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Earth-5000 is an alternate reality based upon Earth-616. The universe is based around the exploits of the extraterrestrial hero, Rom who in this universe did not die and continued his adventures surrounding the bigger Marvel Universe. While Rom's rights belong to IDW, the usage of lore related to him basically allows his usage in the comic series involving this universe.

This reality is editorially known as Romverse while its introductory comic series is Rom, the Spaceknight. The Mighty Defenders and the Iron Avengers animated series are set here as well.


Rom, the Spaceknight

Building upon the concept of What If? Rom Remained in the Marvel Universe?, this universe details the titular hero's new adventures in a universe that has expanded itself for the past few years in Rom's absence. Rom's adventures in particular start after the defeat of the Dire Wraiths, who in this universe were beaten by the entire might of Galador instead of Rom himself. His stories are told somewhere around the years 2015 and 2017 with some flashbacks dating back to his first careers.

Notable events such as Infinity and Secret Invasion have happened, but there are a few modifications done. While not explicit, major events from Earth-616 (except the Third Secret Wars) happened earlier with dialogue-drops hinting such occurrences. In addition, much of the series' supporting cast are based on their pre-Marvel NOW incarnations with some exceptions.

The biggest change to the Spaceknights roster would be their identity changes. Although Rom and his family remain the same, his comrades don't. Spaceknights without real names or known nicknames are given such with examples like Daystar who had no true name in the comics and Bakin, vice versa.

Other Spaceknights had their identities swapped with their past/future counterparts from the comics. The knight Firefall was named after a Third Generation Spaceknight in the comics, but had a history mirroring a First Generation Spaceknight with the same nickname called Karas.

The universe also has at least one alternate future called Earth-6000, where a counterpart of Earth-691's Korvac resided in. That, being the only alternate reality featured in the series among other known possible futures. Another notable future is Earth-5005, the origin reality of this universe's Kang.

Mighty Defenders

Taking place prior to the events of its sister series, Mighty Defenders is set in 2012. The original Defenders that consisted of Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer, Namor, and the Hulk exist. However, future incarnations of the team from the Secret Defenders to the current Defenders don't as they're replaced by the Mighty Defenders themselves.

Iron Avengers

Iron Avengers is an original series that takes place in this universe. This series is notable for being the first animated series to be set in Earth-5000. The series revolves around the titular team of former villains, consisted of mechanical duplicates of some famous heroes, who struggle to re-establish themselves as heroes in a world that loathes them. The series is set prior to all the other series taking place in this universe.


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