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"New Heights"
Writer BeholdtheVision
Artist BeholdtheVision
Editor-in-Chief BeholdtheVision
Published tbd
"Eight Down #2"
"Eight Down #4"

Appearing in New Heights

Featured Characters:

  • Jabbour Technologies
    • Kyda Jabbour (Leaves Team)
    • Research & Development
      • Emmett Wake (Leaves Team)
      • Crystal Gilbert (Leaves Team)
      • Leo Valois (Leaves Team)
      • Myrina Oak (Leaves Team)
      • Illyana Azarov (Leaves Team)
    • Security Team
      • Billy Monroe (Leaves Team)

Supporting Characters:

  • Ian Hemmings
  • Jabbour Technologies
    • Board of Directors
      • Sahir Highland (First Appearance)
      • Misc. Board Members
    • Security Team
      • Castor Willingham (First Appearance)
      • Lillian Morris (First Appearance)


Other Characters

Synopsis for New Heights

We open in a boardroom,

Solicit Synopsis

We are not as we were.

The Eight are changed, but exactly how? What does the High want with them?

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