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Eddelmund Silverhand (Earth-66210)
Real Name
Current Alias

Builder, Eddelmund Silverhand, Machinesmith, Tekka Lord, Hephaestus, Engineer, Iron Soul, Gearsper, The Mechanist, Technophage, Cybernaught, Byte Trekker, Mechahedron, BioMax, Noob Silvabolt, Collective, Jona, Silverline, Eddle, Mechadine, The Union, Jonathan Silvercloud, Sir. Hand


Neo Exiles (Occasionally), X-Men (Formerly) U.S. Military, S.H.I.E.L.D, Department of Defense

Sarah Tarsus (Adopted daughter), Morgan Hadley (Adopted son)


Base Of Operations
The Eddelmund Foundation, Sir. Hand Consolidated





Unusual Features
Bionic prosthetics replacing his left hand and right leg.


Marital Status

Adventurer, Inventor, Shaman, Teacher, Mechanic, Military commander, Reality hopper, S.H.I.E.L.D operative,

Self-taught, Military Training, S.H.I.E.L.D, Advanced Xenoform Technologistics scholarship.

Human mutant with cybernetic limbs

Place of Birth
Unrevealed, presumably in the American West

First appearance



History of character is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Homo Superior Physiology: Forge is what's classified as a human subspecies known as a mutant. With the addition of the X-Gene integrated into his physiological structure, Eddelmund learned to excel in the fields of science and craftsmanship in regards to mechanics, bionics, eugenics, cybernetics, microrobotics, artificial intelligence and the underlying usage of potential/mechanical energy in all of it's forms. Talents which he would further broaden through his many years as a freelance inventor while within the military, working in secret service agencies as well as alongside the X-Men and as an adventurer in his own right.

Intuitive Genius: Forge's main mutant skill comes off as superhuman intuitive talents for inventing mechanical devices and innately understanding any other technologies he comes in contact with. His mutant ability functions as perception, as he possesses the ability to visually perceive "mechanical energy" (the kinetic energy and potential energy present in the components of mechanical systems) in action.

  • Innate Technological Understanding: This facet of his power allows Forge to subconsciously know and understand the potential and functional operations of any machine or technological device in his visual range, including technology that is alien or foreign in some nature, a skill that combined with his natural intelligence allows him to conceive, design and build mechanical devices; and operate, modify and disassemble existing technology or create countermeasures for it.
  • Intuitive Invention: This facet of Forge's power, simply, allows him to perfectly construct any mechanical device that he conceives at an enhanced rate. Forge's superhuman talent does not mean that he is a greater inventor than geniuses such as Dr. Richards, Von Doom, or Antonio Stark, none of whom owe their talent for invention to mutation. But even a genius at invention must for the most part consciously work out the theoretical principles behind the invention and then the design of the invention itself through a series of logical steps. In Forge's case, however, many of these logical steps would be worked out by his subconscious mind. Hence, Forge himself might not be entirely aware of exactly how he figured out how to create an invention of his, he often has to take apart his own inventions to see how they work. He has created fantastic futuristic devices including the following inventions:
    • His prosthetic hand and leg, that aside from working perfectly as limb replacements; made of varying precious metallic blends unique to both extremities. Have other stuff implanted in them. (They restore after being destroyed, the hand has an energy shield incorporated into it and possesses implanted hacking devices of varied make, the extremities can fire modular beams with differing effects and his leg could slowly dampen and eventually suppress mutant powers closest to him. Both are nigh impervious, being capable of rupturing Pure Adamantium and enhancing his mystic prowess.)
    • Several weapons like: A sniper rifle with great range and destructive capabilities that also scrambles electronic systems, A photon rifle, Hulk killing guns, Several types of grenades that were stored in the same compartment, A bomb that guided itself to the target.
    • A device that worked like a portable Cerebro that was not only for mutants, but also for any super being and different alien races.
    • A neutralizer that can take away the powers of any superpowered being.
    • A medical kit that took cell samples from people, checking for diseases and provided antibiotics.
    • Space suits with no movement reductions.
    • A psychic dampener for preventing the use of telekinetic or telepathic abilities.
    • Implants that can monitor others' behaviors and abilities
    • A disc that downloaded government files without fear of detection.
    • A time machine that also allowed the traveler to choose an alternate reality he liked to visit.

Native American Sorcery: Gearsper also has a high mystical aptitude and has developed several magical spells, including a so-called "spirit sight," an ability to open portals to other dimensions, and the capacity to steal and use others' souls to enhance his mystical spells. For the most part he has not used these abilities in years, and hence is out of practice in wielding them.

