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Not much is known about Earth-TRN584's past, but it presumably followed much of the same path as Earth-TRN953, with a few key differences.

Mary Jane Parker, instead of giving birth to a daughter, gave birth to a son named Richard after the father of her husband, Peter, the then-former super-hero Spider-Man. However, like on Earth-TRN953, she did not survive the childbirth process due to her husband's radioactively-mutated bodily fluids complicating her pregnancy. As such, Peter was left to raise Richard on his own.

Another notable difference is that the majority of Earth's heroes, alongside Spider-Man, eventually had children of their own. Steve and Natasha Rogers, the former Captain America and Black Widow, respectively, eventually sired a daughter named Amanda, who would later go on to become her father's successor as Captain America. T'Challa and Ororo Munroe, Black Panther and Storm, sired a son named K'Shamba. However, while Ororo was giving birth to K'Shamba, T'Challa was killed by the extra-dimensional vampire Morlun deep in the jungles of Wakanda and his body was never recovered. Thor Odinson and Jane Foster secretly sired a son named Magni. However, Jane soon fell victim to cancer and was left in a decade-long coma soon after, and Magni's true parentage was kept a secret from him.

Years after the end of what people called the "Age of Heroes", many of the children began to appear into prominence, most of them taking on the names of their predecessors and continuing their legacies. Richard Parker became the new Spider-Man, Cassie Lang, daughter of the second Ant-Man, became Stinger, and so on and so fourth. The Fantastic Four would become the Future Foundation, adding many more members to their ranks in the process, and the X-Men would relocate their base of operations to Genosha.

A group of the children would eventually come together to form the New Avengers, with it's initial roster consisting of the new Captain America, Magni, Stinger, Spider-Man, the new Yellowjacket (Henry Pym Jr.), Black Panther, and the new Hawkeye (Kate Bishop).


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