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Earth-981 is a reality also known as Marvel Ultiverse. This universe sets the stage of a Super-Hero Reality, where many Super-Heroes roam the Earth and Space, where villains concoct diabolical schemes and ordinary people lead on to their daily lives. This Reality has all the features of our reality: with the same personalities and many of the same historical events with minor differences. This reality also contains super advanced tech that can reshape the world and also the interference of non-human races. Organizations like the espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D., magic, supernatural creatures, aliens and ninjas also exists within this universe.

Marvel Ultiverse is an alternate universe from Earth-616. As for the characters, they are mostly based from Earth-616 but uses elements and designs from Earth-1610 and Earth-199999. Earth-981 has famous stories re-told and re-imagined with updated younger versions of the marvel heroes. This Reality's setting is mostly Centers in fictional locations that don't exist in real life, For example Wakanda, Central City, Savage land and Latveria. This newly formed Earth is still 'cooling', and time and space are at a flux here, all things being possible.


In addition to the large number of disasters, terrorist attacks, wartime setbacks, and large-scale super-crimes that were prevented by the super heroes and masked adventurers of this parallel earth, there were some catastrophes that actually happened before the age of Super-Heroes. These include:

  • The capitol Building in Washington D.C. was destroyed with a bomb, in the spring of 1941 by a gang of Hydra agents.
  • New York City was attacked by a column of armored Hydra tanks, with massive destruction and civilian casualties, in the summer of 1941.
  • New York City was flooded in 1985 due to polar icecap melting, cause of this is yet unknown.
  • A series of artificial earthquakes spread destruction and panic across a variety of locations worldwide, caused by Red Skull's experimental machinery during WWII.
  • During WWII, Wakanda, a little-known city in Africa, was attacked by a renegade species of Aliens called the skrulls, with a fleet of vibranium-powered sky-ships, armed with the "meteor death" weapons, which rained deadly orbs onto the city, engulfing Wakanda in awful destruction, killing probably hundreds and perhaps thousands, of Wakandian civilians. One of the allied forces of World War II helped stop and defeat the attacking aliens and one of the alien ships crashed down in a forest of Wakanda, discovering a rich and rare source of metal on their ship called Vibranium and became the most technologically advanced nation of the planet ever since.
  • The Earth's rotation was halted by Hydra's scientific machinery, and then the Earth was drawn closer to the sun, in 1941. This was stopped by Captain America and his allies.
  • In the 2000's, the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Department, or S.H.I.E.L.D, discovered a rift in London, England, that killed more than 30 civilians. This rift was known as the Null Void being that the rift leads into an alternate dimension and is inhabited by various of serpent and insectoid creatures. The void is alleged to be a nexus to all other universes of the multiverse as well.

The Beginning

In the beginning of Time, God created this universe with sentient life., and the twelve worlds to be the first of many to evolve with life. One world filled with eternal fire and brimstone, known as Muspelheim or Hell, became an evil world and the home of the Demons. One part of Hell ruled by a demon named Mephisto who wanted to destroy all of God's creations out of revenge for casting him out of heaven. He then spread the forces of anti-life across the Universe, then it found and turned a Alien Race called The Skrulls into merciless warriors, ready to destroy other civilizations. The Watchers realized the threat Mephisto presented across the Universe, while God had already knew that this day would come since the beginning.

Later on, a species of cosmic beings known as the Celestials came down to Earth after rebelling against God, and started experimenting on early earthbound organisms including humans, which resulted in the birth of mutants. They then harnessed the power of the Infinity Gems and used them to dominate or wipe out many civilizations. The Celestials attempt to conquer the universe using the gems, but they were taken down by the Captains (God's guardians of the universe), and the Infinity Gems were dispersed across the universe.

