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The Bright Reflection

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Before the beginning, the One-Above-All created the Abstract Beings. They embodied major aspects of reality and would regulate the universe merely by existing, and were given certain rules on how to properly interact with lesser beings.

Then, in the beginning, the One-Above-All created the universe and all potential therein.

Six nigh-immutable gemstones, each representing an aspect of existence and possessing incredible power, appeared during the very first moment after the Big Bang. They were created by the Living Tribunal at the behest of the One-Above-All.

The Proemial Gods came into existence one instant after the Gemstones and would spread the potential for life as well as low-divinity throughout existence.

Eternity, the incarnation of spatial expansion and life's beginning and continuation, and Master Order met and discussed ways to hasten life's completion: they crafted the Celestials and gave them the task of accelerating the development of life.

Death, the incarnation of spatial recession and the end of life, and Lord Chaos, met to craft a counter-force to the Celestials.

13 Billion~ Years ago to 20,000 years ago

Galactus, the Abstract Entity which balances the others and cages Abraxas with the energy consumed from Life-Potential planets, comes across the Reality Gem and hides it within his cosmic craft.

After the task of the Proemial Gods was completed, they had an existential crisis over what to do now. Upon seeing the burgeoning pantheons across the universe, they reinvented themselves as Those-Who-Sit-Above-In-Shadow, Gods who even Gods revere.

Eons later, the first pantheons popped up on the life and divinity-seeded worlds, the myriad groups gathered together and constructed a city which would be neutral territory of the highest order: Omnipotence City. The gods eventually locate the Soul stone and hide it in the most secure vault created by any gods throughout the cosmos, protecting it from even them.

Ego, a Living Planet, came to exist at some point around the construction of Omnipotence City. He drifts through the cosmos for eons and eventually finds the Mind stone and hides in near his core.

Lord Chaos interacts with the burgeoning universe and informs the most advanced and widespread species throughout the universe about the Infinity Gems and their potential capabilities. His information is very vague, however, and neither identifies the forms the Infinity Gems took or how to differentiate them from other powerful artifacts.

Before the first galaxies faded away, the Elders of the Universe came to exist. They each found themselves the last of their races and were immortal, additionally, they possessed vast cosmic powers.

Three Celestials witnessed their appearance and became inspired, going on to infuse certain species with two subdivisions in Hosts, one with cosmic powers similar, if inferior to the Elders, and another with highly adaptive natures

One of the Elders, The Gardener, discovered an Infinity Gem and kept it to himself to allow easy travel throughout the universe. He discovered the Space stone.

Shortly after Earth cooled and the One-Above-All began forming it into a habitable world, the universe's most advanced races at the time banded together to create the Super-max prison and named it The Kiln. It is the most secure mortal location in the universe, and is powered, unknowingly to its builders and later keeps, by the Power stone.

The Demiurge arrives on Earth and spawns the Elder Gods, after many years pass all but a small handful start to become the first and most powerful demons. Gaia is among the few that remained uncorrupted, and with the Demiurge has a son, Atum, who cleanses the Earth of the demons.

The Vishanti form, one of their member being the other last remaining uncorrupted Elder Gods, and the three discover the Time stone and protect it.

20,000 years to Present

Approximately twenty-thousand years before the New Avengers formed, the First Host of Celestials occurred on the planet called "Earth". They created two subspecies of humanity, one genetically perfect and given cosmic energies called the Eternals and another highly adaptive called the Deviants.

Approximately eighteen-thousand years before the New Avengers formed, the Celestials arrived for their Second Host on Earth and observed the two subspecies of humanity they had created.

Finding the Deviants abhorrent for enslaving humans, the Celestials destroyed most of them with only a few surviving their wrath and fleeing Earth.

The Eternals, who hadn't seen humanity as worthy of their attentions, were banished from the planet and forced to find a home on one of Saturn's moons.

The Deviants come to build a stellar kingdom and rename themselves "Skrulls", settling relatively close to the Shi'ar and Kree empires.

