyes turned yellow

Hunter: Thanks. We'll be back.

Hunter and Ruby walk towards the wall, which then collapses and opens up to reveal a corridor. They walk down the corridor, which leads them to a giant empty room, where Kuroi Tensho is standing, wearing this with black and white inverted, and blue instead of red:

Hunter: You.

Kuroi Tensho: Yes... me. And you. Points to Ruby Your love... will be mine. Holds his blade up at Hunter

Hunter: Nope. I will protect her. Coats his Angelic blade in Angelic energy, while his Demonic blade spontaneously coats itself in Demonic energy *What? The f**k is wrong with my Demonic blade?* Holds up the Demonic blade, which then forms a reflection of Ikari's face How?

Ikari: He only communicates telepathically *The miasma of Hell enhances my power. So, I can gather its miasma and use it on you. You wanna see something cool? Ask Hinokami real quick. The Angels are in the other blade.*

Hunter: Hmm. Holds up his Angelic blade, which forms reflections of his 5 Angels, Hinokami forming a bit bigger of a reflection

Hinokami: Speaking telepathically *You may not know this, but we can form a mask for you as well. It's not as strong as Ikari, even without the seal. Hell's miasma also weakens our powers a bit. We are capable of fusing our Angel mask to Ikari's mask to form a mask that has both of our powers combined.*

Hunter: I'll take it. The aura around his blades cover his hands, while the blades sheath themselves on his back This will be amusing. Ruby, hold him off for a bit.

Ruby: Got it. Charges at Kuroi Tensho with the scythe, swing it at him, and cutting him

Kuroi Tensho: I like a girl who fights back. Swings the blade at her, giving her a small cut

Hunter: Here we go. Encircles his hands together, forming an aura resembling a Nephilim, then puts the aura on his head like he's slipping a face mask, which then forms a mask resembling the transparent red mask, with 2 small Angel wings near the eyes, and two small Demon wings on the cheek section:

Ruby: Hi-yah! Pushes Kuroi Tensho off Nice mask!

Hunter: I don't feel much of a- never mind. I feel bada** now. Time to whup some a**. Charges at Kuroi Tensho with his swords drawn, the aura's both stronger now

Kuroi Tensho: Stay out of my way!!! Blocks Hunter's blades, then pushes him off and fires a laser beam of Demonic energy at Hunter

Ruby: HUNTER!!! Charges at Kuroi dual-wielding two smaller scythes, rushing with light slashes and a few heavy slashes by reforming her bigger scythe, then changing back to the smaller forms

Hunter suddenly appears behind Kuroi Tensho, with some of his clothes shredded up, instead replaced by a golden energy covering it, and some of the mask having scratches on it

Hunter: Baka. Cuts down Kuroi Tensho with both swords, leaving him in a bloody mess on the ground

Kuroi Tensho: Not so fast! Teleports behind Ruby, then holds her hostage Leave her with me, or I kill both of you.

Hunter: Good luck with that. Appears again in a flash of White Light, with Ruby in his arms and his blades sheathed It's time for you to die. Ruby?

Ruby: Yeah. Let's do it. Forms scythes made from all of her powers, creating scythes similar to Death's scythe, only small enough to dual-wield with

Hunter: Alright. Draws his blades, and coats them in their respective energies

Kuroi Tensho: Enjoy dying. Charges at them

Hunter and Ruby charge, Ruby clashing with Kuroi as Hunter attacks from above.

Kuroi Tensho: You gotta do better then that to defeat me! Blocks Hunter's attack, then pushes him into Ruby also causing the new mask to break off

Ruby: Ow! Dammit Kuroi!

Hunter: F**k you Kuroi! Gets up, then assists Ruby

Ruby: Thanks.

Kuroi Tensho: HANDS OFF OF HER!!!!! Rushes Hunter with a claymore and a giant shuriken DIE!!!!!

Hunter: Oh sh**!!! Tries to block the sword, only to get impaled and able to block the shuriken

Ruby: NO!!! Blocks the shuriken, then breaks it apart as she kicks Kuroi Tensho across the room You okay?

Hunter: Drops to his knees I'm good. I should be fine. Pulls out the sword, then transforms it into a small knife he crushes Alright Kuroi, you are gonna die.

Kuroi Tensho: No, you will die! Rushes Hunter with a claymore and a Khyber knife

Hunter: Psyche! Teleports behind Kuroi then trips him as Ruby forms a Crescent Rose construct, shooting all of her elements at Kuroi while Hunter attacks while she reloads Keep it up! I think he's waring down!

Kuroi: I have yet to awaken my true powers to you! I think it's time for that. Kuroi transforms his armor into this:

Ruby: Holy crap.

Hunter: We should be able to take it down. *What can you guys offer me?*

Ruby: Alright. *Please, help me out girls.* Holds up her scythe, then transforms it into smaller, dual-wield-able versions

Hinokami: *How about we reform the new mask, and pour some more power into your weapons?*

Hunter: *Perfect* Holds up his swords as his new mask reforms, followed by the blades shifting into twin katanas as tall as Hunter himself with dark red and gold Now, let's f**k s**t up.

Ruby: Yes please. Launches towards Kuroi as she slashes

Kuroi: I have my full power, you can't kill me with that! Blocks the slashes with ease, then punches Ruby in the face I'm sorry to hurt you my love.

