Eric O'Grady 606

Eric O'Grady, also known as Ant-Man, is a SHIELD agent/superhero. Him and his best friend Scott Lang got jobs at SHIELD. Eric was an agent, and Scott was a scientist. When Scott was able to create an armor suit with a shrinking feature and an ant-communicator, much like Hank Pym's powers were like when he was alive, he initially wanted to become a hero, but Eric just assumed Scott made the suit for him, and so Scott just went with it to make Eric happy. Later on, Scott made another suit, and used it to become Yellowjacket. As the new Ant-Man, Eric met Wasp, and developed a crush on her. The two teamed up a few times, but ultimately, Wasp finds Eric annoying, and she avoids him due to her depression over Hank's death.

Powers & Abilities

  • Size Alteration - The suit is able to emit Pym Particles, and whenever Eric releases the Pym Particles, he shrinks down, depending on how powerful the particles he releases are.
  • Communication with Ants - The suit is able to convert Eric's voice into frequencies that ants are capable of hearing and understanding, allowing Eric to talk with ants.
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