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Quote1.png Do you know of the master of us all, Spider-Man? He is the one who will soon decide our fates. When that time comes, you will perish by my hand! Quote2.png
-- Goblin Master


Not much is known about this universe's past, although it can be assumed that it followed an identical path to Earth-1610, with one major difference. Here, Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man, survived his final battle against Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, and maintained his secret identity, but at a cost. Peter's right leg was ripped off by the Goblin in the battle, but the Goblin was defeated when the Fantastic Four showed up, having received a distress call from Johnny Storm, to help. Peter then allowed everyone to believe that Spider-Man died in the battle and his body burnt to a crisp. He was then given an artificial leg by Reed Richards in order to help maintain his stability, but Peter decided that the time had come for him to stop trying to save the world, and thus, retired from crime-fighting.

The New Ultimates were disbanded soon after the "death" of Spider-Man in Forest Hills. One by one, New York's crimefighters began to disappear after the Ultimatum Wave which had ravaged the city.

However, a new hero rose to the challenge, Miles Morales, the second Spider-Man. He protected New York for a number of years before he was finally killed in a crossfire between two gangs.

Peter Parker and his wife, Mary Jane, soon had a daughter, Mayday, and a son, Benjamin. However, they were forced to take another child when Peter's distant cousin, young OsCorp researcher Timothy Parker Sr., was forced to drop off his son, Tim Jr., off at their house while he and his wife, Diana, attended to professional business overseas. They, however, never returned.

Sometime in his mid-childhood, Tim became critically injured in a fire and was in the hospital. The only thing that would save him was a blood transfusion. Peter, the only one in the family sharing his nephew's blood type, donated his blood to his nephew. The transfusion saved Tim.

Years after the fall of the heroes, a new generation began to populate New York City's streets once more. Tim, having learned of his uncle's past and his own present powers, became the third Spider-Man. He later told May the truth and she became Spider-Girl. A new generation of X-Men, dubbed Generation X, was founded by Emma Frost of the former X-Men. Finally, a new team of Ultimates was formed by Tony Stark, and consisted of several young heroes from the current generation.

Points of InterestEdit

New York, Ultimates Tower, Triskelion




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