Ruby: Shut up! You're creeping me out. Shudders, then get's back up as her scythes reform

Hunter: Well what are we waiting for? Charges Kuroi once more, then teleports around as he slashes, creating a giant storm of sword attacks on Kuroi

Kuroi: Sh**! *I can't block them all, if she joins him, I won't be able to last much longer. My released power is consuming itself at a much faster rate than I expected.* Continues trying to block the attacks, letting some get by due to Hunter being to quick

Ruby: *Here's my chance to bring him down. Let's take him done girls.* Charges in and repeats what Hunter is doing with her scythes instead, increasing Kuroi's chances of failing

Kuroi: SSSSSSHHHHHH************!!!!!!!!!!!!! Takes two more hits from Hunter and Ruby before giving out due to his power being focused into blocking and leaving him in a weakened state, where he's kneeling on the floor *I-I.. couldn't hold on... a-any longer. Why? I... I just wanted... her love.*

Ruby and Hunter stop right in front of Kuroi. Hunter then backs up as Ruby steps up a little bit with her scythes raised.

Hunter: Ruby, do the honors.

Ruby: With pleasure. Holds the blades up to a kneeling Kuroi Tensho's neck Any last words?

Kuroi Tensho: I will... be back for you. I swear it on my life.

Ruby: I can't stand this anymore. Executes Kuroi Tensho

Hunter: Sooo... What happens now?

Ruby: Something? I don't know. Her scythe construct turns into Holy Water as her armor becomes bright purple with yellow accents Wait. My armor and weapons changed. It's Holy Water now.

Hunter: Portal to Heaven is opening. His mask floats off his head as his eyes return to their original state and his mask becomes a portal to Heaven Time to go... I guess.

Ruby: Right.

Both of them step through the portal, which leads them to God's throne room

Hunter: My Lord. Bows down

Ruby: My Lord. Bows down

God: All rise. Ruby, your Angels have been freed from their torture. Your powers are now: Holy Water, Pure Earth, and Pure Wind. As for you Hunter.

Hunter: Sir?

God: You have shown greatness in your fights. You have helped Luke defeat his father, and now Earth can be continually be saved. For your bravery and commitment, I will merge your Angels into one, powerful Archangel. This Angel will be dubbed, Dai Tenshi. As for Ikari, he will be given Archangel status, but he cannot become the Angel he once was. Instead, he will become a Fallen form of Dai Tenshi. Thus, he will be renamed to... Saigo no Ikari.

Hunter: Thank you... my Lord. Hunter glows, in White Light and Dark Light, then reappears in the same outfit as before, with a sleeker design and a dark red and white color scheme Huh. I don't feel much different.

God: You have yet to discover all of your abilities. You have the power of nigh-Omnipotence. But you must train to gain full control of this power.

Hunter: Thank you my Lord.

God: Now... you may leave.

Ruby and Hunter: Yes, my Lord.

Both of them head through the mask portal Hunter's mask created, bringing them back to Luke's throne room in Ignus Terra.

Hunter: Sup guys. I got an upgrade.

Ruby: Same.

Luke: Great. You know we are so powerful, I actually feel sorry for the villains. The hallway of the room and the rest of the room fades out along with Jennifer, Titus, Hunter and Preston. A skeleton in a black, ripped cloak and dark-purple darkness surrounding it appears in front of Luke on his throne. It speaks without moving his mouth.

Reaper: Hello Luke.

Luke: Hey Grim, what's up?

Reaper: Congratulations on defeating your father.

Luke: Yeah I have a question about that, why did you let me use your scythe and why have I got awesome powers and armor that Lucifer didn't have?

Reaper: As you should know, God made you born with a pure heart, that's why you are good. He planned for your father's defeat.

Luke: Yeah I knew that.

Reaper: What you don't know is I am an Angel, not fallen nor a human or demon. I decide who goes to the Hells or Heaven. I actually planned for your father's defeat. I made a deal with God long before you were born. If you were to defeat Lucifer some time during your life, you would receive great powers as a reward and become a hero. God liked this idea and gave you a pure heart as a jumpstart.

Luke: Woah... Wait, you still haven't told me why you let me use the scythe.

Reaper: Because I really disliked Lucifer... Goodbye Luke, see you soon.

He disappears and the room turns to normal at the exact time as before, as if the Grim Reaper didn't talk to Luke and no time has passed

Luke: Holy shit...

Hunter: You okay? You looked like you spaced out or something like that. Can't tell with all that armor on.

Luke: His armor fades away revealing him in a more muscular demon form, then he turns into his human form Yeah I just like had a vision were I was speaking to Grim. He told me that he's an angel and planned for me to defeat Lucifer with God. This was before I was born. I was born with a pure heart as a jumpstart. This powers are a reward. I feel like I know everything. I think Death also planned with God to choose you as my ally and together, we could form an ultimate being. Cool...

Hunter: What, seriously? BADA**!!! Though, I already am a Nephalem. If our powers fuse, Ikari will have more control over my abilities then Dai Tenshi.

Luke: Then you need to do something about your angelic side, so we won't be unbalanced. So wait, you have an angelic and demonic body, I have a demonic body and an angelic heart. So technically we are both Nephalems. If we fuse, we would be powerful enough to destroy the f*cking universe!!!

Hunter: We should do that as an ABSOLUTE last result. Got it? If you really do have an Angelic heart, then tell me you agree. I don't care if you are the new Lord of Ignus Terra, you would agree if you had an Angelic heart.

Luke: I agree, like if the world is about to be destroyed, we fuse. Hey Preston, I can see you drooling, haha!

