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50-State Initiative, A.I.Vengers, Academy of Tomorrow, Accuser Corps, Acolytes, Action Pack, Adaptoids, A.I.M., Advocates Squad, Agency X, Agents of Atlas, Air Force, Alaska Initiative, Alliance of Evil, Alpha Flight, Alpha Prime, Alphas/Alpha Squadron, Alpha Strike, Americommand, Anachronauts, Ani-Men, Annihilation Wave, Annihilators, Antithesis, ARMOR, Ascendants, Assassins' Guild, Assembly, Avatars, Avengers, Avengers AI, Avengers Academy, Avengers of the Supernatural, Avengers Underground, Avengers Unity Division, BAD Girls, Inc., Band of Baddies, Band of the Bland, Banished, Batroc's Brigade, Battalion, Bedlam Brothers, Beetles, Berserkers, Beta Flight, Big Hero 6, Black End, Black Order, Boston Terrors, Brood Mutants, Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy, Brothers Grimm, Brute Force (Thunderbolts foes), Brute Force (Animals), Cabal, Cadre (K), Called, Captain Americorps, Caterpillars, Cavalry, Champions (of LA), Champions of Xandar, Chaste, Chevaliers, Children of Heaven, Children of Sinister, Children of the Vault, China Force, Chosen Eight of Fate, Chronos Corps, Circus of Crime, Clan Akkaba, ClanDestine, Code Blue, Code Red, Command, CSA, Contingency, Corpse Corps, Corsairs, Council of Reeds, Crime Wave, Crimson Cadre, Cross-Time Kangs, Crusaders, Cult of the Jackal

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