Previous Issue of Eternities:


2 days after the incident in the city

All 3 members of the Eternal Heroes are in their base as Preston is sitting down with his feet up and eating some brownies while watching T.V. as Hunter and Luke are somewhere else in the base.

Preston: Munching on some brownies Hey anybody here??? I need a soda from the fridge!! I'm kinda Om nom nom Lazyy!

Luke walks past while he throws the can then opens one himself then sits next to Preston with his feet up

Luke: Sup.

Preston: He catches the can with his telekinesis as he's still too lazy to even catch it with his hands. Dude, want some brownies? He uses his telekinesis to crack open the can of soda and brings it to his mouth to take a sip and makes a brownie float beside Luke

Hunter: Since when were you so f**king lazy? Get himself a soda then opens it and takes a sip Imma go play some Five Nights at Freddy's 3. Goes over to the computer room, boots up FNaF3 and plays it

Luke: Sure, thanks. Luke picks it up then eats it Mmmm...nice. Luke points his hand at some popcorn to cook it then calls a demon to earth

Luke: Pass the popcorn then clean my room.

Demon: Yes sir. he gives the popcorn then goes to clean his room

Luke: looks at Preston then smiles then says as he sips I love being king.

Preston: Duuude Hunter, I never played it!! Is it good??!!! He yells at Hunter as he leaves then notices the demon spawn next to Luke to serve him I wish I could do that!!! Dude, is there a way to teach me, but without gaining your demon powers??! He gets a little excited then crushes his soda spilling all over the floor. Oops... Like now, me summoning a demon without your help would be SICK.

Hunter: Gets jump-scared by Spring-trap HOLY F**KING SH**!!!! F**K YOU SPRING-TRAP!!!!

Luke: There is no way you will ever be able to command them. Unless you were born son of Satan which is a big NO. But here Luke calls three more demons to listen to Preston Treat them like normal servants.

Preston: Du-uude!!! He jumps on the couch with unneeded excitement Not as good, but still dope!! He points his finger down to his hallway Go clean my room, then points to the bathroom Clean up the piss on the toilet seat. It's GROSS He starts chuckling then gets serious It was one of you, WASN'T IT. He emphasizes the 'WASN'T IT' at the room Hunter is in

Hunter: Wasn't me!!! C'mon... almost there... almost there... Beats Nightmare mode and gets the good ending Yes!!! FNaF3... COMPLETE!!! Takes a sip of his soda, then gets up, goes to the kitchen, opens the fridge, and gets out a plate of cookies including snicker-doodle and chocolate chip Anybody want one?

The Eternal Arch opens and someone steps in

Hunter: Hold up, I'll be back. Takes a chocolate chip cookie, eats it, then goes to the hall that leads to the Arch and sees Ruby walk in in her civilian clothes and her person

Ruby: Hey Hunter!

Hunter: God let you in?

Ruby: Yep. Walks down the hallway to the main room and sees Preston and Luke Hi everyone!

Hunter: You wanna cookie? Walks back into the kitchen and takes a couple of cookies, puts them on a disposable plate, then walks over to the couch and sits down with his soda appearing next to him

Ruby: Yeah, sure. Walks over to Hunter, sits down next to him, then takes a cookie from his plate and cuddles up with him

Hunter: This is normal. Eats a cookie and takes a sip of his soda

Preston: Hmmmm.... Who's the chick? He floats in front of her and checks her out She's pretty fine... Hehe, I see you Hunter, pullin' the sexy ones! Uses his telekinesis to pick up 5 cookies and floats to leave I'm gonna go practice my new powers I unlocked... Trying to make weapon or something. See ya guys, if any of you want to help then feel free. Suddenly a crash is heard in his room and Preston flies to see what it is. A demon servant has dropped his lamp. You stupid piece of crap! He begins to use telekinesis to choke the demon servant then stops and let's him go. Don't do it again. He floats to the living room annoyed. Luke, bro, your demons are kinda retarded. Eats a cookie

Luke gets up, walks to Preston

Luke: Dude, f*cking do that again and your head goes in the toilet. They aren't meant to clean the toilet, they are made to fight. You don't deserve them. he summons the demon to leave These guys are my family, DO NOT TOUCH THEM.