Hunter: Preston, that's gross man! Looks at his back to see two plain claymores sheathed there instead of his other customized swords The f**k? Draws them, causing the right blade to turn into an Angelic claymore, and the left blade to turn into a Demonic claymore Oh... hmm. Imbues them with some energy, forming an Angelic and Demonic scythe, which then changes into a Demonic and Angelic axe Cool. Like Rebellion in DmC. I wonder... Transforms the swords into revolvers with Angelic and Demonic properties So... what are your names? Turns them over to see "Vengeance" carved into the barrel of the Demonic revolver and "Justice" carved into the barrel of the Angelic revolver Nice. Vengeance and Justice, huh? Sheathes them in their blank claymore states on his back

Luke: Why are you constantly going through transformations? Look at me and Preston, just simple badassory with fixed powers. Woah guys, I can see someone breaking into our base. How did he know it was there?!? It's a big mofo too! Let's go! Luke opens a portal to the church Quickly! He flies through waiting for the others

Hunter follows him through.

Hunter: I honestly don't know. Maybe the seal on my powers was constantly degrading, making my powers stronger. Draws his blades, imbuing them with enough energy to from revolvers

They all follow outside

Outside The Church

They stand outside their church entrance to their base where a 50 ft tall man wearing gold knight armor without a helmet on and gold eyes, looking like a Greek god, is stepping on the ruined remains of the church

Luke: Holy f*ck!! What the hell is that?!?

The beast looks at them with an enraged face

Beast: There you are...

Hunter: Who the f**k are you?! Aims Vengeance and Justice in revolver form at the monster

Beast: I am King Terrus. The most powerful being in the universe. I am a god from Heaven. I was locked away for millennia. But now I'm free. Free to destroy as I please. Free to kill the most powerful "heroes" that exist today. Those heroes are you, The Eternal Heroes.

Luke: Uhhh...Hunter...You know this guy?

Hunter: King Terrus... hmm... oh. You. Forms Nephalem mask, then proceeds to make Twilight bonds on King Terrus, immobilizing him

Terrus: Haha!! He flexes his arms which effortlessly breaks the bonds This will be easier than I thought. He holds one hand out which glows gold causing gold lightning to shoot out each finger at the heroes, causing them all great pain to near death

Terrus: I don't need my armor. he shrinks down to human size wearing this: 180px-Hermes.jpg

Luke: falls to the ground with everyone Oh sh*t... That hurt... A lot...

Hunter: Damn. Gets up painfully, then bites his hand, drawing blood Titan Trigger. Forms gold and red knight armor as his blades shift into giant versions of themselves Now I understand why God kept you locked up. You're too dangerous to live. Now die. Impales Terrus with Vengeance and Justice, dealing him extra damage due to the powers of Hunter's Archangel and Archdemon

Terrus: No...HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN!! Terrus falls to the ground coughing blood I will not be defeated...his eyes close

Luke: What?!? That's it?!?

Terrus: Ha!!! You didn't even hurt me!! He stands up instantly healed and kicks Hunter a mile away I let you impale me. Your blades would've shattered as soon as they touched me if I wanted.

Luke: What the f*ck?!?? He kicked him a mile away!!! That's it! Luke forms his scythe and teleports to Terrus to slice him but Terrus grabs the scythe and throws it out of sight then grabs Luke and rips both his arms off

Luke: FUUUUUUUUUUUU****EEE!!! You f*cking b*tch!!! Luke kicks him but he grabs his leg and snaps it

Terrus: Kill me?!? HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

Hunter: From far away Try again!!! Teleports behind Terrus, then glows gold as he begins to strip away Terrus' Omnipotence My powers got a revamp. Now... I have nigh-omnipotence. Part of the package with my Nephalem Physiology. And then there's this. Stabs him with Vengeance, then transforms it into a giant, Demonic scythe and pulls the blade out Vengeance, scythe mode b**ch!!!!

Preston floats in from the sky eating an ice cream sundae in his civilian clothes and looks at the battle.

Preston: What's going on here?!

Terrus: Do I look like I'm in pain? Your "powers" are nothing to me. He punches Hunter on his face which knocks him out and sends him flying I see you looking at Preston have the Phoenix Force. A great force. But still, you aren't powerful enough to hurt me. he punches the ground and picks up a HUGE chunk of earth and throws it at Preston

Preston's cosmic teleportation through his one eye.

The huge chuck of earth flies past Preston's body as it was an afterimage and the real tangible Preston was above Terrus still eating ice cream.

Preston: I wonder how strong you really are... Preston begins his cosmic teleportation through his eye and King Terrus's body begins to spiral into his eye completely and is gone. You guys... Somebody catch me up before he actually kills everyone there, and comes back. Preston goes to everybody and starts to heal them back to 100%.

Preston coming out of his eye teleportation.

Hunter: Well... where do I begin? Terrus was once a God, second to the real God. He proved to be the strongest being God created. But he loved destruction so much that he destroyed half of Heaven before being stopped by God. He was locked away for ages but was freed somehow. He now wants to destroy whatever is deemed strong to God's eyes. Anyway, he showed up here, then wrecked us. Tried using Vengeance and Justice on him, but none of our powers or our equipment seem to work on him.

Preston: Wow... We get mixed up with some pretty weird people don't we. He takes a final bite of his sundae and burns the bowl to nothingness. Let's see this guy is doing against a planet full of Battle Ravengers. Preston creates another portal with his eye absorbing everyone in it and coming out high above the planet in space to see the fight. We're not even in the solar system anymore. I found this planet a couple months back and now it's perfect now that I have my teleportation! They watch as they see King Terrus EASILY killing the Battle Ravengers on the planet and just demolishing them. Geez... He's pretty strong... We should go help... You guys down?

Hunter: Our powers and equipment can't do sh** to him. Even my weapons here didn't do sh**. Holds up Vengeance in scythe form and Justice in revolver form, then sheathes them on his back in claymore form

Preston: If he exists I can burn him out of existence. It would take a long time though, because of his power... Crap... I don't know another power that can for sure kill him...

