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Erista Howlett (Earth-7194)
Real Name
Erista Howlett
Current Alias

Savage Kid, Jungle Boy



Young Avengers, New Warriors Squad

Logan Howlett (Father), Gahck (Mother), Daken (Paternal Half Brother), X-23 (Paternal Half Sister/father's clone), Howlett Family Tree


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly Tribe of Fire village, Savage Lands





Unusual Features
Elongated canines


Marital Status

Student, hero-in-training; former village warrior

Taught in Savage Land and more recently SHIELD


Place of Birth
Tribe of Fire, Savage Land

First appearance



Quote1.png There is always a hunter lurking in wait. Quote2.png
-- Erista Howlett

Early Life

Much like his Earth-616 counterpart, Erista was born when Wolverine came to the Savage Land and defeated Gahck in battle, leading to the two to lay together and conceiving a child that Wolverine would never be aware of. He was born shortly after Wolverine left the Savage Land leading Erista to be raised by his mother and the Tribe of Fire's people, its male warriors coming to serve a father role for the boy. But from a very young age, it was clear that Erista would be very much like his outsider father, showing early signs of feral characteristics seen in his elongated fangs, keen senses, and occasional flare of the temper common to feral mutants.

During his life in the Savage Land, Erista was taught the ways and rituals of the Tribe of Fire since despite his outsider lineage, he was still considered part of their village. He was also taught how to adapt and make use of the environment to his advantage since the Savage Land was still an unforgiving place. Knowing one had to be ready for just about anything in the wilderness from a young age, he not only grew quickly but also sought to solidify his place among the tribe. With his father not there and an outsider, Erista did hold the concern of his loyalty and place among them being questioned, causing him to work hard as he could in doing his part in hunting, fighting, and gathering, or knowing what knowledge he had available to him save for some areas.

As he grew though, so did some of the abilities his father had that were passed down to Erista. In fact, he saw his genetic mutation as a way to further his skills and it proved to be quite the gamble as it sharpened his skills as a warrior and hunter. By the time he was thirteen, Erista proved himself more than worthy of some day replacing his mother as a leader by single-handedly leading a few hunting parties against some of their favorite prey or against common predators plaguing the village and even battled a young T-Rex on his own much like his father before him. Feeling thankful for his gifts, Erista couldn't have been happier with his life and his mother seemed to be quite proud of her son, seeming to feel her decision to mate with Wolverine had not been misjudged.

Becoming a lead warrior by the age of fifteen, Erista continued to operate in the Savage land while being blissfully unaware of the events outside his prehistoric home. And it seemed the Savage Land was left alone for a handful of years where it continued to flourish despite the occasional skirmishes with opposing tribes and local predators.

Savage is Born

Erista's and the tribe's life was soon interrupted though by the unexpected reemergence of HYDRA forces. When they began trying to encroach on their territory and not only steal the animals they ate for food but predators and others wildlife it became a concern that the tribe had. Without waiting for a tribal meeting, Erista immediately left to confront their new enemies and by chance caught the attention of SHIELD forces there to try and take out the HYDRA cell. Though neither side could understand the other, Erista's actions made it clear he was there to help.

Eventually, the HYDRA forces were forced out of the Savage Land and out of curiosity for the outsiders Erista went with them with a blessing from his mother allowing him to do so. Earning the name Savage due to his feral nature and more crude fighting ability, Erista spent some time with SHIELD, learning more about modern day culture and quickly picking up on the English language before he was brought to the Avengers Academy at the age of eighteen, causing surprising and intrigue among his classmates and staff alike.

Powers and Abilities


  • Keen Senses: Much like Wolverine, Erista's senses are equal to that of several animals. He can see with far greater clarity and distance than the average human, even being able to see clearly in total darkness. His smell is also acute enough he can track or detect scents others cannot, decipher a particular scent from another, and recognize changes in people's mood based on the chemicals one's body gives off. He can hear from great distances, but to what degree is not yet known, and catch sounds some cannot.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Erista's reflexes are far beyond the finest human athlete, enabling him to react to danger or actions far quicker than most humans, which combined with his keen senses make him extremely hard to hit.
  • Enhanced Speed: Erista can move at speeds far fast than the fastest human, being able to move at 80 mph on foot and enough to keep up with a t-rex in the Savage land.
  • Enhanced Agility: Erista's agility, bodily coordination, and balance are above the finest human athlete, allowing him to correct his balance if he falls, move on narrow ways, and perform complex maneuvers without concern.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Erista can also go through rigorous activities for far long than most, enabling him to go for hours before fatigue toxins begin to impair him.
  • Regenerative Healing: Like most of his family, Erista is able to heal at a far faster rate than any human. He is capable of regenerating limbs and organs, while minor wounds take seconds to heal and major ones only minutes or a few days, putting him almost on a level equal to that of his father and half-brother, Daken. He also is immune to toxins, disease, and alcohol and his aging is slowed down immensely as a result.
  • Retractable Bone Claws: Like majority of his family, Erista inherited his father's bone claws located in his wrists, but much like X-23 he has only two in his hands but they resemble more towards Daken's in being rough looking and serrated. Recently, he underwent a procedure for his claws to be covered in Adamantum and Antarctic vibranium making them not only indestructible but also capable of absorbing energy and cutting through things on a molecular level. Though it is only his claws that were removed and covered in the metals rather than his whole body.
  • Pheromone Control: One thing Erista does share with Daken is that he can manipulate pheromones, using them in a way to confuse others, alter their mood, or conceal his scent. Unlike his older half-brother though, Erista is not particularly knowledgeable in using pheromones and has learned through trial and error instead, but is not yet using this power to its full potential.
  • Telekinetic Force Field: One unique power Erista does have is the subconscious ability to project a shield of telekinetic energy. This power is currently untapped in what Erista can do with it, but thus far he can project it off his body for defense subconsciously when in danger and can alter it's density and how far it's projected when in use. But he is still learning to consciously manifest it at will and what more can be done.


  • Adept Close Quarters Combatant/Tracker: With growing up in the Savage Land, Erista is a trained warrior and hunter due to the hunter-gatherer culture of the Tribe of Fire albeit using a primitive form of combat.
  • Bilingual: Erista has shown to be bilingual in knowing the language of the Tribe of Fire and upon being found by SHIELD has been taught English.
  • High Intelligence: Erista also has shown to be highly intelligent, to the point he is capable of learning new skills quickly as demonstrated in his quick comprehension of a new language, think up different strategies, and process quite a bit of information at once.
  • Environmental Adaptation: In growing up to survive the Savage Land, Erista has learned to adapt to multiple types of environments and use it to his advantage, even being able move about using stealth and sneaking techniques.

Strength level

Erista can lift the normal weight for a man his age, height, and weight.


  • Due to his keen senses, Erista can still be disoriented or incapacitated by certain smells or sounds.
  • Erista is known to sometimes suffer from a quick temper when the right buttons are pushed.
  • Being in a more modern setting, Erista could be best described as a fish out of water since he takes time to have to learn some complex machines and mechanisms.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: His own power, SHIELD vehicles
Weapons: His claws, occasionally a spear or javelin


  • Based on a What If? idea if Erista was older and possibly a mutant.


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