Hunter: Preston, ya dun goofed. Gets up and sees what happened I'll fix your lamp. Touches the lamp, recreating it in pristine condition, then puts it back up in place There ya go.

Preston: Thanks bro, at least you can do something other than 'fight'. He bumps into Luke and then eats another cookie while going to the arena. See ya guys.

Luke: Why is it that our "conversations" end in anger? Great, I'm feeling Gluttony now. he goes to the kitchen then starts eating whatever's edible

Hunter: Wonder what's on the news... Goes over to the T.V. and turns it on the news channel and sees the Power Stealers causing havoc and one of them is about to rape a girl Oh sh**. Preston!!! The Power Stealers are back!!!

Preston: Comes flying through a door with a sword in his hand and a cookie in his mouth Holy... LUKE WE GOTTA GO!! AGAIN!!!

Luke: he looks up at Preston with his mouth full as a half doughnut falls out his mouth Now? swallows Great. he gets up then puts on his new armor (DaedricArmorSK.png) then runs to the teleporter

Hunter: Let's go. PyroHunter. Forms his Hinokami armor and runs to the teleporter

Luke: shows Hunter his armor Like it? My dad gave me it today.

Hunter: Nice. And good for him. Draws his right katana Where's Preston?

Preston: Comes out the teleporter in his Phoenix Costume with some stitched in pockets that blend in to hold the cookies They're REALLY good. Ready?

Hunter: We've been waiting for you. Let's move. I saw one of them raping someone. Draws his other sword and coats the blades in White Fire

Luke: RACE YOU! Luke flies off at mach 10 speeds

Preston: Cheater... Flies off behind Luke at his top speed of mach 5 *Shit...I'm lagging...* He begins to fly high in the air and scour the area in search of the power stealers and sees some women and men being taken from the street. He then flies down there

Hunter: Right. Teleports to the scene and frees a group of hostages Preston take out the rapists. Points a blade at a small group about to rape some women I'll take care of the hostages. And Luke, when these a**holes reach Hell, be sure to make them suffer. I'll search for more hostage prisons. Begins looking around for more hostage camps

Luke: I'll have a word with Trevor about that. smiles I'll take the Hulk over there tossing the cars around. he flies towards the Hulk power stealer

Hunter: Ryokai. Frees a couple more hostage camps, then a different Hulk Power Stealer appears

Hulk PS#2: You shouldn't do that.

Hunter: You're essentially committing sins by holding those innocents hostage. Points a blade at the hostages then rests his arm

Hulk PS#2: I don't care. We're gonna bring all the women we can, and rebuild a new society!!! Smashes Hunter, but Hunter evades with Bringer Light

Hunter: Baka. Continues to use Bringer Light to move around and make slashes until the Hulk Power Stealer dies of blood loss I sacrifice you to the Heavens. Now, go to Hell. Continues to free hostages until none are left Right, done. Luke, when you're finished, take these hostages outta here.

The first Hulk picks up a huge chunk of concrete and then tosses it at Luke. As the concrete hits Luke, it breaks as it touches him without Luke moving

Luke: You done?

Hulk: Raaaaa!!! he runs at Luke then punches him but as his fist touches him, the wrist snapes causing the Hulk to roar in pain

Luke: Haha. Luke grows his claws then begins slicing the Hulk many times splattering blood everywhere then rips it's head off and throws it at Hunter Happy Birthday. Luke calls some demons to take the hostages inside a building and protect them

Meanwhile Preston brings back a few civilans safe and sets them somewhere The Optimums (Name of the Power Stealers) won't get them.

Preston: Let us get this show ON the ROAD! He flies up and looks around and sees a couple villains fighting Iron Man. He flies in front of Iron Man and uses his telekinesis to push everyone away really far back Tony, I got this brotha. He lands on the ground as some Optimums launch at him at different directions.

Female with Molecular Powers: You'll never stop this f*cking plan you piece of sh*t!! She throws a few punches then launches a disintegration wave at Preston.

