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Marvel Renaissance

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World War II

the Ultron Extinction

the White Event

1960's (our time) and Onward

In 1963, the former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent turned-terrorist Franklin Hall stole S.H.I.E.L.D.'s supply of Gravitonium, and used it to hold New York City for ransom. He was opposed by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, as well as the time-warped Robert Frank, the incredible Hulk, the invincible Iron Man, the mighty Thor, and allies of Hank Pym (the winsome Wasp and the devastating Black Goliath). Managing to defeat the incredibly powerful Hall, now calling himself Graviton, the six banded together as the mighty Avengers.

The Osborn Conspiracy

the Black Event

Modern Times



See characters here and teams here.

Sensational Sixty

In 2015, Earth-166 experienced a comic reboot, in fact a combination of DC's New 52 and Marvel's All-New All-Different reboot for Earth-616. The following titles are published under the Sensational Sixty reboot:


  • The most noteworthy difference about this universe is that it only exists under a different "real" reality in lieu of the universe we inhabit, known as Earth-1218. This universe is known as Earth-1618. Chief among the differences here is that, after the departure of Stan Lee from active work at Marvel, the already born and much older Uncanny X-Factor was brought in to replace him. But also noteworthy is that Marvel never made several critical mistakes that cost it in the long run, including better writer treatment and greater company rights. As such, many of its greatest writers never left to form rival companies, and without this extra competition, the MCU was able to be formed with all the characters Marvel didn't have rights to on Earth-1218. It also meant that characters from the rival companies that would have otherwise been formed, such as Image and Deviant, are instead part of the Marvel label, along with such later obtained characters as Prime and Prototype from the Ultraverse universe.[1]
  • DC and Marvel also exchanged the Eternals for the Wildstorm Universe. This was a hush-hush arrangement, so Marvel quietly rebranded its most important Eternals "Titanians," while incorporating strong Wildstorm Universe aspects into already-existing characters. The Eternals, while part of DC, would go on to be characters involved with Darkseid.


  • There are differences that pertain to this universe in the geographic sense, not only in characters and events. Some of these include:
    • Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are in each other's geographic location as we know it on Earth-1218. This was done so that Pittsburgh could still be destroyed in the Black Event like in Earth-148611, while having a New York City origin during the fight with Galactus on Earth-616 that ended in Frankie Raye becoming the Herald of Galactus.
    • Much of the Californian coast has eroded into the ocean due to Avalanche's manipulation of the San Andreas Fault.


  1. Top 10 Mistakes Marvel Wants You to Forget (in this universe, all rectified)

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