Hunter Clan Headquarters

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The Lion's Den, the Champion's Throne
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Not much is known about Earth-8429's past, although it can be assumed that it followed an identical path to Earth-616, at least, up until the mid-1950s,when a nuclear war wiped out civilization on the planet.

Nuclear War

Sometime around the year 1957, a nuclear war erupted due to rising tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union. Nearly all life on Earth was eradicated, save for most of Congress, which were holed up in a secret bunker in South Dakota, and their descendants, who would carry on for the next several thousand years.

The Hunters' Arrival

Thousands of years later, the radiation on the planet had completely gone. Meanwhile, an inter-dimensional version of the super-villain Kraven the Hunter discovered this reality, and thus, began finding and bringing Kravens from parallel realities together and forging a hunter clan and empire. Eventually, a whole army of Kravinoffs were gathered onto this reality with the end goal of destroying the only one who had ever gotten in the way of any of their plans; Spider-Man.


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