Early Life

Edward Logan was born in 1838 in New York City to businessman Benjamin Logan and his wife Mary. In 1848, Benjamin and Mary were met by an armed man who gunned them down along with their butler, Jonathan O'Brien. The trauma from witnessing the murders of his parents and their butler triggered his mutant abilities, which included superhuman physiology and cellular regeneration, resulting in him being able to regenerate his skin after being shot by the gunman. Suddenly, Obadiah Reilly, a friend and business associate of Benjamin's, entered the house and stabbed the gunman in the throat. Obadiah took Edward into his custody and raised him. Obadiah would also mentor Edward in business practices.

Life in the Military

Thirteen years later, the American Civil War started and Edward enlisted as an officer in the Union Army due to his connections with Obadiah, who was previously an officer in the United States Army as well. Edward would continue to fight for the U.S. Army for over a hundred years in wars, including World War I and World War II, and during WWII he met Christopher Scott, a mutant soldier with the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes. During the Second World War, Edward also built himself a suit made out of adamantium. Other than Christopher, Edward also fought alongside individuals such as Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and Christopher Scott's brother James. After World War II, Edward continued to produce weapons for the United States. In the 1960s, Edward was approached by SHIELD agents David Jackson and Bill Coulson in an attempt to recruit him for a team of superpowered individuals; their conversation ended when Edward rudely brushed them off.

Weapon A

In the late 1960s, Edward and Obadiah, both now part of the Central Intelligence Agency, went to Vietnam to supervise the American troops and provide them with technological support. During the war, they were approached by high-ranking SHIELD agent William Pierce, who tried to recruit them for a task force known as Weapon A, a team of mutant soldiers. Edward and Obadiah both accepted Pierce's offer, joining the team and taking on many missions throughout the world. During their time in Weapon A, Edward was able to develop a new suit, replacing the old one. In 1979, Weapon A was sent to Africa in search of a rare element known as vibranium in order to enhance SHIELD's technology. Pierce and Weapon A went to Wakanda, a third-world nation at the time rumored to possess large amounts of vibranium. Pierce was suspicious that the villages in Wakanda were just a front. In order to know more about Wakanda and obtain some vibranium, Pierce ordered Weapon A to torture the villagers.

Post-Military Life

Edward was appalled by Pierce's willingness to execute innocent civilians; later on, he tried to report Pierce's atrocities to the SHIELD director, getting Pierce relieved from his duty as a SHIELD agent. Edward also retired from both the military and the CIA in 1980, but continued to produce technology for both organizations. After retiring from the military and the CIA, Edward hired a new secretary named Grace Howard, who, like him, was a mutant. Edward also hired a new assistant named Joseph "Joe" MacDonald. Later that same year, an adamantium suit resembling the original one worn by Edward attacked Logan Tower by flying into the windows and charging at Edward with its claws. Edward was able to get into his suit and fight off the attacker before the latter was able to kill him. Joe and Grace were both moderately injured in the attack. Edward found out that his original suit had been stolen. Shortly after the attack on Logan Tower, Edward contacted SHIELD and asked them if they could find any information on the identity and whereabouts of the attacker. SHIELD decided that they could obtain information by interrogating some of their prisoners. It was difficult to obtain information from any of the prisoners, so SHIELD hired a telepath to search the memories of the prisoners to reveal any potential information about Edward's attacker. After the telepath read the mind of one HYDRA officer in SHIELD custody, Edward learned that the bearer of the suit of armor was none other than Obadiah, who, along with Pierce were confirmed to be part of HYDRA, was still an executive in Logan Industries who conspired with Pierce to attempt to assassinate Edward, also putting Obadiah in charge of the company.

Confronting Pierce and Obadiah

Edward flew to Pierce's hidden base in northern New York, next to the Canadian border in order to end things with Pierce and Obadiah once and for all. When Edward arrived at the base, he was met by HYDRA soldiers who opened fire on him. Edward went through the base, killing anybody who attacked him while looking for Pierce and Obadiah. Edward spotted Pierce trying to escape in a helicopter; Edward fought off anybody who was trying to cover Pierce's escape, taking down soldiers, tanks, and helicopters before taking down Pierce's escape helicopter by piercing his claws through it, causing it to crash, killing everybody on board. After killing Pierce, Obadiah charged at Edward from behind, damaging his suit and ramming him into a mountain, impaling him with his claws. As Obadiah thrusted his claws into Edward's armor and flesh, the former confessed that he hired the man who killed his parents over a century earlier. Angered by the revelation and determined to avenge his parents, Edward stabbed and cut off the wrist of Obadiah's suit before his former friend could behead him, allowing himself to break free from his hold. Edward pulled out the hand of Obadiah's suit and attempted to throw it at him. Obadiah dodged the debris and was able to regenerate his suit's hand. The two former friends soon noticed that the U.S. military had arrived to confront the two. The military ordered the two to land on the ground and prepare to be taken into custody. Instead, Obadiah attacked the military aircraft, slashing into them and causing them to fall. As the aircraft started to fall from the sky, the pilots ejected from their seats. Edward continued to fight Obadiah, attempting to stop him from attacking any more aircraft. Obadiah was able to gain the upper hand in the fight and knock away Edward, causing him to crash to the ground. After he seemingly defeated Edward, Obadiah continued to fight the military. Although Edward's suit was badly damaged, he was able to heal his wounds and continue walking. Edward went back inside the base to look for anything that might help him kill Obadiah; in the HYDRA base, Edward found a stash of weapons made of or powered by vibranium. As Obadiah went inside the base to attempt to kill a vulnerable Edward, the latter picked up a vibranium spear and threw it at Obadiah's suit, causing it to crash down. As Edward dodged the crashing suit, he approached Obadiah's armor and pulled out the vibranium spear in an attempt to finish off his opponent, followed by Obadiah exiting the wreckage of the suit. As Obadiah emerged from the wreckage, Edward threw the spear at Obadiah's torso; however, Obadiah was able to pull out the spear and regenerate. U.S. troops were able to enter the base and started opening fire on Obadiah, who in turn, shot at them with electricity emitted from the vibranium spear. As Obadiah was distracted killing off the attacking soldiers, Edward was looking through the stash of vibranium weapons and found a pair of ring blades, which he used to throw at Obadiah, beheading him. After being beheaded, Obadiah attempted to regenerate his body, before getting obliterated by one of the soldiers who was carrying a rocket launcher; the soldier turned out to be Lieutenant Colonel James Night, a mutant soldier who served under him during the Vietnam War. Upon noticing that Edward was the man in the suit, Night told his men to stand down. Night and his men escorted Edward to his residence.