Luke: He mocked the Phoenix Force, I'm already doubting that we'll do anything to even phase him. He ripped my arms off. But they grew back now. I should wear my armor just in case. his armor forms out of darkness

Terrus sees them

Terrus: Thank you for sending me here, it was fun killing these beings. But now, your turn.

Hunter: Maybe we should try fusing together.

Luke: No, let's try other things first, the fusion is too hard.

Preston: Tch. He flies at him at mach speeds with a flaming fist and punches him square in the stomach but nothing barely happens.

Terrus: I'm a god!! A king!! People worship me!! You are nothing to me!!!

Luke: I should be able to murder this guy, I'm the opposite of him. But I just can't.

Preston: Guys... A little help here.... He flies back to everyone and looks at Terrus

Luke: So he's immune to Hunter's powers, too powerful for mine, and yours are too weak or take too long? We really need help here...

Terrus: I am invisible and I will destroy anyone I want.

Luke: I can sense a shield around him. If I can bypass that, I should be able to hurt him badly. But this isn't an ordinary shield, it's really strong.

Preston: Easy. Since Jen and Titus went on a separate "urgent" mission with Iron Man, we'll just stop this dude from literally destroying everything. You guys ready to give it all you got?

Luke: Hey Hunter, is there anything you know about breaking godly shields?

Hunter: Well... You'd have to break his concentration on the shield. But he's not even trying to keep his shield in place. The only other way to break it is if we used supercharged Nephalem energy or God's Almighty Shield Breaker. If we fused with Preston, we'd be able to stand a chance. It we're lucky, defeat him.

Preston: Too risky.. Look, how about we all fly around him and shoot at him so that he loses his co- Terrus flies up in an instant and shoots beams from his hands at Preston sending him flying into space

Hunter: SH**!!!! MOVE!!! Uses Bringer Light to move out of Terrus' way, then draws Vengeance and Justice, transforming them into SMGs resembling an MP7 with different details to correspond to the different attributes Damn. *Preston, you still alive?* Communicates his thought via telepathy

Preston: *Y-Yea, that caught me by surprise that's all... I'm coming... Keep him occupied while I'm flying back. Trying to heal myself as well.*

Hunter: *Got it.* Let's go fatso. Aims his guns and sprays out Angelic and Demonic bullets with out reloading due to the bullets forming in the magazine from Hunter's Nigh-omnipotence, also draining away the more he fires I can only do this for so long. LUKE!!!! WAKE UP A**HOLE!!! HELP OUT A LITTLE, HUH?!!!!

Luke: Huh wha? Oh, sh*t! Hey b*tch!! Try handling this mofo!!!!!!! Luke places his hands together and creates a HUGE demonic energy ball and throws it at Terrus which, actually manages to make him lose his footing and fall over and get coated in demonic energy

Terrus: WHAT?!?!? HOW?!? You idiot. How dare you attack your king!!

Luke: That ball took most of my energy, I can't access my full demon form or most my powers now. Luke turns into an 7ft tall muscular black demon, his true form because his shape shifting powers have stopped working so he can't look human Hunter, the energy is still on him, use your strongest angelic blast to make demonic-angelic energy on him.

Terrus, while Luke is talking, shoots the gold lightning from both his hands but Luke shoots his Hell lightning from one hand sidewards while looking straight into Terrus' eyes. The lightning clash results in Terrus stopping his lightning at the same time as Luke

Terrus: WHAT?!?!?! NO!! WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?!?!

Luke: Good, my Devil physiology makes me have an advantage on his anti-god physiology.

Hunter: So coat him in Nephalem energy. Got it! *Dai Tenshi, give me the most powerful beam you have.* Holsters Vengeance then changes Justice into a Rail-gun, which then charges a MASSIVE Angelic energy beam And... FIRE!!! Fires the beam at Terrus,

The remains are Terrus kneeling over

Terrus: No... My shield... I will kill you for that!! He creates a beam of godly energy and fires it at Hunter

Preston's sword.

Hunter: Baka!!! Forms a shield from the essence of the light and shadows nearby, then infuses it with his own Nephalem energy, blocking the beam at the cost of tiring him out further Oh, man. Pants a couple of times I gotta take a breather. Teleports next to Luke Imma meditate real quick. That beam of mine was about 99% of my Angelic energy reserves, and the other 1% I infused into the Twilight shield along with all of my Demonic energy reserves. It'll be about... uh...10 minutes for a 25% recovery.

Luke: I'm at like 12% energy. Preston. Try your best to injure that bastard!

Preston: *Okay, just finished healing.* He flies mach speed at them. You guys need better energy management. He touches them, giving them a significant energy boost with the Phoenix Force while boosting their energy as well. Nooooooow... Preston forms a jagged sword and coats in Phoenix Force energy. He breaths out deeply and closes his eyes as he disappears in space and reappears behind Terrus and slashes him 100 times in a single second and elbows him in the back making him fly forward very far.

Terrus: YOU!!! He turns around quickly and charges a super beam that turns white and shoots it at Preston.

Preston: He stares at the beam coming at him and places his hand in front of him as the beam engulfs his entire body. After 5 seconds the energy starts absorbing into his hand and after 4 more seconds, all the energy is inside Preston. Nice...

Terrus: RAHHHH!!! He flies towards Preston and punches him in the face with so much force that the planet below them has a dust cloud covering it. That's when Preston turns his head with Terrus's fist still on his face and smiles at him punching him in his ribcage and slashing him 160 times at his lower half of his body.

