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Earth-6164, sometimes referred to as the Other Universe, is a divergent and a dystopian future reality of the Modern Universe (Earth-61615). This reality's history is exactly similar to the history of Earth-616, right until the Golden Age of Heroes have come to pass, igniting the great event known as the "Dark Ages of the Heroic Era" had devastatingly festered the entire planet with war, famine, and plague for the next several centuries.

By the 30th Century, those of the heroic forces, participated by Nathan Richards and the rest of Earth's remaining defenders, including the all-new Spider-Man of the year 2099, had successfully made their efforts in ending the war of the centuries and finally have brought peace and prosperity to Other Earth. Following the 30th Century, the entire millennium had been filled with the great leaps of exploration and discoveries of the Earth's 21st century's greatest failures and mysteries. Along with it, the next several hundred years leading towards the 40th century, this generation's supreme scientists have successfully improved the nature biology to the point that they seem to age much slower than 21st century man.

With the gradual advancement and improvement of mankind throughout the 3rd Millennium, the long-time proposed accord known as the "Terran Treaty," something that was already suggested by the Heroes of Earth since the 21st Century the past several years, was currently awaiting its official approval under the verdict of the Galactic Council, in order to finally execute the accord and confirm the united governments of Earth as a supported ally and member of the intergalactic union. However, despite this upcoming achievement, the efforts were suddenly by the significant and traumatizing assault of an unknown, mysterious terrorist which would eventually have been revealed to be none other than a madly-driven divergence of Kang the Conqueror who originally came from an alternate future and had apparently seen the end of the universe with his own eyes (before barely escaping it), seemingly neutralizing the spark of hope that was the state of the Galactic Council, forever.

By the next generation of the 40th Century, Richards slowly went insane and delusional after the timely death of his wife, Cassie Lang, subsequently turning him into embracing his own prophesied destiny, becoming Kang the Conqueror at last. Only days after becoming Kang, he started his conquest, subjugating several nations of his on choice to his will, starting with the Americas. As he gains a godlike power and infamous recognition among the non-colonized countries from time to time, Kang and his unstoppable forces wrought terror and nightmares throughout the entire globe. When Kang decided to travel back in time in a scheme to manipulate the modern age and somehow conquer all of history step by step, Kang left his power of authority and leadership of his empire to his second-in-commands, who were none other than Sanders and Ravonna Renslayer, becoming the de-facto leaders of Kang's Empire while their superior was not around his home reality.


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