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Earth-61616, often known as the Resistant Universe (formerly known as the Dark Age Universe), is a divergent and a dystopian future reality of the Modern Universe (Earth-61615) in which most of the heroes and villains of this earth either have died during and after the events of Ultron Revolution, causing for a large ripple effect to occur throughout the entire timeline. Consequences include several heroes and villains to be forced into retirement (causing their children or other heroes to take their mantles), or continues their career as superheroes, but will be hunted and will be considered as outlaws, known as "The Resistance." This reality is also ruled by an tyrant organization known as H.A.M.M.E.R. (in the guise of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s and the previous government's new replacement), the new reincarnated system of Hydra founded by Tony Stark's delusional son, Edward Stark, who established a new world order in society.

This reality had almost pretty much the same timeline with its mainstream counterpart, however, throughout this reality's entire history, came along with both several major and minor alterations, setbacks, and drastic changes, due to the "ripple effect," caused by Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet into accidentally creating this reality, during the events of the mainstream reality's Infinity War, both due to Thanos and Adam Warlock's reality-altering snaps.

This reality was eventually destroyed during the following incursions in the Secret Wars event. But not all characters in this universe died and some characters had eventually been displaced in the mainstream universe, the reality of Earth-61615. However, since the Beyonder had rebuilt the Multiverse following Sinnu Sarrum's fall and the destruction of Battleworld, the Dark Age Universe was eventually brought back to existence, although it was revealed to be ruled by the mystical Nightmare, who decided to claim it as his new realm since its inhabitants were said to be "good as dead," as the survivors have been displaced to the mainstream reality, while those who didn't survive were merely prevented by being resurrected due to Nightmare's festering presence in their universe.

Thankfully, with the combined strength of the mainstream reality's Doctor Strange, Fantastic Four, and the displaced New Avengers who joined for the battle of their home, they were eventually able to banish Nightmare out of existence into the multiversal realm of Heaven, where he had to spend eternity under the love and welcoming embrace of the benevolent Unified Cosmos. Having dealt with the conquering Nightmare, the alliance assisted the Beyonder as they rebuilt this universe back to the habitable and lively home it was meant to be, along with a few modifications to compensate the painful decades its denizens had gone through starting from Ultron Revolution until now, where some things can change for the better. The Dark Age Universe was merely the past, for now it is reborn as the Resistant Universe.


Prehistoric Era

  • The microorganisms that contained the mysterious group of genetic alleles and genomes, known as the "X-Genes," have started to spread as it continues to mutate on several superior lifeforms, surviving throughout the entirety of Earth's history.
  • The ruthless and tyrannical Titanian general known as Thanos has savagely murdered his entire family whom he thought was against his ideologies, including his own father, A'Lars, and mercilessly overthrown his throne in the process and successfully established his own empire within the Ancient Eternals of Titan, eventually replacing it as the more powerful Resurgence Empire.
    • With the help and effort of the Resurgence Empire's Starfleet, the Emperor has accomplished several countless victories against many different species across the entire universe, causing for him to gain power not even his father could've ever achieve, even when he was still alive as the Eternal Ruler.
  • Instead of having their new society established on the surface of the Moon unlike their Earth-61615 counterparts, the House of Agon have decided to follow the traces of the Kree as it had left Earth to travel across the vast space of the universe, only to find themselves landing in the deserted but life-bearing planet, where it was located inside the core of the Greater Magellanic Cloud, the very known location of the Kree Empire.
    • Only a few hundred years after it was first established by Inhuman immigrants, the House of Agon, the society of Attilan has unfortunately been attacked and raided by the Imperial Starfleet of the Resurgence Empire, causing for its massive devastating collapse and downfall. Most of its helpless inhabitants were executed by the tyrannical forces, leaving some "worthy" individuals into being enslaved under the Mad Titan's abusive power.
    • Later on, the adoptive sons and daughters of the Inhuman Royal Family were all raised by Thanos himself, and were persistently trained and were also deceived under his guidance. As they have grown up to be the skilled, deadly, bloodthirsty warriors and mercenaries of Thanos, they started calling themselves as the Black Order.

