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Irresponsible Next Gen-Verse

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Not much is known about Earth-TRN8361's past, but it can be assumed that it followed much of the same path that Earth-TRN953 did, right up until the point where Mary Jane Watson became pregnant.

Instead of giving birth to a baby daughter, she gave birth to a son, Richard. However, like in the original universe, Mary Jane died during the childbirth process as a result of the radioactivity in Peter Parker's bodily fluids transferred during intercourse complicating her pregnancy.

Gradually, the remaining super-heroes began to settle down and raise children of their own.

Over a decade and a half later, a slew of new heroes, mainly the children of heroes, would begin to emerge to take over as the Earth's protectors. Richard himself would become the new Spider-Man, a new team of Avengers, which Spidey was also a part of, would form, the Fantastic Four became the Future Foundation, and the X-Men moved their operations to the island of Genosha.

This universe was eventually destroyed by the Incursions when it collided with another world. Richard survived and was hurled into Earth-982, where he would spend the last years of his life.


  • This universe has been described as taking aspects from every single next-gen property or project Marvel has ever undergone. These include the MC2 universe, the Renew Your Vows universe, Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow, among others.


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