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Daily Bugle, Dark Avengers, Dark Riders, Dark X-Men, Daughters of Dragons, Dawn of White Light, Daydreamers, Deadheads, Deadpool Corps, Death Squad (Foreigner/Nefaria), Death-Throws, Deathwalkers, Deathweb, Deep Six (Attuma), Deep Six (Namor), Defenders, Defenders (villains), Defenders for a Day, Defenders of New Jersey, Department Zero, Derangers, Descendants, Desert Dwellers, Desert Stars, Desert Sword, Displaced Paranormals Division, Doom Maidens, Ducky Dozen, Dynasty, Earth Force, Elders of the Universe, Emissaries of Evil, Enforcers, Eugenix, Euroforce, Excalibur, Excelsior (Squad), Exemplars, Exemplars (Squad), Factor, Fangs, Fantastic Force, Fantastic Four, Fast Five, Fathom Five, Fearsome Four, Fellowship of Fear, Femizons, Femme Fatales, Fifty State Initiative, First Line, Five Lights, Flight, Folding Circle, Force, Force Four, Force of Nature, Force Works, Force Works (Initiative), Four Winds, Freedom's Five, Freex, Friends of Humanity, Frightful Four, Frightful Four (Osborn), Future Foundation, Gamma Corps, Gamma Corps (Black-Ops), Garrison, Gemini, Gene Dogs, Gene Nation, Generation X, Genetix, Ghosts of Cyclops, Godpack, God Squad, Grapplers, Great Lakes Avengers, Great Society, Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardsmen

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