Preston: He has his martial arts stance and quickly moves out the way. He then mouths the words "Too. Slow.", then punches her through a building. This is when more come at him from all directions and they all coordinate their attacks perfectly to all use their powers and throw punches but impressively not hit each other with them. He moves around them and begins to dodge every single attack with a bored expression on his face. His eyes light on fire then lights the whole area on fire killing everyone instantly.


Preston's concussive mouth beam

Quicksilver type Enemy: WE ARE THE OPTIMUMS. YOU WILL NEVER BREAK US. He runs at Preston with incredible speeds and Preston clashes with him, zooming all over the city.

Preston: As he's clashing with the enemy NOW THIS IS A SPEED FIGHT!!! He then grabs his arm and throws him high into the air and launches a concussive beam from his mouth killing the guy. Then Preston wipes his mouth and smirks.

Some members of The Optimum: GO GET HIS POWERS!!! HE HAS THE PHOENIX FORCE BONDED TO HIM!! That's when countless enemies start coming from buildings and turning into giant demon figures.

Preston: *Sh*t!!! Can't let them touch me or we're done for!! Wait, but which ones are the power stealers??! Can't take my chance...* Then rocks start flying towards Preston but he gets an idea. He swats the giant boulders away and after a couple of tries, then appears swords in his hands. *I DID IT!!! MATTER TRANSMUTATION MASTERED!! K-Kinda....* Then that's the when fast paced fighting starts to happen and Preston can't keep up with them as he's killing them off one by one.


Members of the Transport Squad: U-Uh. YES STRAX!!

Strax: OKAY TRANSPORT US NOW! HURRY! Suddenly that's when all the Optimums' bodies' start to flicker and slowly get tangible but Preston keeps trying to fight as they retreat and are being transported.

Preston: GUYS HELP!!!

Luke: On it! Luke shoots hell fire out the palms of his hands to burn them then shoots an arc of lightning to chain to everyone. He then throws a ball of Hell fire which explodes and kills many before they disappear.

Luke: Damn.

Preston: F*CK!! THEY RAN AGAIN! He punches a fist into the ground with extreme anger and causes a tremor felt throughout New York. We have to f*cking find them... He flies in the sky and looks around with his enhanced vision to find anyone in New York but no luck. Hunter, Luke, can one of you find them?!

Luke: I can bring the fallen Optimums from Hell and interrogate them.

Preston: Good idea. Me and Hunter will bring the civilians to safety.

Hunter: Ryokai. Let's move. Uses Bringer Light to get to where the remainder of the hostages are, then transports them group by group to a safe place

Preston: Preston flies at mach speeds to deliver hostages to hospital from places that The Optimums attacked.

Luke: I'll be right back. He teleports to Hell, convincing Trevor to let him take the fallen Optimums back to Earth. He returns 20 minutes later through a portal with two members of the Optimums who look scared

Luke: Hey Preston, Hunter! I got the prisoners.

Optimum #1: Thank you for releasing us from Hades.

Luke: Ha! F*ck off, you're going back in five minutes!

Preston flies back angry and holds the guy to the ground by his throat.

Preston: In angry tone Tell us what your plans are NOW. He threatens to choke him by squeezing a bit harder

Optimum #2: Get away from me!

Optimum #1: Don't tell him!

Hunter: You bakas. Grabs the other guy by the throat and forms a new mask, this one is a pure white mask that has widened eye gaps and an intimidating skull mask design with red diamond-shaped teeth, and red lines around the eye gaps and a ninja mask-like design Tell us, or I will let out Ikari. Ikari will literally devour your soul. Tell. Us. Now.

Optimum #1: Never.

Hunter: Do you want to have your soul devoured?

Optimum #1: In a scared tone No.

