Earth-2287 is the universe in which the Spider-Man: Genesis series, Dawn of the Nightcrawler, and other upcoming comic book franchises take place.

Following the release of Supreme Comics: The Avengers #1, it was decided that the Supreme Comics banner be shut down, and reintroduced amongst the already established Earth-2287 continuity. Earth-2287 has since been known as the Supreme Universe, and will retell the planned story of the Supreme Comics: The Avengers series.



January 2018

  • Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider at Osborn Industries, granting him amazing powers.
  • Ben Parker is murdered by the Sin-Eater in his home. Peter first uses his powers to stop the Sin-Eater from killing Eddie Brock, but doesn’t realise that he’s the Man who killed his uncle.
  • In Winzeldorf, Southern Germany, Nightcrawler rescues Hans Knoblach and other civilians from a burning building.
  • Black Swan comes to Winzeldorf in search of Nightcrawler, wanting revenge for murdering his father.


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