  • Mystical Intuition: While not much of a practitioner of the arcane, Forge has learned that his capacity for technology can be turned towards an innate understanding of magic as well as machines. Understanding the mechanics behind the seemingly chaotic forces of which potentially enables him to better grasp and adaptively harness the metaphysical forces for conjuration and, evocation and spell casting.
  • Magitek Manipulation: By combining both his engineering skills in conjunction with his knowledge of occultism, would theoretically enable Iron Soul to fabricate technomystical works of art capable of complementing both they're scientific and sorcerous parts, bringing whatever fabrications he designs to new wondrous heights. In this way Eddle also grant himself technopathic and cyberpathic capabilities that allow him to magically interface with any and all forms of machinery imaginable as well as bring out they're fullest level of capability, enhancing both his own inventive genius as well as bolstering the underlying functions of whatever he designs.
  • Science-Magic Manipulation: Through the power of his birthright as a Cheyenne, Cybernaught can manipulate science and magic as if they're one in the same, ranging from how they interact/go together, how compatible they are, the results of science and magic working in unison, from how technology works with magic and how chemicals are altered by magic, etc.
  • Quasi-Mysticism: The Technophage can twist the rules of science and mysticism around in order to manipulate both forces in congruence despite their opposing natures for the purpose of bending reality to a near infinite degree. Where the physical portion of quantum physics may lack, or are ill defined in, the pataphysical extent fills in and broadens its otherwise unexplored horizons. Through usage of Quantum Magic, Silvercloud can exploit as well as redefine both the natural and supernatural forces of the cosmological meta structure to infinite degrees, giving the him all but unlimited possibilities to work his creationist mojo around with.

Secondary Mutation: Through experimenting on himself using cutting edge genetics technology belonging to Mr. Sinister and the vast intergalactic spanning facilities of the Providian Order, Mr. Silverhand was able to evoke an engineered secondary mutation within his X-Gene by splicing the biophysical templates of other mechanics savvy individuals. Doing so had broadened his technological aptitude enabling the direct interfacing of mind and machine which caused a total reworking of both on a mechanical energy level through unified effort.

Biomechatronitology: In a surprising twist of unintended, yet still versatile personal experimentation. BioMax had transformed the whole of his anatomy completely into self-evolving organic based microtechnology. Each and every individual cell, gene, prion and other assorted physiological structural bit had been converted into semi-sentient supercomputers which he/they can communicate with in unison for the manipulation of structure and efficiency pertaining to their shared body. Enabling the metamorphosis of self and conscious mind into most any kind of physiological derived apparatus he desires, either by generating whatever it is that Silvercloud needs from his own personal being or converting surrounding material into a blend of Bio/Micro tech colonies for recreational purposes (e.i. creating domiciles, equipment, weaponry, companionship, service maintenance, etc). Forge can outright rebuild and/or reformat his very bioform on a chemical level for generating new bodily functions and superhuman skills/abilities on a dime. Easily being able to modify himself or the personage of others with repetitive experiential stimulation, commandeer most other forms of matter/energy on top of imprinting his/hers/their unique conditional traits onto unthinking elements or other living beings creating a vast hive collective network used to broaden reach, appliance and possible usages of his physiotech as Forge calls it. Thanks to his unlimited ability to grow and adapt and evolve as well as create whole new facilities out of nothing but whatever is on hand plus himself; Silverline's powers have propelled him clear into Omega Level Mutant status.