Hunter: Then tell us what your group is planning. Tightens the grip on the guy's throat

Optimum #1: Okay!!! He says in a terrified tone L-Look... O-Our team is... He looks at Optimum #2 and uses his power to fly up and turn around to use his hands to try to grab onto Hunter

Hunter suddenly appears behind the Optimum he was interrogating via Bringer Light, then grabs him from behind and pins him to a wall made from Pure Earth, which causes a numbing pain in his body due to the fact that he was sent to Hell

Hunter: Tell us. NOW!!! Or I swear, I will murder you AGAIN, then murder your family so you can see them go to Heaven or Hell, and then I'll ask my friend to make sure you suffer as much as possible. If your family does join you, I'll have my friend make sure they join your eternal suffering.

Optimum #1: Feels bad paining going through his body and complete fear OKAY FINE! O-Our plan was to make a new society since Earth was so corrupt... S-So we've decided to go to Venus and inhabit that place since it's so similar to Earth. HAPPY?


Optimum #2: We told you everything!! They're just going to inhabit Venus to make a new society and the 'perfect world'!! Chill the f*ck out!!!

Preston: He said something about destroying the other time...

Optimum #2: F-Fine... He's also planning to destroy Earth so no one can come after them, and the new 'Earth' can start there... Now please spare us...

Preston: Noo... He burns the Optimum alive brutally and has the Phoenix in his left eye.

Hunter: Suffer. In. Hell. Burns the Optimum with his White Fire in the slowest, most painful way possible

Luke: Okay. Enough. Your fire is sh*t. Time to go back he opens up a portal to Hell then grabs them by the throat and throws them in as the portal closes. We hear their last screams of fear

Preston: Hunter, teleport us there....

Hunter: Ryokai. Stand on that sigil. Points to a sigil that has a Venus color-scheme

They teleport to Venus to stop the plans of The Optimums

On Venus

They arrive near a colonized city of Venus where workers are constructing buildings

Hunter: Creates an atmospheric bubble around him that mimics Earth and allows him to survive Looks over at the colony What to do?

Luke: Heh, angel boy needs some air to breath... So Preston, you wanna come up with the plan or me?

Preston: They're already really far into their plans... Uh, let me come up with the plan. He walks around in a deep state of thinking Okay... Here's the plan... He tells them then they begin to go towards the quickly building civilization 'Kay guys, we need to find the dude named 'Strax' I think... So Luke transform into that dude you saw before and me and Hunter will hide as you ask where Strax is.

Luke: Alright. he closes his eyes as he turns into one of the Optimums See ya. he walks out in the open to a construction worker Hulk Optimum

Luke: Hey, have you seen Strax? I have an important message regarding the heroes that defended Earth from us.

Optimum: He should be in a meeting with Delferax and Soarax. He told us to build these and he sounded stressed, he's having the meeting at The Central Hall over there. points to huge building

Luke: I'll go deliver the message once I get the letter from my vehicle. he walks away slowly but is stopped by another Optimum

Optimum #2: Hey! You there!

Luke: *crap crap crap crap crap!!!*

Optimum #2: You look weird...

Luke: How so?

Optimum #2: Aren't you...

Luke: *SH*T!!!!*

Optimum #2: The best man at my brothers wedding?!?

Luke: *Phew...*, people always confuse me for him, I guess we just have similar faces. Well, in a hurry, see ya! he casually jogs back to Preston and Hunter

Luke: he turns back to his human form He's in a meeting with two other guys at The Central Hall, that big shiny place with the solar panels.

Preston: Good. We have to somehow get in there and kill him. Since he's the leader, I guess he's the main one with the power stealing abilities and giving others powers. Now, let's kill the people on the streets first... We wanna diminish their numbers as much as possible... He has a eery look on his face and begins to walk towards the civilization

Luke: Now you're speaking my language! he walks beside Preston toward the city as they get spotted by civilians


Luke: Ha! "Earthling." He forms his scythe then cuts apart that civilian while some construction workers come to attack

Luke: BURN BABY BABY! he breathes Hell fire at them, frying them instantly

a few police cars show up

Luke: Woah, how long have they been here? They got cops here! he shoots a ball of fire at the cars which blows them up The rest are yours Hunter.

Hunter: Bankai. Forms his dual blades with some changes. The blades are more curved and both both are the same size, with a trench coat in dark on him Now all of you... Die.

