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Before the Universe was created, there was nothing, then the Darkness produced the Cosmic Egg. Soon after the appearance of the Egg, comes Time and Necessity, who together mated and made the Egg hatch, and soon comes out Chaos which releases the primordial cosmic energies, creating beings called the First-Borns to which, they all created all things within the Universe. When Chaos released the energies, the first being was created by the name of Death, and after Death comes the Earth, and after the Earth, comes Heaven that makes up the skies. After Heaven comes the Atmosphere & Oxygen, which then produces Life on the Earth. After both the Atmosphere and Life, comes the Night and Day cycles of the Earth. After that, comes the Light of the Universe, which defies the Darkness, and fought against It before finally sealing it. Then comes the Tartarus, below the surface of the Earth, to which the Light seals the Darkness for all eternity.

After that, came the Galaxy to which the First-Borns then made more, and soon, the entire Universe was populated by limitless of galaxies. After the finale creation, they all created 6 Cosmic Eggs, and spread them all over the Universe.


Cosmic Planet

The Cosmic Planet is the Multiverse's most largest planet. Even being larger then the universe within the reality of Earth-160. It is the home of the Cosmicians, one of the first organic sentient beings after the creation of the Universe.



  • There are "less" heroes in this reality, but there are still the iconic heroes such a Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man, with villains as well.


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