Three-thousand years prior to the New Avengers' formation, the Celestials had their Third Host on Earth and managed to overcome its pantheons of gods after calling for reinforcements. Surrendering after a prolonged war, the Pantheons were forced not to interfere with Earth's development lest they risk another war with the Celestials.

Slightly over two-thousand years before the New Avengers form, the Ones-Above-All acted more directly than before on Earth, which was felt by the Celestials who attempt to intervene but found themselves powerless.

Two-thousand years before the formation of the New Avengers, the Kree, Skrulls, and Shi'ar entered into a prolonged war.

Desperate for a trump card, the Kree performed genetic experiments on a group of humans using DNA acquired from one of humanity's subdivisions. This created the Inhumans, whose first generation was involved in the war before breaking away, settling on a small section on the far side of Earth's moon.

The Inhumans created a city on the moon after using Kree technology to give it a small atmosphere.

Five-hundred years before the formation of the New Avengers, the Kree, Shi'ar, and Skrull war ended in a draw and they forged an incredibly tense peace.

From the 1940s onward, a veritable explosion of super-powered humans appear on Earth. All too often, those given these gifts squandered them on petty, selfish, or cruel ventures and numerous heroes rose to protect the innocents.

Mutants, humans with inherent genetic differences which grant them unique powers, become known to the public. Tense relationships existed with extreme prejudices until the 1970s, where the relationships gradually mend. By the second Millennium, while there are extremes on both sides, they are no longer the norm.

Technological heroes such as Tony Stark also make themselves known, using high-tech armors and weaponry to contend with even the most powerful super-humans.

A group of Earth's most powerful and known heroes united to contend with a rogue Eternal named Sersi, and together managed to defeat her. This also marked humanity's first official contact with the Eternals when they arrived to take custody of her, having only been made aware of Sersi's schemes after her defeat.

This group of heroes decided to band together as a more permanent team called the Avengers.

Roughly half a decade later, the Skrull, Kree, and Shi'ar war began anew. Partly due to her origins, Ms. Marvel was drawn into the war alongside her fellow Avengers.

Hydra, which was originally a subdivision of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party and his research and development division, and A.I.M, a group of amoral scientists, unite and take advantage of the missing Avengers to launch an assault on New York City.

New York's local heroes united to try and repel this invasion, which was the first union of the New Avengers.

Points of InterestEdit

  • Positive Zone: The "upper" section of the universe where the majority of life exists. Its matter is primarily positively charged in comparison to the Negative Zone. The Sentry's unique energy comes from this Zone.
    • Earth: A third planet from its star, it is a planet mostly covered in water and has a vast ecosystem. Its sapient inhabitants are mostly humans, and there are various super-humans living on it.
  • Neutral Zone: The "between" section of the universe where there is no native life. It is filled equally with matter and anti-matter. Anti-Man's unique energy comes from this Zone.
  • Negative Zone: The "lower" section of the universe where life exists but in far smaller quantities than the Positive Zone. Its matter is primarily negatively charged compared to the Positive Zone, referred to as Anti-matter by the inhabitants of Earth. The Void's unique energy comes from this Zone.



  • Avengers
  • New Avengers
  • X-Men
  • Defenders


  • Hydra
  • A.I.M
  • Brotherhood of Mutants
  • Sentinels

Finite Gods

  • Proemial Gods/Those-Who-Sit-Above-In-Shadow
  • Human Pantheon Gods
  • Kree Gods
  • Skrull Gods
  • Shi'ar Gods
  • Omnipotence City


  • Mephisto

Cosmic Beings

  • Celestials
  • Elders of the Universe

Abstract Entities

  • Infinity
  • Eternity
  • Death
  • Oblivion
  • Galactus
  • Master Order
  • Lord Chaos

Higher Beings

  • One-Above-All
  • Living Tribunal


  • I treat this universe as part of "my marvel multiverse", and thus it treats the one built up by Marvel Comics as non-canon/non-existent.


  • There are no counterparts for the Fantastic Four in this universe until after the New Avengers formed
  • Gods such as Hercules and Thor have never encountered Earth's heroes due to the different timespan of the Celestial's threats
  • The Fourth Host of Celestials has not occurred for Earth


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