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Real Name
Elliot Rios
Current Alias

Weapon Omega, The Telepathic Weapon; formerly: US Agent, Phoenix, The Agent, Agent Zero,



Formerly New Defenders, The Assassin Corps, SHIELD

Tyson Rios (Crimson Shadow, father), Naomi Collins-Rios (mother, deceased), Ricardo Rios (Misery, brother), Juan Rios (grandfather, deceased), Eva Rios (grandmother, deceased), Victor Rios (Guardian, uncle), Douglas Rios (Captain X, cousin)


Base Of Operations
Mobile; formerly: Defenders Tower, SHIELD Helicarrier, Camp Hammond





Unusual Features


Marital Status

Vigilante; former assassin, terrorist, adventurer, special SHIELD operative

High-school graduate

Elliot was born a Mutant, due to his father's genetic alterations.

Place of Birth

Jordaun White

First appearance



Early Childhood

As a child Elliot, Ricardo, and Naomi were kidnapped. They were huddled together until the kidnapper pulled Elliot away from his family. He put a gun to Elliot's head and pulled the trigger. Elliot woke up and he couldn't remember who he was or what had happened. He was afraid and then he was found by Taskmaster. Elliot asked Taskmaster questions about what happened to him and Taskmaster told him not to worry and that he would take care of him.

Life with The Taskmaster

Elliot was told by Taskmaster that he would train him as soon as he was old enough, which was after he graduated from high school. Over the years, Taskmaster treated Elliot like his own son. As soon as Elliot finished high school, he started his training at Camp Hammond under Taskmaster's supervision. At Camp Hammond, Elliot was given the codename Weapon Omega by his mentor. Elliot was trained in various martial arts, assassination techniques and how to use many different firearms. Taskmaster also helped Elliot hone his mutant abilities. Taskmaster taught Elliot how to control his powers so he could use his telepathy to its full extent.


Weapon Omega wearing Taskmaster's training uniform.

While training one day, Elliot and Taskmaster were ambushed. They fought off their enemies for as long as possible until Taskmaster was shot. Elliot thought he was killed and he tried to run away, but he was knocked unconscious. When Elliot awoke he was surrounded by the people who captured him. They ran towards him and he fought back. More came and they had weapons, so Elliot took cover behind a wall. He was pinned there until the building collapsed. He got away by jumping through a nearby window. Elliot saw what caused the damage, a figure made of pure energy. The being saw Elliot and charged him. Elliot created his psi-armor and an RPG and he fired. The explosion pushed him back and when he looked up, the figure was standing in front of him. It grabbed his throat, but Elliot stabbed it in the eye with a knife and stuck C4 on it. He detonated it while he was still close, causing him to be blasted through the ground, into the sewers. When Elliot climbed through the hole, the being was gone. Elliot was looking for the being when he saw a man in red fly away. Elliot tried to follow him, but he couldn't keep up. Elliot decided to stay in the city until he saw the hooded man again.

The Birth of the Telepathic Weapon

Elliot thought that the best way the find the hooded man was to become an adventurer. He thought that the man would fight him or he would help him, but he would find him either way. Elliot made a costume and used his codename that Taskmaster had given him. As Weapon Omega, Elliot stopped several petty crimes and he stopped a few assassinations. One day Weapon Omega saw the energy being fighting someone. He was about to help the person until the being blew up. The person and the energy being were gone so Weapon Omega moved in closer. He heard someone crying and then the hooded man in red showed up. Weapon Omega hid and disguised himself as a civilian and left.

Years later while reading a newspaper, Elliot discovered that the hooded man was called Crimson Shadow. He also learned that a massacre was caused by the hands of a monster called Misery. Elliot knew that if he confronted the creature he would find the Crimson Shadow.

One day, Elliot found Crimson Shadow fighting Misery. Misery was going to finish Crimson Shadow off, so Weapon Omega shot Misery in the head. Then Elliot threw a grenade at him. Misery caught it and crushed it. Crimson Shadow grabbed Misery's legs and Elliot kicked him and then shot him with an RPG. When Elliot and Crimson Shadow got up they saw Warlord and Onslaught. Captain X showed up to help Crimson Shadow. Elliot didn't know who they were, so he waited for them to make their move. Onslaught attacked Crimson Shadow, Warlord attacked Captain X, and Misery came after Elliot. During the fight, a building collapsed on Elliot and then Onslaught created a field of energy and it was unstable, so everyone else was pulled in. The field imploded severely injuring everyone. Later SHIELD arrived and took everybody. Weapon Omega was taken to their infirmary.