All of the people kill themselves, with some blood getting on his coat

Tumblr mqbn8arnZX1qiv5tpo1 500

Preston's Incinerating Fire

Hunter: No regrets

That's when flying people with weapons in their hands start shooting plasma. They run and fly at the group but then Preston runs in front of them and uses his physhic shield to block all the attacks and redirect it back at them back. They absorb the plasma and then fly at Preston and swing at him a few times. He gets slashed and flies back but instantly recovers and heals like nothing happened

Preston: I'm gonna f*ck you all up now... He shoots a giant spiraling blast of fire towards them and then starts to circulate it around the group with his mind as it incinerates the Optimums consumed by it. They start to scream in pain and anguish and as the fire clears nothing is left in the area. Guys what are you doing? Ya'll needa' pick up the pace.

The military appears with the big guns, powers like Silver Surfer come to the fight

Luke: Sh*t.

Preston: Dammit, we need to get around that and get to the Central Hall, you guys ready? Preston runs and starts jumping out of the way of the attacks and deflecting lots of blasts and an army starts to run towards him also It would be nice to have SOME HELP!!!! He yells behind him as he dodges a super kick to the abdomen and catches and breaks the arm violently of some else coming from his left side.

Luke: Really? You seem to be doing fine... Okay fine! Luke shoots a black lightning at the army that chains to all of them then he thows his scythe which cuts many Optimums in half then returns to him like a boomerang to cut more Optimums Hunter! Your turn!

Suddenly and explosion occurs in the city and 3 flying people with powers swirling around them come and land in front of Preston, Hunter and Luke.

Strax: You... You came...

Delferax: Strax... Soarax...

Strax: He nods then they all break the ground around their footing as they launch towards Hunter Luke and Preston

Preston: I'll get Strax... He prepares the fire in his hand and launches towards Strax too and they clash creating a huge shockwave

Luke: I'll get Soarax! he flies at Soarax then grabs him by the neck and throws him to the ground

Soarax: You b*tch! Touch me again and you're dead!

Luke: uses his speed to quickly punch him I'm 90% sure I'm still alive.

Soarax grabs Luke's wing and then his hand to steal some powers but then gets knocked off

Luke: Sh*t, I lost my fire!

Hunter: Delferax? That is a really stupid name. Uses Bringer Light to appear behind Delferax and cut him several times in a Bullet Time effect Hunter calls Dilation Flow, then appears in front of Delferax with his swords covered in blood You're pretty tough. I'll give you that much. I should use my Divine armor. Forms a suit of armor that resembles a cross between a samurai's set of armor, a knight's armor, and the rebooted RoboCop v.3 armor Well, good for me. It worked. His right blade turns into an energy blade Heavenly Sky. Swings the blade at Delferax which leaves a medium-sized cut on his chest Oh, sh**. Then try this on for size. His left blade turns into an energy blade Hellish Grounds. Swings that blade at Delferax, making the cut a tiny bit bigger

Delferax: You're stupid. Our powers are greater than all of three of your guys' powers combined! Charges at Hunter and punches him in the torso, breaking his lower ribs and severely wounding his abdomen and pushing Hunter back

Hunter: *Sh**!!! That hurt!!!* Stabs a blade into the ground to prevent him flying back any further

Delferax: Hurts like a b**ch, huh? Pounds his fists together

Hunter: Yeah, that was a good one. Gets back up holding his stomach with his left arm as his left blade fades into the right, making the new blade as big as Hunter himself

Soarax: I can kill you in my sleep! IONIC DRAIN!!! he drains almost all Luke's powers then turns into a demonic human I will kill you all!! Optimums will rule! Humanity is nothing!

Luke: attempts to shoot lightning but nothing comes out Crap!!!

Soarax flies at mach 4 speeds at Luke then snaps his spine in half


He then breaks both his arms and uses claws to rips his skin off in some areas

Tumblr mndvb9vwrf1sok6ilo1 250

Preston's opening attack at Strax

Luke: FUUUUU!!! Get off me!!!! Luke summons his scythe, stabs it through Soarax causing him to drop Luke to the ground GIVE MY POWERS BACK YOU SON OF A B*TCH!! he coats his scythe in darkness then throws it at Soarax which slices his neck but doesn't kill him, just forces him to the ground

Soarax: Idiot!

