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This reality is similar to earth-982 of Superheroes having children becoming the next superheroes (Next Generation) saving the world and fight evil. After a furious battle pitting Ultron against the Avengers, they discovered a secret holding pen where they found their newest ally; Ultro, human creation of Ultron.




  • Anastasia Kravinoff and Vladimir Kravinoff - Children of Sergei Kravinoff and Aleksandra Nikolaevna 
  • Emma Silverfox - Sister of Kayla Silverfox
  • Lana Baumgartner- Daughter of the first Bombshell / Lori (Wendy) Baumgarther
  • Allison Dillon / After-Shock - Daughter of Maxwell Dillon (Electro)
  • Celeste Cuckoo, Mindee Cuckoo - daughters of Emma Frost
  • Trudy Creel - Daughter of Carl Creel and Mary MacPherran


  • Richard Fisk - The son of Kingpin and Vanessa Fisk
  • Janice Lincoln- The daughter of Tombstone / Lonnie Lincoln
  • Alisha Silvermane (Sable Manfred) - daughter of Silvermane
  • Galacta is the daughter of Galactus
  • Vincent Von Doom - The son of Doctor Doom 
  • Other Children of Villains.



  • Some these characters are based off Earth-982 (MC2), Earth-9811 (What If) of the Secret Wars participants ended up trapped on Battleworld.
  • This concept is based off Marvel Comics 2. 


  • In this fan fiction is similar to Earth-9811 (What If) of the Secret Wars participants ended up trapped on Battleworld. The heroes and villains from the Secret Wars ended up settling down, getting married and having kids.
  • Some of my characters are similar than their counterparts from alternate realities from comics and animations and some are different.
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