Around 3000 B.C

Thirsty for power, Thanos led his Skrull militants to war with the Kree Empire (a militant race with a vast empire) to acquire the Space Gem, one of the Infinity Gems, leading to warfare on an almost unimaginable scale. The Skrulls managed to obtain it. Known for opening portals from parallel dimensions to the twelve worlds, it opened a portal to one of the twelve worlds, the portal managed to suck the gem in with it, closing it, and it came crashing down in a random location in the universe. The Skrull militants were then stopped by the Kree with help from the Asgardians. Thanos tapped into the substance of Mephisto's Realm to create the anti-life virus. They then infected one of the fallen Celestials with the virus and began experimenting on its corpse, thus giving birth to Galactus, a cosmic being who devours planets with the life forces of many worlds in order to stay alive. Many tried to stop the monster, but they would all fail.

964 A.D.

God sent Asgardians down to Earth, also known as Midgard, to visit people around the world and teach them language and culture. During this, the Frost Giants of Jotunheim, led by their king Ymir, arrived to Dumstadt Latveria. Planning to conquer Midgard, they froze everything in their path using the Staff of Ancient Winters to plunge the world into a new glacial period, and to obtain the Space Gem before the Skrulls do. However, the Asgardian army and God's angels, led by King Odin, were sent to defend Midgard, and engaged in a war against the Frost Giants, forcing them to abandon Earth and retreat to their own world. Odin adopts a baby Frost Giant named Loki, a peace treaty was made, and the Staff of Ancient Winters (which was the source of the Frost Giants' power) was hidden away by Odin where no one could find or use it.

Around 1400 A.D., the Space Gem made its way to Earth and crashed in Dumstadt Latveria, where it was kept safe for centuries by a sect of The Light Giver worshipers. Early Norse cultures learned much from these visits, although in time the Asgardians would withdraw and their memory would fall into legend.

Age of Heroes

In the 21st century, a new age has dawned where many saw the rise of superheroes. Often they were created as a result of accidents granting them superpowers (Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, and the Fantastic Four, for example). Steve Rogers' preserved body was recovered from the Atlantic by S.H.I.E.L.D., revived, and recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s American superhero sponsored team the Avengers, created in response to 9/11, the Hulk, and mutants. The members listed Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Ant-Man and Wasp. The team's first public debut happened when the Avengers battled the Skrulls over New York City. The Avengers won the battle thus foiling their attempted invasion of Earth and saving the Solar System. One year later after the end of the Skrull Invasion, Peter Parker received superpowers after being bitten by a genetically modified spider on a class trip to OsCorp facility and battles criminals of New York city that are sometimes more then just your average everyday criminal. In the darkened streets of Hell's Kitchen in New York, a vigilante named Daredevil stalks the violent and corrupt while Frank Castle seeks to punish criminals by any means necessary as revenge for the murder of his family.


The tradition of using costumed secret identities to fight (or commit) evil exists in this world. Perhaps one of the earliest known examples originated during World War II, with the creation of Captain America. Spider-Man later became another influential costumed hero in modern times. The Fantastic Four then inspired the United Nations and S.H.I.E.L.D. to create the government-sponsored metahuman team the Avengers. The X-Men consists of various mutants brought together by Professor X. Crime and evil also exist, with major villains including Magneto, Doctor Doom, The Red Skull and the Kingpin of Crime.

Mutants were also widely known but feared by the public due in part to the actions of Magneto and his Brotherhood's terrorist attacks on the human populace and also to them being a race or even a species (Homo superior or Homo sapiens superior) evolving and meant to replace normal humans. This has caused organizations to form to deal with the problem, who can be divided into three camps: those who seek peaceful coexistence between mutants and normal humans (the X-Men and their affiliated groups), those who seek to control or eliminate humans to give mutants safety or dominance (Magneto and his followers), and those who seek to regulate or eliminate mutants in favor of humans. The latter often use the artificial intelligent robots known as Sentinels as weapons.

Aesthetic Differences

Aesthetic differences are common in this reality, especially in terms of super-hero costumes. Superheroes including the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and many members of the X-Men wear costumes that are either slightly or entirely different in style to their Earth-616 counterparts. For example, the Storm of this reality currently sports a Mohawk hairstyle.


Advanced Technology

Technology more advanced than that which currently exists in real life is available - but it is usually very expensive, and usually only rich or powerful individuals and organizations (or the scientific geniuses who create them) have access to them. It must also be noted that the government also runs the secret project called the Weapon X program (located in the mountains in Canada) to develop clones and genetic manipulation without the public's knowledge. Such Organizations such as Oscorp Industries runs similar projects as well with the government funding it.