The Truth Revealed

Elliot woke up in SHIELD's infirmary and he was fully healed. He walked around the helicarrier and he saw a symbiote in a special container. Next to the container was an injured man who was heavily sedated. It was obvious that the two were Misery. Elliot wanted to know what was going on inside Misery's head so he decided to read his mind. He put his hands on Misery's forehead and he saw fragments of his memories. He looked at his childhood and he saw himself. Each of Misery's childhood memories had Elliot in them as a child. Then everything came together, Ricardo was his brother and Crimson Shadow was his father. Elliot knew what SHIELD would do with Rick after what he did, so he grabbed the container with the symbiote and picked up his brother. Elliot put C4 on the wall and detonated it. An alarm sounded and he jumped out. While falling he created a shield over himself and Ricardo. Once they hit the ground, Elliot took the symbiote and his brother to safety. After a few minutes of running, Ricardo finally woke up. He didn't know what had happened the past few months, so Elliot informed him about everything. Then Rick ran away from him in disgust and the symbiote followed him. Elliot let him go so he could reflect on his actions and he would tell him who he was when the time was right. Weapon Omega went to his safe house to wait until Rick found him again.

Weapon Omega found out that there was a situation in which hundreds of people were being killed by someone named Death, so he contacted his brother. Once on the scene the fight started when Misery grabbed hold of Death. Then Eli proceeded to shoot him in the face, but it had no effect. His mask was pulled off during the battle and Death caused an explosion that knocked Elliot and Ricardo out. A heavily damaged Elliot was woken up by his brother. Rick helped him get medical care and was off. Soon afterwards, Elliot was approached by Nick Fury and several SHIELD members. Elliot was ready to fight until Fury offered him a membership into SHIELD, which he accepted.

Agent of SHIELD

As a member of SHIELD, Elliot was given the codename Agent Zero. The uniforms given to him were exact replicas of Christoph Nord's Agent Zero costume. Each uniform was designed for different environments. Nick Fury wanted Elliot to pose as Nord and make it seem like he wanted to challenge Mister X. Fury wanted Mister X in SHIELD custody. As the Agent, Elliot began his first mission under Fury's command and was sent to Madripoor.

Zero Alt

As an Agent of SHIELD.

Once in Madripoor, Agent sought out Mister X. He learned that he would have to enter a blood sport tournament, but he thought of another way. Elliot read the minds of several locals before finding Mister X's location. During his search the Agent saw a group of people attacking one man. He was severely injured and the leader slashed the man's wrists. Elliot knew he had to intervene so he attacked the group. The Agent easily took them all out. The Agent stitched up the man's wounds and then he drugged and tied up the other people. Then he left to continue his mission. Elliot met with Mister X and challenged him. Mister X was disappointed because he knew that he was an imposter Agent Zero. He accepted anyway because he was bored and he wanted something to kill. Then Agent and Mister X started their battle.

The fight began with hand to hand combat. The Agent attacked first, but Mister X dodged his punch. This continued for about ten seconds until Elliot realized that his mind was being read. He blocked his thoughts and was then kicked in the throat. Mister X praised him for being able to figure out what was happening so soon. After saying that, Mister X grabbed a katana. Agent formed a shotgun to block the attack, but it was cut in half. Agent jumped over Mister X and stabbed him in the leg with a combat knife. Then Mister X slashed Elliot across the face and chest with his sword. They fought nonstop giving each other only minor injuries. Elliot managed to get the upper hand by throwing a flash bang grenade at Mister X's face. After it went off, the Agent had both of his Berettas pointed at the back of Mister X's head.

Before he pulled the triggers the wall behind him exploded and he was shot in the arm. Agent turned to see a swarm of SHIELD forces shooting at him. Elliot ducked behind cover and the SHIELD agents detained Mister X. Elliot got up to thank them until they pointed their guns at him. They told him that their orders were to execute him and Mister X. The Agent formed his psi-armor and the SHIELD operatives fired upon him. Then the roof of the building exploded and more SHIELD agents came in via a helicopter. This caused Elliot to lose his concentration so his armor faded away, leaving him open to a barrage of bullets.