Strax then gets hit with a few punches then a kick to the chin sending him flying back and then looks up to see Preston flying at him with a flaming fist and the Strax counters it with plasma to create an explosion.

Preston: You're pretty quick on your feet to counter that...

He then starts punching, kicking and blocking blows between Strax at a really fast pace since Strax knows a bit of martial arts and matches Preston

Strax: You're pretty good Punches Preston in abdomen with Hulk strength but then Preston grabs his shoulders to hop and knee him in the stomach making his body hop in the air a bit GAH!!! When Preston and Strax land on their feet they hold their stomachs in pain

Preston: *How is he damaging me like this...*

Strax: Unless you didn't cough notice... Chaos Magic... could only steal a little though... His body begins to glow as he heals himself and Preston's body starts to have ashes come to his body out of thin air to heal him too

Preston: Heh... Looks like I have a strong opponent this time... He stands up and whips his head around his neck to crack it and then looks at Strax and smirks

Strax: You sure you'll be able to keep up? Suddenly Preston sees a blur that he follows behind him and gets kicked on his right hip, sending him flying to the left and then Strax appears above him as he's flying above the ground from the hit and shoots a giant purple beam from his fist making a giant explosion.

Preston: Damn... Preston is in a crater laid out from the hit. He then tries to get up but Strax jumps into the crater and stomps on Preston's chest making him cough out a lot of blood GAHHHH!!!

Strax: He laughs from pleasure and then uses a super sonic scream at Preston from point blank range to make Preston scream. As he's doing this Preston is shaking his head and holding his head but then Strax makes wolverine claws to stab into one of Preston's arms into the ground. He then stops screaming How does it feel... For someone to completely over power you... Blood begins to pour out of Preston's ears as he SEEMS unconscious Oh well, he can't hear me can he... Sad... He then looks up from out the crater and yells HEY, SOARAX, DELFERAX. YOU DONE WITH YOUR BATTLES YET?! THEY SHOULD BE NO PROBLEM.

Soarax: Just finishing up! he runs to Luke at Quicksilver speed then punches him like Hulk making Luke fly back far FINISHED!!!

a loud roar is heard in the background giving a shocked look on Soarax's face

Soarax: What was that?!?

Hunter: Good luck trying to kill the Son of Lucifer himself. God's Eternal Punishment... KANCHO!!!! Gets up holding his stomach, then swings his giant energy blade at Delferax, making the cut on his chest expand to the point where it covers most of his chest

Delferax: Are you kidding me? That was pointless.

Hunter: Huh. That sucked. F**k it, Spring-Trap. Forms a Spring-Trap suit proportionate to Delferax's body, which then slowly tries to crush him with the mechanisms inside


a huge claw hits the ground in the horizon

Soarax: in a scared voice Oh crap!

A huge demon stands up looking at them, Luke in his full demon form. He walks towards them, casting a huge shadow

Soarax: Oh no!!! I surrender!! I surrender!!!

Strax: Don't be a baby!

Luke: in a very deep demonic voice You all look like ants to me! You can't kill the Son of the Devil! he picks up Soarax with two claws and holds him up to his face Puny! he breathes a huge amount of Hell fire which completely disintegrates him HAHAHA!!!!

Strax: Soarax... That... That was MY BEST FRIEND!!!!! YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD!!! He then flies up and top speeds and looks around to see the giant demon figure Huh... So you can do that too.... As Strax begins to turn into a demon form thing a huge concussive beam comes from the crater and goes to Strax and blasts him out of the sky

Preston: He walks up from the crater injured and ashes absorbing into his body healing him. Hehe... How does it feel...

Strax: SHUT UP!!! He flies at mach 3 speeds towards Preston but Preston punches him in the temple and sends him flying in the another direction as Preston follows.