Before Heroic Age

  • The Prophecy of the Metallic Men: One of the members from the league of time-travelers known as the Order of the Living Legends, the astrologer and overseer Nostredame, had glimpsed and prophesied a future of technological advancement, wherein a "man of metal" had ruthlessly used humanity's greatest of tools in his pursuit to slaughter all life on Earth, replacing life with his metallic kind, leaving the survivors as they stood and waited on the surface for their brutal suffering, before dying at the metallic men's cold-blooded hands.
    • In response to preventing this prophecy come into play, the Stark family in a possible future (being this one), began to build underground megacities made out of antiquated yet toughened and everlasting materials across the United States, as one of the Living Legend that was Isaac Stark had started building it by the late 19th century so his descendants in the future would follow in finishing his secret work.
    • Somewhere around the world, the Wakandans have also done a similar protocol under their precognitive deities who have seen a terrible future that would expose Wakanda's true nature. The Wakandans have began building their underground cities by the 20th century, isolating themselves from the dangerous world more than ever before in terms of their technological advancement.

The Heroic Age (Early 2000s)

  • The rise of Earth's mightiest and most marvelous heroes, also known as the "Heroic Age," emerges in the following aftermath and wake of several triggering events, caused by series of annihilation, threats, and rampages caused by several forces of corrupted and crooked villainous figures, terrorist organizations, extraterrestrial invasions, and so many more.
    • The X-Men, also known as Division X was first formed to stop the Hellfire Club's and the Brotherhood of Mutants' plans on declaring war against humans and/or vice-versa.
    • A group of researchers from the Directory of Mainland Technology Development, Reed Richards, Sue Storm and their closest friends, Ben Grimm, Sue's younger brother, Johnny Storm, went on a extraterrestrial expedition in a mysterious dimension only to get mutated by cosmic radiation, giving them superpowers and abilities, which they would later band together battling extraterrestrial-related threats. The four eventually named themselves the Fantastic Four.
    • The Avengers were founded by Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to stop Loki and the Chitauri from invading and conquering Earth.
    • With the help of the Defenders and several heroes of New York, the Avengers managed to stop the Chitauri Invasion and successfully defeat and capture Loki in the process.

March to Ultron Revolution (Late 2000s to Early 2010s)

  • Hank Pym, with the help of both geniuses Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, ultimately built Ultron as a new peace-keeping A.I. to protect the world and assist the Avengers as their "eye in the sky," in helping the heroes during their missions. Later on, Ultron was given "his" own suit, so he could be with his fellow teammates, working in the field.
  • However, Ultron eventually believed that humanity threatened the world ever since and thus, according to his program, decided to extinguish humanity. Ultron's attempt at creating and possessing a new synthetic Vibranium body had resulted in the creation of his "son," Vision, who joined the Avengers during the Ultron Offensive, using his powers to prevent Ultron from transferring his consciousness into the internet and allowing the Avengers to successfully put an end to him, for the time being.

Ultron Revolution (2010-2020)

The Ultron Revolution begins

  • The sinister A.I. Ultron manages to cheat death and proceeds on infiltrating all of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s mainframe systems all over the globe and even used Arnim Zola's consciousness, who was still in fact alive, living in cyberspace. Ultron decided to disable Zola, after the consciousness was trying to neutralize Ultron from cyberspace, since Zola proved himself to Ultron that he remain as a Hydra loyalist and will do anything in his power to protect its legacy. Unfortunately it failed since Zola was finally disabled by the A.I.'s devious betrayal, and Ultron manages downloaded all of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hydra, and every other organization throughout history that had conflict with each other for generations.
  • Because of his actions, Hydra, S.H.I.E.L.D., the government, and the rest of the organizations in the entire system of society had immediately crumbled and fall. After Ultron's accomplishments, he started his journey and takeover all over the Earth, to rebuild "a better world," in his own image.
  • Ragnarök: Concurrent to the events between the Year 1 and Year 2 of Ultron Revolution, the prophesied Asgardian doomsday event known as Ragnarök, all due to a series of unfortunate events caused by different, separate individuals. At first, the hero formerly known as Iron Lad, Nathan Richards, had mysteriously returned to the dystopian reality as Kang, after he tried to look for answers in the 40th century, but fails in doing so when he saw that the future fate of this Earth's reality was actually to be recklessly consumed by the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus, instead of falling at the hands of Ultron. In response to this revelation, Kang tried to act proactively and decides to lure Galactus out of the Earth to save it at all costs, reluctantly but successful ending his mission by leading him to all the remaining planets in the Nine Realms, starting to be dangerous realm of Jotunheim.
    • In consequence to Kang's mission of saving Earth, Galactus devours Jotunheim instead, destroying the latter and subsequently decimating all of the planet's population, and as well as Loki, the God of Mischief. Along with it, Galactus was able to enter the wormhole summoned by King Thor's daughter, Torunn, from the other side of Asgard's Bifrost, all to save Thor's son and her half-brother, Modi out of Jotunheim. After Modi's arrival on Asgard, immediately follows by Galactus, who unintentionally made the prophecy of Ragnarök come true. In the end, the realm of Asgard was destroyed, but half its people still survived as nomads in the cosmos, with King Thor actually being the one responsible for destroying the Asgard, preferring to destroy the realm itself at the hands of his own powers, rather than letting it be consumed by the cosmic entity.