Going to Japan

Shortly after the deaths of Pierce and Obadiah, Joe and Grace recovered from their injuries and Edward was able to develop a new suit that was able to regenerate itself due to it being powered by vibranium, similar to Obadiah's suit. Edward and Grace developed a romantic relationship, but separated by 1987; however, the latter opted to remain as the secretary for the former. In 1987, Grace, Emma, Joe, and Night flew to Japan with Alexandra Antonov, an executive at Logan Industries and friend of Edward, who invited him to go to Japan with her and her assistant, Heather Marcus. Shortly after the five arrived in Tokyo, HYDRA agents broke into Edward's hotel room, kidnapped him in his sleep and took him to a hidden base south of Tokyo. When Edward woke up, he found out that he was restrained by adamantium and was greeted by Ryusuke Nambu, who said that he was an Imperial Japanese soldier during World War II. Nambu wanted revenge on Edward as the former credited the latter as being one of the individuals who caused the downfall of the Japanese Empire. Nambu already had some amounts of adamantium and vibranum and wanted Edward to construct for the former and his allies technology made out of the two substances; Nambu threatened to have his friends killed if he refused to cooperate. Out of fear of harm befalling his friends, Edward agreed to construct technology for Nambu and HYDRA and was freed from his restraints; among the technology that Edward agreed to develop were suits of armor and advanced weapons and attack vehicles. As Edward finished developing the technology, Edward demanded that his friends be left alone. Nambu agreed, then ordered one of his men to execute Edward, as he went to examine the suit especially made for him. As several HYDRA soldiers opened fire on Edward, he was able to kill them while enduring damage from bullet fire. As Nambu saw that his men were being killed by Edward, he rushed to his suit, getting inside, before Edward was able to open fire on him; Nambu was able to activate his suit and attempted to kill Edward himself using it. However, Edward was able to evade Nambu's attacks and get into another suit. The two fought briefly before more guards arrived in the room as they came into investigate the source of the noise. Nambu ordered the guards to kill Edward and prepare the new technology for use, as the former fled the site for Tokyo. Edward cut down the guards in the base, trying to catch Nambu. Edward was able to become airborne as he flew into the skies towards Tokyo, assuming that he would find Nambu there. Nambu, who was already targeted by local military forces, reached the Tokyo city limits, heading for the parliament building as the city sounded an alarm that alerted the inhabitants. As Edward returned to Tokyo, he returned to his hotel to look for his friends. Edward saw Alexandra's body fall to the ground; as he went upstairs to look for his friends, they told him that Alexandra was HYDRA and that he needed to hurry away. Edward rushed away to find Nambu, following the sounds of gunfire and explosions. Edward charged at Nambu from above, but the latter countered by knocking the former away with the adamantium whips from his suit. The two continued to fight as Edward thought of an idea; Edward lured Nambu to a high enough altitude that both of them loose control of their flight abilities; as they both started to lose control, Edward sank his claws into Nambu's suit, activated the self-destruct he installed in his own suit, ejected, and landed in Tokyo Bay as his suit exploded in mid air along with Nambu and his suit. After the battle against HYDRA forces in Japan, Edward flew back to New York City along with his friends where he presented James a customized suit of adamantium.

Joining the X-Avengers

Thirteen years after the events in Tokyo, Edward was spending time with his lover, Grace, and his friend, James, when he was approached by SHIELD agent, Josh Nathanson, in hopes of recruiting him for the X-Avengers. Nathanson informed Edward that the mutant terrorist Muspell, now accompanied by his newly-formed incarnation of the Brotherhood of Plagues, had resurfaced and stolen the Stone of War from a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility and kidnapped Dr. Erica Rao due to her knowledge of the Stone of War. Josh Nathanson brought up the X-Avengers Program, which was a program that aimed to recruit mutant individuals in the event that a situation, such as Muspell's return, should occur. Nathanson informed Edward that other individuals recruited for the X-Avengers included Patriot X, who he had met roughly sixty years prior, Green Beast, Finn of Hibernia, Red Widow, and War Eye.


Powers and Abilities

Mutant Physiology:


Adamantium Suit

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