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The Extended, Major Chitauran Conflict

Chitauri Fleet Earth-61615.8
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The Invasion, The War, Chitauri Conflict, Chitauri Invasion (plural term), Chitauran Invasion (singular term), Invasion of the United States, The Failure of Loki Laufeyson, Ultron's Redemption
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A divergent Earth-61615, in which the infamous Chitauri Invasion that was supposed to end during the significant Battle of New York, the reality known as Earth-61615.8 was a far worse case scenario the Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers, had never even expected to happen in the first place. In the midst of crisis in New York, Loki was able to trick the newly-formed heroes into thinking that he was inside the Stark Tower through an illusion he summoned, revealing that the Scepter was still in his secret possession, along with the Tesseract. Because of it, the portal has yet to be closed by Black Widow, since it never happened at all.

As a devastating consequence to his effective strategy, the invasion of the timeline itself was prolonged for almost than an entire week, longer than it was supposed to be. In the wake of the conflict, more and more Tesseract-powered massive Chitauri fleet have entered the wormhole, along with the arrival of another far more aggressive race also led by Loki, known as the Outriders, unleashing chaos and destruction throughout the rest of United States in a matter of seven days. Seeing as the situation have gotten even worse than before, the heroes of New York have no other choice but to help the citizens of every city in the country as they continue defending them from the incoming attacks. With it, S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury and his loyal agents were able to shoot down all the jets, sent by the World Security Council, that were supposed to fire a nuclear missile upon the city and kill millions of people.

Thankfully, the extended conflict itself was miraculously averted after the noble sacrifice of the Avenger's associate Ultron, in which he successfully destroyed both the cosmic stone inside the Scepter after using it to close the portal, along with somehow destroying the Tesseract afterwards, and thus the rest of the heroes was able to decimate what was left of the alien threat, foiling their attempted invasion of Earth and unknowingly saving the entirety of the universe from the clutches of the true mastermind's quest on obtaining the Infinity Stones, much to his dismay and disappointment for Loki's failure.

Though the latter still were successful in saving the world, the losses of the event have increased to extreme measures, approximately counting it to almost a thousand casualties all over the country. Despite all of the losses they experienced in the wake of the conflict's end, the Avengers were still praised and supported by most of the government-sponsored enterprises, along with most of the people and organizations all over the entire world, for saving the fate of the world. And eventually, motivated by the Avengers' success, the United Nations began to field authorized superhumans in international conflicts, unlike their prime counterparts, whose first public appearance still sparked and grew skepticism among the public and even most of some authorities in several countries worldwide.


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