Similar in some respects to our own reality Earth (Numerical Designation:1282) is one of the central dimensional points within the Nexus of all realities. Combining elements of the Manga and ANext universes 1282 contains some of the descendants of 616's heroes literally several decades ahead of the current Marvel universe.

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1282 is centered within a more advanced mid-21st century then 616, known history of the reality begins at some point in 2064 and continues onward. within this alternate timeline a large portion of humanity lives within massive above and below ground supercities where advanced police teams of Sentinels patrol the streets now in a far more reasonable manner then their past predecessors and because of this most super and extreme crimes do not exist. and while some anti criminal organizations continue to exist (Shield, Avengers,,,Etc) most of the 20th centuries greatest heroes now live comfortable lives in retirement.


However while the main heroes of this reality have retired many of their descendants (children, grandchildren, nieces/nephews, cousins...etc.) have decided to carry on in their name. However many of these children in reality due to the lack of extreme crime in society only have taken on these guises only as a form of amateur thrill seeking & a possible way to gain a celebrity status which has grown significantly over several years after the appearance of these new heroes.

New Youth Culture

This new "Hyperratti" similar to the Hollywood "Glitteratti" of the 20th century, has created a new youth culture of young teens and tweens obsessed with being just like their new idols. over the years these young superhumans (a predominantly female group started and somewhat led by Antoinette Stark daughter of Anthony Stark) have been compared to 20th Century teen stars such as Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears far more so in popularity then actions or personality.

This has led to the creation of a massive industry in cybernetic gear (mainly created by Stark Industries) that gives its wearers somewhat similar artificially generated powers and abilities similar to their super icons.

Major Historical Differences

the 1 main historical difference is that while similar to Earth-616 World War II ended at the same time Nazi Germany was not truly defeated and so it remained as a major hostile nation against the allied nations of America and Europe. It is currently led by Grand Fuhrer Victor Von Doom.

Points of InterestEdit

Some central areas/countries are


The primary residents of 1282 (besides near countless alien species) are Humans there are more characters within this universe then there are seemingly stars in the sky. following is a complete listing of all Earth-1282 heroes, special teams and remaining villains therein.




  • Victor Von Doom (Earth-1282) (Aka. Dr. Doom) current leader and overlord of still existing Nazi Germany and # 1 enemy of the NATO allied nations.


1282 also combines small elements from various marvel comics 1970s-80s TV shows as well as Alex Ross created series Earth-X so it can be extrapolated that this is a possible future timeline for these versions of these characters.


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