Delferax: As the Spring-Trap is slowly crushing him inside S-STRAX!! F-FUSE NOWWW!!!

Strax: He blocks a kick to the face coming from Preston and yells back FINE!!!! He uses his speed to grab on Preston's head and knee him in the face and flies towards Delferax. They grab each other's hands which start to glow and then their bodies start to glow as you see them fuse and turn into a giant demon looking figure and screeches which pierces everyone's ear.

Preston: Fuck... Do we have a chance now.... Preston then manages to see a small little glowing spot on the giant's chest that is swirling with colorful mist. What the...

DelfeStrax: RAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Then DelfeStrax shoots and giant red beam from his eyes at Luke. Then the little glowing spot glows brightly.

Luke: holds his arms in front to block it then talks as he blocks it I.AM.THE SON OF THE DEVIL!!! He reflects it then coats himself in darkness and disappears as the darkness clears. He reappears behind him and scratches a huge mark in his back. It heals then DelfeStrax kicks him away and shoots a holy beam at him.

Luke: ARG!! Luke starts growing smaller, back into human size but in his true form instead of human form Preston! My powers aren't working! That's one strong beam!!!

Preston flies behind DelfeStrax and when he senses him he turns around to swat Preston but Preston punches the jewel with LOTS of force behind it but it doesn't do anything

Preston: Sh- He gets hit away by DelfeStrax and he screeches once more

DelfeStrax: YOU WILL NEVER KILL THE OPTIMUMS. WE ARE GOING TO MAKE A NEW SOCIETY. YOU WILL NOT STOP US. He then is going to stomp on Hunter while shooting solar energy from his mouth at Preston.

Hunter: Nope. Forms his own Titan form resembling Evangelion Mark.6 with a white and gold color scheme then dodges the stomp back doing a back roll *Alright d***weeds, let's see how this works.*


Preston's alien scythe

Preston: Uses his Physic Shield to reflect it back at him but it doesn't do anything and then looks at Hunter huffing You look pretty cool man... Cover me though... I have a plan... Fire starts to surround Preston as he looks up at the giant beast *So...That thing seemed pretty indestructible... My punch would've put a hole through the Earth and didn't damage that thing... Fine... I maybe gotta use that alien scythe then. Since it can cut through literally anything.* As DelfeStrax begins to attack Hunter and Luke, Preston concentrates to remember the special molecules the alien scythe was made of then uses his matter transmutation to replicate the molecular structure of it. He then forms the scythe in the ground and uses his telekinesis to float it in his hands. Now... LET'S FINISH THIS GUYS!!!

Luke: You call that a scythe? Pfft... he forms his scythe, one of the most destructive weapons in the omniverse Let's kill them! He grows his wings then flies in circles around the beast while cutting through it with his scythe

Hunter: Communicating telepathically *F**k yeah guys.* Charges at DelfeStrax and punches him square in the stomach, then uppercuts him with White Fire and Roundhouse kicks him with Pure Earth

DelfeStrax: Weak Homo Sapiens! Swats Luke away then shoots Chaos Magic at Preston and shoots Venom's webs at Hunter

Hunter: *This is really stupid.* Burns off the webbing then performs a roundhouse-kick, uppercut, two jabs, then machine-gun punches DelfeStrax with pure elemental energy, giving it a bit more of a kick

Preston: Dodges the blast and looks up at the beast and starts to fly toward him and flies around him trying to get to the jewel but gets blasted out by the giant


Preston: Guys... This is gonna be looong fight..

They've been fighting this beast for who knows long and they are very weakened by this monster...

Preston: *No... Hunter... Luke... Shit.. I should be doing something.... Instead on wimping on the ground...* Suddenly Preston hears a voice in his head and he looks around anxiously

Goku by tsb

Preston's dramatic power-up

Voice: Preston, you want to become stronger right?

Preston: *Y-Yes... Who is this...*

Voice: The Phoenix Raptor inside of you. I have finally been able to get ahold of you because of your rapid use of wanting to contact me. I will slide some more of the seal off. You will gain more power to defeat this being. Good luck... It's voice fades out and Preston's head gets fuzzy.