  • Adaptive Appearance: Thanks to the unified consciousness between Eddelmund and his DNA matrices, Forge can change personal appearance/form based on external or internal adaptations, potentially completely changing the way both look either permanently or temporarily based on the provided stimulus in question. Because of the nature of this transformation, Technophage may completely lose any natural/true appearance they may have originally had in exchange for becoming whomever, whatever and accommodating their new form however they see fit. Literally being whatever it is he/she or they wish to be. This effect is more than purely physiological as it also has an effect on the mind as well as the body, thus enabling him to rewire his cerebral and psychological state of being in order to properly adjust to whatever setting he is situated with.
    • Adaptive Mind: Thanks to the modular effects of his biomechanical enhancements, The Collective can adapt mentally to any situation/condition/event/environment as it does physically, never being caught off guard in sudden changes, and instantly reacting to new situations. The Union can instantly and automatically analyze and understand any environment or situation through their shared multi-sensory intake and compilation of information fed directly into their gestalt supermind, deducing the most optimal course of action out of a bundle of preplay scneario's run through each and every individual computerized cell, allowing them to make the right decision in any to all given situations.
      • Adaptive Learning: To that end BioMax can gather and instantly understand any knowledge/form of knowledge and adapt the knowledge, skills, powers, talents, etc, to suit their needs. Including learning a new talent's & capabilities adapting a way to use it despite being disabled/handicapped or develop new qualities which allows for the quick read out needed to allow one more expedient experiencing and acquisition of several different subjects from multiple sources at the exact same time, and more. Rather than simply being limited to powers, Silverline can apply this to any/all forms of acquired or inherent learning, including whatever powers, magic, intuition, language, writing, reading, body control, etc that he and his cellular matrix already know of. To that end he can learn and adapt any form of intelligence he makes contact with for the need of his personal condition/physiology/status to grow and evolve. They can even duplicate information from creatures or inanimate mediums of data, such as books, computers and the like to further expand his accumulative knowledge base. Forge can make this effect of his powers active (user has to focus) or passive (constant absorption) in function.
  • Meta-Morphic Conversion: Through the distillation of his hyper adaptive biomass, Forge can separate the particles of his biomechatronic physiology into the vary surroundings about him and command them remotely by channeling their collective mental, spiritual and/or physical energy through their form, therein his separated minutia can be utilized to convert whatever his collective consciousness is seeded into as a plasmic element that interacts with matter/energy by breaking them down at the subatomic level and assimilating them into their personal hive. This allows him/them to physically/mentally merge with any surrounding structure of nearby objects, areas or entities and manipulate their physiological semblance at the particle level. Thus enabling Machinesmith the capacity to physically remake anything around him into anything else which he might desire on the fly.
    • Living Factory: Tekka Lord can create a variety of items from his own body or outright merge into/with surrounding materials in order to fabricate it. Said baubles can vary from living or non-living, sentient to non-sentient, weapons, items or creatures to which he/they ave complete and utter control over. He can even withhold them within a subspace sequestered in the subatomic pockets of his person for future use.
  • Biophysical Possession: Through the power of his own genetic sampling, Forge also has the power to completely overshadow the genetic sequencing of any other living or non-sentient entity. Either transmogrifying organics into his physical likeness bestowing similar powers & abilities to his own upon them and/or mutating them into hideous monstrosities, or blending with the very environment itself and endowing physiological aspects in order to reshape it however the Silverline sees fit. Essentially allowing him to become whatever it is he is hosting his biological code unto. Borrowing note of the Terra Verde cult from another prior universe Forge has traveled, h has essentially learned to copy his technoactive gene template (which caries his essential consciousness and character traits within it's very DNA/RNA code) and impart it onto other beings or the very habitat he's situated upon. Biomax can essentially become the world around him and it taking after his mindset and visage as well.
    • Supernatural Genetics: Due to the vast techno-activity of his mecha enhanced physiology Noob Silvabolt possess a very unique metaphysical/paranormal quality in his modified X-Gene. His very genetic code/biological essence can not only pass down through the familial lines but can be shared with others via direct biophysical grafting. Essentially he can make other sentient races an extension of his own characteristic persona in a similar fashion that the Technarch or Phalanx reach out and assimilate foreign species through their sharing and spreading the Techno-Organic Virus from sapient to sapient. Cybernaught often refrains from completely overtaking the consciousnesses of others using this facility, stopping short of merely using it for the purpose of biophysiocal and/or surgical augmentation to which he can provide for other super and non-supertypes at a reasonable price.
      • Upgrading Subordination: Silverhand's mastery of transplantation augmentation can be used to not only tithe and bond leader/follower unity, he learned it can also be used to greatly enhance existing entities. Useful for significantly upgrading the abilities of others, granting them additional ones, uplifting moderately evolved specimens to greater heights, outright eliminating any limitations they may have and even removing their inborn flaws.


Forge is an accomplished athlete and trained soldier during the "War on Terror". Expertise in many areas of science and technology, extensive knowledge of Native American magic. Forge also has expert mechanics skills that he can use in combination with his mutant abilities. Forge has a vast imagination that allows him to come up with many brilliant ideas for inventions. Forge is also a computers expert, which includes skills such as hacking. He uses his skills in the War Room to monitor X-affiliates in the field as well as providing them with whatever tech support or research that they need while out in the field. Gearsper boasts a virtual hyper-genius intellect capable of assimilating, amalgamating and recombinating the collective intellects of many differing individuals whom specialize in numerous or singular fields of study in order to increase his own knowledge and information base through his adaptive biomachine conditioning. Having already copied and absorbed the shared knowledge of Apocalypse, Mister Fantastic, Bruce Banner, Stephen Strange, Doctor Doom, Lunella Lafayette, Adam Brashear, Amadeus & Madame Curie Cho, Thanos, Charles Xavier, Anthony & Arno Stark, Samuel Sterns, Nathaniel Essex, Henry Heyes, Alyssa Moy, Noah Black, Franklin Hall, King T'Challa, Maximus Boltagon, Gravemoss, Henry Pym and so on in order to broaden his intellect and increase the amount of scientific as well as sorcerous creativity insight to better broaden the usage of his mutant powers.

Strength level

Forge possessed the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise. Thanks to the activation of his Biotekka Active physiology, Forge can now modulate his physical strength to any given degree through the assimilation of excess particle elements and conscientious biomass reformatting.


He has no inherent "weakness".


Cybernetic Hand: Among the prosthetic's Jona incorporated into himself, he had added a number of augmented software and hardware to his faux limbs. The left hand is made of a Dargonite/Cavorite mesh giving his fist enough fortitude to crush and rupture Adamantium while also channeling and amping any/all forms of energy he comes in contact with. Regularly used in conjunction with the Rune magics in his right leg to augment his spell craft and magical power or increase the efficacy of magitek builds he manufactures through his secondary mutation.

