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Earth-1984 is an alternate reality within the Marvel Comics multiverse in which the Asgardian ritual of Ragnarok was too much for the forces of Asgard to handle, resulting in it spreading across the entire universe. The end result was the extinction of over a billion life forms, and the remaining civilizations being mystically thrown together to survive in seclusion of the reformed solar system dubbed the Andromeda System.

Beyond the confines of the Andromeda System, survivors run rampant in chaos scrambling to survive the harsh new reality they find themselves in.

Residents of the Andromeda System

Planets are listed based on distance from the sun.


After the Andromeda System was thrust into existence, the forested planet Berhert became utilized by several different species who found themselves homeless, and have attempted to form something of a cooperative society.








Sakaar was once surrounded by countless universal portals, but now stands ravaged by the forces of time as the Grandmaster attempts to hold on to the last vestige of control he has left.


The Nova Corps operates off of Xandar, working in close cooperation with the forces of S.H.I.E.L.D. on Earth to maintain peace throughout Andromeda.


After about a third of humanity perished during Ragnarok, the remaining heroes band together under the flag of S.H.I.E.L.D. in an attempt to keep peace and help usher humanity into this strange new era.





Vigilantes and Villains

Asteroid M

Magneto's former stronghold for the Brotherhood of Mutants now resides in the Asteroid Field separating the inner ring from the outer ring. Since Magneto's death, however, the station aboard the asteroid has been repurposed by Queen Medusa to serve as the new home for the Inhumans.



One of the only other surviving Ten Realms, the Vanir people have embraced the Asgardian, Dwarf, and Angel refugees into their realm.


Even before Ragnarok, Kitson was the host to the worst of the worst the galaxy had to offer. Now, it remains a cesspool that most other survivors dare not dwell.


The Kree Empire comes out of Ragnarok still with an impressive force. Ever since the formation of the Andromeda System, they have been pushing for control, facing much resistance from the other survivors.


Ego the Living Planet has allied itself with the Kree Empire, allowing itself to be used as a stronghold for them.


Spyre was a highly advanced society that had become inspired by the Fantastic Four of Earth, and harnessed Cosmic Energy to create their own superheroes. After Ragnarok ripped them away from their two suns, Kor and Kaylo, the Unparalleled were quick to align themselves with the likes of Earth and Xandar in the Council of Andromeda.

The Unparalleled


Once the home to simple primitive tribes, Torfa has since become the home of the surviving Skrulls, who have become much more docile following Ragnarok. Standing ever in defiance against the Kree, they have aligned themselves with Earth and Xandar.


Maveth was a dead planet before Ragnarok, used to host the ancient Inhuman Hive. However, it know hosts the former Avenger Steve Rogers, who exiled himself in shame after letting the universe succumb to Ragnarok.


Jotunheim is the land of the Frost Giants. However, it has since been taken over by the cosmic entity Death, and the surviving members of the Black Order. They do allow the Frost Giants to live in peace, along with the Dark Elves and the Trolls, so long as they submit to their rule.

Black Order

Frost Giants

Dark Elves



Knowhere is the severed head of an ancient Celestial that is used as an information hub. Ever since the Collector was cast out and ran to Sakaar to hide out, Knowhere has been taken over by Nick Fury and Star-Lord to keep watch over Andromeda, and protect it from outside forces.

Outside Andromeda

The Heralds of Apocalypse

The Valkyries

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