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Earth-7090 is an alternate reality created by CureKurogane, its official name being the Marvel Megaverse. Even though it has some similarities to the current Earth-616 universe, most of the characters have slightly altered backstories and most of the characters are originals created by CureKurogane exclusively made for this reality. This universe is mostly known for the New X-Men and Mighty Spider-Man series.



  • New X-Men:  In this series, the original X-Men have gone their separate ways after an incident occurred as well as wrongdoings and failures leveling up in the team as well as tensions between the members. Years had passed and Professor Charles Xavier still feels there's hope and used his telepathic abilities to track down a group of mutants that most of them happen to be graduates at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. He finds Gabriel Worthington, the son of Warren Worthington, III aka Angel and Salem Jones-Whistler aka Black Warlock to help him bring together mutants to protect New York City from any threats.
  • The Mighty Spider-Man: In this incarnation of Spider-Man, we focus on high school junior, Peter Parker who gets bitten by a radioactive spider at the Oscorp Laboratory, giving him amazing spider-based abilities. After his Aunt May was murdered by a burglar, followed by his uncle Ben's words of wisdom, Peter takes up the strength to become Spider-Man to take on different villains and protect New York City.
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales: In this rendition of the Spider-Man series, high school Afro-Latino, Miles Morales was bitten by a radioactive spider, giving him the same abilities as the original Spider-Man, in which he is a big fan of. But after his father, Jefferson Davis was killed by gang members, Miles decides to take on the mantle of Spider-Man with the help of his friends -- Ganke and Riri, yet using a new hero name -- the Onyx Spider and began taking on criminals as well followed by crime lord, the Kingpin, as well as the HYDRA. Later on, the young hero soon encounters a mysterious hero, The Winter Soldier who later fights with him in battle.
  • Thunderbird: The series takes place in this universe where Tommy Wilson, younger brother of Sam Wilson a.k.a. Falcon, discovers that he is a mutant who can control thunder and lightning after he gets caught in a bind against Doctor Octopus and the Avengers. Prompted by his best friends, Tommy becomes Thunderbird, the guardian of the stormy skies, and uses the advantage to use his powers to protect New York.

Future Series

  • The Jewel Knights: This series takes the form of a 'magical girl/magical boy' genre. The series follows three best friends: Asante Kinuthia, Ryuugo Aodo, and Melissa Hartland, who discover the three mystical gemstones that represent three holy elements: Lighting, Water, and Heart. When they were attacked by a dark sorcerer named Thorn the Conquerer, the three stones react to the three's bond within each other and transforms them into the magical Jewel Knights.
  • Stealth Archer Hawkeye: Taking place in the events of The Mighty Spider-Man, Clint Barton left the Avengers and has been away from the public eye. After hearing about Spider-Man joining the Avengers to battle against the H.Y.D.R.A., Clint decides to return to the hero business, using his arrow skills to take on criminals in the streets of Brooklyn where he encounters painful memories of his childhood and even the loss of his adoptive father, Harold Barton. 
  • The Punisher: In this series, Frankenstein "Frank" Castle witnessed his family getting murdered by the Kitchen Irish while going on a picnic and gets shot in the head, but he survived. Filled with rage, Castle vowed to find the people responsible for his family's murders. He entered the world of vigilantism like Spider-Man but his sense of justice is far more than merciful, causing him to butt heads with other heroes. But will do what it takes to bring down the killers, thus donning the name: the Punisher. (Rated R for violence and adult content)
  • Starbolt: Based on the old concept created in 2015, this series tells the story about a young teenager named Ahmir-Jordan "A.J." Washington who gets hit by a beam of celestial energy from a cosmic crystal called the Chroma Stone, granting him powers that can rival Captain Marvel and Marvelette. Inspired by his late father's legacy as a police officer and by the other heroes such as Spider-Man, Thunderbird, and others, A.J. decides to become the next hero of New York under the name, Starbolt and battle a corrupt scientist bent on reshaping the universe and would be later joined by fellow Avenger and Asgardian, Thor Odinson.
  • The Avengers: Coming soon...
  • X-Men: The New Mutants: Coming soon...


The New X-Men


The Mighty Spider-Man

The Jewel Knights

  • Asante Kinuthia / Jewel Knight of Lightning
  • Ryuugo Aodo / Jewel Knight of Water
  • Melissa Hartland / Jewel Knight of Heart
  • Thorn the Conquerer

Stealth Archer Hawkeye

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The Punisher


  • Ahmir-Jordan "A.J." Washington / Starbolt
  • Chayana "Chay" Washington / Black Chyna
  • Jazmine Watley
  • De'Marion DaCosta
  • Eureka Harris
  • Luke Cage
  • Lisa Washington
  • Nathaniel Ogundimu
  • Abraham Hammer / Superion
  • Phil Coulson / S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Thor Odinson

X-Men: The New Mutants


  • Earth-7090 is the only universe to have major characters to be LGBT+, mainly bisexual or homosexual.