Preston: Whew! That energy makes me feel alive!! You guys coming to help or what? He kicks Terrus with a lot of force on his neck and grabs him by the neck and chucks him at the planet making him crash there. Preston then goes to float there and lands on the ground. You still alive?

Terrus: More alive than ever... He dashes at Preston with a surprise and begins to clash with him and Preston takes an opening and shoots a concussive beam from his eyes (like Cyclops) into Terrus's eyes and kicks his knee with so much force it bends BACKWARDS. RAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! He then punches the ground with so much force it sends a super earthquake through the whole planet.

Preston: Whoa! He floats in the air then gets slashed a few times by a godly sword ARG! Then he gets kicked in the stomach back into space. He then coughs out blood. Hehe... He flies back down to Terrus and lands on the ground so hard it stops the earthquake. You're. DEAD. He says this as he points his sword towards Terrus.

Terrus: You will all die before me.

Luke: King Terrus. I'm King Luke. King of Ignus Terra. Your power is equal to mine. Not above it. Luke grabs Terrus' arm and breaks it then kicks him back

Terrus: Puny. He heals all his wounds You cannot compare me to a weakling like you.

Luke: You may of been able to destroy Heaven but how much of a chance do you stand against Hell? Luke coats his claws in darkness then fights Terrus at great speeds invisible to the naked eye. The fight lasts three minutes in normal tome but the end result is Terrus with minor scratches and Luke with his arms ripped off and bleeding heavily

Terrus: You are a pathetic excuse for a Devil.

Hunter: Thanks everyone for letting me recharge. I'm at max power now. Gets up from his mediation with Vengeance and Justice unsheathed in claymore form Now then... His Nephalem mask forms on its own as his weapons change to scythe form I guess I'll be the one to end you. I will seek retribution for my fallen comrades in Heaven. And I will make sure you pay for your sins. God will give you a crueler punishment for what you've done. Charges Terrus with his scythes, cutting him several times before teleporting away to use his SMGs

Terrus: Ugh. YOU WILL PAY!!!!! Tries to attack Hunter, but misses due to being weakened from all the previous attacks by Preston, Luke, and Hunter's Supernatural ammo rain

Hunter: I understand your sense of revenge. I can sense we are equal in that area. But I no longer follow my sense of revenge.Grips Vengeance a little bit harder as he says this I have forsaken the need for revenge, or vengeance. And this weapon was created to aid me in fighting for good.

Terrus:Shut up!!! You know nothing of me!!! Tries to swat Hunter out of the sky, but Hunter dodges

Hunter: Aims Vengeance at him, then fires the Demon ammo at him You are a god against the True God. You try to usurp his control, power, and authority. You destroy his throne as revenge for what he did to you. But revenge is never the real answer. Fires Justice at him, weakening him further You must seek justice, and ignore that childish impulse of revenge.

Terrus: Be quiet you insolent worm!!!! You have no right to judge me!!!! Continues swatting at Hunter, but missing as Hunter dodges

Hunter: But then again. Reloads quickly You have no sense of justice. Continues to attack Terrus without mercy with every weapon Justice and Vengeance could transform into: sword, scythe, SMG, and, revolver Oh? You're still alive. Bankai. Hunter is surrounded by a massive cloud of smoke as he transforms his armor to resemble the Wetwork armor and his trench coat worn underneath it, with a red and white color-scheme, and both Angelic and Demonic aspects I've never had to use this yet. It's been a long while. And it feels good. His weapons become twin Katanas with Angelic and Demonic power

Terrus: Changing you appearance will not faze me. You and your worthless "Eternal Heroes" will die at my hands.

Hunter: I'd like to see you try harder.

Terrus: Do not underestimate me and my powers. They are greater than you'll ever be.

Hunter: No chance convincing you, huh? So be it. Continues his High-speed barrage of attacks, wearing Terrus down slowly, until both are extremely tired God told me I have earned the right to use my Divine Warrior powers without sacrificing anything. I haven't tried it, but now would be an excellent time. His katanas turn into blades of pure energy, Vengeance becoming pure Demonic energy and forming the left blade with Justice forming a pure, Angelic energy blade in his right hand Hm. Nephalem's Retribution. Swings the blades at Terrus, crucifying him to one spot

Terrus: Hahaha, fool. Nothing can hold me down. Breaks free of the binds, then teleports and rips off Hunter arms and legs, then super kicks him into the ground, leaving a GIANT crater with Hunter in the center

Hunter: Sh**. This hurts.

Terrus: You petty beings think you could actually win here don't you? Hahaha...

Luke flies from behind coated in lave but Terrus flicks him out the planet

Terrus: This battle is just upsetting. We have a Devil who can't even use his powers properly, a half angel, half demon with stupid powers and a child connected with a disappointing entity. Terrus uses the same gold lightning to weaken Preston and Hunter to near death then teleports away to an unknown location to destroy things

Preston: Tch... He sits on the ground and begins to meditate as he rapidly heals back up. He then flies to Hunter's limbs and brings them back to him and heals him up. Let's go. *Hey, Raptor? You there?* No response *Dammit... Can't contact the Phoenix Force right now... Anyway...* He sits back on the ground and meditates to locate Terrus. Preston then uses his teleportation to opens up a portal through his eyes and locates Luke. He then ejects Luke from his eyes to land by Hunter. We. HAVE, to FUSE. NOW.

Luke: It's impossible. A three way fusion? No way.

