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Marvel Renaissance

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Quote1 There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home... Quote2
-- Spider-Man src

General Overview

Advanced Timeline


  • Celestial Beings: In the beginning, there was only the One Above All (also known as the Maker). This being's origins remain almost completely unknown to almost everyone in existence. What It shares is that It was born as any other mortal is, and found Itself suddenly alone in the universe, with the power to create anything. Fearing that It would be insufficient for such a task alone, the Maker created the Celestials: massive armored beings destined to control the evolution of all life in the universe (each reality had their own counterparts of these beings). The Maker would create the life, and the Celestials would work in Its image to guide them to be the best that they could be. The Maker saw the Celestials as employees, and desired a family of Its own. Not having interest in a mate, the Maker created a child, who would later come to be known as the Beyonder, and would intervene in the mortal world far more frequently than his Father. Celestials could mate, however, their love would forge crystalline stones of immense power, diminishing their own power as a result. Many chose to do this, despite the opinions of their Creator, creating the Infinity Stones as a result. A few millennia after the creation of the Celestials, the Maker also fashioned the Watchers, who were deemed the opposite of the Celestials: as they would not interact, while the Celestials would.

Prehistoric Times

  • The Fall of the Watchers:
  • Darkness Takes Hold:
  • Spread of the Realms:
  • Clash of the Titans:
  • Life on Midgard:
  • Birth of the Savage Land:
  • Rise of the "Trinity" Races:
  • Life Underwater:
  • Something Inhuman This Way Comes:
  • They Shall Call Him...Adam:
  • Rise of Humanity (Wakanda Forever!):

Historic Times

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See characters here and teams here.

Sensational Sixty

In 2015, Earth-166 experienced a comic reboot, in fact a combination of DC's New 52 and Marvel's All-New All-Different reboot for Earth-616. The following titles are published under the Sensational Sixty reboot:

  1. Amazing Spider-Man
  2. Banished
  3. Black Panther: Warrior of Wakanda
  4. Devil and the Executioner
  5. Future Foundation
  6. Guardians of the Galaxy
  7. Incredible Hulk
  8. Invincible Iron Man
  9. Marvel Team-Up
  10. Mighty Avengers
  11. Mighty Thor
  12. Ms. Marvel
  13. New Warriors
  14. New X-Men
  15. Squadron Supreme
  16. Uncanny X-Men
  17. Web-Warriors
  18. Young Avengers


  • The most noteworthy difference about this universe is that it only exists under a different "real" reality in lieu of the universe we inhabit, known as Earth-1218. This universe is known as Earth-1618. Chief among the differences here is that, after the departure of Stan Lee from active work at Marvel, the already born and much older Uncanny X-Factor was brought in to replace him. But also noteworthy is that Marvel never made several critical mistakes that cost it in the long run, including better writer treatment and greater company rights. As such, many of its greatest writers never left to form rival companies, and without this extra competition, the MCU was able to be formed with all the characters Marvel didn't have rights to on Earth-1218. It also meant that characters from the rival companies that would have otherwise been formed, such as Image and Deviant, are instead part of the Marvel label, along with such later obtained characters as Prime and Prototype from the Ultraverse universe.[1]
  • DC and Marvel also exchanged the Eternals for the Wildstorm Universe. This was a hush-hush arrangement, so Marvel quietly rebranded its most important Eternals "Titanians," while incorporating strong Wildstorm Universe aspects into already-existing characters. The Eternals, while part of DC, would go on to be characters involved with Darkseid.
  • IMPORTANT: A great deal of this reality's history specifically was visualized with the help of ZoomZolomonZoom, and he was a major help in many minor ways for the reality as well, so he deserves more than a shout-out for his assistance. He was a critical part of the success of this project.


  • There are differences that pertain to this universe in the geographic sense, not only in characters and events. Some of these include:
    • Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are in each other's geographic location as we know it on Earth-1218. This was done so that Pittsburgh could still be destroyed in the Black Event like in Earth-148611, while having a New York City origin during the fight with Galactus on Earth-616 that ended in Frankie Raye becoming the Herald of Galactus.
    • Much of the Californian coast has eroded into the ocean due to Avalanche's manipulation of the San Andreas Fault.


  1. Top 10 Mistakes Marvel Wants You to Forget (in this universe, all rectified)

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