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Earth-7777 or known as The Great Symbiote Civil War was a reality that took place before the events of "WRATH".

In this reality, a war happened that resulted in Venom and Spider-Man teaming up to stop Carnage. At the end of the war, Carnage was killed by the combined powers of Spiderman and Venom, resulting in Carnage's minions to go back to their planet and Venom and Spiderman going their separate ways.


Before the Civil War

  • This timeline will involve some events that are from Earth-616 and other timelines
  1. Creatures called Symbiotes were created on an ailen planet, which resulted in millions to millions of symbiotes being created. This resulted in some finding an way to earth.
  2. Millions years later, the CIA and the United States decided to create the organization called S.H.I.E.L.D, later, it was led by former solider and CIA member, Nick Fury.
  3. Cletus was born.
  4. Eddie Brock was born.
  5. Peter Parker was born.
  6. Peter Parker is raised by his aunt May and his uncle.
  7. Eddie Brock becomes a senior at high school.
  8. Cletus is arrested for the murder of an whole entire orphange and is sentenced to an detention center with 6 life sentences.




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