He fell over, wounded. An operative moved in and aimed his gun at Elliot. Then the operative was stabbed through the chest and thrown at the other agents. Mister X picked up Elliot and dragged him to cover. The only way they could survive was if they worked together. The Agent formed a light machine gun to provide support for Mister X. Mister X ran up to the enemies with his katana and a handgun. He killed five at z time while Agent gunned down the operatives surrounding Mister X. A SHIELD agent inside the helicopter had an RPG and he fired it at Mister X. The Agent got up and ran towards Mister X. He shoved him out of the way but they were both hit by the explosion's shockwave. Mister X was knocked unconscious and Elliot was thrown into a wall. The Agent managed to stay conscious and he pulled himself out of the wall. Then he climbed it to get to the roof. Elliot ran across and jumped towards the helicopter as the roof underneath him fell apart.

He managed to get onboard and he shot the operative and threw him out of the helicopter along with the pilot. Elliot landed it and went to check on Mister X. He was barely waking up so Elliot picked him up and moved him to the helicopter. They talked about what had happened and they decided to join forces so they could get their revenge on SHIELD. After this, Elliot tossed his Agent costume into the flames of the wreckage.

The Corps

Before their attack on SHIELD was underway, Mister X and Elliot wanted to recruit people to help them take out SHIELD's helicarrier. Their organization was called The Assassin Corps. They looked for out of work assassins and mercenaries or mutants would just come up to them and ask to join. By the end of their recruitment, Elliot told Mister X that there was one more person that they needed to talk to. That person was the Taskmaster. Elliot hoped that he was alive, so he traveled to Camp Hammond. Elliot found Taskmaster and told him about his situation. He agreed to help, but he would not be a part of the attack, he would only train Elliot's team. So Elliot brought Taskmaster to the location of his team and the training began.


The Corps had finished its training, and Taskmaster departed. The attack on SHIELD was about to begin. Elliot and Mister X moved the team to SHIELD's helicarrier by way of the stolen helicopter. Elliot piloted the helicopter into the side of the helicarrier. The team moved in and they killed the guards that had arrived first. They all moved upward fighting their way to Fury. Several members of the Corps were killed during the climb but Elliot and Mister X continued. They got to the top of the helicarrier and saw Black Widow close the door to the room that Fury was in. Mister X, Elliot and the rest of the team charged towards them. They were being pushed back so they took cover. Elliot told the team to stay behind and provide cover while he and Mister X moved up from the side. The team provided a distraction and Elliot moved in. Mister X attacked the guards in front of the door while Elliot blew it off its hinges with C4.

Eli's Revenge

Elliot trying to assassinate Nick Fury and Black Widow.

Elliot ran in as he was prepared to kill anyone inside. Nick Fury told him that if he killed him then he would release his secret identity to the media. Elliot didn't care: he just wanted answers. Fury told Elliot that he was too big of a risk to have on SHIELD and they just wanted him to apprehend Mister X. It was basically a suicide mission that Elliot survived. Filled with anger, Elliot shot Fury in the head. It turned out that Fury and Widow were somewhere else and they left cyborgs in their place. The robots then preceded to explode, sending Elliot flying off the helicarrier. Mister X saw what happened and he assumed that Elliot had died so he ran to a hangar to escape with the rest of his team. Elliot was falling but he managed to grab hold of a ledge on the helicarrier. He climbed up and the last thing he saw was the flash of a gun barrel. Nick Fury had found him.

The Cure

Elliot awoke and found that he was shackled to a wall. Then he saw Fury, who told him that he shot him with a blank to temporarily blind and deafen him. He demonstrated the blank by shooting Elliot's bare shoulder. Then Fury started to walk away while he was telling Elliot about the trouble he had caused him. Fury turned back and hit Elliot in the nose with his handgun. Elliot looked behind Fury to see more weapons laid out. So Elliot formed two grenades and let them go off in his hands.

