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Earth-6169 is a reality created by Sabilsadat. It is a mix of 2099, MC2, and mainstream, with elements not belonging to any of them. The history of this universe can be divided into three parts; a past (616), a present (MC2 or 982) and a future (928 or 2099). The "MC2" period is much different than the original, as certain events (such as One More Day, World War Hulk, Dying Wish etc.) did not occur in the past. This universe mainly centers around the "MC2" period, as many changes happen to the world during this period, including the end of the Heroic Age.

Past (616-esque)

HYDRA Washout

Hydra works a lot like the real world conspiracy theories of the Illuminati. While the division of Hydra which Captain America and the Avengers face regularly exist, another branch of Hydra has been working behind the scenes manipulating the world's events. Various political leaders, media personnel etc. are members of Hydra. They have been using the media to hide the truth and fabricate facts. Their goal is to control the world from the inside. For example, the so called "War on Terror" and U.S invasions in Middle Eastern countries weren't to fight terrorism (as the terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda, Taliban and ISIS themselves are off-shoots of Hydra), but rather to steal important artifacts and capture the many super-humans in those countries. When Steve Rogers was Director of SHIELD, he uncovered all this and revealed Hydra's plot to the world. Once this happened, chaos erupted and the media, economy all went still for a few hours. Though Hydra was defeated by the Avengers, there remained a huge impact on the world. Some years later, Parker Industries and SHIELD would take initiative to help those who have suffered due to Hydra's secret activities, mostly the people of the war-torn countries of the Middle East.

Present (MC2-esque)

===Future (2099-esque)===


NOTE: Most of the characters from Earths 616, 928, and 982 exist in this universe exist, with the addition of some characters from other franchises. These include:

  • Tintin and other characters from his franchise.
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, simply known as the Ninja Turtles, closely connected to and often fighting alongside Daredevil.
  • The Limb Clan, an amalgamation of the Hand and Foot Clan that frequently engage the Ninja Turtles and Daredevil in battle.
  • Nathan Drake (from the Uncharted video game series), who frequently crosses paths with Moon Knight.
  • Sam and Dean Winchester and others (from Supernatural), who cross paths with Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange.
  • Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, who appears as a future member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.


This universe bears many similarities to other universes, but has many bizarre changes of its own, including altered historical events. Examples are as follows:

  • Here, several events like M-Day, One More Day and Original Sin (basically all the crappy stories ever) never happened. Things progress the same way it does in 616 with the exclusion of those stories.
  • During the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers in 2001, the superheroes were able to stop the second plane from crashing, thus only one of the Twin Towers collapsed.
  • After this universe's version of the multiversal Secret Wars, mutants were accepted in society. The President ensured that they were granted full rights and offenders of this would be harshly punished.
    • This would prove useful, as by the latter half of the MC2 era, most of the superhuman population would be comprised of mutants.
  • Here the God of monotheistic religions and the One Above All are the same being. He is the source of power of the Ghost Riders and the other religious heroes.


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