Erenet(Karai,) Connors is a feral resident of the Savage Lands who has trouble remembering his past, but knows he is an orphan and is now the adoptive son of Dr Curt Connors. He follows in his fathers foot steps into becoming a lizard.


Erenet's birth mother gave birth to him in the savage lands. It is unknown whether he had a birth name or not after his parents died of impalement.

He was found by two raptors that day and was raised to be a raptor until he was found and claimed to be "missing" by a group of guards. They tried to wash the war paint off, but he refused, claiming it was "his family tradition".

That is, until he learned to speak English and was adopted by Curt Connors a few years after his 15th birthday. He was a walking quiz, people kept asking questions about him but he just ran off, bothered. His father sat him down, asking him if he wanted to talk about it, but he said no and that he didn't want to hear it. He grabbed his dad's serum off the table, injected himself and transformed, running off into the wild. He was later found by Spider-Man. After meeting him, of course, Spiderman asked him why he was out here. Erenet told him he came to say goodbye and ran off into the sunset. He did make his cameos and appearances in all episodes of season 2 and 3.


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