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White Prince

He is the son of Adrienne Frost, who is the sister of Emma Frost. When Emmett saw his mother and aunt locked in combat, he intervened, and used his powers to single-handedly take down the entire Hellfire Club. After healing his mother's injuries when she was shot by her sister, he was united with Generation X under the tutelage of Lady Xorn in order to learn to make full and efficient use of his mutant powers.


White Prince is an empath on the same level as Raven (from the New Titans), able to sense and alter the emotions of others. He can induce calm, suppress negativity, and even make someone fall in love with him. This ability manifests in different variations, from causing supremely destructive pain, inducing tension, fear-based illusions, and stealing emotions from others. By absorbing the pain of the wounded into himself, he can induce rapid healing in the affected person. White Prince can manipulate energy and time, and also has limited short-term precognition, although this happens involuntarily and infrequently. He has also been seen flying unaided in space.

White Prince can astral project a solid light energy form that takes the shape of an angel. This "spiritual ego" can travel long distances, become intangible, and is able to telepathically communicate. It can act as a shield by absorbing a limited amount of energy and solid matter, regurgitating them before reintegrating with White Prince. He can convert his physical body into his spiritual ego and carry or teleport himself and others over a limited distance. His ego can mentally subdue at least one person by enveloping them inside of itself. The ego could initially stay outside his body for exactly five minutes; failure to reintegrate in time would cause him mental torment, though he eventually overcame this limitation.

In a number of instances, White Prince has also displayed sorcerous abilities, such as inducing unconsciousness in Miles Morales with a touch, releasing balls of fire from within the folds of his cloak, or hurling electric blasts strong enough to take down Iceman, Firefist, and all of the adult X-Men. He was seen completely annihilating Magik's demon army, numbering more than three thousand individuals, and which contained powerful individual demons that had taken the X-Men down in previous ambushes.

White Prince possesses the additional power of photokinesis: the psychic ability to mentally manipulate light particles with a range of applications, like forming a katana of photonic energy that cuts as well as lightsaber, photonic blasts, or psychic laser beams. He can also bend ambient light particles to become invisible, or generate holographic duplicates of himself.

Though rarely shown, Emmett is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant.

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