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Marvel Kaijuverse

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On Earth-9022, the Age of Heroes (the boom of superhero activity generally marked by the first appearance of the Fantastic Four) happened about 5 years earlier than on Earth-616. Pragmatically speaking, this means that most of the events, history, and character history associated with the heroes of Earth-616 happened 5 years before they would have on Earth-616, but the overall political, technological, and sociological progress of the world is exactly concurrent with Earth-616. As such, a lot of the superheroes of the past have either grown up, grown old, or retired, and now new groups and new superheroes are proving themselves in protecting the world.

However, in spite of the overall history being the same as far as the superheroes go, there were some events that took place beforehand. Sometime between the end of World War II and the start of the modern Age of Heroes, specifically in the year 1954, a giant monster, mutated my U.S. hydrogen bomb testing in the South Pacific, attacked Japan. The monster, later known as Godzilla, was eventually killed off the coast of Tokyo Bay by a chemical compound created by a scientist who killed himself in the execution of the beast. Godzilla's skeleton was the only remnant.

By this time, Spider-Man (Peter Parker) has lost his leg during his final confrontation against the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) during the Gathering of Five, which also resulted in the deaths of Osborn and Mattie Franklin, and also forced him to retire from active crimefighting.

The Onslaught event happened radically different to how it did on Earth-616. Here, some of the Avengers, such as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch survived, while several others, such as Giant Man, Wasp, and others, were slain in the battle. This forced the notion to go through to disband the Avengers, and Edwin Jarvis remained on active duty at Avengers Compound, which has since become a museum.

Also in this universe, Peter Parker became legal guardian of his nephew, Tim, while his parents traveled to Japan on a "business run", although they never returned. Peter's daughter, May, was also kidnapped like how she was on Earth-982, but also like on Earth-982, she was returned to her parents by Kaine. Tim and May would later grow up to become the new Spider-Man and Spider-Girl, respectively.

This universe follows the adventures of the new Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, a new team of Avengers, the X-People, the Fantastic Five, and others.

Points of InterestEdit

New York City, Avengers Compound, Daily Bugle, Midtown High



  • This universe went through four concepts before landing on the final product:
    • The first was proposed as a direct sequel to 2014's Spider-Verse event.
    • The second saw Timothy Parker (then named Timothy Johnson) arrive from a parallel reality were he was a soldier with the DNA of a kaiju (Godzilla) in his blood. He would eventually gain a sample of Ben Reilly's DNA from Peter Parker, causing his powers to mutate and for him to become Spider-Man. This draft also had Tim marry Mayday Parker and for them to have two children together. (It should also be noted that this draft, as well as the third, had Tim wear a drastically different version of his final Spider-Man costume, this one retaining the traditional red and blue colors, having more square shaped, yellow lenses, and a different spider-logo on the chest and back.)
    • The third was the closest to the final product while retaining elements from the second draft. In this iteration of the story, Tim was birthed in a parallel reality where a war had torn the planet apart, and was dropped off by a rather large woman at the Parker household before being slain by assassins sent from her home reality (An anthro of the kaiju Gigan was written into this draft, but was ultimately taken out of the final product.). This incarnation of Tim would receive a blood transfusion in a radically altered version of The Gathering of Five story arc after being injured by the Green Goblin. This would cause Tim to become Spider-Man 15 years later.


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