The Astonishing Universe

The Astonshing Universe (Earth-981)


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The Marvel Webcomic Universe, Astonishing-Verse
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New York City,

Oscorp Tower,

Baxter Building,

Stark Island,

Stark Tower,

Wakanda embassy

Triskelion (base of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
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Quote1 Because this is the city I protect. It's my home, and my responsibility. Quote2
-- Peter Parker/Spider Man

This universe is an alternate reality similar to Earth-616 but except here, superheroes are at their beginning of their careers.

Spider-Man's Beginning

Peter Parker has a secret, he's different from all the other kids his age. He can now walk on walls and lift 10 times his own weight. Now Peter Parker is one of New York's greatest hero Spider-Man. He still has to balance his responsibilities of being a superhero with schoolwork however. But when assorted super-villains threatens the city he sworn to protect, the fate of millions rests upon Peter's shoulders, including everyone he loves.

Avengers formation and the Kree Invasion

In the 21st century, S.H.I.E.L.D. continue warring with the Kree in secret and monitors the Meta-humans of the world. Captain America is awoken from his icy sleep and woken to lead Nick Fury's new team of superheroes the Avengers to combat the alien threat

The Rise of Mutants

Mutants, or Homo superior, are born with superhuman abilities which generally manifest themselves at puberty. Mutants are often hated and feared by other humans because they are different from themselves. Spending most of his adult years studying mutation at Oxford University, Professor Charles Xavier who himself was a secret mutant telepath formed the legendary X-Men to protect a world that hates and fears them.



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  • This universe is mostly known for the Astonishing Spider-Man series.


  • In this reality, Mutants and Meta-Humans have existed for ages, but were kept secret and were only considered myths until Ms.Marvel, The Hulk, and The Fantastic Four revealed themselves in the 21st Century.


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