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Earth-101 is an alternate reality within the Marvel multiverse in which the Avengers witness a horrific future where Thanos possesses the Infinity Gauntlet and rules over the entire galaxy, but worse yet, the planet Earth has been destroyed. Still possessing a fighting chance in the present, the Avengers must work together with any other heroes they can find to change the future.

Prophecies of the Future

The Prophecies of the Future are the events discovered by Thor during his brief stay in the future. It is theorized that if enough of the events can be changed, the horrific future will not come to pass.

  • Ultron Betrays the Avengers
    • In the future, it is revealed that Ultron, the Avengers' AI robot designed for peace on Earth overrides his programming and attempts to wipe out all of humanity. Getting ahead of the curve on this one, the Avengers dismantle Ultron completely before he has the chance to betray him. But this only sped up his inevitable betrayal, as he is able to download his consciousness into the internet and begin amassing power before he is disabled.
  • Stark Industries Goes Bankrupt, Bought Out by Oscorp
    • In the future, it is revealed that Stark Industries goes bankrupt and gets bought out by Norman Osborn and absorbed into his company, Oscorp. Not trusting himself with the company, Tony turns over control of the company to Vicki Potts. However, despite doing her best, the company is still run into the ground and Norman Osborn gains control of all of Stark's assets.
  • The Power Stone is Misused by AIM and Destroys a Small Town in Nevada
    • In the future, the United States was sent into disarray after the destruction of a town in Nevada by the Advanced Idea Mechanics when they experimented with the Power Stone. After George Tarleton gained possession of the Stone, the Avengers and Fantastic Four quickly mobilized against him, but were too late to stop him from obliterating the town.
  • The United States of America and Latveria Declare War Against Each Other
    • In the future, the world became ravaged by war between America and Latveria. After rising tensions between the two nations, despite the Avengers trying to calm things down, war still broke out and resulted in many deaths.
  • The Death of Spider-Man
    • In the future, Spider-Man had been killed by the Sinister Six during Screwball's livestream titled "The Death of Spider-Man". Miles Morales was then destined to rise up and become the new Spider-Man. However, the Avengers were able to prevent the Sinister Six from dealing the final blow, saving Spider-Man's life and leaving Miles Morales to become the Young Avenger Black Spider.
  • Atlantis Joins the United Nations
    • In the future, Atlantis was destined to join the United Nations and end up allying itself with America in the war against Latveria, which launches the worldwide death toll into the thousands. However, after much deliberation among the Illuminati, Namor decided to keep Atlantis out of the UN, and maintain neutrality towards Latveria.
  • Hulk Goes on a Rampage in Asia, Accidentally Kills 9 Civilians
    • In the future, the Hulk went insane and destroyed an entire town in Asia, killing 9 innocent people. The Avengers were able to prevent this early on, as Bruce Banner managed to merge his own mind with the Hulk's.
  • Wakanda Recovers the Power Stone, Is Besieged by the Black Order
    • In the future, Wakanda recovered the Power Stone after AIM's misuse of it. This led to the Black Order laying waste to the nation and recovering it for Thanos. Wakanda was still able to recover the Stone, but they were prepared for the siege by the Black Order. They managed to fight them off, and even capture Cull Obsidian to keep as a prisoner.
  • The Sentinel Program is Reinstated Following Magneto's Expansion of Genosha
    • In the future, Magneto and the Brotherhood began expanding Genosha from Asteroid M onto many barren land masses on Earth. This resulted in the human governments resurrecting the Sentinel program out of fear in an attempt to finally stop Magneto, leading to the near extinction of the mutant race. These events played out the same, except the Avengers and X-Force have teamed up to fight off the Sentinels together. So far, they have prevented the mutant race from going extinct.
  • Hydra Perfects the Super-Soldier Serum, Begins Amassing Army
    • In the future, Hydra was successful in creating enough Super-Soldiers to overthrow S.H.I.E.L.D. and several world governments. However, the Avengers were able to be ahead of them and prevent the mass production of the Super-Soldier Serum, severely crippling Hydra's power.
  • Galactus Devours Skrullos, Resulting in a Secret Invasion of Earth