Preston: Dude. We have to try at least. Come on guys. He stands up

Hunter: We have no other choice Luke. If he stopped and resisted the power of the Divine Warrior, only a being powers greater than his could defeat him. He's been weakened, he has no shield. If we fuse, we can kill him. I mean we fuse our powers, not with each other.

Luke: If I fuse my powers with Preston, it'll kill him. You don't know what it's like to be a demon. It's not pleasant.

Hunter: My Angelic powers and your Angelic heart can hold back the Demon within. And that Phoenix Force of his won't be dominated so easily. Right Preston?

Preston: He's right. Our best chance is to share our powers and go our highest forms.

Luke: Fine. There is two ways this could go, we screw up everything and we all die, or we have the fight of our lives and kill that piece of godly shit!!

Preston: Heh... He puts out his hand Place your hand on mine and I'll lend both of yall the energy of the Phoenix Force for us to share.

Luke places his hand

Luke: Hunter, place your hand, I'll give you guys my powers too.

Hunter: Good. My Angel will keep the Demon at bay. Places his hand on top of Luke's

Preston: K. Now all we need to do is share the power..and... ARGGHHHH!!!Suddenly the Phoenix Raptor forms behind Preston with its wings open and energy starts coming from his body and into the hands of Luke and Hunter.

Luke gains the Phoenix Powers then passes the Demonic energy onto Hunter and Preston

Luke: SHHHH****TTTT!!! I feel awesome!!!!

Preston: Gains the demonic power and takes a step back and coughs blood AHHHHH!!! THIS FEELS REALLY DISGUSTING BRO. HUNTER

Hunter: This is really gross. Dai Tenshi!!! Passes on his Angel powers to Luke and Preston, suppressing and containing the Demon Oh man. Let's agree to never do that ever again. I do feel stronger though. Let's kill this motherfu**er.

Preston: I agree... Geez... The angel energy goes into and contains the demon energy. He takes his hand off and examines himself. Heheheh let's go. Preston instantly teleports to him as he already found out his location. Then as he's watching Terrus destroy he telepathically contacts them both *You guys need help coming?*

Luke: Arg... His eyes beam with Angelic energy and he grows his wings, one demon, one angel Woah! Let's go. Teleports in a flash of dark light

Hunter: Alright! Teleports, leaving behind some Demonic and Angelic energy

Terrus stops his destruction and looks at them

Terrus: Here to die? HAHAHA!!!

Preston appears behind Terrus in blink of an eye and clutches his sword and slashes a strong one at him sending him toward Hunter

Preston: GO

Hunter: Ryokai. Let's tango motherfu**er. Charges him with his Phoenix Force-charged swords, inflicting an actual cut Ha! This works alright. Teleports back to Preston We'll alternate attacks. Someone else go next.

Luke: My turn!! he forms his scythe, coated in Hell-Phoenix Fire and throws it at Terrus which cuts right through him

Terrus: FOOL!!! He throws a ball of White Light at Luke which severely weakens him

Preston: Luke! You can heal! Concentrate on the energy and it'll heal you! Terrus! He coats himself in demonic energy and angelic energy and tackles Terrus starts fighting him in ultra speed. He starts clashing with him getting faster to the speed of light. *Agh! This speed! I gotta conform to this...* Terrus then gets behind Preston and grabs him by the neck and throws him with full force down to the planet he was reeking havoc on.

Terrus: You insolent fool! You declare a rematch yet you're still too weak! Suddenly multiple GIGANTIC Hell-Fireballs start coming from the planet and as Terrus tries to block one, it turns out Preston's clone is in that and punches Terrus in the face and goes behind him to put him in a chokehold.


Terrus comes to a stop, he is shocked, he stops trying to break free as he sees his worst nightmare floating in front of him; God

God: I created you for a reason. To help me rule Heaven as a second God. I made the terrible mistake of giving you complete free will. But I knew that if I sacrifice my Omnipotence to give us both nigh-Omnipotence you would've easily destroyed Heaven, which you still did. And when you betrayed me and killed most of my angels, I locked you away for good. Hoping you would turn good again. But you didn't. Instead you broke out sacrificing most of your powers and started destroying more. I know you're powerful enough to kill and destroy everything in this universe so I'm here to stop you once and for all.

Terrus: No!! You will not destroy me!! You never fight!! You create and let it play out while you sit and judge!!! You've taken out the knowledge of you seeing most of the future so you won't have control on the future. So people can die and you won't affect it. You don't want to interfere and save those who are loyal to you. And you call yourself the God!!! You think the Devils are the most evil creation?!? No, you are!!

Preston's Clone: *God is here?! Where's Hunter and Luke at??! Did they summon God somehow?!*

Hunter: *When did God get here? And where's Luke? Meh.* I can't believe it. Terrus fears God. If that's so, maybe... Draws Vengeance, then imbues it with Pure Demonic energy, creating a GIANT version of itself, the blade being twice as big as Hunter Whoa. Okay. Maybe some extra height would help. Does the same thing to Justice, then transforms into a 6-meter tall version of himself to balance the size of his weapons *Better. If Terrus fears God so much. Maybe God could kill him.*

Luke appears near Hunter

Luke: Right here. I called God. Terrus is still too OP for us to handle.

God: Terrus. This is it. Your time has come.

Terrus: NOO!!! Terrus suddenly increases his power so much that he easily kills Preston's clone and grabs God by the neck (God appears in human form, he's omnipotent, he can do this)

God: Don't you know I'm omnipotent. You can't kill me. God lightly punches Terrus making him fly back But I'll kill you slowly, as your punishment for your sins. He charges his hand with demonic energy This energy is the only thing that actually hurts you. So I'll use it on you.

Terrus: No!! I will not be destroyed!!!!

