The Maximum Universe

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BAM Universe, Brad's, Mike's, and James' Universe
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First appearance


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An alternate reality of the Marvel Multiverse that possesses absolutely no reality counterparts of Earth-616's superhuman populations, although there are slightly subtle similarities between the different populations. Codenamed the Maximum Universe after the greatest team of universal crimefighters, the Maximums. Created by the mysterious being known merely as the Impossible, the universe was created at the same time as all the other reality's of the Marvel Multiverse. However, how the reality was created was vastly


The Maximums (Stryker, Macho Man, Bluemoon, Hearttaker, Shapeshifter, Heatstroke, Cheetari, Lego Lad, Terrain, Magnator, Amp'd, Windbreaker, the Green Marksman, Flutter, Macroscopic Man, Psychodude, Dixie Rider, the Black Bass, Wavelength, Elastica the Plastic Woman), the Super Squad (Maximum Man, Savior, the Red Raptor, Jack of Spades, the Eagle, the Flurry, Tsunami, the Mantis, the Iron Defender, the Lunkhead, Blind Justice, the Lighthouse, the Commander-in-Chief), the Four of Nature (Moisture Man, Gale, Hot Rod, Roxanne), the X-Traordinaries (Burstbeam, Mongoose Man, Dna, Decibell, Bacterium Man, Mastermimic, the Fortress, the Jailbird), The General's Elite (Tidal Wave, Rosa Pelton, Hector Scar, Zack Zazron), the Supernaturals (Phantomette, Atmospear, Magic Mistress, Magimaster, Xenos the Chronological Man), Vigilance Inc. (Airstriker, the Leprechaun, Buff Babe, Firewall, the Cerulean Crusader, Midnight Man, ) the Pack (the Zoologist, Specia, Chimaera, Kid Creature, the Predator, the Shell, Grace, Pincer, Legs, Fang, Claw, Talon, Gill, Horn, Stinger, the PsuedoZoologist)


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