The explosion destroyed the shackles and Eli charged Fury. He kicked Fury in the spine, causing him to fall over. Nick Fury shot at Eli, and caught him off guard. Fury took advantage of this and he elbowed Elliot in the eye. Fury took out an adamantium-coated knife and slashed Elliot across the stomach. Elliot hopped over Fury and grabbed him in a choke hold. Fury then drove the knife deep into Eli's leg, which caused him to release his grip. Fury grabbed the fallen Elliot by the throat and threw him into a wall. Elliot landed next to his Berettas and he grabbed them. Then Fury shot Elliot several times in the chest. Elliot was stunned and Fury moved in with a syringe.

Nick Fury knelt down beside Elliot and injected the contents of the syringe into his neck. Eli shot Fury until his guns were empty. Fury was wearing his Kevlar vest and he kicked Eli in the face. Elliot realized that he was in more pain now and he angrily asked Fury what he did to him. Nick Fury told Eli that he had injected him with "the cure" and that he was human. Fury started to beat Elliot down and he told him that he was going to make an example of him. After Elliot blacked out due to a loss of blood, Fury dumped him into a warzone. When Elliot regained consciousness it was dark. He tried to walk around, but he couldn't because of his wounds. He sat on the ground and saw people armed with weapons coming towards him. Elliot knew his handgun was empty and the only weapon he had was in his leg. He grabbed the knife and started pulling, but he was to weak and it wouldn't budge. All Elliot could do was wait and see what would happen. They spotted him and helped him get up. Two of them helped Elliot walk and they led him to their camp. They put him on a table and started to stitch up his wounds. Then someone just pulled the knife right out of his leg without any warning. Elliot's leg was eventually fixed up and he could tell that the people were mercenaries.

Elliot told them about the events that recently occurred to him. The team had to leave Elliot to finish their mission. Elliot didn't trust them, so he grabbed his gun and the knife that was taken out of his leg and left. He was wandering around until he saw a small shack. He went inside to take refuge and he felt a gun put to the side of his head. Before the person could say anything, Elliot grabbed his wrist and flipped him. He put his knife against the man's throat. The man apologized and said that he was just being careful because of the mercenaries that had been sneaking around. Elliot helped him up and put the knife away. The man told Elliot that his name was Dante Woods. Elliot introduced himself only as Elliot.

A New Ally

Dante asked him about what had happened and he explained. Dante told Elliot that he would let him rest in his refuge if he wanted to. Elliot wasn't threatened by Dante so he accepted. When Elliot got up he saw the knife on a table and it was cleaned of his blood. In the corner of the room, Elliot could see Dante with his gun. Dante told Elliot that he just fixed and cleaned each part of the gun. Elliot thanked him and asked how he knew how to take a gun apart. Dante told him that he was a weapons dealer. He lifted up a floorboard and showed Elliot all the supplies he had. Then people were banging on Dante's door and calling for him. Dante knew it was some customers so he went to answer the door. Elliot hung back so he couldn't be seen. Dante opened the door to reveal the mercenaries that had found Elliot earlier. Dante was obviously nervous because he didn't like them. Dante showed them his merchandise and they said they wanted it all. Dante told them the price, but the leader shot him in the leg instead.

He told his team to beat him to death while he took the weapons. Elliot couldn't stand their and watch Dante die so he snuck up behind one of the mercenaries and slit her throat. Elliot kneed the other one in the jaw and stabbed the last one through the skull. The man Elliot kicked got up and prepared to shoot, but Elliot was already holding on to their leader. The mercenary just wanted him dead, so unloaded into his superior. Elliot had moved out of the way and shot the last merc in the head. Elliot moved over to Dante and helped him stand up. Elliot offered to train Dante in combat so that he could defend himself. Dante refused claiming that he only wanted to see what kind of person Elliot was.

Since Elliot helped him out, Dante told Elliot that he could restore his powers, and that he was a mutant with regenerative powers. Elliot accepted Dante's offer and all of a sudden, Elliot had his telepathy back. Elliot thanked Dante, who told him that he also expanded his powers. Dante increased Elliot's telepathic capacity.