    • In the future, Galactus fed on the home world of the Skrulls, which resulted in them invading the Earth to claim it as their own. While the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy tried to stop Galactus, Skrullos still fell. However, the surviving Skrulls were thankful for the humans' help, and became refugees on the planet Earth.
  • The Venom Symbiote Bonds to Cull Obsidian
    • In the future, after Kraven the Hunter stole the Venom Symbiote from Eddie Brock, it ended up leaving him to bond with the Black Order member Cull Obsidian. This allowed Obsidian to break free from his Wakandan prison and enhanced the overall power of the Black Order. However, the Guardians of the Galaxy were able to get in the way of the transfer, and Groot ended up bonding himself to the Venom Symbiote to keep it from Cull Obsidian.
  • The Kree Empire Authorizes the Termination of All Inhumans
    • In the future, the Kree Empire uses all of its resources to completely eradicate the Inhuman race. However, as S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers, and the Inhuman Royal Family work together, they are able to fight back after the incursion begins. However, Black Bolt did end up sacrificing himself to stop the Kree, which resulted in the destruction of their home planet.
  • The Invisible Woman Dies in Childbirth
    • In the future, when the Invisible Woman went into labor, the Baxter Building was besieged by the Cabal, resulting in the deaths of both her and her baby. However, with the information at their disposal the Avengers were able to intervene and ensure both of their survival, resulting in their escape into a pocket dimension.
  • Asgard Closes Off Communication with the Nine Realms
    • In the future, following Hela releasing the Serpent, Odin was able to rally the Asgardians and destroy the Bifrost, effectively cutting off any contact between Asgard and Earth. Without the aid of Thor, the Avengers quickly began to fall behind. However, with the knowledge that the Avengers were trying to prevent the Prophecy, Hela released the Serpent early, which resulted in Odin's death and the destruction of Asgard.
  • Human Torch Barricades Himself in the Negative Zone to Stop Annihilus from Invading
    • In the future, when Annihilus began to plan an invasion into the Earth using the Reality Stone, the Future Foundation attempted to dismantle the one available gateway left. However, the only way to close it was from the inside, so the Human Torch opted to sacrifice himself and remain trapped in the Negative Zone for eternity. However, due to the Invisible Woman surviving her childbirth, things had already changed, resulting in Annihilus being defeated by Thanos before he could enact his invasion plan.
  • Jean Grey Comes Into Possession of the Mind Stone, Unleashing the Phoenix Force
    • In the future, Jean Grey gained possession of the Mind Stone and unlocked her power's full potential, becoming the Phoenix Force. However, in the revised timeline, the Mind Stone was used to create the Vision, effectively keeping it out of Jean Grey's hands.
  • Thanos Sacrifices Gamora, Obtaining the Soul Stone
    • In the future, Thanos sacrificed Gamora on Vormir to be rewarded with the Soul Stone. While the Avengers, the Future Foundation, and the Guardians of the Galaxy raced to prevent this, in the end Thanos still proved successful, managing to beat them all to Vormir with Gamora, and tossing her off the cliff in exchange for the Soul Stone.
  • Doctor Strange Disappears, Leaves the Time Stone Unprotected
    • In the future, just when the world needed him, Doctor Strange mysteriously vanished, leaving the Time Stone ripe for Thanos's taking. In the revised timeline, Doctor Strange attempted to prevent this, but knew he had to offer himself to Dormammu in order to protect the Earth. But this time, he took precautions and left the Time Stone with someone who could potentially defeat Thanos with it, the most unorthodox choice he could ever think of, believing that so far the Avengers approach had been limited and constricted to keep everyone safe, so that he had to do something crazy and potentially dangerous in order to yield real results. This resulted in Doctor Strange leaving the Time Stone with Loki.
  • Thanos Obtains the Infinity Gauntlet, Destroys Planet Earth, Conquering the Galaxy
    • In the future, Thanos claimed all six Infinity Stones, destroyed the Earth, and brought the galaxy to its knees. However, due to interference from the combined might of the Avengers, the Future Foundation, the X-Force, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, they were able to stop Thanos from getting all six. In the end, it was the combined might of Loki (Time), Franklin Richards (Mind), Captain Marvel (Power), Star-Lord (Soul), the Scarlet Witch (Reality), and the Cosmic Ghost Rider (Space), each wielding an Infinity Stone, that brought him down.


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