Technology can also come from outer space or even different timelines. Skrull weaponry is often sold in New York City. Robots and similar creations can have superior intelligence when they are created as sentient beings. Vision and Ultron are prime examples. These 'beings' are most often created by individuals who possess vast intellects, like scientists Hank Pym, Reed Richards and Tony Stark. Similarly, some characters use technology to enhance their armor or modify cybernetic functions, for example Deathlok, Iron Man, and Ultron.


Several dimensions coexist simultaneously on Earth-981. Examples include the very Earth-like dimension in which the Avengers, Spider-Man and the X-Men exist, the Dark Dimension is the home to the evil demon Dormammu, Asgard is the home of the Greek gods like Thor and Hercules, and heaven is an eternal dimension and is the home of the angels and the captains. That, alongside the Living Tribunal and Jesus of Nazareth, who serve and enforce the will of the Omnipotent God. It's very likely that this realm exists outside of the Multiverse. These don't often affect each other directly, although Dormammu and the Frost Giants attempted more than once to take over an alternate dimension, including Earth.

Hidden Races

There are a few intelligent races living on Earth that the public at large did not know about until recent times. Among these are the Inhumans and the Atlanteans. The Atlanteans are water-breathing humanoid beings that long existed on ancient Earth. The public was well aware of them at the time, and Atlanteans lived peacefully among humans. Ever since World War II happened, they hid from society for unknown reasons and continued to stay hidden up until this day.

The Inhumans were the result of alien experimentation on early humans in ancient earth as one of many worlds in their galaxy-spanning program. Their goal was apparently twofold: get around their own evolutionary stagnation, and create a powerful race of soldiers for use against the Skrulls. There were 23 science teams, each overseeing research on several test planets, for a total of over one hundred worlds. The experiments included inserting the potential to duplicate the abilities of other species. However, many worlds of future "Inhumans" escaped and wandered in Europe before settling in the mountains range of China and is isolated from society. There they quickly developed technology and culture.

There is also a tribe of telepathic dinosaurs living in an island known as the Savage Land, hidden from society. Many conspiracy theorists believe that this island was once owned by S.H.I.E.L.D. and the government before it was abandoned years later for unknown reasons. This is the home of Devil Dinosaur and possibly Godzilla.


There are many intelligent extraterrestrial races as well. Some of these races have natural superpowers, but they're usually the same for all individuals of the same race, unlike Earth's superhumans. This was explained by the fact that in Earth's distant past, some alien species experimented on humanity, giving birth to the Inhumans and Mutants.


Main Characters


Unlike many Marvel lines, each arc in the Ultiverse comics can be read as a stand-alone.


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  • Many young superheroes of Earth-981 are at the peak of their powers and achievements, but the same can also be said for the super-villains of this world. The heroes here are just starting out and learning on the job as they go. The oldest superhero (aside from Captain America and Wolverine) is Tony Stark, who is thirty-three years old, and the youngest being Peter Parker, who is only sixteen.
  • Everyone in this universe is very aware that extraterrestrial life exists outside of Earth due to frequent alien invasions that happens here.
  • Earth-981's biggest known heroes are the X-Men, Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four.
  • This reality currently takes place in the year 2013.
  • In this universe, costumed crime fighters are a relatively new phenomenon in the 21st Century, with the Fantastic Four being the first super-powered heroes to come to public knowledge.
  • This Earth rotates at a slower speed, and as a result of Hydra's scientific machinery that halted earth's rotation, time passes by slower than on our Earth.
  • On this earth, not every Marvel hero lives or operates in New York City, instead they're spread out across the world.
  • Earth-981 was previously known as Earth-0601, Earth-16.10, and Earth-1601.
  • In this universe, The country Korea isn't split into North and South governments like in real life but instead shares one government.
  • In this reality, Hydra was the driving force behind World War II instead of the Nazi's. Due to this, World War II lasted 10 years.