Dante said that he had trained other mutants with their telepathy, and that he would help Elliot out. Elliot was happy to have a friend that could help. Dante created a new suit for Elliot to train in and eventually keep. After a training session one day, Dante brought an injured man to his safe house. He was badly injured, but Dante saved his life. The man was Isaiah Simmons. Elliot recognized him as the man he saved in Madripoor. Therefore, he told him that he was the Agent. Dante, Elliot, and Isaiah trained together and then they formed an alliance.

The Onslaught Epidemic

Main article: The Onslaught

During a training session, Elliot noticed that the sky was an unusually dark color. Then something fell out of the sky. It turned out to be his father's enemy, Onslaught. Without hesitation, Elliot attacked. He tried to use his new powers, but they had no effect. This was not Onslaught because he had no mind to attack. So, Eli turned to the next best thing, his guns. He injured Onslaught, but he didn't stop. Elliot dodged Onslaught's attacks and he ended up behind him. Then Elliot created a sword and decapitated Onslaught.

Elliot knew something was wrong because the fight was too easy. All of a sudden several more Onslaughts cratered into the Earth. They ganged up on Elliot, but he managed to avoid them long enough for help to arrive. Isaiah and Dante showed up and they started to fight Onslaughts. They seemed to be holding their own, until the Onslaughts started absorbing each other. There were three left, each fully powered. The Onslaughts stuck together and targeted one person at a time. Elliot was the first to fall, followed by Isaiah. Dante was the last one standing. When Elliot woke up he was in New York alone. He looked around and saw Isaiah fighting some Onslaughts. He went to help his friend fight off the threat. The recent events of The Onslaught War have caused Elliot to become the Phoenix. He has since become a founding member of the New Defenders.

The Phoenix Force

Elliot tried to control the portion of the Phoenix Force that possessed him, but she was too powerful. She was trying to take over his mind. He tried various techniques to try and take over and he thought that he did. Throughout missions with his team, Phoenix would become overly violent. He attacked his teammates' minds on several occasions without them knowing. The Phoenix Force sensed a cosmic threat heading for this universe. Phoenix warned the Outsiders and they prepared themselves to fight off a new enemy.

Phoenix Omega

Elliot as the Phoenix.

A tear in the universe appeared and Proteus emerged. He was relentless in his attacks. Phoenix tried to possess Proteus' mind, but it had no effect. Crimson Shadow seemed determined to end the battle, so he attacked Proteus alone. When their fists collided, a massive, bright explosion resulted. When Phoenix could see again, his father and Proteus were gone. He assumed that they were dead. The Phoenix Force reacted to Elliot's emotions and she released an enormous psionic force blast that engulfed the planet. Everyone on the planet was rendered unconscious except for Phoenix. He could not believe what he did. If he got anymore out of control, the Phoenix Force would have killed everyone instead.

Phoenix deemed himself too dangerous to be around anyone. He gathered his teammates and brought them back to Outsiders Tower. Then he quit the team and exiled himself in space.

End of the Phoenix

While in space, Phoenix meditated and trained his mind. Elliot knew that the Phoenix Force was too powerful for him to destroy or to even expel from his body. His only option would be to sedate her and lock the force within his mind. So, Phoenix went back to Earth and focused on forcing the Phoenix Force to become dormant. He succeeded and locked her away behind several mental barriers, or so he thought.

Little did Elliot know, everything he experienced like ridding the Phoenix Force of his body, did not actually happen. The Phoenix Force sensed what Elliot would do, so she rendered him into a catatonic state. Then she placed his body on the Sun to recover it when necessary. She turned her form into his body and set her sights on Earth. She attacked it with a vengeance and was found by another Phoenix, Jean Grey. This portion of the Force was no match for Grey. After being defeated, Grey absorbed Elliot's Phoenix Force.

She located his body on the Sun and removed it. His powers were burnt out by the Phoenix Force and he was useless. She left his body in space to ensure that the Phoenix Force wouldn't try to return to him. She left and Elliot drifted through space.

Us agent

As US Agent.

Elliot was still unconscious during the events that transpired. The strain that the Phoenix Force put on his mind during the separation drained a majority of his powers and left him with amnesia. His frozen body crashed into a Russian space shuttle. The shuttle belonged to Soviets who wanted to rebuild the USSR and take down the US. They had been searching for the Phoenix and witnessed his battle in space. They had hoped to take the powerful loser and turn him into their greatest weapon.