Terrus charges his hand with gold lightning and shoots it at God while God shoots Hell lightning and over powers Terrus' lightning easily

God: You can't kill me Terrus. You could've ruled the universe but instead you betrayed me.

Luke: Holy shit, God is awesome!!

Hunter: Damn right!

Terrus: No...

God: Goodbye, Terrus.

Terrus: RAHHHH!!!!

Terrus punches God across the face as God holds his cheek that Terrus punched

Terrus: Did that hurt?

God: Sh*t...

Terrus: What?!? You just...Terrus smiles then repeatedly punches God till he bleeds from his mouth. God then turns into Luke's devil form

Terrus: I KNEW IT!!! You tried to trick me Luke Darwin!!! You pretended to be the Almighty God!!! Ha!!

Luke: F*ck!! He found out.

That's when Preston flies in at near light speeds with his sword covered in max amount of Phoenix, Demonic and Angelic energy and slices Terrus's arm off in a split second.

Preston: For f*ck's sake, DIE ALREADY! He rams into him again and clashes with him one more time even though he has one arm. RAHHHHHH!!!!

Hunter: Agreed. Die, and stay dead!!! Charges Terrus from behind and impales him with Vengeance and Justice, all super-charged with Angelic, Demonic, and Phoenix energy How does it feel? Being wounded by three beings you say are... "inferior". Because we.Twists both blades as they're still impaled in Terrus Are not. Continues twisting the blades around Inferior!!! Pulls the blades out, leaving an energy wave made of the Phoenix-charged Nephalem energy You will die. By our hands.

Terrus: Rah... I'm sorry. You haven't got the power to kill me. Terrus turns around and grabs both his arms, cushes them then kicks his chest, sending him flying. Luke comes from behind and places the scythe around his neck

Luke: This is extra special demonic energy. he slices his neck then leg sweeps him and stabs his chest. Terrus jumps up and grabs the scythe, but the scythe burns his hand because he's not allowed use of it. The scythe flies into Luke's hand then Luke cuts multiple cuts on Terrus' chest

Luke: Sorry, it's my scythe. And Death's but mine.

Preston then slashes at the same cuts making them larger. Terrus then takes his last slash the slashes Preston across his leg. Preston creates a clone to punch Terrus in the chest together and they juggle him back and forth between each other and grabs Terrus by the arm, but Terrus punches him into space and flies after him.

Terrus: You are nothing to me... He repeatedly punches Preston and light speed and breaks his neck. Suddenly you see him smile

Preston's Clone: I'm a clone you dumba**!!! He kicks Terrus towards the other Preston, but Terrus fires a large beam at the real one from afar. Preston absorbs most of it while taking a little damage, but then Terrus appears in front of him and slices him completely in half. Preston coughs out lots of blood and smirks.

Preston: GUYS THIS IS IT!!! Suddenly the clone Preston punches Terrus with so much force that he loses his balance and flies away.

Terrus: WHAT?!

Preston: Heh... I switched myself with my clone... So now I'm the clone... The clone is destroyed and the real Preston then slashes Terrus down to the planet. We're finishing this guys... Attack the planet with all your powers....

Terrus: He heals then creates a continental sized ball of godly fire and engulfs Preston, Hunter and Luke, damaging all with immense pain and canceling their attacks I am not as weak as you think.

Luke: While inside the fireball, Luke concentrates his mind on Terrus, focusing everything. He inflicts pain on him without attacking him causing an opening in a side of the fire ball, allowing Luke to escape only

Terrus: ARRRGGG!!! How?!??

Luke: Terrus, bring out your full power. I want to face that.

Terrus: Big mistake. Very well. Terrus turns into a fifty foot god titan

Luke: Oh you wanna play fifty-foot-titan wars? Fine!! He turns into his full demon form, a muscular reddish-black demon with huge horns and bat wings Time to die!!! Luke scratches a huge cut into Terrus then breathes Hell fire on him, burning his skin. Terrus fights back with glowing punches and the fight continues for ten minutes.

Luke: SH*T!!! I need backup!! He looks at the godly fire ball and breathes Hell fire on it, destroying it and releasing Hunter and Preston He's wearing me out!! You got a plan?!?

Preston: Yea! It's gonna require you two as well! Preston makes a giant Phoenix Raptor that's so big, it makes the the planet look like a dot. RAAAHHH!!!! GUYS!! ADD ON YOUR POWERS!!! WE'LL DESTROY HIM RIGHT HERE!!!

Luke engulfs himself in darkness then creates a Devil aura of equal size as the Phoenix Raptor


Hunter: We're gonna be so f**kin' tired in the morning. Charges the super-sized Justice and Vengeance with Godly power CROSS-PIERCER!!!! Slashes at Terrus, creating two, super-sized crescent-shaped waves of Godly energy equal to the size the Phoenix Raptor

Preston: GOOD!!! Preston makes the Raptor absorb all the energies and it begins to glow. Terrus makes a super shield that glows bright blue and covers his entire body protecting him

Terrus: This is the ultimate shield. You cannot win with that.

Phoenix Raptor's Super Ultimate Talon Attack

Preston: Oh yea... MILLION TALON STRIKE!!!! Preston then makes the gigantic Phoenix Raptor fly out deeper into space and then launch many bright red talons from it's wings at Terrus. Now remember these are supercharged so they deal A LOT of damage, but Terrus's shield is taking them on, but they are traveling so fast that everything is a blur and it's blowing Terrus into the planet.

