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Earth-7194 is an alternate reality diverging from many others. This is my secondary project based around Avengers, based sometime after the Age of Heroes ended.


New Generation

In the year 2020, the Age of Heroes has since ceased as of the year 2000. When the world's heroes were able to at last defeat the remanents of their long time foes such as HYDRA, the Masters of Evil, and Sinister Six the world finally fell into an age of peace. Villains locked away, previous fueds and bad blood settled, and wars being almost a mere memory of the past, allowing countries across the globe, even places such as Atlantis, Wakanda, and even Latveria to feel at ease.

Least, that has been the general way of life for the past twenty years, allowing the heroes more downtime then ever and able to act on possible problems such as border skirmishes or major street crime if necessary. Through this new time of peace and prosperity the heroes have settled down enough they began families of their own. Like common families the heroes have slowly carved their own personal lives, working civilian jobs when not being called upon for minor problems and raising their children on the stories of the glory days and the struggles they use to go through. Yet, the stories seem to stir some unease as time passes for the veteran heroes, many who have had suspicions about how long the peaceful times would last, especially Captain America and Hank Pym.

Due to the growing unease among the veterans it was recently decided that a plan needed to be implemented. After a meeting among the hero community, the Avengers Academy was recently reopened after being left untouched for some time.

Reopening the Academy

Renovated, updated, and cleaned up, the Avengers Academy has recently been opened again. With backing from SHIELD financially and needed equipment the children of heroes and maybe some villains have been invited to join. Teachers old and new have also recently been employed in the hopes of reaching the newer generation the proper ways of being heroes and/or properly using their skills and abilities.


Academy Staff

  • Maria Hill
  • Nick Fury Junior
  • Samuel Wilson Senior
  • Tigra
  • Anya Corazon
  • Arno Stark
  • Hank Pym

Young Avengers

New Avengers Squad

New Warriors Squad

Defenders Squad


  • Madame Hydra
  • Hella Zemo
  • Kai Von Strucker
  • Jeanne Foucault
  • Leviathans
    • Kayla Foucault
    • Charles Barton II
    • Marcus Barnes
    • Lady Carnage
    • Luna Sofen
    • Randulfr
  • HYDRA Soldiers


  • Bakari Reis
  • Sarah Ellensworth
  • Kenneth Wise
  • Several Unnamed members



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