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The Festering Fear

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Marvel's Age of Festering Fear, Fear is a Reality, Home of the Fearlings, Nightmare's Dream, New Marvel Zombies
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Presumably a divergent reality of Earth-61615, the reality known as Earth-21410 was the reality in which the wrathful abstract entity known as Nightmare faces off against the mystical heroes of Earth, led by Doctor Strange along with the assistance of Iron Man, in a cataclysmic interdimensional stand-off, which ended with the unfortunate creation and evolution of a cosmic plague of unorthodox origin, dubbed as the Nightmare's Dream, that further spread and infected the world in the process, turning the affected population into insane, ravenous, and malevolent zombie-like creatures which are greatly motivated into spreading the plague as the fearful and lethal symptoms tears them apart, slowly and painfully, until they decay and subsequently die from it while the plague itself takes it time to evolve and mutate to survive in its exposed environment.



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