Elliot's body was taken in and brought to Russia. In an underground base, Russian scientists thawed out Elliot's body. When he came to, he did not react to the Russians. His amnesia had taken full effect. He was put through a series of tests and the Soviets realized that he had not retained all of his abilities. In order to give him the power of a Super-Soldier, he was forcibly addicted to the drug Hypercortisone D. Elliot was subjected to brainwashing and he was convinced that he was a Soviet with a hate towards the West. His mission was to infiltrate the US and destroy it from within.

The US Agent suit was recreated and outfitted on Elliot. By posing as a symbol of America and then attacking it, he will destroy the people's trust in the US government.

US Agent was tasked with assassinating a high profile Internationalist that would spark a world war that would indefinitely cripple America. Halfway through the Internationalist’s speech, US Agent aims a sniper rifle at her head. Hawkeye, disguised as a bodyguard, sees the glare of the scope and quickly pulls out his bow and fires an arrow at the assassin. The scope of US Agent’s sniper is penetrated causing the shot to miss his target by centimeters.

Hawkeye jumps off the stage and runs toward, the rappelling assassin, who begins to chase down the speaker. Hawkeye tackles US Agent to the ground and they begin to fight. Huntress was in the crowd in her civilian guise, but had since shed them, heading towards the two fighting. US Agent kicks Hawkeye off him and races to the speaker, but is caught off guard by Huntress. She attempts to use her pheromones on him, but he reads her mind before and slips out from under her. He again continues forward with gun aimed forward and Hawkeye fire an arrow. US Agent back flips and lands on the mid-air Huntress, with the arrow becoming intertwined with the metal in the door of the escape vehicle.

US Agent wraps his hands around Huntress’ throat and prepares to suffocate her. She begins to fly higher in the sky and tries to throw him off; she begins to fade in and out of consciousness. Hawkeye fires one more arrow and it hits his target. The speaker’s other bodyguards continue to fire on the three. Then Huntress uses her pheromones to paralyze US Agent causing him to release his grip and fall below. Hawkeye runs over and has his bow aimed at Huntress, not knowing if she could be trusted. He then drops his guard and talks with her. The two agree to work together, followed by the capture of US Agent.

Back at Hawkeye’s safe house, US Agent’s uniform is removed and he is tied to a chair. Hawkeye recognizes him as Phoenix, though slightly different and he begins to question his disappearance and recent actions. Elliot will not listen to him, cursing his former friend in Russian. Huntress suggests interrogating him through physical force. After a few more failed attempts, Hawkeye submits to Huntress’ will. She throws the first punch and continues when Elliot doesn’t comply. Hawkeye takes over, the punishment finally becomes too much for Elliot and he passes out.


Elliot taking a beating from some friends.

When he comes to, he notes that he has a headache. Elliot looks up, asking why Hawkeye seems ready to punch him again. Then he says, “Your enjoying this aren’t you Chris?” Hawkeye removes his mask and goggles, responding with, “I bet you are too?” Elliot is released and his wounds are cleaned up. He introduces himself to Huntress, who for some reason can’t stop staring at him. Then he informs the two about what happened to him after his corruption by the Phoenix Force.

The Team

Wanting to continue where he left off, Elliot returns to Defenders Tower, disguised as Hawkeye, and slips into his former room. Inside he approaches the display case that housed the uniform, Taskmaster gave him. He packs it along with his equipment and leaves the Tower for the final time. When he returns to Haweye's safe house, the three agree that they should stay together. Each individual properly introduces themselves, with Janet, explaining her powers. Christian tells her he is an expert bowman and Elliot demonstrates his abilities. After seeing him create a variety of weapons, Janet dubs him Arsenal.

Elliot is proud of his newfound freedom and happy that his mind is his own once more. Chris reveals to Elliot information regarding the team and then his divorce. Elliot decides that he will not return and neither should Chris. He suggest that he develop a new uniform to exhibit his personality and occupational change. Though the group does not consider themselves a team, they function as a vigilante unit, undermining the New Defenders whenever possible.

Powers and Abilities


Elliot was an omega level mutant until recently when his powers were burnt out by the Phoenix Force. After this, his only remaining powers are:

Residual Telepathy: Rios possesses the ability to read minds and project the thoughts of others, though to a lesser extent than before.