  • Not only can the hands energy shield absorb and redirect external force aimed at it but also repurpose those energies for personal revitalization or enhancement of machine extremity performance and self-generated build efficiency.
  • An internalized Mind Hive' A.I. HUB with the computational power of 10 Cerebro's set within the balls of his prosthetic's knuckles, each of which acting as a mobile computer router/modem device enabling forge to link up with the internet or access an exchangeable database between his computerized cell structure as well as the wellspring of mystic knowledge held within his bionic leg to whip up all new magic incantations on the fly.
    • through his orgamech fusion between his paraphernalia like body structure, The Union has created their own self generated infonet system that runs separately yet congruently with the Worldwide Web of the world which he lives on. Effectively becoming his own extranet to which he and other can access through the usage of one of his techno-mechanical fabrications.
  • Utilizes controlled microtechnology for better system hacking and interfacing; mainly for the upload, download, sending & receiving of infinite amounts of information to & from most any kind of server imaginable.
    • Femtomites can also fabricate recombinate energy-matter hardlight constructions for more practical usage such as fabricating weapons, armor and/or utensils.
  • Through a combination of his nubotech physique coupled with the techno matter in his hand replacement. Biomax can create a Mass driver system that incorporates the design of a Particle Collider and Particle Accelerator which channels and amalgamates the various metaphysical iota forms pertaining to three metaversal abstracts; such as Pym Particles from the Komsos dimensions, Parker Particles reliant on the ever present universal expansion and lastly the Ionic Energy Bombardment Ray utilized to create such wondrous powerhouses whose abilities derive on such sustenance. Using such a device Forge is able to create portals across existential planes from the 0th to 63rd dimensions, modulate the sizes of anything or anyone via precise atomic distance modulation, change and manipulate matter & energy and physically augment himself or others to any given degree imaginable.

Bionic Leg: Forge had also tempered his leg in very innovative ways to better maximize both his locomotive potential along with aiding in the study and exploration while on his adventures. The metal composing it is a blend of Sentient Vibranium & Uru; the former of which not only acts as a powerful energy absorbent but can harmoniously attune it's vibrational frequencies to world around it in order to affect nature and the environment using Forge's technosorcery to cause all manner of impossible phenomena to occur. I.E. evoking tremors, influence the behavior of flora & fauna, casting potent illusions and syncing directly with other vibranium caches across universes and back in order to trigger any manner of these effects and more beyond them. The latter serves to store vast magical energies as well as magnify spells & enchantments fueled by said energies, greatly bolstering Silvercloud's mysticism. The internal works of the limb are lined with asgardian Runes gifted unto him as a gift from the All Father; Odin, acting as a personalized library withholding vast remedial esoteric knowledge surmountable to forges experiences in life.

