En Sabah Nur

En Sabah Nur was a genetic mutate in Ancient Egypt, who soon rose to power and became a great pharaoh. However, all evidence of his existence soon faded away and he was forgotten. But he was not really dead, as he had a vision of the future and saw the world destroyed in a war between his kind and the humans, so he went into a deep hibernation until the day finally came for him to destroy all humanity. He was eventually awakened by Magneto, a mutant terrorist. It was later revealed that Magneto discovered his whereabouts using C.E.R.E.B.R.O., which he stole from the abandoned base of the original X-Men team. After being awoken, he battled the X-Men but decided that all this fighting was pointless, and so he retreated with Magneto. He stayed in Utopia with the Brotherhood of Supremacy up until the events of AvX Unleashed, when he killed himself by using his telepathic powers to destroy his brain.

Powers & Abilities

  • Telekinesis - En Sabah Nur can levitate nearby objects with his mind.
  • Super Strength - En Sabah Nur has superhuman strength.
  • Telepathy - En Sabah Nur can read minds and block out other telepaths from entering his mind or even sensing him nearby.
  • Force Field Generation - En Sabah Nur can generate unbreakable force fields with his mind.
  • Giant Form - En Sabah Nur can alter the molecules in his own body to make himself grow to giant sizes.
  • Fire Blasts - En Sabah Nur can generate and control fire.
  • Controlling Weather - En Sabah Nur can control the weather, causing lightning storms, blizzards, tornadoes, etc.
  • Immortality - En Sabah Nur cannot die of old age, which is why he survived all those years resting deep underneath an ancient pyramid.
  • Visions - En Sabah Nur can see visions of a possible future flash before his very eyes.
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