One of the least populated areas of the New York Underground Megacity

  • After his non-stop gathering for information about humanity's existence, Ultron gained more and more power and superiority against the defenders of humanity, to the point where no one seems to actually prevent him and his movement, which surprisingly lasted for almost more than 10 years, a decade full of suffering and deaths among the living. Those who either had the will to survive at any costs or were fortunate enough to take shelter, spent their decade in hiding from the patrolling Ultron Sentries in many places across the world. One notable and significant instance was the fact that millions of surviving New Yorkers were thankfully safe, in a practical sense, due to being evacuated by heroes to an underground mega-city the size of New York City (also located below and inside New York) that was conveniently inaccessible to the likes of Ultron and any other 21st century technology due to an invisible tech-dampening force field, which was secretly developed and improved by the genius Stark family in case of "apocalyptic emergencies".
    • The result of the revolution has caused so many destruction and casualties, from the deaths of innocent lives of civilians, both human and mutant, inhuman, or any other varieties or race and the many demises of super-powered individuals, both heroes and villains who sacrificed their lives trying to reclaim humanity's freedom.
  • Thankfully, he was finally stopped inside his Sanctuary by the combined efforts and plan of every hero and villain all over the world who still remained surviving, creating the Ultron Resistance. Sadly, the final day of Ultron Revolution costed so much casualties, taking the lives of several heroic individuals, most notably were the Thing, the Hulk, Black Panther, Captain America, and even Ultron's own father and creator, Hank Pym, who Ultron had brutally killed out of rage and revenge, and countless more.
    • Ultron ultimately paid his own final price for the abusive things that he had done to this reality, and was finally defeated by his co-creator and second father, Iron Man who used his last resort against Ultron, who brutally beats down and damages his physical form to a pulp, before deleting and deactivating his seemingly, overpowered consciousness, one last time, marking a true end for the Ultron Revolution.

The Technological Depression (Early 2020s)

After Ultron Revolution, the world rent to a depressive state with most developing a skepticism towards technology

  • In the aftermath of Ultron Revolution, the entire society of the world had finally stepped out from the shadows that was their hidden shelters and settlements, back into the open of the ruins of what were once their great towns and cities, experiencing a heavy and severe economic depression for the next three years, due to the events due to several countless technological malfunctions that reoccurs all over the world, after the destruction of Ultron, including the decline and fall of the Internet. Due to most people it cause because of Ultron's ruinous effects on the post-industrial society, this depression was dubbed as the Technological Depression. Similar to the historical Great Depression, the Technological Depression also had devastating effects in countries both rich and poor, only its effects were a lot more disastrous and catastrophic than previous depressions throughout the history of civilization.
  • As a result, most cities all around the world that were once considered to be part of a first-world country were hit hard, especially those dependent on heavy industry which involved the once latest technology. Eventually, the one-and-a-half-year depression slowly but surely came into an end, after the helpful efforts of Tony Stark's son, Edward Stark, he slowly started funding the surviving politicians into rebuilding and reforming the United Nations and the temporarily established World Government once again, as they another lifetime mission in order to reunite the entire world through the newly-revived Internet, and achieve world peace once more. While Stark eventually became the Vice President, he had former General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross to run as the President of the United States who suggested Stark should partner up with him against their controversial opposing party that was led by the former Kingpin Wilson Fisk, which the two running mates were elected as the two executive powers to govern the recovering country along with the rest of the world.


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