  • Equipped with a planetary phase dissociation matrix enabling him to disjunction himself from global rotation by shifting out of occupational space with the earth to travel at phenomenal speeds.
    • also has a density transflux apparatus which focuses immaterial physics adjustment not only making forge substantially untouchable while still able to interact with the world but also adjusts his own mass and momentum to give him Mobile Invulnerability to strike like an ionic bolt.
    • borrowing notes from a fellow heroine whom had gained amazing, if not phenomenal to a limitless degree, medical abilities after joining up with MI13. Jonathan learned to use the intangibility application of his Phase Matrix to effect remedial and/or supplementary appliance. His lower body appendage produces articulated mechanical feelers which disassemble anything into their component parts, and then reassemble them good as new by manipulate the subject on an atomic level to effect structural and anatomic repair.
  • appendage produces motion guided mountain climber themed traversal gear with distance & density warping functions for rapid maneuvering combat tactics.
    • The hip jettisons monowire ripcords with hydrolic bolt claws that dig deep into a surface and yanks over or reels Forge into things at high speed, the cords composing them are as fleet as silk yet carry the mass/density of collapsed dimensional space giving them incredible flaying and gashing ability. The threading produced is composed of a high end alter reality materia that, when ripped and whipped about; has enough force behind it to flay the nigh-invulnerable hide of a Strontian, the devices also vibrate in and out of sync with reality making them physically impermissible yet tangible enough to effect whatever Forge wishes too.
    • clamp latching warp beacons with built-in particle accelerators are dispensed from the calf, they function as close range transport beacons with spatial folding capabilities; traveling by moving areas around themselves instead of being launched like a trajectile. The device then generates various particle & electron phenomena either generating it into a target turning them into a charged explosive, super magnet or walking fallout dispenser; or simple extra-dimensional energy waves with which to teleport short distances, initiate partial transport or even interact with alternate portal or teleportational aspects.
    • several hyper velocity javelins which split into 3'9" darts launched from the kneecap, each Gar (fused or divided form) carry the mass of a supersun going nova and becoming singularities giving them infinite mass traveling at light speed when they transduce into energy-matter form. They can jab into targets and effectively immobilize by entangling whatever or whomever in a swirling mass of darkmatter, which has the effective weight of a black hole.
  • supplementary quota dispenser in the thigh generate power bolstering and restorative gene therapeutic codcil's in the form of military ration pills, stimulative energy drinks, dehydrated food pellets and steroidal boosters as ampules, injections or inhalants. These dietary boosters are spliced with small yet potent amounts of power boosters/X-Gene triggers pertaining to Hypercortisone D (Kick), MGH (Mutant Growth Hormone), Banshee from earth-1610 and some freeze dried fruit stubs of Gregor Smerdyakov. Forge goes the extra mile of augmenting these augmentative nourishment's with Quantum Magic incantations which temporarily augment existing abilities as well as the users control over which.
  • Gemini Focus Support System; Pollux: Part of a duel fronted arms defense apparatus installed by Byte Trekker to work in conjunction with it's sister component in his weaponized synthetic hand. The top skin layering of his whole bionic leg sheds away and becomes a swarm of size altering crystal/metallic polymer textiles with potent dimensional shifting capabilities. Pollux functions independently via remote A.I. system established within the lower bodily extremity by Forge but can also be directed and guided via remote mental interface on it's creators part, able to fly around and coordinate itself as a predominant defense array capable of blocking and deflecting enemy fire back with greater force via direct kinetic energy redistribution. The floating platelets Uru/Vibranium mesh is further modified through the usage of mythical Norn Stones to increase their versatility while in use. In conjunction with it's counterpart, the Pollux collective can bend space in order to send it's energy beams out an any odd angles through dimensional portals generated in their reflective surfaces, allowing Eddelmund the ability to fire odd angular beams at any given direction. Behind enemy defenses or even from across great distances but at far greater speed and power. Said platelets are uniformal, meaning the Builder can have them reformulate into any given shape or form he can think of in a similar fashion to a nanite colony. Able to ride along them like a surfboard creat a protective dome he can roll around in at high speed, entrap enemies within similar spheres which reflect anything they throw at it back upon them and so much more.

Transportation: Self Provided. Flight, various manufactured transports.
Cybernetic Hand
Zixth Buster: The balls of the knuckles proceeding each mechanical digit placate miniaturized Tesla Coil's refurbished towards producing Scalar Wave Emissions, while the preceding palm at the center of the appendage harbors a Zero-Point Energy field collider supplying an unlimited energy source through them; given the bionic hands uniquely outfitted crystal/metallic polymer composition. It can project potent ray/beams that'll blast open reinforced tanks and bank vaults with relative ease. The fingers focus are honable to precision workings for sniping and cutting while the center of which acts as a high octain cannon akin to an arc reactor unibeam. This also gives the Zixth Buster the capacity to create a veritable shield & sword based appliance of emitting spatial comprised barriers on top of heavy concussive projection. Said produced MCE's (more complete electromagnetic) can be offensively utilized as visceral artillery which instantly slags unsuspecting targets, fields which can also enable their creator unaided self-propelled flight if need be.

  • said equipment can also act as an immobilizing tractor beam that simulates telekinetic effect by enveloping objects in a stasis field. Which can be moved about without physical contact from the subject. Said encumbering bubbles can also erase whatever they're energies are surrounding either in a blast radius or as a binding form shunting them into nonexistence.

Shrep Talon: The entire extremities Techno-Organic structure can protract and extrude any number of clawed appendages from and around itself. Coming in the form of five incredibly pronounced melee weapon forms which are either of original design or nostalgia inspired based upon on old comraderies and adversarial relations. Making it one of the most deadly arsenals Forge has ever designed in his 1000+ years of extended longevity.

