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Deadpool Cinematic Universe

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(February 8, 2016)


Earth-188888 has many of the features of our reality: many of the same countries, personalities, and historical events. However, it also contains many fictional additions that have reshaped the world historically and developmentally. Super-advanced technology, and the existence of mutants, sets the stage for a science fiction environment. An organization known as Weapon X was response for creating mutants and another known as Mutant Threat Containment Unit was created as a result of them.







The Deadpool Cinematic Universe contains a wide array of material in a number of formats, including:

  • Canon
  • Theatrical films: Deadpool, Deadpool: Enter Cable, Deadpool: Multiverse - Part I, Deadpool: Multiverse - Part II
  • Short Films, known as Deadpool Origins: Ghost, Domino, Cable, Mr. Sinister and Bulleye
  • Series: Marvel's Ghost
  • Semi-canon
  • Comic Tie-ins: Deadpool: First Blood, Ghost Out, Deadpool and Domino #1, Deadpool: Enter Cable Prelude, Ghost and Blizzard #1, Deadpool: Multiverse Prelude


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