  • Telepathic Camouflage: Rios has the ability to mask himself, and other peoples' presence from those around him. He can telepathically disguise himself, making his appearance to those around his quite different (changing the appearance of clothing, as well as more involved disguising).
    Arsenal camo

    Telepathic camouflage in action.

  • Absorb Information: He has the ability to quickly process and store information, by mental transference.
  • Intuitive Multilingual: Has the ability to intuitively translate new languages.

Residual Telekinesis: Elliot only has some residual telekinesis left of his powers. He can still create telekinetic weapons with exertion, but has difficulty multitasking with the telepathy.

  • Tactile Telekinesis: He can, with great difficulty and at risk of injury, use his telekinesis to enhance his speed, strength, agility and other fighting skills into super-human levels.


Peak Human Conditioning: Elliot Rios possesses the peak athletic strength and endurance of a man who regularly engages in intensive physical exercise. His physical attributes exceed that of any Olympic level athlete that has ever competed. His strength, speed, stamina, and coordination are at peak human perfection.

  • Peak Human Strength: Elliot possesses great, though not unnatural, physical strength. However, he does have at least the strength of an Olympic level weightlifter. He is capable of lifting at least 440 lbs but no more than 800 lbs.
  • Peak Human Speed: Rios can run and move at great speeds, capable of reaching up to 30 miles per hour (he has been shown almost outrunning a helicopter).
  • Peak Human Stamina: Rios' body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing chemicals in his muscles, granting him exceptional endurance and lung capacity. He can exert himself at peak capacity for several hours a without rest and before showing any signs of fatigue.
  • Peak Human Agility: His agility is greater than that of an Olympic gold medalist. He can coordinate his body with balance, flexibility, and dexterity.
  • Peak Human Reflexes: Rios' reflexes border on superhuman level. His reaction speed is 20 kph, which makes it possible for him to dodge gunfire even in point blank range from multiple gunners at the same time.
  • Peak Human Durability: His bones and muscles are denser and harder than normal, to the highest human potential, which makes him very durable compared to a normal human.
  • Peak Human Endurance: Rios' endurance is greater than an Olympic Decathlon. He can exert himself at peak capacity for nearly an hour without rest before showing any signs of fatigue. His lung capacity is so great that he is capable of holding his breath underwater for 4 minutes.
  • Master Martial Artist: Elliot has extensive training in martial arts and unarmed combat, holding black belts in Judo, Aikido, Wushu, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, and Jujutsu. His level of skill is sufficient to defeat ten normal men with his eyes closed.
  • Expert Marksman: He is a very accurate marksman skilled in sharp shooting and knife throwing.
  • Master Assassin: Rios is a master of assassination techniques and is highly skilled with a number of weapons.
  • Multi-lingual: Rios is fluent in English, German, Russian, Japanese, and some Italian. He might be lingual in other languages.

Strength level

He possesses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build that engages in intensive regular exercise. Elliot is strong enough to lift at least twice his bodyweight, meaning he is able to lift at least 440 lbs. He has been seen lifting about 800lbs under great stress. He can increase his strength by bolstering it with his telekinetic ability.


He possesses all of the weaknesses of a human male (sleep deprivation, fail on lack of air, food etc) though is able to resist them for far longer than average human levels.


Equipment: Kick

  • Formerly: (As Weapon Omega) armor that served as body armor and it enabled him to breathe in areas with no oxygen. (As the Agent) a Vibranium-weave body armor that rendered him completely silent as he moved. The armor also refracted light, which in total darkness rendered him nearly invisible to conventional methods of detection.

Transportation: Various vehicles
Weapons: Elliot can create a vast array of conventional firearms including machine guns, rifles, shotguns, handguns, knives, and explosives as needed. Also carries spare handguns and a katana.


  • Because Elliot was younger, his superhuman durability had not fully developed, so when he was shot in the head, the bullet went deep enough to cause amnesia, but it was stopped and pushed out before it could kill him.
  • Rios was trained by Taskmaster in weapons and combat.
  • Taskmaster knew that Elliot possessed vast psionic powers, but his mind was not mature enough to handle it. He managed to have Elliot impose mental barriers that would block the psionic abilities that were building up.


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