  • Deathstrike are a pair of five 6" flexible, liquid metal nails that can extend and retract a couple of feet from the finger tips at nearly 375mps or faster, Jonathan can control and guide they're direction making them bend around obstacles at will or even phase their picomaterial through solid objects by pushing its atoms between the molecular spaces of other matter forms set before them.
  • another claw addition called The Legacy protrudes a four pronged set of curving energy claws protruding from the backhand between the knuckles, these dynamic blades are comprised of erasing dynamism; the very absence of immaterial quintessence such as light, heat, sound, force, vibration and the like. With it Jona can effectively cancel out energy in all of it's forms; to that end, he can also cut through any and all matter semblances no matter how resilient, as the Legacy negates the very electric fields holding matter & energy together.
    • The deadliest, most far reaching effect of these energy blades comes in two fashions. 1st is the projectile effect where Collective can launch his hand razors like stilettos with incredible accuracy. Whereas the 2nd function emits galvanized cleaving waves which decompile and eventually erase everything they sheer against. Allowing Forge to discharge two very deadly ranged attack patterns using one of his most lethal of tools.
  • a gyro turbine powered shifting knuckle guard with Tesla Coil like studs dubbed the Herculean. Said turbos on the fist carry a polarized ionic charge which can control attraction/repulsion fields wrenching people in or expelling invisible force from a distance, it can generate shockwaves and earthquakes with every strike delivered.
    • A secondary facet created when the Collective chooses to combine his Techno-Mechanical hand with his Biotech physiological structure, creates a potent pincer like arm cannon which maximizes the potential of Herculean's magneto-gravitonic force interactive output. His left limb now resembling an arm cannon which bears a distinct pincer motif similar to a vertical stag beetle. Silverhand uses his buster claw for grappling, immobilizing, blasting and myriad energy-based discharge attacks; combining the natural attraction/repulsion functionality of its prior form fit. Forge can trow enemies directly into his claw apparatus where he can crush the life out of them with several thousand psi's of force, blast them away with the central energy cannon at the heart of his BFG or merely ride slam his enemies into any nearby obstructions ahead using electrograv propulsion to jettison himself forward at highspeed in order to to slam them hard against it.
  • underneath the wrists sits an extending/retracting whip stinger aptly called the Ontopaex. The most dangerous of Forges claw set carries an amalgamate of Phalanx, Technarchy and Apocalypse Techno-Organic virus strains; a single jab will infect anything and anyone with a femtokinetic pathogen that can rewrite they're very being on a subatomic level. Rewiring and enhancing machinery, cybernetics or robotics put under Jona's direct control or converting organic and inorganic to techno-organic that he can remake or unmake at will by adjusting its core beings. Ontopeax can be discharged as a spray of T.O. laced darts which infect everything into shifting biomech mass. Said protrusion can even be utilized as a kind of razor whip/grappling hook with which to swing around on or flail about ensnared targets; such an armament can also be further modified via equipable latch additions to further broaden it's deadliness.
    • Pointbreak: Noob reaches into a battlement compartment in a utility compartment sequestered within his left mechatronic legs thigh to procure a studded flail which attaches to the tip end of the Onthopaex. Once attached the mecha stinger adjusts itself 360 degrees towards the back of the hand along the wrist and feeds it trans-meched mass to enlarge the arsenal. Silvabolt can then smash and fling it around like a wreaking ball as well as run an energized current through it, extending said stubs lined across it's spherical surface along electrified mono-filaments as a multi-strike incisive snare. Pointbreak's plasma radiation emissions give it an anti-regeneration facility to it, as well as having the effect of weakening dense ato-molecular structures of sturdier matter. Whenever it hits or swings Collective can generate energized shockwaves from it that causes matter and energy to liquefy or deteriorate. At it's most extreme settings Jonathan can cause localized miniature atomic detonation; nothing violently catastrophic as whole towns going up in nuclear fire. Just a low yield blast with barely a third of the destructive power found in a tactical nuke, strong enough to knock out advocates of the leviathan tide without knocking down any majorly populated urban areas.
    • Flayer: A recent addition created by Silvercloud in his spare time. The Paex links with what looks like a barbed tooth before retracting all the way back into the wrist compartment, a process which transforms the hand component into an expanded split palmed cat-o-nine tails by generating four extra fingers on the other side of the digitized appendage. Both the limb and the forearm undergo a transformation with the limb's base growing ridges around the surface of it's skin, while the digits themselves splitting and rearranging along it's palms before growing and elongating into larger, widened coils with sharp cuspidal suckers and sharpened fang spikes at the tips of each tendril while a beak-like maw forms at the center of his split palm. The main purpose of the flailing members is hypervelocity extension/retraction which The Mechanist uses to great effect in lashing, entangling, crushing and shredding any enemies unfortunate enough to be caught up in Flayer's grip, the tentacles and their skein adorned orifices secrete an acute plasma radiation which doubles as a potent and highly lethal acidtox which discorporeates neuropsychic activity before eventually disassembling dense chemical bonds wherein affected substances begin to disintegrate. Said plasma can be secreted as though it were squid ink either from the finger spurs or the kraken mouth in the center of Silvermund's appendage. That acts as a type of chaff dispersal system which disrupts both electronics and organics in a manner similar to Electromagnetic Pulses and Neutrino Whitewashing. The maw at the center is also powerful Magneto-Graviton singularity generator able to control potent attractive/repulsion force, either sucking in everything set in front of the gnashing & grinding oral pecker towards it's ripcord extremities or outright blasting it away with the torrential force of a localized cosmic storm.
    • Copperhead: This semi-sentient whip addition takes the form of it's namesake, a serpentine like maw that animates itself with a flailing tongue and the like. Copperhead shifts the whip function to the center of Forge's hand for faster elongating and retraction capitalizes. Primarily focusing on the super contagious aspects of the Ontopaex's virulent T.O matter in order to spread and infect at an accelerated rate, Mechadine combines it with his hyper-adaptive biomechatornic mass in order to transmute and fabricate whole new viper like constricts out of anything or anyone the infectant lash touches. It can also transfer it's Techno-Virus code along a signal transmission directly into the particle structure of base matter via direct eye contact. All of which acting and moving at the command of Copperhead's user. Union can also launch these snake whips as linear accelerated harpoons from his hand and at rapid succession in that order, he can animate them to act and move at his behaste through which he can see out the eyes of. These viperlances can also control their oscillation rate, by vibrating at differing frequencies when buried in a target they can cause catastrophic destabilization of atomic bonds causing mater to crumble to dust and disintegrate.
  • twin set of four pronounced shadowmatter based wings which extend from the wrist that increases grabbing, cleaving, offensive and defensive ability; The feature known as Malphas offers controlled self-propelled flight. The hazy shadow like appendages created acts as a shield and sword as one pair can block and deflect most any attack set against it by shunting it into a darkforce dimensional void, which can be called back by redirecting it from any shadowed vantage point. While another set acts like a sharp razor blade that can slash at multiple angles due to it's flexible immaterial state coupled changing attack patters by dipping through shadows. Malphas also has a Gatling mass feature where it can discharge it's shadowy plumage as incredibly dense dark plasma lances discharged along a kineccelrate (motion active linear launch mechanism) driver guiding and altering they're trajectory while in flight.