Terrus: AHHHH!!! YOU'LL NEVER BREAK THROUGH THIS SHIELD!! The planet blows up with the force of all the projectiles and Terrus's shield eventually gives up on him and it breaks. He feels the FORCE OF ALL THE PROJECTILES hitting him without protection and eventually his armor breaks and he looks at them. *I-IMPOSSIBLE!!!! THERE'S NO WAY!!*


Terrus: NOOOO!!!! I WILL NOT BE DESTROYED SO EASILY!!!!! Terrus begins glowing with gold energy and the energy of a near by star gets absorbed into him. He glows extremely bright and he gains so much muscles at the cost of shrinking to human size HAHAHA!!! NOW I'M INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!!!

Luke: NOO!!! Luke (in human form) grabs Terrus from behind, restraining him with his claws stabbing into his arms and darkness to grab him


Luke: Preston!! Hit the core!!! Luke makes darkness circle the area where Terrus' heart is

Preston: Hunter, it's all you now. He flies out the Raptor to Hunter charging him up to 150% energy.

Hunter stands up, charging himself with Phoenix energy, which then supercharges his own power. He then holds out both swords, glowing with the Phoenix Force-infused power radiates off the blades.

Hunter: As punishment for defying God, I will now claim your life. DIE. Luke lets go of Terrus while he's binded in darkness and kicks him forward. Hunter grows energy Phoenix Angel wings and flies at light speed towards Terrus while Terrus get's kicked forward. Hunter goes through Terrus and stops flying while coming to a halt behind Terrus facing Luke. Terrus stands there as blood falls from a cut through his chest but no hole. Hunter stays stationary in the air as he holds out his hand holding something glowing with Justice sheathed on his back. He's holding a golden heart the size of a football, Terrus' heart

Hunter: Your soul... He stares at the heart and crushes it in one hand as gold blood leaks out Is mine.

Luke: Holy f*ck dude. That's his heart. They turn to look at Terrus and see him bleeding from a big cut from his neck to his stomach

Terrus: W-w-h-h-ow??

Luke: Preston. He creates a flame in his hand, telling Preston to burn Terrus' body with him

Preston holds out his hand in front of him. Fire which seems to be part of his body starts flowing out and then burns the rest of Terrus's body as fire comes from it, his face distorting. Luke shoots out his Hell fire at Terrus' body, the combined fires start burning Terrus

Terrus lets out a final roar as his near lifeless body rips to pieces and floats through the air disintegrating

Luke: W-w-we did it...

Hunter: We're gonna be hella tired in the morning. Damn, that felt good.

Luke: Who wants chicken?

Preston: He looks at his hands as fire is spewing from them uncontrollably. Guys? He tries to stop it but it won't stop. Uhh... Are my eyes glowing? One of his eyes are glowing black with a white Phoenix symbol in it and the other is glowing white with a black Phoenix symbol in it.

Luke: Yeah but that's perfectly normal since we just murdered an anti-god...

Preston: Uhh, I hope so... I feel kinda sick... Suddenly the giant Phoenix Raptor behind them starts talking

Phoenix Raptor: Preston, your powers are unlocking. As well as your seal. You seem to be gaining more access to your powers and more. Your powers seemed to be fusing with the other's as the shared them with you.

Preston: Uhhhhh, anyone else seeing this? Or am I just tripping out...

Hunter: I see it. Dai Tenshi and Ikari appear next to the Phoenix Raptor

Dai Tenshi: Hunter, with you sharing powers among your fellow Eternal Heroes, you have unlocked a seal as well.

Ikari: You should know, Tenshi and I are two haves of one being, one entity. We are the first, and ONLY Nephalem.

Tenshi: Luke's father and God found out about us being the only Nephalem. A Nephalem is a union between Angel and Demon, transcending all boundaries either of those species faced, and keeping all their strengths.

Ikari: As such, God and Luke's father placed a seal on us, then executed us. Once that happened, we split into two Angels. I sinned, and was cast out of Heaven, my Demon side awakening.

Tenshi: As for me, my powers were still so great, I was further divided into the Angels you met prior. the more you fought with them, the more the seal weakened. Then, I was fused back to one form again. But I still felt incomplete.

Ikari: When Luke shared his powers, my Demon side took over completely, now I'm an Archdemon. It's the Demon version of Archangels.

Hunter: So what now?

Tenshi: God is weak, he requires assistance. We should provide him some. Then, we will need to raise up the forces of Heaven once again.

Ikari: Meaning that we heal God. Once that's done, we'll become one again. You'll become a Nephalem in return, because we will fuse permanently to your soul. Transforming it into a Nephalem's soul.

Hunter: Fine. Anyone wanna come?

Preston: No... I gotta see what the Phoenix Force wants... Cya bro.

Phoenix Raptor: Pardon the interruption, Preston. Anyway, you are gaining control over your orgininal power: Time manipulation. But since you hold the Psionic Nexus, your control over it is increasing drastically. You're going to need to train it. If you do, you will be unstoppable. Also, your Life-Force control is rising as well. Be weary of that.

Preston: Whoa... Thanks Mr.Phoenix....

Phoenix Raptor: As to you too. That's when the whole Phoenix Raptor dissolves into fire and absorbs into Preston, his eyes going back to normal but tiring him out.

Preston: I'm so sleepy now... I'm out for now guys. Preston instantly teleports back to Earth, on a skyscraper in New York, falling asleep soundly.

Luke: Well. I need to relax my powers. He turns into his demon form I'm going to KFC. Cya Hunter. He teleports into KFC, scaring the living sh*t out of people because a Devil just ordered chicken wings

Hunter is going with Tenshi and Ikari to see God, but things might take a little unexpected turn to become a Nephalem...

Next time in Eternities Issue 7...


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