Preston: W-What's ha- The power... It's... aaaaaAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! He begins to spew Cosmic Flames from his body and he starts to power-up and the air pressure around him increases. As the cosmic fire spews out, his clothes begin to burn into new a new Phoenix Costume. Then his body begins to rest and float back on the ground as smoke comes from his skin. Yes... This is precisely what I needed... He has a smirk and looks at DelfeStrax as he disappears in a gust of wind and appears above him about to slash his head but then there's a force field.

DelfeStrax: You think you can get a power-up and beat us? No one is a match for us... He swats Preston away at the team but instantly recovers.

Preston: Tch... Hunter, can I have some of your holy energy real quick? he holds out his hand

Hunter: Sure. Uses the remainder of his titan form to UBERCHARGE Preston Enjoy.

Tumblr mk47f7YST61qbs05mo7 250

Preston's Holy attack

As he touches Preston's hand, some of the Phoenix's energy gets charged into Hunter.

Preston: Help me distract him bro. Preston holds out his hands and begins gathering light in his hands. Then Preston opens his hands, releasing numerous homing beams of light from a giant holy ball. As he's doing this it's distracting DelfeStrax and causing him to block the beams. Then Preston steps out as he created hollow flame clone. Hunter, NOW! I'm GOING IN!

Hunter: Ryokai! WAR OF THE AFTER LIFE!!! Forms his energy blades and slashes them at DelfeStrax, crucifying to a single position where he is immobilized I can only hold it for so long. YOU GOT 10 MINUTES PRESTON!!!! MOVE IT!!!!

Preston: GOT IT!!! He grabs the scythe off the floor and flies at mach 8 speeds around DelfeStrax as he's shooting Chaos Magic everywhere from his eyes. Preston manages to fly in an opening made by one of Hunter's slashes and strikes a shield but goes through it and then does a front-flip making the slice stronger and slashes at the jewel. Preston MISSED it by an inch and gets blasted out onto the ground near Luke but stabilizes. LUKE! LAUNCH ME RIGHT AT THE CHEST WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH. He clenches the scythe hard.

Luke: Okay! Luke grabs his arm then spins and throws him at DelfeStrax at a really fast speed

Preston sends some of the Phoenix Force recharging him also and is thrown at DelfeStrax's chest at a really fast speed dodging all the holy attacks from Hunter and the clone.

DelfeStrax: NEVER!! He stops blocking and begins to take damage but swings his arm full of hell fire at Preston but Preston uses stops heading toward him and flies up dodging the arm and looks back down at DelfeStrax with a smirk. He then uses the remaining momentum he saved up from Luke's throw and boosts himself down at DelfeStrax, down his chest at blinding speeds and goes past the jewel and DelfeStrax launches an energy beam from his chest shooting away Preston far.

Preston: He gets up nearly uninjured and looks at DelfeStrax.


Venus collapsing on itself

DelfeStrax: HA YOU THOUGHT YOU COU- His speech is stopped as the aftermath of the blinding cut at the jewel appears and clearly cuts the jewel in half. DelfeStrax has a terrified look on his face as he looks down to see half of the jewel slide off and turn into mist and the powers inside suddenly begins to come out like ghosts and at light speed, head out of Venus to Earth. DelfeStrax is screaming as his powers are being taken away and the other people in the city are having their powers taken away from them. His body then implodes on itself as he's screaming then all the powers leave to Earth leaving the city.

Preston: That... Was... Easy... Clearly he was lying. Now we gotta clean up Venus guys... He begins to fly to the city then an explosion occurs from the previous implosion of DelfeStrax sending them flying. When they get up, they see a giant purple hole in Venus looking like everything is gonna collapse on itself. GUYS.... IT'S SUCKING IN EVERYTHING!! He gets sucked in towards it and flies at mach 6 away next to them. I-I have a plan... As he says this, the city gets sucked in causing chaos and death everywhere. The hole gets bigger and bigger and is getting stronger.

Now a new threat arises... The destruction of a vital planet in the Solar System...

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