Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Timeline #2

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Timeline 2
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Nick Fury gathered a team of heroes to stop Dr. Doom from stealing Odin's powers and using them to take over the world with the Masters of Evil.

The Civil War takes place leading to the rising of a faction known as the Fold and how they almost take over the world.

The Secret Invasion happens shortly after.


Almost all the residents of the Marvel universe.


Earth-6109 is the reality designation for the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance video games.


If you listen in after the credits in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 you hear a secret conversation between Black Widow and Weasel. Black Widow told Weasel to hack into S.H.I.E.L.D. and access Nick Fury's brain wave patterns. Widow made Weasel take the fall for the crime. Which explains Weasel not appearing in MUA2.


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