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Age of Marvels

Noted for the emergence of a growing number of superpowered individuals, the start of the Age of Marvels can be marked by the origin of the first family of the Marvel Universe, the Fantastic Four. Numerous heroes followed, including the super collective known as the Avengers, the mutant team the X-Men and the Amazing Spider-Man. With heroes popping up left and right the world became a very different place to live in a very short amount of time. As villains like Doctor Doom, HYDRA and Magneto threatened the Marvel Universe, these heroes would be the only thing between the Earth and utter destruction.

War With Asgard

When a young Asgardian boy is killed in New York, Thor's father Odin, who has long held mixed feelings towards the realm of Midgard, is urged by his adopted son Loki to finally bring Midgard to heel under Asgardian rule. Odin declares war on Earth and while many of the Asgardian's question this decision they side with Asgard, refusing to side against their people. The exception is Thor who when called back to Asgard to lead them in the war refuses Odin's direct command. Odin, furious, takes away Thor's ability to lift Mjolnir and declares him a traitor to Asgard. Thor, resolute, stands beside the heroes of Earth, leading the charge alongside Captain America. The war intensifies, with both Bethany Cabe and Flexo losing their lives in the initial battles. As the war intensifies Mister Fantastic recognises that the only way to truly stop the Asgardians would be to stop them from being able to cross to Midgard. To do this he developes a dark matter bomb capable of destroying the Rainbow Bridge and severing the connection between Asgard and Earth.

The combined heroes launch an offensive against the Asgardian's while Captain America leads a separate team consisting of Thor, who had regained control of Mjolnir when the hammer itself broke through Odin's magic, Mister Fantastic, Thing, Wasp, Black Widow and Sif, who had turned her back on Asgard to side with Thor. This team teleports into Asgard with the intention of placing the bomb. Iron Man leads what seems to be a losing battle on Earth until the arrival of Hulk and Namor turn the tide. On Asgard Thor confronts Odin to provide a distraction for the others. The two engage in a violent battle that leaves both fatally wounded when suddenly Loki emerges from the shadows and strikes down Odin. It is revealed that the whole war was Loki's idea, having partnered with Enchantress and The Executioner to kill the Asgardian boy on Earth and manipulate the entire thing for this moment. Enchantress uses a spell to separate Thor's soul from his body, giving the impression of death, and trapping him in Hel.

The heroes set off the bomb in Asgard, destroying it's connection to Earth. The Asgardian's flee back to Asgard before they are stranded, ending the war. In the aftermath Loki, as the last remaining son of Odin, takes the throne of Asgard, while Sif, not believing that Odin would ever go as far as to kill his son, pledges to travel to Valhalla to discover the truth from Thor himself.

Hydra World Order





Fantastic Four

Independent Heroes

Ongoing Series

  • Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 1)
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