60th Century BC

Umar was worshipped as the goddess Ishtar before being banished from Earth by Dormammu.

31st Century BC

A secret organisation was formed in Egypt with the intention of locating the Mind Stone. Selk joined them to avenge his father but after learning of their plans, he went rogue and formed his own secret society (which would be later known as the Chaste) with his wife Zaya to rebel against the organisation that would one day become Hydra.

5th Century BC

Spartan mercenary, Stelios, was exposed to Terrigen Mist, gaining immortality.

11th Century

Lin Youlan became an Iron Fist to avenge her father and sister who Hydra had caused the deaths of.

12th Century

Both the Chaste and Hydra fought one another during the Crusades in which the Chaste allied with the Knights Templar while Hydra created the Order of Assassins. One of the Knights Templar was Robert Hastings who's descendants Arthur and Gareth Blackwood would relive his memories.

Robert would later have a son, William Hastings.

13th Century

In a German village, Hansel and Gretel Hausler found a ginger-beard house. Hansel discovered he was a witch.

15th Century

Raphael Filgari joined the Chaste to avenge his father, Fiorenzo Filgari and his sisters.

18th Century

Robert Hastings' descendant, Sam Burrington, was a pirate who along with his first mate Bo'Sun, joined the Chaste. His son, James Burrington, would join Hydra and kill Sam. The Chaste were allied with the British Empire until they learned it had been infiltrated by Hydra. The Chaste decided to break away and found a new nation in America.

At the same time, Bankim Patel fought against the Durrani Empire.

James' son, Ichabod Burrington, would join the American Revolution. Ichabod was also involved in the French Revolution.

19th Century

The Chaste and Hydra were also involved in the American Civil War. Angela Jackson was a member of the Chaste in America at the time. Arthur and Johanna Weston operated for the Chaste in Victorian London, tracking down Jack the Ripper.

20th Century

The Chaste and Hydra became involved during WWI. Arthur Weston's grandson, William Weston, fought in that war.

In 1920, Kaecilius formed the Cult of Umar with the intent of summoning her to Earth.

In 1938, Slime-Thing was forced to flee to Earth and lie dormant to recover from a lost battle.

During WWII, Hydra allied itself with the Nazis. Chaste member John Blackwood assassinated Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

During the 60s, Hydra later created the company AIM which operated as a think tank.

Chaste member Arthur Blackwood (descendant of Robert Hastings and Sam, James and Ichabod Burrington) was captured by AIM who attempted to access his genetic memory. This caused Arthur's mind to be taken over by Robert Hastings.

21st Century

Luke Cage and Iron Fist formed the group Heroes for Hire. Gambit quickly joined them for the money. Ant-Man also joined them, needing to money to fund his research.

AIM would later attempt to access the genetic memory of Arthur Blackwood's son, Gareth Blackwood.

22nd Century

In 2149, the slain demon Balgor was revived as a cyborg demon by the Olympus Corporation.

29th Century

At some point the Guardians of the Galaxy were led by Quentin Reeds AKA Star-Lord, a descendant of Peter Quill and Gamora. Later his daughter, Petra Reeds, would lead her own team as the new Star-Lord. De4dp00l and Captain Marvel were both members.

The planet Prometheus was discovered along with a new form of Iso-8 called Promethium X. The Olympus Corporation, led by Golden Lilith, enacted corporate and military control over Prometheus, establishing mining operations on the planet to dig up Promethium X. She also enslaved many settlements to make them mine for Promethium X and building giant gold statues of herself and her idol Carol Danvers.

Lilith also commissioned the building of a theme park, Lilith World. Robbitron was created by the Olympus Corporation before being forced to flee to Prometheus when they tried to kill him for not meeting their standards.

In 2876, the Guardians of the Galaxy faced off against the Olympus corporation led by Lilith Burch. Lilith had taken control of the recently discovered world of Prometheus. Prometheus is also home to various gangs including the Alice in Wonderland gang led by a crime lord called the White Queen.


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