Reality Number 4545454
 Status Existing
 Creator AtlantisUchiha
First Appearance

Earth-4545454 is one of many realities existing in the Multiverse. This reality contains little Marvel heroes, but does possess some. This is the reality Alterra originates.


Celestial War

Like all realities, Earth-4545454 came into existence after the Celestial War; a cosmic war predating the Multiverse itself, with two warring factions of the Aspirants and the Celestials. The war would have the First Firmament shattered, forming the Multiverse.

Early Existences

After the Celestial War ended with Celestial victory, the Celestials themselves scattered themselves throughout the cosmos, granting a magnitude of existing lifeforms, and even accelerated some of their evolution processors. One of the more mysterioys species, the Utopians were amongst the Celestials most psycologically developed species. The Celestials had accelerated te Utopians mentality, granting him a high level of mind.


After the Celestials seemlessly vanished after they're done doing experiments, the Utopians began to research on a unidentified bacterium they'd were infected with. The bacterium was then brought over to Planet-4545454B where they'd isolated the infected and began searching for a cure.


After a milennia of their species decline, one of them discovered the Leviathan race; a aquatic species who's one of only 5 focus experiments of the Celestials, designed to become the ultimate aqutic creatures underwater. The Utopians noticed the Leviathans were unharmed when the bacterium was released into the water they'd dwelled.

Despite their efforts, the Utopians soon died by the bacterium, and the Leviathans soon kept the bacterium from spreading to the outside world. However, it was also seen that the bacterium only harmed 4 of the Leviathans, bringing death to every other Leviathan.


Trivia & Notes

  • Alterra and Peni are not related, and coincidentally have "Parker" as their last name.
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