Ganbare Battlement: A type of high performance semi to full automatic artillery implanted within the whole of Forge's techno-mechanical hand. Based on an old vibranium polymer cannon he'd designed way back when, this particular armament of BioMax's combines the self generating facilities of his teched out physical body working in tandem with his mechanical prosthesis's own conversion and repurposing facilities to produce kinetic accelerant ballistic slugs. Artillery which comprises of Omnium Steel casings meshed with dense tungsten cores and refined osmium tipped bullet heads; by enriching the toxicity in the osmium jacket Eddelmund basically created acid/tox based shells that can eat through the submolecular bonds of most solid matter as well as whither the electric field bonds of energy. Creating an effective alternative to Antarctic Vibranium that not only eats through all things, including metals, but also lethal intoxicates living tissue in a similar fashion to how depleted polonium, a radioactive and very heavy metal. Completely corrupts brain cells of any living creature it hits in seconds. Very useful for destabilizing electronic devices with makeshift mechanical & cybernetic disruption.

  • The fingers can be worked in a gun gesture to produce it's armor piercing calibrated bolt action. Firing ability ranging from pistol to revolver and finally battle rifle.
  • One of Ganbares most pronounced firearms are the Prawn Bolt; a transformation feature turning the mech hand into a wrist mounted cannon which fires liquid metal Dargonite slugs accelerated past mach 10 via linear launch mechanism. Once said bolt attaches to a target, it immediately infects and begins transmogrifying them at a subatomic level; either giving BioMax remote interface access to the transmeched affiliate in question or allowing for the infusion of other elements into it's unstable molecular chain. To that end, The Mechanist can wreath it in volatile Hadron Particles which first collides with a target before sequestering it's substance into them and G-shifting their bodily atomic motion in the desired direction. Effectively transforming larger bodies of mass into hyper-explosives which give off a much more powerful blast whence after making contact with a target.
  • The back and palm of the hand effectively transform into both a chemrail projection device and an energy matter buster cannon. The backhand opens up to reveal a half foot long less than an inch width bolt tube with enough stopping power to tear through a Skrullian ground assault gun platform's outer shell. Said sabot has been tailored with a potent metallic helium core payload; which through the accelerated volatility of kinetic energy enhancement, gives such a trajectile the condensed explosive force of a nuclear device. The palm acts as both an energy caster and transducer with the capacity of converting the superdense polyalloy shells into energy matter akin to discharging a solidified bar of lightning. Which is accomplished by suppressing the charge of both the electron and the proton; resulting in the projectile becoming a faster than light and denser than Dark Matter ballistic capable of ripping through even the nigh impregnable Vibranium Adamantium polymer in a single shot.
  • Another mid-long range offensive/defensive affect known as the Dragunity, protrudes a wrist adorned static field generator/buster cannon/rebounding RPG which utilizes thermobaric plasmite rediology for the effect of projecting electromagnetic shaped charges which emit low microwave energy and Neutrino White Wash pulses that fry technology and mechanical works by flash fusing circuits and neurological pathways. It also projects an expanding energy field reaching up to 30m in diameter that viciously decimates most adversarial targets in range, it also doubles as an effective energy shielding which can stand up to a 1700 ton nuclear warhead.

