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Real Name
Eleanor Camacho
Current Alias

Ash, Deadpool's daughter, Ellie



Alpha Hunters, Weapon X

Wade Wilson (Father), Carmellita Camacho (Mother, Deceased), Joshua Ulter (Foster father, Deceased), Emily Preston (Foster mother, deceased), Mickey Wilson (Paternal Grandfather, deceased), Hailey Wilson (Paternal Grandmother, Deceased), Unknown Maternal Grandparents (Deceased)


Base Of Operations
Weapon X Facility, Savage Lands






Marital Status

Field Agent

High School, Some college


Place of Birth

First appearance



Quote1 Guess it's my turn to make a path, time to see where it goes. Quote2
-- Eleanor Camacho


Eleanor's early life is like that of her Earth-616 counterpart with being the daughter of Deadpool and Carmellita Camacho, conceived during their time captured by the villain, White Man. Saved by the Heroes for Hire her father disappeared before Ellie was born and was raised alone by her mother and grandmother in New York for a time. That brief time changed following the Butler's attempts in seeking to capture Deadpool and decided to use those closest to him to lure in the mercenary, with her mother being imprisoned with several others in a camp while Ellie was separated from her mother and giving to Joshua Ulter to be raised as his own daughter under the guise of coming from an abusive home.

While Eleanor was with Joshua she was raised with love and care, at first never knowing what happened to her mother. But by the time she turned about seven, Weapon Plus came knocking and killed the man while kidnapping Ellie. Due to her being the daughter of one of their most rebellious subjects they saw an opportunity to exploit potential power the girl might have. At first though, Ellie was simply kept prisoner and was given some tests to see if she could possibly be a mutant. Though her DNA proved to show potential for it, the effects of M-Day prevented the chances of her being used as such. Thus, plans were made to genetically alter the girl instead to make up for this lack of mutation but luck would once again would come for Ellie.

Before any experiments could ever take place, Ellie was saved by her father and Emily Preston who came looking for her following Deadpool's discovery she was not in the camp her mother had been a prisoner of. After the Weapon X facility she was kept in was stormed and raided by her father, Ellie was taken by him and Emily to her own house to be kept safe but it was Ellie herself who asked her father to stay. Reluctant and concerned of putting his daughter in danger, Deadpool initially refused and once again returned to working alone as a mercenary while she was left with Emily who adopted her as her foster daughter. And with an agreement by Deadpool she began training young Ellie while trying to help her live a somewhat normal life again.

Before she became a pre-teen, Ellie eventually got her own mutant powers from the Phoenix dispersion and eventually saw her father a few years later. This time, Ellie pressed for her father to train her and this time Deadpool decided to honor her request, taking her under his wing. And despite his random insanity, and annoying behavior she dealt with it to spend time with the father she barely knew while also hoping to learn some things from him.

In her father's footsteps

At some point, with Ellie now in her adult years, she ended up going to college and continued her training on her own while Emily returned to active SHIELD duty and her father returning to his mercenary ways. But the apple not falling far from the tree, shortly after Ellie graduated with her AA degree she eventually caught wind of a new sector of Weapon X being revived and potentially continuing their experimentation on the newer generations of mutants and possibly humans.

Not wanting others to suffer a fate similar to her mother and other prisoners, Ellie decided to use some contacts to track down the facility, eventually meeting Dr. Renko who personally brought her to the facility. Through this, Ellie gave her name and lied of being interested in "correcting her father's wrongs" towards Weapon X, calling herself Huntress. She was given a chance and put on the new Alpha Hunters team, one loosely named after the original Alpha Flight, while seeking a way to take down the facility from the inside out.

Powers and Abilities


  • Ash Manipulation:


  • Master Martial Artist: Since she was young, Ellie was trained initially by Emily Preston in various combat techniques and later had her skills expanded on and refined from training by her father.
  • Master Swordswoman: Having been trained by Deadpool himself, Ellie has become a master with the blade, having learned to use different kinds from big to small blades. But her preferred weapons are katanas and sais.
  • Decent Markswoman: With being trained by mainly Emily and somewhat by Deadpool, Ellie has learned how to use different firearms and has shown to have a decently accurate shot.
  • Indomitable Will:

Strength level

Eleanor has the average strength of a woman her age, height, and weight.


  • Eleanor seems extremely reckless and hard headed, leading her to be rather trouble prone like her father before her.
  • Eleanor, unlike Deadpool, can still be harmed by conventional means.
  • She has a severe allergy to peanuts



  • Sword Sheathes
  • Various mission tools

Transportation: Shade's teleportation, Weapon X vehicles
Weapons: Various blades and firearms


  • Eleanor is a version of Deadpool's daughter from Earth-616 but older.


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