Conrad Acton is the telepathic member of A-men, and was the second student of Jessica Almen (after her son Marvel Lad) to join the team. He is one of the wisest of the team but is also more dangerous, due to his powers in affecting the brain.

Some of his code names were Psykick, PSI, and Espen.


Conrad was born to Mr. and Mrs. Acton, his parents were known as performers. His father acted as a magician, while his mother was his assistant. Generally, in the beginning all of the Acton children preformed, but Conrad refused shortly later due to schooling.

In high school, he had reported headaches and migraines, and eventually he caused many objects to be lifted in the school. He also heard many voices of his classmates in his head. Unlike most parents of mutants, Mr. and Mrs. Acton weren't bothered by it, and decided to let him go to the Alman Institute, where he learned how to control his powers. Then he joined Jordon Almen (Marvel Lad) to create the A-men and took the code name Psykick.

He (along with Marvel Lad) was sent of his first mission to the terrorist Buthorst bast (on a volcano), and battled against him and his children Thunder and Electra (Jolt). The A-men were captured, and Buthorst tempt to kill them, starting with Psykick, by have Electra electrocute him, but by then she started to pity him. Buthorst's was enraged and tempt to kill him himself, but the distraction gave Psykick and Marvel Lad enough time to make their moves. Then a battle waged out between both sides and due to all these mutants powers clashing, caused the volcano to explode. The explosion killed Buthorst, but Marvel Lad and Psykick managed to save Electra and Thunder.

The Government came to the Alman Institute to capture the Mutant Rogues, but Conrad openly refused, knowing that the Government would kill them. Electra developed a crush on him and decided to join the A-men as Jolt , while Thunder disappeared.

Mutant Powers

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