Gemini Focus Support System; Castor: One of the most frightful munitions systems which Sir. Hand has ever devised. Having taken notes from a young new mutant by the name of Bo; whom could generate laser emission's from her being, Tekka Lord managed to figure out how to generate potent remote guided energy rays from a host of spherical power cores set within and between the various joints & ligaments of his whole left arm which can change their trajectory & flight path according to his whim. Through the use of Castor working in conjunction with his Nubotech anatomy, Mechahedron is able to establish a powerful point offense laser array capable of zeroing in and striking at multiple targets with refined accuracy aimed directly at oncoming oppositional weak points and exploitable faults in protective defenses. The laser energy emitted is adaptable and can be tailored to more effective use than merely blowing holes in the enemy opposition, by tailoring his own dynamic output Silverhand can modulate what kind of energy his Gemini weapons system dishes out and how best to apply it against specified enemy targets. He can even use it's more beneficiary effects to more debilitating use if he were so inclined. He, Noob, can generate most any kind of ray and have it simulate whatever consistency effect he might desire; able to discharge elements ranging to heat, water, Pym particles, cosmic rays, microwaves, Kzippa particles, dark matter, antimatter, gamma rays, plasma, ionic, quantum, cosmic, kinetic, mechanical, elastic, magical, thermal, chemical, nuclear, airwave, fire, sound, toxic, warp wave, healing, evolutionary, radioactive, Parker particles gravitational, damaging, parasitic, surface, tachyon, potential, electromagnetic, null, luck, binding and so on and putting them all to great effect. Working the Castor addition in conjunction with it's sibling Pollux makes for a potent retropositional support grid able to rebound, deflect, focus, magnify or outright redirect their blast vector and/or velocity at any odd angle he chooses.

Bionic Leg
Hidden Gaive: A spring loaded razor blade situated above and below the kneecap, The metal composing its edge is made of Adamantine the legendary Metal of The Gods. The edge can be launched with a sweep of the leg striking like a boomerang or tracking a target till it hits, the edge of which is a monofilament able to cut through anything at the atomic level. The incisor also has nanokinetic shifting abilities being able to morph its semblance from a cleaver shape to explosive transmutive throwing darts, buzzsaw shuriken which reactivate they're rotation wearing through they're strike point cutting along the surface in many intricate patterns and a nano thorn; a decompiling micro mist that can disassemble and disintegrate by ripping through atomic bonds or recompile into a mass mono dart with a heavy carbonized razor edge able to dart around at subsonic to trans-light speeds demolishing anything hit via frangibility, shards buried within a target growing and ripping through the atoms of objects cut by it.

  • One of the more lethal settings of the skein's functionality is the Scalar Pulse setting. By running a plasmite infused charge through the Adamantine in his microtech shin blade gives it's edge a deadly electric field destabilization effect. Anything cut or cleaved by the energized edge suffers from atomic cancellation; an event where the energy bonds holding matter & energy together are irrevocably compromised. Causing whatever is effected to dissipate in it's entirety; from full body to dust particles to molecules to atoms and eventually to nothing.

Xenapela Drivers: The legs lower shins produces a rolling sphere like automaton that splits into two smaller rolling orbs which Forge can ride around on as a pair of roller skates or launch like a cannonball in a soccer kind of fashion with mobile invulnerability; save for the polarity shifters within his boots that allow him to magnetically levitate off them while riding or kicking it. The spheres posses limited terrain shifting ability so when used to ride the ground and area shift around the user instead of riding along it, to that end Forge can shift the environment to a limited degree to cause all manner of happenings.

Zetsa Glider: The heel, sole and toe of Forge's bionic leg can produce a femtotech based hard-light energy board which utilizes both the principles of understanding and navigating the mathematical wind streaming of quantum windmills using Electro Weak Force in conjunction with the space/time bending capabilities of Cavorite. Through an apparatus which design was inspired by an old X-Men colleague with the ability to surf between space-time rifts using his mutant power, Mechahedron effectively created a hover board which enables the riding of the event horizon wave pertaining to a myriad of variable probabilities. Thus enabling the heroic inventor faster than light aerial traversal on top of the ability to traverse alternate timelines, realities and adjacent dimensions or possible moments with differing event scenarios on a dime. An added faculty of this surf mechanism allows for mass teletranslocational barging, enabling the establishment of warp wave tethers with which to lasso whatever or whomever lays in trans-matt wake using a tractor mechanism similar to his Zixth Buster design. Effectively dragging whatever bellies Gearsper's surroundings alongside him whenever he initiates transport or short to long matter jumping, sweeping up everything in the surrounding area alongside him. He can also emit Battle Field Removal based shockwaves whenever he rides alongside it, effectively blowing away and banishing everything and everyone around him in one swift blast.

  • The glider also comes with a high precision multi range Warp Wave powered artillery guns which manifest beside and around the utensil and it's rider. Like the riding plank, these bolts are comprised of hard-light 3-D photo image projection technology. They can be deployed as an accessorized battlement for Forge's mount or he can equip them as personal munitions whether Zetsa is active or inert. These super pistols discharge trans-reality warping blasts which can fully or partially warp away pieces of a desired target to anywhere from the nine circles of hell to the dawn of time or it's very end. Due to their quasi-reality nature said gunnery fire is unblockable and capable of piercing even the densest physical substances.


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